NBC Gaming The Optics With Custom Podium To Enlarge Hillary Clinton’s Stature and Visibility….

There was some discussion last week about how NBC would try to physically aid candidate Hillary Clinton’s optics with a custom designed debate platform intended to give the viewer the a false illusion of scale and scope.

Well, it appears that NBC has done exactly that.


A comparison of both debate podiums reflects that one is visibly larger, and taller, than the other; and a debate standing platform is evident as the stage is being set up.



However, I wouldn’t worry too much about the commission and NBC predictably gaming the optics to benefit Clinton.   Additionally, it’s good to see Bannon and Bossie both on inspection duty…

This screen shot below: [bottom right corner] (Bannon – left, Bossie -right).. they know the game… They are both fully aware this is an ‘away game scheme“…

Anyone who has every been involved in competitive debate forums (think Oxford vs Cambridge) knows how the home team (NBC/Clinton) works all the angles.  [Not just figurative angles, literal optical camera angles].



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484 Responses to NBC Gaming The Optics With Custom Podium To Enlarge Hillary Clinton’s Stature and Visibility….

  1. Raffaella says:

    My main concern is not the podium. SHE WILL DEFINITELY WEAR AN EARPIECE AND WILL BE FED ALL THE ANSWERS. Trump camp should ask the commission to check her and if she is wearing an earpiece she should be disqualifies.

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  2. billsothermistress says:

    One of her doctors is going to install the tubing described in this video to Hillary’s backside while shes at the podium.

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  3. Dora says:

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  4. Sandra says:

    Did Alice in Wonderland enter anyone else’s mind? 🙂

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  5. sarrask says:

    Trump should announce that the media isn’t being fair to Hillary. He should have a tape measure of the exact length of his own podium, then go over to Hillary’s podium and demonstrate how it’s so much smaller. He should then offer to trade with her so that she doesn’t unfairly get the smaller podium.

    Also, technically podium is something you stand on, while lecturn is something you stand behind. But through years of misuse, the dictionaries of usage have blended the definitions.

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  6. Patrumpsupporter says:

    Why doesn’t she just wear heels like lil Marco?

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  7. JeremyR says:

    Next up will be a lighting issue on HiLlARy’s side.

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  8. fedup says:

    C’mon Trump, call Hillary out for this. Basically Hillary is insulting all short people by saying that being short is not good enough. On top of that, she’s insulting EVERYONE who watches, by implying that YOU would judge her differently based on her height, because you’re a height-ist. Check and see if she’s wearing heels to the debate, on top of her booster podium. It’s all because you superficial plebs can’t see past her height to how great she really is.


  9. Linda Ruth says:

    Will they be asked the same questions? Do they get the questions in advance? Will Hillary, or her body double, get advance preparation since the media works on her behalf? Since Hillary is the one making demands on how the “debate” is to be conducted, how can this event to be viewed as an honest presentation? I doubt very much that Trump’s advisers think this event will be run fair and square, especially since Trump knows how corrupt the Clintons are. Even the FBI lies for them! Most likely every fraud technique will be used by the TV crew and moderators to favor Hillary.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      “or her body double”
      A body double would have to impersonate Hillary’s exact appearance, gestures, gait, vocal tone, speech patterns, and knowledge and experience in front of the largest debate audience in history — and do it well enough to fool everyone watching as well as Hillary’s close colleagues who know her well. It’s not possible.

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    • raywagner says:

      Camera lenses and color filters will differ to aid hiLIARy. There’s no reason to believe media bias will suddenly change today.


  10. The Recent Republican says:

    A reminder that this is the guy who is “moderating” the debate:

    Pro open borders. Pro Syrian refugees (or anyone calling themselves as such). The globalists are leaving nothing to chance, guys. Absolutely nothing.

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  11. graphiclucidity says:

    Are there any higher resolution copies of these photos around?

    I’m asking because the second photo (side by side lecterns) has something clearly written in black marker on the back of the riser. I’ve tried enhancing it with a photo editor but the photo is far too low-rez to make it legible. If anybody can clean it up and figure it out, let us know.

    It’s probably nothing but my curiosity is piqued by the possibilities contained in graffiti written by some smartass New York carpenters.


  12. saywhat64 says:

    Is clinton going to be on the right or the left ? Looking left with her eyes at times seems to be a sign of her recently observed abnormal uncoordinated eye motion (loss of vergence or disconjugate gaze in Doctor parlance). It seems it may be better for her to be on right side of the stage to decrease her looking left.

