ABC / WaPo Push Out Ridiculous D+10 National Media Poll On Eve of Debate…

abc_always_blame_conservatives_george_stephanopoulosMedia polling is beyond ridiculous.  The same bias exists within any media poll as reflected within all other content aspects provided by the broadcast or publication.

The timing of media polling is also well beyond predictable.  To generate news-worthy headlines they always push polling results around key dates; in this example on the eve of the first general election presidential debate.

ABC/WaPo release a poll today (pdf here) containing all the previous elements found in their prior ideological agenda polls.  The selection of party affiliation responses is silly.

The most current national survey of party affiliation shows Democrat party registration is D+4SEE HERE– nationally.  However, for their needs, ABC/WaPo use D+10:


However, the good news is: even with that ridiculous +10 skew ABC/WaPo can only manage a 2 point Clinton lead: 46/44



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84 Responses to ABC / WaPo Push Out Ridiculous D+10 National Media Poll On Eve of Debate…

  1. Terz says:

    They kept their D+10 oversample for the ‘like voters’ despite there is zero enthusiasm on the Dem side, but massively sampled down Indies.

    Yeah no.

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  2. smartyjones1 says:

    The eMedia is so desperate to prop up Hillary Clinton even tipping the scales with a heavy hand at +10 isn’t getting her any decisive advantage. Think most Americans will not be fooled nor discouraged.

    Monday is Yuge. This race is not only winnable it’s DJT’s to lose now.
    Hillary’s implosion is set and she can’t save herself as the voters are closed to decided.

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  3. Kent says:

    They plan to steal the election and these skewed polls will be regurgitated by the sheeple and the lamestream media co-conspirators as a means to counter the arguments from those who know better.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Yes but the Monster Vote will foil their efforts to steal the election. Everyone needs to remember to wear a red hat voting day and take a picture of your ballot if the polling place will allow it and take a picture of yourself outside of the polling place.

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      • maxx power says:

        I hope the Monster Vote overwhelms them, but how will recording your vote & wearing a red hat stop the voting machines from flipping the votes?
        Answer. It won’t. A stolen election will NOT be fixed later. It must be prevented.

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        • BobBoxBody says:

          Not that it isn’t a problem, but rigging votes only works if the race is close or voter turnout/enthusiasm is low. That’s not the case here. The Monster Vote will cancel out any vote fraud, and if something happens it will be obvious. I think even the elites realize that this can be resolved peacefully, or…..

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        • justfactsplz says:

          It won’t stop them from flipping the votes but we would have proof of how many actually voted for Trump. We need poll watchers at every precinct. Mine has paper ballots. I am glad because I do not trust the machines. I don’t believe for one minute that Obama won fair and square. Voters even admitted to voting more than once for him and dead people voted. My state requires picture I.D. and our signatures. I wish they all did. It would cut down on voter fraud. Where is that group True The Vote? We need them now more than ever.

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  4. Tim McCann says:

    I guess they didn’t bother to send anyone to Roanoke yesterday.

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  5. john lorenz says:

    +10 Demshevik? Based on what certainly not primary turnout or 2010 or 2014 or even 2012 with Oliar not on the ballot now. Pure Ministry of Truth Orwellian-Alinskite BS.

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  6. Gravis poll oversampled dems too

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    • seventhndr says:

      For clarity, I’d like to point out that it was the BREITBART/Gravis poll. I think BB is full of neocons. They should not be wholly trusted.

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      • James O'Malley says:

        I’ve kinda had my misgivings about them lately, too. They used to be solidly Trump, but now there’s this odd “downplaying” going on regarding his campaign, like they’re trying to sell a narrative that says he’s not doing as well as he actually is.

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  7. Terz says:

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  8. M33 says:

    What will all these MSM outlets do when Trump actually wins and by a big margin?
    Close up shop?
    Or blame it on the KKK?

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  9. aprilyn43 says:

    I know the liberal propaganda news media are lying, they are one of Hillary’s main advertising sources, for “Pro-Hillary for President,”; they’ve bragged about it!

    This is the 4th down & a Football field of yardage needed, to even stay in the game!!

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    • Binkser1 says:

      I agree. That Hillary is not down 20 points to Trump shows how far our country has fallen. The woman is a criminal and the people that vote for her don’t seem to care. This election will decide what country we will leave for our children and grandchildren. Trump wins and this country has a chance to make a comeback. Hillary wins and this country is done as we know it (I guess knew it would be more descriptive because Obama and his globalist puppeteers have done a good job the last 8 years destroying this country). What is sad is how many Americans don’t realize how really significant this election is. This is not Reps vs. Dems. This is America (and the western worlds values, for all intents and purposes) against the globablist/elitists. Hopefully, it won’t be too late by the time enough people wake up. Go Trump!!!

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  10. Rebel Mope says:

    They tried to pull that same scam on the Illinois poll last week. Dem +34 and Clinton winning by 13%. With Illinois electing a Republican governor in ’14, I’d say Illinois is in play with just a whisper of the African American vote.

