Candidate Donald Trump Interview With Bill O’Reilly (Video)…

Earlier tonight unshackled Donald Trump appeared on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly.  It is an interesting interview from the aspect of O’Reilly questioning Mr. Trump on the current fracture within the DC “establishment”, the UniParty coalition.

Worth noting a few comments in response by Donald Trump.  Regarding Paul Ryan Trump righteously notes the possibility House Speaker Ryan may not be holding that position next year.  Further expanding on the point Trump notes these are not people you would want with you in a foxhole.  Boy howdy, is that ever accurate….

trump eagle 10

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314 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump Interview With Bill O’Reilly (Video)…

  1. smplyamused says:

    Bill O’Reilly is an establishment guy. I watched is show after the tax nonsense and it had a negative/low-grade hostility towards Trump and his candidacy (and his followers). O’Reilly keeps the ant-Trump manipulation VERY low-key (like the MSM used to be) so as to not alienate his viewers but he is definitely working to subvert support for Trump. I knew O’Reilly was a tool for the GOPe before but this behavior is stomach turning in its perfidy. I have gone from neutral towards O’Reilly and Murdoch to hard-core anti-Oreilly, and anti-Murdoch.


    • Angry Dumbo says:

      After all the wikileaks revelations, how anyone can stand with the uniparty is beyond me. This is a throw the bums out election, we need to throw out the bums. We should not be listening to the bums who are lying just to keep their jobs.


  2. mike diamond says:

    VOTE TRUMP! bill o reilly will just make you want to go take a nap! TRUMP IS RIGHT ON!

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