    Also the height of the podium will allow her to be able to conceal her hands when she is not moving or clasping them.

    Feedback ?


    • bofh says:

      I think she has a 6th-nerve injury with weakness of lateral gaze. You can get this from increased intracranial pressure, which perhaps her transverse sinus thrombosis may have caused. In her case it seems to be intermittent, perhaps varying with degree of fatigue, dehydration, other meds, or phase of the moon?

      I think it is most noticable when she gazes slightly to her right, and the unopposed pull of the left eye’s muscles on the nasal side pull the left globe into full right gaze (since the muscles on the lateral side aren’t getting normal innervation). That’s when she gets the severely cross-eyed look.

      So they’d probably try to avoid right-gaze. Her best strategy is to swivel her head as needed, and try to keep her eyes centered.



    • R head turns help her disguise L eye problem when it turns inward to her nose. I would think that being on the L would greatly help her. Making all those R head turns seen natural.


    • TatonkaWoman says:

      I heard earlier (on ABC News, I think) that Hillary was going to be on the left, Trump on the right (very fitting, I thought) BUT they did not clarify whether that was from the view of the audience, or from viewpoint of the debaters.


  13. Burnt Toast says:

    Hillary backing out of the handi-van… good thing it has double doors.



  14. bofh says:

    Wonder if her lecturn will have a stream of oxygen gently blowing into her face the whole time? Plus, I wonder if there’s a small camera located high in the rigging directly over Trump’s lecturn to allow them to read any notes he makes during the debate?

    My guess is that Hillary can still throw around a lot of names and dates (and who’s going to fact check them anyway) as long as she doesn’t take herself out with a coughing fit. So they can try to ridicule Trump for not knowing the name of Assad’s mother-in-law’s cousin: “Sir, how can you pretend to be qualified for the presidency when you don’t seem to know anything about Syria?” And of course, the MSM and moderator will be in on it and join in the chorus. A couple of useless little factoids like this will get the LoFo’s nervous about Trump.

    From what I’ve seen, Trump can handle this kind of little-league BS, but I think the Dems are getting pretty low on options.

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  15. Chris says:

    To be honest, I fully expect ALL kinds of hollywood starwars camera special effects ,
    imagery, computer blending to be employed.. to create the ultimate illusion..after all, it’s the biggest show on earth .

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  16. barton2016 says:

    Lester Holt works for NBC. What else do you need to know?

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    • swissik says:

      Last week O’Reilly told Trump that Holt is a fair minded person (he used to work with him at one time) and Trump confirmed his own belief that Lester is a fair guy. It is a bit scary to think that Trump actually believes this and I hope somebody warned him not to be too trusting in Holt’s fairness.


  17. Sentient says:

    Trump should wear 6″ platform shoes, just to mess with them.

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  18. Chip Bennett says:

    Point of order: those are lectetns, not podiums.

    And I’m not surprised one bit by such gamesmanship.


  19. Hillbilly4 says:

    I don’t care if Trump fails miserably at the ‘debate’. Which it is not, a debate. It is a dog ‘n pony show for Hillary. Her network, her moderators, her floor. Trump is playing to an inside straight.

    Even if he loses the ‘debate’ by 50 points… my vote is already sealed in cement. NOTHING can be said about him, or against him to change my mind.

    You have to admire man, a woman,,,anyone who has come this far Raging Against the Machine. I admire his ‘damn the torpedoes’ bravado, his ‘Bobby Thomson’ shot heard the world type of speeches. He is larger than life. Hillary could have a podium 8 feet high and she would still be little..not in stature but in her heart. She disdains the Average Working Class man and woman. Her heart, broken and destroyed by her husband is nothing but a vast plain of bitterness and darkness.

    Trump is the new ‘Raging Bull’ in the political arena. 100% American. Born in the USA. ‘Bonified’ patriot!

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  20. unseen1 says:

    It is as if they care more about the optics then the substance I wonder why.

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    • graphiclucidity says:

      Style over substance has been standard American presidential campaign politics since the Kennedy/Nixon debate. Nothing new there.

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      • The Boss says:

        Decrepit Hillary has neither style nor substance. She only has little whiny bitches like John Podesta and Bobby Mook trying to get someone, anyone, to put lipstick on their pig.


  21. Sunshine says:

    Trump should mention a little something about this, just a few words at the beginning, to the effect it would have been more comfortable for him to have a more accommodating podium to his size such as his opponent has benefitted.
    Just seems terribly unfair.

