Donald Trump Rally, Bangor Maine – 3:00pm Live Stream…

The second Trump rally of the day takes place in Bangor, Maine at Cross Insurance Center. Live stream coverage of the event is scheduled for 3:00pm EDT:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1Alternate Live Stream #2


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226 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Bangor Maine – 3:00pm Live Stream…

  1. Pam says:

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    • i seriously think scott adams should be watching trump’s most recent rallies.
      silly scott endorsed gary johnson because the “he touched me” attacks, coupled with the locker room talk was persuasively insurmountable – a professional hit….. wrong.
      listening to trump through adams’ persuasion filter, i hear trump raising emotional issue after emotional issue and garnering great response from his crowd. adams is all about facts don’t matter – and i must agree. wikileaks is totally lost on the average citizen – too much, too complicated, too many names to follow. those power facts are mostly wasted.
      adams is all about touching an emotional nerve.
      trump is translating every major political issue into a personal issue. illegals take your jobs – true everybody knows somebody who lost their manufacturing job. no border, no country – true, and everybody loves their country. “of the people by the people”, true history most voters remember from high school. ridiuculous regulations cost jobs and add expenxe – i will lower your taxes – i will build a wall.
      every issue turns personal and he has an “imagine” solution to each.
      trump is the master – hope you get your speaking gigs back mr adams.

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  2. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Trump is much more relaxed today; he must have gotten some good news in the past 24 hours. He has been through so much this past week, starting with the release of the tape. He has fought through it all like a warrior. From the size of his rallies, it looks like the people are still with him and his support is very strong.

    The younger Doocey reported on Fox this morning that Trump is going to N.J. after the Maine rally. It is not on his schedule. I wonder if it is a private event or a fundraiser.

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  3. Concerned Virginian says:

    Drudge and Gateway Pundit now reporting on Donald Trump’s call for drug tests before the debate. HA!

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  4. silverlakela says:

    We’ve only seen Podesta’s emails which would disqualify anyone running for President. The media coverage is non-existent so most voters don’t know.

    My guess – We will probably see the most damning emails from Hillary this coming week, maybe before the debate. Trump can hit her with it at the debate, and the media cannot do anything to hide it.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Wallace can’t “fact check” if he he hasn’t read the Wikileaks. And if he says he has, where are the questions? Checkmate!

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      I think people do know. They are by-passing the lamestream media. Trump and Rudy are talking about Wikileaks at every rally which is being shown on C-Span and sometimes on CNN, FBN, etc. Also, the lamestream media are saying the information is fake, yet they are still talking about it, which perks the interest of people to check it out. Also, it has been posted that the Google search for Wikileaks is way high. The information is also being posted on other websites and is being shared over and over again. it is getting out there one way or another.

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    • Betty says:

      Does that mean “live long and prosper” or “keep your bowls open” ?

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      • Betty says:

        Bowels –

        I thought I would be right under silverlakela and my question was about his avatar of a hand signal. But then why I wanted to be right under him if it meant “keep your bowels open”.

        Do you know why Winston Churchill held up those two fingers that everyone thought meant victory? The tradition started in early British history, when one invader or anther, I can’t remember who exactly, would cut off the first two fingers on the right hand of anyone they captured. So standing on a hill or at the edge of a forest a figure holding up those two fingers meant defiance and an ability to fight. And that is what Winston Churchill meant too.

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        • DeplorableBrexitGuy says:

          Spot on Betty. Mr Trump reminds me of Churchill. My grandfather died on Normandy Beach, captain in the British Royal Anglian Regiment. My father told me with all his faults, Churchill was the right man at the right time. Few years back the British nominated Churchill as the best British person ever, with Margaret one behind. Both were leaders, like Donald. All are on the right side of history, for different reasons.

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          • ladypenquin says:

            BrexitGuy, your grandfather served a noble cause. And all should be grateful for the sacrifice England made. Churchill was indeed the right man, at the right time. Yet, the people threw him out after the war… go figure. Something about human nature makes people stupid…

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        • Christopher Pate says:

          It was from the hundred years war. The English used the Welsh longbow, which was brutally effective against massed formations of infantry and knights. The French boasted they would send the English back home, sand nock in fingers, as a reminder of their humiliation. Victory, after victory, the English would flaunt the V sign, to show the French the emptiness of their boast.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      At this point, Any voter who has NOT heard or read about what is going on, is blind, deaf and Dumb…….IMO……

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  5. NJF says:

    Nailed it.

