September 27th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or any of the candidates therein.

This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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808 Responses to September 27th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Michael McLaine says:

    I’ve had it! I’m union electrician in Pa. We get propaganda sent to us telling who to vote for. I m a 5’7″ man who weighs 130 lbs. I don’t take any shit. My vote is for TRUMP!!!

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  4. Michael McLaine says:

    Hello all. Been reading for long time but stayed silent because I am union. Silent no more. Unions basically treat you as stupid and use you hard earned dues to send propaganda and tell you who to vote for . Open your eyes brothers and think for yourself. They don’t give a shit about you they only care about dues. How can one in goog conscience vote for Hillary?

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  5. Bill2 says:

    Those who have been interviewed on TV a number of times know that…

    The microphone wire comes from the back, around the waist to the front, them up the front to a collar or lapel IN THE FRONT.

    The IFB, (Interruptible FeedBack) Earpiece wire comes up the middle of the back under a jacket, around the collar from the middle of the back to the back of the ear, then up the back of the ear, over the top of the ear, into the ear.

    The IFB allows the person on camera to hear the program audio (what is going out on the air), or have that program audio INTERRUPTED by the producer, director or coach to give them direction, advice, etc.

    There is no doubt Clinton wore was an IFB, prohibited by the rules.

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    • WSB says:

      We need to prove this.

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    • lbmomblog says:

      Bill2 and WSB …there has to be a way to de-signal the air waves. Has to be. I am no expert at all on this,,,,but I remember debates 4 years ago, it was reported someone used an ear piece.
      Here is some info I did find…very interesting:
      How to Pass Exam with Spy Earpiece (source:
      1. put the earpiece into your ear to hear prmpts secretly.
      2. connect your cell phone via bluetooth with transmitter featuring sensitive microphone
      3. make a phone call to your friend with laptop and books who will be giving you replies to exam questions.
      4. you hear assistant through earpiece and your assistant hears you through transmitter microphone
      5. write down received information (or appear to write down, but simply answer the question as Hill did) and pass the exam

      The major advantage of the spy earpiece is its undetectable character which is achieved due to tiny size and natural nude color of the device. The spy earpiece gets fully hidden inside your ear, and it cannot be noticed even by a person you are sitting next to or who you are talking with.

      The secret earpiece comes with a Bluetooth transmitter that needs to be hidden as well. If you use a standard Bluetooth loop, you need to put it around your neck and hide under the clothes. That’s why a must-have for cheating exam with the spy ear is a sweater, jacket or shirt with a stand-up collar or turtle neck
      Among advanced Bluetooth transmitter types for cheating exam there is Glasses or Watch Kit. In this case you even don’t need to hide the transmitter. You just put it on like an ordinary watch or glasses.

      We need one of our brilliant college students to enlighten us on how to interrupt airwaves or transmittals of this type.

      just a trumper…


  6. Pam says:

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  7. kathyca says:

    Was with and among an eclectic group of people today. White collar professionals from AZ and Ill and extreme blue collars from rural AZ. First, I saw the only Trump/Pence yard sign I’ve seen, and it was prominently displayed at the front corner of a yard that is on the main (only) road in the area. I ate lunch at a restaurant that was, literally, 100% red, white and blue and 90% of the items they had for sale were patriotic.

    The older white males in the white collar category clearly favored Hillary, regardless of which state they were from. A white collar millenial from Ill will vote for Johnson, as he has done in the past.

    So, I guess the demographic held true. The snobby elites will not vote for Trump, and the regular people who make the country go wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      That’s my experience too, Kathy.

      One-percenters, establishment, upper-crusters and their sympathizers or wannabes for Clinton.

      Remember in the NY GOP primaries, Trump won ALL of the NYC boroughs EXCEPT Manhattan, which Kasich (GOPe!) took.

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  8. Pam says:

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    • ALEX says:

      Someone fill me in if you could.


      • WSB says:

        It really shouldn’t be Bill’s affairs, but his rapes, and Hillary’s abuse and threats to his victims. In some cases, pets were killed, and many were stalked for years…by Hillary.

        Also remember to look up Eileen Wellstone. Most people do not know that Bill never became a Rhodes Scholar. He won a scholarship, went to Oxford, raped Wellstone who would not press charges. Oxford made a deal and, the State Department picked him up and removed him.