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  22. Wayne Robinson says:

    It won’t help her the higher she presents herself the further her fall. Can anyone doubt sh is being put on display? No matter how much you polish her or pile her she is still her worst enemy. She has already destroyed her chance of a good name or accomplishing anything worthy of praise. The more people see and hear her the less support she will find in the ballot boxes. Even some of her hirelings will be voting for Trump . It’s true she knows it and it torments her mind cause she thinks they are betraying her . Actually they to are Americans first . Poor Hillary what a looser she had the world as her oyster and she pissed it away. Now she is sick and failing never able to catch the prize what a wasted life


  23. Talking of Clinton-style optics , when Bill Clinton debated Dole in Town Hall setting , both standing with hand mics and moving around answering questions in front of semicircle audiance , I remember that when Dole was speaking Clinton kept oddly lurking a few feet behind him getting in the picture . After a couple of times, I realized that by doing that he was making the cameras go tighter and tighter on Dole’s face to get Clinton out of the picture with the result that you would end up seeing every wrinkle on poor old Dole’s face ( they were making an issue of his age as well) That behavior by Clinton was certainly intentional and purposeful and succeeded in getting the cameras to do less than flattering, ( even with pre-HD ) super close ups of Dole , a cheap trick but effective.

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  24. Howie says:

    The rank and file leftists are primed and ready to run. THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SURRENDERING.

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  25. Sandra-VA says:

    The words on the box say “Lectern power supply & DMX”

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  26. janc1955 says:

    I think the more Trump stays away from small ball (like lectern sizes), the bigger he will appear as a true leader. Trump’s campaign hasn’t said boo about the debate arrangements that I’m aware of, including the uber leftist moderators. Meanwhile, Hillary’s campaign is making multiple demands, and they’re all public. Everyone paying attention is aware her team is working 24/7 to try to use the debate to overcome her devastating shortcomings in any way possible.

    I don’t know ’bout anyone else, but this example just shows me more of what I’ve been watching for over a year. A man ready to make America great again, and a woman ready for 4 more years of shady dealings and destroying the country.

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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      Two outcomes;
      America gets great again, or
      Americans get taken…..again.

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    • bluesky says:

      I agree that Trump needs to act Presidential and not be drawn into making petty remarks. I loved when he answered MK’s snark ‘only RosIe’ last year, but that was at the beginning of the primary season. He now needs to respond as if he is the President-elect.

      I am sure Holt will try to fact-check Trump, or interrupt Trump to break Trump’s concentration and rhythm.


      • janc1955 says:

        If Trump handles himself well and doesn’t rise to any bait, I expect Holt and the rest of the moderators to unravel rather quickly. All DT has to do is keep winking and nodding at his audience. We’re all in on the joke, after all, and have fully anticipated the behavior of the leftist media. Done right, DT can shine as big a light on the MSM as he does on HRC, and make them all look like the corrupt lying connivers they are. I also kind of like this writer’s suggestions for DT: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2016/09/26/three_pieces_of_debate_advice_for_donald_trump_131889.html.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        He has indeed made that switch — all of his interviews have him more moderated in speech and tone. His stump speech is nuanced and delivered with astonishing professionalism and leadership. He always looks good — jacke and tie, surrounded by flgags — and many already consider him (optics) as President. Compare that with Hillary, who changes hairstyle, make-up, and clothing desperately trying to be visually pleasing. She is a fraud, a phony, a sick, twisted, soulless harpie. Not enough lipstick in the world to make that pig appealing.

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  27. bofh says:

    If you really wanted to prompt a candidate during the debate, it could be done acoustically, without the need for any in-ear electronics. The “old” way, dating back to the renaissance, was to create a room with a ceiling dished in the form of an ellipse. (An ellipse has two foci, and someone standing at one focus will hear whispers from someone standing at the other focus, although no one else will hear them.) Parabolic reflectors can also be used, but would also be very obvious. This can be done more subtly with two crossed ultrasonic beams carrying audio, which will only be heard at the point where the two beams cross.


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  28. Howie says:

    Grab your board and hit it early….before the waves get blown out by the Napalm..

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  29. PatriotKate says:

    I just want to know if the real Hillary Clinton is going to show up. This really bothers me.

    They just want to get her over the threshold and they’d even use a double for Inauguration. This would be the ultimate betrayal. I’m really surprised Sundance hasn’t down a thread on this subject, as it’s been floating all over the place now. I’ve been suspicious for months.

    Could they be planning to pull a real life “Dave”?


