Sunday Talks With Governor Mike Pence…

Governor Mike Pence ran the gauntlet against the Sunday TV talk circuit today:

NBC – Chuck Todd:

Fox News Sunday – Bret Baier:

CBS – John Dickerson:

trump-pence-8lions together

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61 Responses to Sunday Talks With Governor Mike Pence…

  1. sunnydaze says:

    Pence is amazingly good at wresting the narrative back. And doing it in such a way that really, you’d have to be a totally rabid Hillbot to find any fault with it.

    Trump is fantastic at choosing the right people for the job.

    It’s one of the main reasons I support him. No bought off political favors and paybacks for positions in a Trump Administration. (See Bloomberg as Secretary of State under Clinton, what a joke).

    Just the best,most qualified, sincere, smartest talent for the job.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Totally agree. I watched and came away extremely vindicated and inspired. People like Chuck Todd, think that by focusing on these “Unsubstantiated” claims of rape, doesn’t even realize that he is just reinforcing the case that media is losing all credibility on a daily basis, and is losing it’s capital even more with interviews like these each and every time. What will happen to people like Dickerson, Todd, Lemon, Snufugonoufugoulous, Cuomo and others when eventually when the public stops watching them altogether? Forced to look for a real job? Become ordinary citizens? Or join a communist movement and try to become agitators? Do these people have any self respect anymore?

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  2. petszmom says:

    i will have to save this for later…i just got in from an oktoberfest celebration in austin and experienced a bit of queasiness with martha ratface already so not right now…it’d be a waste of good food and drink.

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    • Wend says:

      Ewwww! Sounds like fun. Stick with Gov. Pence, he’s easy on the eyes and the stomach!

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    • I can’t watch that Martha Ratface interview either. Her voice, her face, she is repulsive…I’ll have to pass on that one.

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    • JC says:

      I was so repulsed by her this evening, Petszmom, I emailed ABC about it. Do I think it makes an iota of difference to them? Of course not. Did it for me. Didn’t want to carry it around, so just passed it back.

      It’s like ABC hands me (us) a pile of warm dog poo when they subject me to such shoddy non-journalism and the abuse of hearing and seeing Martha Raddatz (think Nurse Ratchet in Cuckoo’s Nest). So there I am, holding this steaming pile of Raddatz, and instead of being stuck with it, I find a way to hand it back. No need to throw it back or commit any other violence. Most of us refuse to have anything to do with MSM, and that’s one way to hand off the pile. When we hear from other sources, such as CTH for recon info and exposure of evil, I hand it back in other ways. My dignity and integrity are intact, reeking pile is back where it came from. Voila.

      Note: no dogs were harmed or disrespected in the writing of this post.

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      • Abster says:

        They are all repulsive. Keep trying this “gotcha” game but Pence kept ripping through the rude interruptions. He handles these pigs with such class. Praying for all Trumpsters. I never dreamed I would live to see America in such shambles.

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      • petszmom says:

        very well stated, very eloquent. yes, i ripped out the cable but then come to find out neighbors and family have done so also or are in the process of doing so. my hope is it will be completely destroyed and re built the trumpian way: truth and honesty!


  3. NHVoter says:

    Pence is a really good looking man. That is all. 🙂

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  4. Humble Soul says:

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  5. Marygrace Powers says:

    Chuck Todd/ visible full panic mode/
    Pence cool/calm/collected/ excellent rebuttals/

    It’s hard for me to decide who I despise more/
    Todd/ Baier/ or Dickerson/ Pence schooled all 3/

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  6. ediegrey says:

    Why doesn’t Pence deny the Russian hacking meme?? Sorry, but Pence is so weak, I don’t like it.

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    • The Boss says:

      I’m OK letting it slide for now. Let the media think they’re pulling one over. They will be butt hurt soon enough with this idiotic story other dumbass moves they’ve made, like agenda polling.


  7. zephyrbreeze says:

    Michelle Obama seemed to ignore those hundreds of girls kidnapped by Islamic terrorists. She couldn’t care less that they were being raped and tortured on a daily basis. She never lost sleep or skipped a meal over it.

    But WORDS from 11 years ago….whoa…..terrifying her.

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  8. The Boss says:

    These were pretty tame interviews because Pence was on his game. Anyone else notice how much shorter these Sunday show appearances are getting? Used to be they’d run 11, 12 or 13 minutes. Now, they’re 8-9 minutes. “Sorry, we’re out of time” is code for “Dammit! Got punked again by one of Trump’s people”.

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    • JC says:

      Yes, Boss, shorter. I’m sure they’re anxious to head to the wings and take a few pulls on some oxygen. More merciful to us, too – one minute feels like an eternity with these arrogant liars. Pence. Rocked.


  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    Pence did a great job, and swiveling to Clinton corruptions.

