Hillary Clinton Spent $100,000,000 in August – Broadcast 35,714 Anti-Trump Commercials…

**snicker** Timely AP Report for August:  Clinton Campaign spent $50 million.  DNC spent $28 million. Super Pac spent $20.6 million.  Total $100 million.

(AP) […] Much of Clinton’s spending has been eaten up by advertising, which is costing her about $10 million per week. Through August, she blanketed 11 states with 35,714 broadcast television commercials.  […]  Clinton also has built a robust campaign team of 800 employees who cost a total of about $5 million last month (link)


(Above Poll Release Today)

[…] “Battleground states carry that name for a reason: They’re going to be close, from now until Election Day,” [Clinton] campaign manager Robby Mook wrote in a memo to supporters this week. “But we are going to win them because we’ve spent the past year building a superior ground game to communicate our message and turn our people out to vote.” (link)


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214 Responses to Hillary Clinton Spent $100,000,000 in August – Broadcast 35,714 Anti-Trump Commercials…

  1. sahm2016 says:

    Earlier today I was doing some Zumba (dance cardio) videos on YouTube and a 15 sec Trump commercial popped up in the middle of my playlist of 12 songs. This is the first time I have seen a Trump ad on YouTube. It was a Make America Safe Again / border security ad. (IDK if the ads are targeted to the viewer based on the YouTube channel or if there are a variety of Trumps ads on YouTube.)

    You can’t skip the 15 second ads, and they pop up about every 10 minutes. Trump might not be spending much money advertising on Network TV, but he is running commercials on YouTube, and the ad I saw this evening was very effective.

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    • squid2112 says:

      Here in Tennessee, I occasionally see a Clinton commercial. They are pathetically stupid commercials. No substance whatsoever. They do nothing but bash Trump and try to convince you that he is not electable simply by showing several idiots saying “Trump is not electable” with absolutely no substance to back it up or give any sort of reason why … pffftt … they are completely ineffective commercials and a total waste of money. Let her continue to waste money. It’s not doing her any good whatsoever. If anything it is hurting her even more.

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    • KJXZ says:

      Here in Florida, I’ve been getting plenty of Trump ads while browsing youtube, and luckily not a single Clinton ad. It could be because I avoid the Pro-Clinton camp like the plague, so nothing of he like shows up in my search history for google to reference what ads to show. At least, that is how I believe both the on-page and video ads work, with youtube being a part of google now.

      Mr. Trump and his supporters are smart, placing plenty of ads in social media compared to television, easy to spot, plenty of variety in the messages, and they are short and make the point in a common, easy-to-get way. Great compared to the Clinton ones: all attack and no real substance to them.

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  2. Sunshine says:

    Trump: Timely, short and effective aka subliminal.
    Hillary: Anti-Trump ads began too early in the campaign. No longer effective. Same-old, same-old crap media has been spewing. Shame so much money dilapidated to get one person elected. Very sad indeed.

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  3. bluesky says:

    if a $100M in August then Sept & Oct are going to be astronomical. The Clinton campaign & DNC doesn’t appear to have the ability to adjust advertising strategy or personnel, so they will probably continue do more of the same. I wonder if one of the objective of the push polls showing Clinton leading are to keep the donor spigot open?

    BTW: another term for spigot is stopcock. kinda appropriate when talking about Clintons

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  4. keebler AC says:

    Saw a mind-numbing Hillary ad today on a relative’s TV where she features 6-7 Republican no-name or loser establishment characters including Mittens decrying Trump, lol. That’s going to turn more people into Pepes and deplorables!!

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    • sammyhains says:

      The irony is hiLlARy is showing off the worst Republicans, all who support her. Why is hiLlARy so proud to have the Iraq war neocons and Mitt “Mr. Burns” Romney supporting her?

      Did she not notice that they are all reviled losers?