    Nuclear Option: It Was Always Going to Be Bush Vs. Clinton 2016 – Breitbart

    “From the very start, the media tried to rig this election to be a showdown between the Republican Party’s polite and uptight Bush clan and the Democratic Party’s shameless and self-serving Clinton mafia.

    Only the Bush they had in mind — Jeb! — did not have the stamina to keep up with the exclamation point his campaign deployed to put a little pep in his step. The poor little punctuation mark hung like a sad, shriveled carrot, dangling there beyond the end of his name in hopes of spurring him toward dynastic destiny.”

    Full article at the link.

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  6. Bull Durham says:

    Thursday, Friday and Today, Trump/Bannon have thrown down against the Clinton Corruption-Money Laundering Foundation, the Corrupt UniParty, donors, K Street lobby industry, Media conspirators, crony capitalists, Wall Street globalists, the whole rigged system of elections, faked polls and Potemkin debates, and a corrupt DOJ and FBI (he called them a fraud). This is notice of the intention to reform or replace or rid all of these institutions.

    There is no doubt that Trump/Bannon are in this for all they are worth.

    They will be destroyed if they fail in this War.

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. skyborn78 says:

    Turn on some lights! Want to see the crowd clearly.

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  9. jupitercomm says:

    Guessing this is closed to the press

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  10. Pam says:


  11. silverlakela says:

    What Trump was referring to about Hillary’s disastrous Libya policy and Blumenthal, a very bad person.

    “In 2011, Clinton was a strong advocate for intervention in Libya. Her side prevailed, and the U.S. helped to topple its dictator. But today the country is in tatters. It was in Benghazi, Libya, that Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.”

    “…in 2015 that Blumenthal, who urged the U.S. to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi, stood to profit from that intervention.”

    Hillary Clinton’s Worst Friend

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  12. jupitercomm says:

    This deserves its own post but it’s partially in reference to the one above.
    If you’ve never read the late Christopher Hitchens scathing polemic against the Clintons, No One Left to Lie To, or read about his role in the Lewinsky scandal, it’s very good.

    “I’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again”, 1999
    “When the author filed an affidavit testifying that his old friend White House aide Sidney Blumenthal had repeated the president’s smears about Monica Lewinsky—thereby giving the lie to Clinton’s denial of such tactics—the author was denounced by those around him. He tells why he could not have done otherwise.”

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  13. unseen1 says:

    I’m sorry but this is driving me crazy this week. The left to score political points is trying to make kissing a sexual assault. None of the women say they said No and then he didn’t quit. They just said he kissed them without permission. since when is there a conversation about kissing. does it go “I am going to kiss you now. If you don’t want me too tell me?” Seriously how do you have that conversation. Body language and a firm NO has always worked for men. or most men.

    Anyone that has been on a date knows that the majority of time you don’t ask. It’s a rite of passage to wonder if you will get a kiss. Will she turn her head will she allow the kiss, will she put her hand in front of you and shake your hand. There is no guy I know that says “may I kiss you” on most dates. You try and the woman as every right to say yes or no. The woman has all the power. the left s making kissing now a sexual assault. Think about that. and the ramifications of that on our society, on romance and on sexual relations in this country.

    Are we now going to have to have a signed contract during every stage of foreplay and before the act itself?

    The whole thing is just beyond the comprehension of most men I have talked too. One said he is now afraid to go on a date for fear of winding up in court when He tries for a kiss good night. It is just mind boggling.




    • jupitercomm says:

      This is an important set of issues which is being raised. Related to it is the point Laura Ingraham & others have raised regarding Michelle Obama’s attack on Trump for “misogyny” & for “debasing political discourse” in general. It relates b/c the common thread is an attack on masculinity & other behaviors related to how the sexes interact.

      On 2 separate days this week Laura Ingraham has said, basically, “how dare the media & the left attack Trump, his supporters, Republicans, conservatives, etc, for ‘vile language’ when they have promoted & celebrated cultural degeneracy non stop for decades”

      This got me thinking about the difference b/w “locker room talk” and pop music or rap lyrics. Unfortunately the proper academic concepts don’t come readily to my mind (still looking, since I should know) but basically the difference is this, imo:

      Locker room talk is an essentially private ritual or ritualized behavior practiced exclusively by men. Males of a certain age (maturity) do this when they are away from the company of women and children. There are such rituals that are exclusively female too. Think of hair salons as just one example. It’s also a species of bullsh_tting which is a kind of discourse that isn’t meant to be taken seriously or literally.

      Popular music is common culture. There are no real restrictions on who has access to it b/c it more or less belongs to or spreads among the entire culture.