    Pence is very well spoken. Bashing Obama and Clinton for good reason.

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  10. M33 says:

    To adjust a quote from Chandler Bing:
    “Could you BE any more obviously biased?!”

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  11. zephyrbreeze says:

    Check Todd is a fool:


    not supported or proven by evidence.
    "unsubstantiated claims"
    synonyms:   unconfirmed, unsupported, uncorroborated, unverified, unattested, unproven; More
    unfounded, groundless, baseless, without foundation, unjustified
    "unsubstantiated rumors"

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    • bkrg2 says:

      Hilarious – Chuck Todd (aka Puke Toad) made me question my sanity too. I had to lookup the legal definition of “unsubstantiated” too.
      The next publication of Websters Dictionary will probably include these Trump accusations as the textbook example of unsubstantiated.

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  12. zephyrbreeze says:

    The media are such cry-bullies.

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  13. Atomic Betty says:

    Her phony trembling voice is what is dishonest and disingenuous.

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  14. thetrain2016 says:

    This Todd fellow talking about respect while showing the worst kind of disrespect by constantly talking over and interrupting the next Vice President of United States. Chucky, go back to your childhood park and try to win a pissing contest by interrupting your competition!

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  15. rashamon says:

    Thanks for posting these, Sundance, as I hate to ruin an entire Sunday by starting off watching them. Later, when I’ve done the day and I can have a glass of wine while viewing these sad so-called journalists riffing their propaganda. Gov. Pence has proven to be a stalwart supporter of Mr. Trumps — and our — policies, using patience and moderate speech to sword fight with biased commentators backing major corruption with the $$$ of Carlos Slim’s and the Guzman cartels.

    How soon can we fire these jerks? My 15-year-old neighbor probably has sufficient skill to “hack” the stupidity of the Dems, Clintons and the GOPe Neocons who have so much at risk in this election.

    Chuck Todd et al. keep repeating the same lies Alinsky-style as if they, as gatekeepers, are just so much smarter than the average bear. Wrong.

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  16. Trumped says:

    Disgusting the way chuck toad brought up Pence’s daughter.
    Chucky how about explaining to your mom why you are such a disgusting piece of propaganda shit?

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  17. Huh pence took Todd to the woodshed.


  18. barton2016 says:

    Wow. Pence schooled that panzy ass. I bet they wish they could edit out that whole interview.


  19. Diane says:

    Michelle thinks Beyoncé is a good role for her daughters with all her Lewis lyrics and video nudity poses. Why not tell the world about that?

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  20. mariclaire81 says:

    3 different Pundits asked Pence about one Trump supporter saying Revolution. Today GOP office bombed. Not Hillary’s fault. Insane

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  21. Ivehadit says:

    Their attacks are not working. They are bitter and VERY WORRIED: Ex: Chuck Todd.


    • Sara in NC says:

      They’re not used to their own tactics working being used against them. Same with Hillary and her campaign. MOCKERY is only done by democrats, right? Wrong. Loving it 🙂


  22. Ivehadit says:

    All three interviewers followed the exact same questioning format and talking points questions. What a coincidence! NOT!


  23. I wonder how many databases they went through before finding the pic of mindy mcgillivray and deciding to offer her a stack of cash to lie about Trump “groping and kissing” on her.

    The lying @$$ looks damn near identical to a younger, just as ugly krooked killery klinton! There are no coincidences in politics. None.

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  24. Kaco says:

    Glad to see Pence is broadcasting the Wikileaks emails since the MSM won’t!


  25. janc1955 says:

    I must say I get a large charge out of how few comments there are on the Sunday show wrap-up threads here at the Treehouse. We’re all SO OVER IT! (Which isn’t to say they don’t serve a purpose as oppo research/recon.)


  26. Charlie says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Todd’s obvious nervous tick, interrupting every other sentence. Pence beating him down showing competence, determination with a smile.
    Todd is not on solid footing teetering on the top of the cliff. Can’t wait ’til the wind blows, maybe
    BC’s friendship with Epstein will push him off. LOL!


  27. Joel J Johnson says:

    Gov.Pence did a great job pushing back at the slanted questions.


  28. ThingsWeTakeForGranted says:

    Same questions. 3 stations. I’m sure this has been pointed out. I wonder if the host reads the questions exactly like they are given so we can see they are canned questions they are being told to ask those questions. I saw this months ago and thought they are all given the same list. It is crazy.

    Pence did great. I can see his tactics as he responds and just keeps responding. I think the press admire him. They did not break in much.


  29. deh3k says:

    Pence is a good man – standing strong with Donald Trump. The media appears increasingly vile because their agenda has become so exposed.

    A hard time to be a liberal agenda journalist. They too face consequences for failure to deliver for their bosses.


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