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        • Wiggy says:

          Let us not forget how she defended a child molester and condemn the 12 year old girl. He got off on time served while waiting trial. And she talks about defending women?

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  9. Pam says:

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. Union electrician all the way TRUMP

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  12. nan says:

    Judicial Watch petition to shut down the Clinton Foundation! Spread this!

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  13. Walt says:

    Hannity opening outstanding attacking the media/pundit/political elites!

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  14. Pam says:

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. M. Mueller says:

    I’m not on Twitter and don’t know how to post this right, but it says the transfer of the internet is delayed. Can’t find anything else on it. Is it true? It was posted on another thread by someone else. Then, the article following it was posted by yet another person.

    Hard to figure out what’s going on.

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  17. Pam says:

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  18. Pam says:

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  19. Pam says:

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    • jpllambias says:

      Dear Deplorable Treepers,

      I have been daily devouring the wonderful life stories and experiences shared by this incredible community since Mr. Trump launched in June 2015. Many times felt tempted to shared mine with you’ll and never gathered enough courage. After the incredible showing of love for America we saw last night, I couldn’t resist any longer. Hope you will find it interesting and forgive me if it is boring or too long.

      I am an Argentine attorney who began working full time when I was 14 years old and immigrated legally to America with my beautiful dual-citizen wife in 1992, after one of the recurring financial crisis had savaged my wonderful home country. After obtaining a post graduate law degree from an Ivy League school in Philly, I joined one of the largest New York firmswith offices in the GM building. We enjoyed having lunch in the Trump tower atrium cafe and strolling in the Central Park afterwards many weekends.

      Went back to Argentina in 1995 shortly after our oldest daughter was born and my country of birth was experiencing a boom. Joined a Soros fund management affiliate in Buenos Airs that offered my a very attractive position in business. Did so well that I was able to leave and launch my own real estate financing company with a group of Latin American investors in 1999. Opened offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and in Mexico, where I relocated after another financial crisis hit Argentina in 2001.

      Fought hard in a very hostile environment in Mexico until 2005 until had to call it quits and moved (legally) to North Texas, seeking better quality of life for ourselves but, more importantly, an stable and promising future for our now three kids.For the second time in our lives, America offered us the opportunity of a fresh start after escaping crises in Latin America. My very smart wife obtained employment as a bilingual teacher in a public school in Dallas and I joined the federal government providing financial relief to disaster victims.

      With a lot of hard work, we got going again and sent our children to excellent but too closed suburban public schools. We fought discrimination every step of the way aiming to obtain the highest level of education for our kids and won most battles until they succeeded through incredible stamina and are now in two “elite” colleges. We even jumped in pursuit of the American Dream and invested our lifetime savings in our first home in 2009.

      Of course, we both made the horrible mistake of blindly voting for change in 2008, not realy knowing what each party stood forth? Slowly but steadely, we educated ourselves and closely followed the consertative movement trying to unsuccessfully prevent the RINOS appeasement. Unfortunately, I realized that the America that had lured my twice had become too complacent and watched with horror the sustained assault from the radical left. The Donald first speeches shook me to the core and I studied his immigrant roots, business successes and failures and felt a deep admiration in seeing how he had been able to withstand financial crisis and break into places that were locked for him.

      I learned so much about his values and deeply held beliefs and about the American ways of life and entrepreneurial spirit and way of life through his political successes and failures in the next few months. I soon found myself loudly singing America The Beautiful and told my relatives in August of last year that he was going to win the nomination and go in to destroy Hillary and become President. I can proudly say that I knocked hundreds of doors in the lead up to the Texas primaries during the day while feeding strength through The Treehouse at night. I even met the wonderful Katrina P!

      All the above allows me to say, based on my own experiences as a legal immigrant, and with heart felt conviction that America is a truly unique, exceptional country, whose citizens enjoy freedoms and quality of life that are unknown mostly everywhere else in the world. America is also a heaven for any self-made, compassionate, individual who cherishes the rule of law, respect for each other and cares for its community. However, the relentless assault from the elitist RINOs and radical democrats has made R. Reagan warning very prescient: loosing Liberty is one generation away.

      Finally, D. Trump fIght against globalism and multiculturalism has shown us nothing less than proud patriotism. When he says let them come in legally but stop crime and drugs, when he speaks about the wonders of the growth of foreign countries and the mailaise felt by middle America, when he talks about extreme vetting and law and order, all that he is doing is putting Americans first. I believe in him to death and I am convinced that he will beat Crooked Hillary, will build the wall and make Mexico pay for it (100%!), stop common core and offer school choice, repeal Obamacare, rebuild the military, cut taxes and regulations, bring back jobs and rebuild the inner cities, tears of joy flow through my Latino-American cheeks.