      Idk…still thinking this through

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      • unseen1 says:

        For men ”
        locker talk” is also a way men align themselves within a social structure. Conquests, dates etc gives men more of a pecking order within the group. It is how men gain status among their peers.


    • The claims are specifically designed to do political damage, but minimize slander lawsuits. They are going for a quantity over quality approach. While you are trying to talk about the details of one, they are parading the next one out. Time is better spent talking about wikileaks.

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      • jupitercomm says:

        Believe it or not, about a month ago I got a weird notion that lasted a good while. I stopped keeping up with the day to day events as actively and – this is where it gets “weird” – turned to reading up on the philosophy of mathematics & Medieval theology. At no point did I doubt this was directly related to understanding the election. Sounds bizarre, right? I chalked it up to this: at the very least I was sharpening the ax (my mind) which gets dull from chopping away at the trees

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  14. unseen1 says:

    Basically the Left is saying women don’t have the power to say NO. Very Islamic way of thinking. That is why their culture keeps women covered and inside.

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  15. unseen1 says:

    too funny: from wikileaks of Hillary paid speech excerpt:

    a male attendee asked Clinton: “My question is, as entrepreneurs, we risk a lot. And Mike Bloomberg had 30 billion other reasons than to take office. Do we need a wholesale change in Washington that has more to do with people that don’t need the job than have the job?”

    “That’s a really interesting question,” Clinton replied. “You know, I would like to see more successful business people run for office. I really would like to see that because I do think, you know, you don’t have to have $30 billion, but you have a certain level of freedom. And there’s that memorable phrase from a former member of the Senate: ‘You can be maybe rented but never bought.’ And I think it’s important to have people with those experiences.”

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  16. keebler AC says:

    Trump: Government should serve the people, not the donors.

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  17. silverlakela says:

    We must become the media. Push the true narrative
    Post and Tweet Campaign – Get News to the people through social media

    Most Popular News Websites

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  18. telerider says:

    Unless I missed it, Mr. Trump should go ahead and take a drug test and have it in hand and let HRC know that it’s time to put up or shut up. Or better yet, GET OUT!

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  19. freeperjim says:

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience at a private, paid speech at Goldman Sachs on October 29, 2013 she wanted to see more successful businessmen and women run for office because they can’t be bought.


  20. John Smith says:

    I live in the Seattle area and they are actually canvasing for Hillary here. Which I find odd since they did not do this for Obama and the only political sign I have ever seen besides Burnie is for Trump, although only one. The other strange thing was that when they came to the door they only wanted to talk to my wife. There is a lot less support for her here then people think.

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    • Elwood says:

      Isn’t it true that Boeing announced they are moving some production out of US? Seattle has a huge stake in this election.


      • John Smith says:

        Yes that is true. However, besides King county the rest of the state is deep Red. I still remember 4 years ago Mitt Romney showed up here and he held his rally in a YMCA not to far from where I live. That place can’t hold more then 200 people. So anybody claiming that Romney had crowed and enthusiasm like Trump does not know what they are talking about. I was planning to go to his rally but when I check the size of the line in the morning I knew I could not get in and did not go. If people did not have to stand in line for hours he could easily get 100K to show up to his rally here in the Seattle area.

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        • the5thranchhand says:

          This information makes my heart sing, sing, sing! My daughter lives in the Tri-Cities area and she says their conservative votes are always cancelled out by the Seattle area votes.

          This is very, very great news!


    • Fake Nametag says:

      I spent most of my life up there (and am planning to come back). I’d be shocked if Trump could win WA but I think it will be much closer than it should be given the number of libs in the Greater Seattle area.

      If I were to guess, knowing the character of my beloved Seattle granola libbies, I would say that there are a huge number of ultra-left enviroweirds who feel that Bernie got dissed so they will be voting for Stein combined with a large stoner vote for Johnson. The Hillary people are probably horrified that they might lose because of the potential for third party voting, so they are trying to bring the ultra-left back onto the plantation.

      Very few things would make me happier than seeing WA flip to Trump in this election.


      • Rick My Ling says:

        Yeah, I know WA pretty well. . One beta male, limousine Liberal life long Democrat, that I used to be friends with, was from there, he was a big Bernie fan and hates Hillary and the Donald equally. We fell out a few months back after being friends for about 20 years, so I cannot be certain, but If I was a betting man, I would say that after Bernie got shafted by the DNC, that this ex friend of mine, being the feminized Beta male cuck that he is, would have switched his allegiance to Jill Stein, just to get back at Hitlery. He was very much your typical Westcoast trust fund liberal Bernie voter and I would say that WA would have more than its fair share of them if the people I met that he hung out with, all Bernie types, they hate Hillary, but not enough to vote for the Donald, but enough to vote for Jill Stein


  21. Pam says:


  22. Pam says:


  23. Tonawanda says:

    I proposed drug testing before the debate two or three weeks ago either here or on twitter, but I can’t find the place. I WANT MY 15 MINUTES!