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    • E C says:

      The reason we have a republican governor is because of low turnout in Crook County. If you go back to 2012 the turnout was low even though Obama won the state. As has been stated by others take out Crook County and Illinois leans republican. Add to that the city of Chicago has lost population for obvious reasons of crime and high taxes the obstacles to overcome are not as daunting.

      Another reason IMO for lower turnout is the department of Streets and Sanitation,which has been the foot soldiers for the democrat machine, are not loyal to Rahm.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      Absolutely correct.

      Just spent the weekend at a central Illinois farm town fall festival.
      Only yard signs to be seen are Trump’s.

      And the signs along the highway in the couple hours between Chicago and farm town are all Trump.

      Illinois would be a MAJOR coup for Trump campaign, but would be an EVEN BIGGER FAILURE for Hillary n Dems.

      I say – between the D over sampling and the lack of enthusiasm of Dem voters this year – Illinois is in play.

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  11. myrightpenguin says:

    Just makes them look silly – they’ve set a LV screen as D+10. There is no polling data/science to back that up whatsoever. With this LV screen they’ve locked their polls to be ridiculous all the way through to election day.

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  12. Bull Durham says:

    I’m surprised they are doing polls in the United States. I think they would get better results using a different group of respondents. Perhaps, Latvia or Moldova, or Vanuatu would be keen on her.

    Change the base sampled and get better results. It’s not working for her in the USA.

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    • Howie says:

      These crooked polls are only confirmation bias schemes. They have to keep the donors donating and the dupes duped. Otherwise defeatism will set in. Hillary eyes could roll around and fall out of her head at the debate and they will all exclaim she won it going away.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      😉 Those are probably the best of the places that we don’t have extradition treaties with. They could go to Vanuatu in the winter and stay in historic Moldava in the summer.

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    • paris23 says:

      Check out this worldwide poll. It appears almost no one in the world is keen on her: Current results have Trump at 81% and Clinton at 18% in worldwide support for this election. Last time I looked, earlier in the day, more than 18,000 Americans had voted in this poll and Trump was beating Clinton with 90% of the US vote. And the US controllers want us to believe they are tied….


  13. Howie says:

    Just add ten for TRUMP to all the polls. The DD factor works.

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  14. Red says:

    This is crazy…..I guess they have to tell the old bat what she wants to hear out of fear for there lives

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  15. Pam says:

    Well, this bit of news shouldn’t surprise anyone. Since the MSM are her water carriers, these heavily slanted polls should be expected. I’m sure they will roll out some false ones post debate regardless of what happens tomorrow.

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  16. The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

    According to a new poll I just conducted, I will be the next president.

    I polled 1000 likely voters, but then I weighted my own family members +10.

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  17. maga2016 says:

    I can tell you how they generate the D+10. they just asked random 1001 people for their party identification and had 10% more dems. Then they use this for their voting poll. I kid you not:

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  18. fleporeblog says:

    These people need to be taken out back and shot! Are you kidding me that she leads Trump amongst Economy voters 62-27 percent. You have to be beyond kidding me!

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  19. fleporeblog says:

    The dumbass ABC/WAPO poll!

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  20. Jimmy Jack says:

    Now an inflated podium to go along with the inflate polls. Total dog and pony show – all smoke and mirrors with these people.

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  21. NHVoter says:

    Speaking of WaPo…LOL


  22. RP says:

    Have any of you considered that rather than the media being an arm of the Democrat party that the Democrat party is an arm of the media?

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  23. kingjulianx says:

    When Trump&Pence win, get ready for the insane left to be violent!

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  24. satmfs says:

    I read just after Trump announced he was running, when it comes to the polls, add 5 points to every Trump result and subtract 5 from every Hillbillery result and they will be accurate.

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  25. the_sirius_one says:

    The only effective manipulation that makes sense to me is for the MSM et al to make the race appear tied or very close.

    This produces many corollaries. It’s the only scenario that will pique the interest of typical lofo Democrat voters. If the polls show HRC way ahead or behind; both will suppress Democrat interest and keep them from the polls. It also, unfortunately enables various voter fraud tactics.

    The MSM, to continue to garner record viewership needs to make this a real horse race to keep people tuned in. Follow the money.

    Trump voters, like his rally goers will endure hardship and vote regardless of up or down poll numbers. Most Trumpsters are conditioned to not believe the accuracy of the polls and will deflect any demoralizing attempt by showing him down 5 points or so on Election Day.

    Regardless of reality, I think you will find most polls to be very close, by hook or crook, from now til Election Day.

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  26. paris23 says:

    I don’t even actually trust their voter registration numbers. We know they rig economic data. Is it possible they could rig this too? Why are republican registration numbers stagnant while the dems are increasing and the independents are decreasing? That doesn’t make sense. We know there has been a movement away from the D party. This should be reflected in voter registration numbers, but instead we see the opposite happening, according to their report.


  27. Troublemaker says:

    They also polled 1001 “adults” and state 651 were “likely voters”. What were the other 350? We’re they even all “registered” to vote?

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  28. Nahanni says:

    The D+10 is just taking into account all the dead people, cartoon characters, the team roster of the 1932 New York Yankees, all the Islamic Jihadists and and MS13 gang members Obama has imported and handing out citizenship to.

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