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      • Actually that ad should be a Trump ad. They just don’t get it, do they? He is NOT a politician hence any ad showing politicians not liking the anti-establishment guy is actually pro- antiestablishment guy.

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        • LOL! I hadn’t even read your comment and I said the same thing: it should be a Trump ad! Thank you war criminal Hillary, I believe this is where you get off, the end of the road for you Hildabeast!! ah ha ha ha I am still chuckling after watching her ad. The only one funnier is her “I in no ways tired” where she’s trying to sound like Martin Luther King. FAILS HILLARIOUSLY!


          • maga2016 says:

            there is a theory that the Clinton campagn has a mole that works against Clinton



    • NCPatrick says:

      Yes, Keebler, they are running that one constantly here, and talk about cold anger .. those worthless GOP boobs hopefully will have paid for their own term limits by starring in a H Clinton ad. Every single one of them is worthless and I can’t wait to see them scurrying after the Trump landslide starts pouring onto them.


  5. joshua says:

    with this record of worthless, ineffective, high cost ad history by Hillary….she demonstrates her inability to select competent folks to run a campaign and to spend money wisely. a disaster in a need to turn the nation around from going in the wrong direction. no need to criticize her as a person when her demonstrable lack of skills show through clearly every single day.

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  6. The new Boston Ad has 8 republicans saying Trump Sucks basically The funny one in Romknee. And of course cornFlakes and our favorite GOPe RINO Susan Collins. What a waste of money!

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  7. Wayne Robinson says:

    Went to see health care / I see a Mexican Martinez is his name. As I’m leaving he said remember to come back in November. I said , ” remember to vote in November , but I’ll probably just cancel your vote” he said I hope not , I hope we’ll both be voting Trump” now where is that idiot that said Mexicans won’t vote for Trump. My P A sounds like he is not only Mexican but smart and at the same time he sounds like he is campaigning for Trump. Not all Mexicans buy into the lies spread by the media. Actually many of them are very smart and fair minded I’m sure their is no significant differences between races and can’t understand how oboma’s influence has braught the media so low that they would propose that a persons natural heritage or skin shade could determine how someone will vote on any issue / wtf has happened to the intelligence of our leaders and country? I only went to tenth grade but I know better than this bull. Equality doesn’t mean the same just like from doesn’t mean of / as in freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion . No Oboma’s going down into a fiery pit unless he repents

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  8. Hey Hillary, saw your new ad. ah ha ha LAUGHING AT YOU!

    Anyone seen HER new video? Best video to help Trump win EVER! She is trying to be tough and just comes across as a shrew or a nag and like a drunk bar hag bitching about her husband. It is really really REALLY NOT GOING TO HELP HER CAMPAIGN. In fact, it will only help Trump.
    YIKES! She is so out of touch with reality! Trump makes strength and stamina look easy, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME HILLARY! oops! too late you already did. THANKS FOR THE FREE TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT AD!

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  9. LOL! Keep your cheesy {{creepy}} ads coming Hillary! Every time they run it helps Trump. They’re just gawd awful. But very humorous to me I can’t stop laughing off her latest, it should be in a comedy sketch about a has-been worn out and spent politician’s desperation. ha ha ha laughing at you Hillary!


  10. Ono says:

    Good year to be in the advertising business.

    Knowing Hillary; she probably uses a foreign firm.


  11. 100 Million Mrs Bill?

    Trump has CNN paying for his campaign, and people question if Trump can make Mexico pay for the wall?


  12. jameswlee2014 says:

    They spent one hundred million dollars and STILL couldn’t top Jeb! in wasting campaign money. Wow! Do you want to talk loser?!?!?! Here’s the beauty part. After having tried and failed with the massive tv offensive, does anyone doubt that they will try to revive their campaign with, wait for it…… YES MORE TV ADVERTISING!!!

    Supposed slicksters revealed as a one trick pony.


  13. Major Styles says:

    So much respect for the Donald. He’s my president!


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