    (And I realize anyone could have thought this up, I am just excited that Trump would use this great idea).

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    • Tonawanda says:

      OK, I was wrong. But here is what I said on September 28 in twitter (and I don’t know if this attempt will come out ok):

      First question next debate to both: what drugs do you have in your system right now?— Mike Marion (@MishaMarionov) September 28, 2016


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      • coldsnap says:

        TOUCHE! Wouldn’t that be epic! ; )

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        • Tonawanda says:

          I would love for Trump to ask her that question directly. She looks so medicated Trump has a good faith basis to ask, plus she has essentially not campaigned.

          When has anyone ever see a candidate in our lifetimes sit out a presidential campaign?


          • coldsnap says:

            Not one has ever sat it out! They at least put on the pretense that they are trying to win by matching their opponents’ pace . She’s so sick, so doped+drunk, so sure the fix is in… or all of the above, she’s just sitting on a “throne” some where waiting for her crown. ?

            We were talking upthread about the drug testing…

            In response to CV and MQ, I said:
            SUCH FUN!! (Interestingly, though… have to wonder why our “leaders” aren’t randomly drug/alcohol tested like they allow companies to do to their employees. I mean, how do we know they are competent… not compromised?)

            And, this is very interesting and so true from radicalpatriot:
            Back in the 90’s the state of Georgia passed a law that said “Any lawmaker who votes on a drug bill must also take a drug test”. The lawyers (politicians) fought it all the way to the Supreme Court. Guess what, they found out that was a violation of their right to privacy. Go figure public “servant”–right to privacy … 16yr. old work at McDonalds–no right to privacy.

            It would be a hoot to see them (read: HER) tested!!

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  24. Pam says:

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  25. labrat says:

    Ground report from Maine. I’m seeing more and more Trump signs around here. Have yet to see even one Hillary sign. 🙂

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    • John Smith says:

      As I have mentioned it above, I have yet to see a Hillary sign in King county(Washington State) and people are actually canvasing for Hillary. BTW, King county is deep blue county.

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    • NJ transplant says:

      The only Hillary signs I have seen up here (Bangor area) have been on corners and public land. I have not seen any Hillary signs in yards. That looks like the Hillary campaign is putting out the signs, but people are not putting out her signs in their yards. There have only been Trump signs in people’s yards. I am also seeing Trump signs on business properties. One sign was actually on a building for an insurance broker.


  26. sunnydaze says:

    Trump New Jersey Hindu Group


  27. Sandra says:

    Who was the first speaker? He’s a cop? The guy who said he’s not used to applause. He’s so down to earth but very sharp and has a great sense of humor and also super tough. Love him! I wish he could have talked for 10 more minutes!


  28. anarchist335 says:


  29. NJ transplant says:

    According to local papers, 20 cars were vandalized during the Bangor Trump rally yesterday. It reminded me of the Philadelphia area Hillary campaign strategy. People at the rally also told us about Trump signs removed from their lawns. We are planning to bring a copy of the Hillary “strategy” to the Bangor police. Hopefully, it will make people even madder than they are.


  30. NJ transplant says:

    We attended the rally in Bangor. Everyone was really excited. People were excited to have someone to talk to about Trump in line. The people next to me in the arena read Conservative Treehouse.

    They wouldn’t let protesters near the entrances. The secret service was very pro-active. They had TSA (Transportation safety board) security there. I thought they wanted Trump kept safe? Those people don’t have a great reputation.

    It didn’t look as crowded as I would have liked. There were areas in the back of the arena that hardly had anyone sitting there. However, there was a large area in the front where everyone was standing. You couldn’t see the stage from the seats that were unfilled because the media were in the way.

    Poor Jeff Sessions. He was really popular when he came on. Then, he mentioned that he had worked with our senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Everyone started booing. They were booing Collins for her non-support of Trump, but poor Jeff Sessions got all shook up and left the stage pretty quickly after that. I’ll call his office on Monday and explain that we were booing Collins.

    I sent Collins an email and asked her if she’s so sensitive, why did she vote not to impeach Bill Clinton. I’m sure she got a real wake up call from what happened at the Trump rally. She lives in Bangor.


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