      We all know he is not an all-talk, no-action Washington style insider. He is a doer, a builder, and a dreamer who sees opportunity when others see failure. He is a caring blue-collar billionaire who has never renounced his roots. He has overcame incredible odds all along his life. He has rebounded every time he has seen his dreams escape from him. He believes in us and never quits and we believe in him to death. Rest assured that this wonderful movement he sparked and that Sundance patiently nurtured and brilliantly feeds daily will make him the next President. MAGA!!!

      Deplorable Pampeano

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      • M. Mueller says:

        Thank you for sharing your unique perspective. I very much appreciate it.


      • lbmomblog says:

        Hi Deplorable Pampeano! Texan partner 🙂 Wow you have done lots ! I too am from Texas. Thank you for sharing this magnificent story. God bless you and the family.
        And, let us all move forward. Vote Trump, encourage others, share your story with Trumpers and non-Trumpers alike, and Pray. Stay safe.

        fellow Texas Trumper


  20. Pam says:

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  21. Patriot1783-ctdar says:

    Wow, this Trunp supporter’s opinion is gonna leave a mark on Robbie Mook!

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  22. Pam says:

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  23. Kaco says:

    I just watched Frontline tonight, The Choice 2016. They made Trump look like he is running as President as revenge against the Establishment and for notoriety. They made Hillary look like a misunderstood politician who has withstood all kinds of battles and keeps going strong. They glazed over Benghazi, nothing on the Clinton Foundation, barely glazed on her email scandal. A big propaganda show. PBS should lose public funding.

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  24. I’ve been on a long road trip for the past four days. I drove on highways and backroads through both small and medium sized towns in NY, PA, NJ and then circled back again.

    I saw not one single Hillary for President sign in those four days. On the other hand, I lost count of the number of Trump signs I saw. Some were so large, obviously put up by farmers with adjacent land to the interstates, that were as big as billboards. Yard signs were everywhere. Trump is loved in this part of America.

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  25. I realize that some of you are disappointed in The Debate. But, a thought has occurred to me, that I wanted to share. A lot of people have been mentioning that Mr. Trump did not bring up Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation, or the speaking fees, etc. Now, think about this . . . Mr. Trump did not bring up these topics, but a lot of the media types have been, as part of criticizing his style. So, we have yet another case of Hillary being basically ignored, for good reason, and Mr. Trump being in the center of the news, and the very things that he didn’t talk about . . . are being talked about, and by the political pundits.

    It’s a good thing, perhaps, that he doesn’t seem to know anything about debates. Eh?

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    • tradmomof3 says:

      Trump has a genius IQ. He plays 3D chess not checkers. He has 2 more debates to go. She threw everything at him. Now who has the advantage in the next debate?

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      • piper567 says:

        Please remember TRUMP sizes up the situation before he makes his move, as someone pointed out earlier today.
        This “debate” gave him the opportunity to see the impoverished well from which she draws, her modus, and, in the next debate, to respond in a more suitable (and satisfying) fashion (pretty predictable: robotic, condescending, and so forth).
        No one but his hardcore supporters really grasps this…and the media are way too busy shilling to make any useful observations of how it is TRUMP operates.
        Many are the comments here that, “They just do not learn.”
        But we should not be discouraged, because we do.


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    • WSB says:

      Janice, you have just unlocked the Art of the Deal.

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  26. lbmomblog says:

    debate 2 options:
    When Hill states, Donald, you paid nothing on taxes…you make so much money but paid no taxes
    Trump could say: Well I hope that people understand I can take those same principles, lower this country’s debt, and thereby lower their taxes as well. (and I don’t want to hear your follow up – what you have to say is as worthless as the your word)

    Hill (fantasizing): what about the women you have called fat, and Miss piggy and other horrible things,
    Trump: if I said things that were hurtful and wrong, I would apologize. I certainly wouldn’t call a 12 year old rape victim – the victor.
    I wouldn’t put false claims out there about a 12 year old child victim. Do you know here name as well? Can you fantasize that?
    (context: 7th paragraph: “…engage in fantasizing,” Clinton,…)


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