Media Polls

The Example: The Michigan Democrat Primary was held on March 8th 2016.

WikiLeaks most recent releases show in the last week of February and first week of March 2016 the U.S. Media was doing all they could to aid the Clinton Campaign.  -It’s all out in the open now-  Talking points were distributed by the campaign and pushed heavily by the pro-Clinton media water-carriers, including media polling organizations….

  • Monmouth (Patrick Murray) Poll March 7th had Clinton up by 13 points.
  • ARG Poll March 6th had Clinton up by 24 points.
  • Fox Poll March 7th had Clinton up by 27 points.


Bernie Sanders Won by 1.5 Points.


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161 Responses to Media Polls

  1. Pentheus says:

    Whaddya know, they talked about the Michigan primary via email…


    • Derek says:

      going off of their email…. their internal polling is just terrible

      State Their Polling Actual Result Difference
      Michigan H +5 S +1.5 6.5
      Missouri H+6 H+0.2 5.8
      Ohio H+16 H+13.8 2.2
      Illinois H+15 H+1.8 13.2

      Average difference 6.9%. Even if you throw out Illinois, the average is an overestimate of Hillary’s support by 4.8%.

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  2. Rock Knutne says:

    Here’s one of the ways they get your vote.

    Your doorbell rings. It’s a kid with a clipboard. She wants to ask you a few questions. In a roundabout way she wants to know if you’re D or R and if you’ve voted in the most recent election. She may also ask if you plan on voting in this one.

    She makes a mark by your name if you said D or “I probably won’t vote”.

    However, at the end of the evening you’ll have voted alright. You just won’t know it.


  3. Rino Hunters United! says:

    The pollsters did make some big Mistakes in Michigan = they really missed the youth vote and the really missed the independent vote.

    I think they are closer in the general –

    Monster vote approaches….


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