    • Howie says:

      Trump is now going to go on the offensive. He has just been setting them up. Drive it home Donnie,….


    • TheseTruths says:

      About 10 minutes was all I could take of that. It says straight up that Hillary has had two body doubles to fill in during an absence — and then provides no proof whatsoever. Zero.

      The video doesn’t account for the multiple variables that can make a person look different: lighting, amount of rest, fluid retention or lack of it, effect of clothing on appearance of weight, possible Botox or other fillers, medication side-effects, weight variations due to illness, colored contact lenses, etc.

      As for the slight apparent differences in finger length in the two pics of Hillary’s palms, I can hold up my hand and, by flexing different muscles, make my fingers appear to be different lengths.

      I could have missed it, but I saw no mention of Hillary’s voice. This is a major point that no proponent of the body double theory addresses.


    • They just need to check her tongue. If it doesn’t have a hole in it, it’s not Hillary.


  30. Aandy says:

    She should have been DISQUALIFIED the day she decided to run for President.

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  31. Patriot1 says:

    I recall a podium we had when people gave speeches. It had an adjustable stand to accommodate people of different heights.What I object to is the box to elevate her.


  32. Geri Smith says:

    no platform! Thought that was agreed?


    • KBR says:

      You are absolutely correct in that Hillary has no platform…all she does is shift with the wind and lie lie lie.

      Oh…you meant the box. Well, it will be the only platform she has.


  33. Charlotte says:

    Another doctor thinks she has petit mal epilepsy. May well be The lip smacking thing had me thinking

    New doctor: Hillary has epilepsy. Debate, specialist says, could trigger seizure



  34. Charlotte says:

    And see what Clinton just did: Clinton Tells Netanyahu She Will Continue to Implement Iran Deal
    Absolutely disgusting



  35. TONYA PARNELL says:



  36. John G. McLachlan says:

    Does anyone know whether or not there is any importance to whichever side HilIary’s lectern is positioned with respect to Donald Trump’s lectern, or if it is irrelevant?

    Is the discoordination of her eyes more likely to manifest, if she is required to look more frequently towards one side, rather than the other?


  37. james oaks says:

    Isn’t this a double standard or favoritism. Hillary should be seen as she really is. What does personal height have to do with her ability to lead.


  38. MeThePeople says:

    They gonna strap her into it too?

    She was wobbling like a weeble in that video of 9-11.
    GO TRUMP!!


  39. Ruckweiler says:

    Gonna take more than a custom podium to make her appear anymore than the liar and dishonest woman that she is.


  40. Judith says:

    I sincerely hope one of Donald’s people check the podium for digital/electronics…….and I hope she realizes she’s now further from the floor……longer way down! Oh and find somebody willing to check her ears! Nasty job but somebody’s gotta do it! Perhaps Gennifer Flowers would be willing…..


  41. There are also several pictures and videos on YouTube showing suspicious lines & bulges under Hillary’s trousers attached to her leg. The possibilities include a catheter, an IV for anti-seizure medication or “alertness” medication that she might be able to control by appearing to scratch her leg. It could also be some sort of wire implant. I wonder what would happen if Trump walked over to shake her hand and had a powerful electromagnetic devise on his “watch” that could permanently wipe out any any messages to Hillary. I know I sound like a tin foil hat person but I just don’t trust this woman or the DNC. This is literally a battle for the country and both sides know it.


  42. bobw-66554322 says:

    Doesn’t make sense. Giving Hillary a larger podium will result in her looking small in relation to it. Psychologically people will think she doesn’t measure up to the job. Giving her a smaller podium will make it seem to “fit” her UNTIL the camera pulls back and everyone sees her and her podium are smaller than Trump and his podium. At which point everyone starts thinking “she’s got a toy sized podium, must be she can’t handle a full sized job.


  43. Joshua says:

    How do they hide the Soros puppet strings during the debate?


  44. Joshua says:

    Wait until the lectern strobe lights start flashing….lol


  45. KBR says:

    Remember the movie “Dances with Wolves” ? Female lead was “Stands with a Fist.”

    Maybe Hill is taking a cue from Fauxcahontas…only her new name is “Stands on a Box!”


  46. Briana says:

    Will Hillary Clinton be allowed to – in effect – use an electronic cheat sheet by being covertly fed details with a hidden earpiece?


  47. Major Styles says:

    These people…they never give up.


  48. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    This will all backfire on Crooked Hillary and NBC.


  49. tonyE says:

    Trump should simply step in front of the podium and show himself clearly.

    Let her keep hiding….


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