CIA Director John Brennan Admitted Voting For the Communist Party in 1980 During Polygraph…

A stunning admission.  Made even more stunning when you consider what the climate was at the time between Russia and the United States.  Remember, ’70-’80 is the peak soviet era of intensely hardline psychological communism.   Most people have forgotten today that it was the Soviet Union who supported China during the Tiananmen massacre.


“This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,”  (link)

It’s a little murky in interpretation did Brennan vote communist in 1980? or did he vote communist prior to 1980 and make the admission during the polygraph in 1980?

Brennan eventually became CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia in the 1990’s.  He apparently joined forces with young Obama through Zbigniew Brzezinski in the 1980’s.

Angel of Death - Demonic False PurityREMINDER […] Just two weeks before an April 2008 Obama speech, and surprise announcement of his 1981 visit to Pakistan, employees of John Brennan  (who would become Obama’s terror chief) were caught tampering with Obama’s passport files.

It should be noted  that “Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March 2008 (just before this April ’08 fundraiser) for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office, according to a State Department Inspector General’s report released July 2009. 

On April 19th the key figure Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found slumped dead inside a car.  (Follow the rabbit hole here)

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205 Responses to CIA Director John Brennan Admitted Voting For the Communist Party in 1980 During Polygraph…

  1. appadoo9 says:

    Great Sleuthing! Makes Me Sick

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  2. snailmailtrucker says:

    Brennan is a Muslim !

    What more do you need to know ?

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  3. appadoo9 says:

    HW Bush was also a CIA director. , voting for illery

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  4. Terz says:

    Well there is a reason why those people go after the Tea Party instead of stopping terror attacks on US soil.

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  5. Howie says:

    Time to take them down now. Bluto beat me to it but now I haz it….PEPE!

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  6. Just reaffirms the fact that we have been infiltrated at our highest level of gov’t. by communists for many yrs. Does not surprise me one iota.

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  7. Muddlerman says:

    The corruption which exists in this Government, both the Republican and Democrate is so pervasive I can not imagine how it will ever get cleaned up. My head hurts.

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  8. Sentient says:

    It’s going to take a President Trump plus a new FBI Director – at a minimum – to start investigating the Deep State. Thankfully CIA Director’s term doesn’t outlast Obama’s presidency. Trump could head fake that he might keep Brennan, but replace him immediately. Comey will have to be impeached for knowingly overlooking Hillary’s post-subpoena obstruction of justice. Our security apparatus is rotten to the core.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    Just amazing SD! This POS was going to be President of the US no matter what. It was in the works for 25+ years. They succeeded but ultimately will lose in the end because when DJT is elected, he will absolutely change our course. By 2020, when he is reelected with 50% of AA and 70% of Hispanics voting for him, the Democrat party will be invisible. The Republican Party will become the Trump party. We will prosper for years and years to come!

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  10. 1hear2learn says:

    Wow. I think Sundance just did a mic drop, at least feels that way to me.

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  11. Craig W. Gordon says:

    When you finally realize they haven’t been on your side, it all begins to make sense!

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  12. freddy says:

    Obama was able right under the GOP nose to install many communist/marxist types as well as way to many muslims in national security jobs. We are so infected it hurts and that’s why all the unexplanable passes the terror guys get and benfits of the doubt become quite clear. That does not amaze me. The GOP is really what makes me scratch my head and how they have been tacit in all this clearly Anti American agends…..

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  13. n3angus says:

    In 1980 the world was reaching a Global Grain shortage right before the Green Revolution started with Norman Borlaug , Communists are all about zero Growth and Eugenics in the face of supply shortages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man was awarded for saving the last 2.5 Billion People that have come upon the earth since then , and today we are again witnessing another needed advancement in expanding the Bread Basket , this is what has the Communists rising up again calling us all Deplorables because they want to divide us up so we will fight each other and wipe each other out and Depopulate their earth !!!!!!!!!

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  14. Howie says:

    Alt Right will take them out.

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  15. intense48 says:

    Go see the movie “Snowden.” These people at the CIA, FBI, the Department of Homeland Security are Hillary’s hunting dogs. The movie shows Bush, Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary in this together.

    When it was reported that the Supreme Court has OK’d the destruction of the 4th Amendment unless Congress acts before December 1, 2016 was an eyeopener for me.

    Donald Trump’s image was shown without comment in the movie.

    I believe that the release date for the movie “Snowden” was pushed back from the original January 2016 date to the September 16, 2016 date for: 1) political reasons; and 2) to give the Supreme Court this chance to put the 4th Amendment on trial AND you can bet your bippie that Congress will “fail” to act in order to stop the loss of our Constitutional Rights. Next comes the 2nd Amendment─the right to keep and bare arms.

    The 4th Amendment protects Americans against unreasonable search and seizures. The very Amendment that Ed Snowden was appalled about when he saw, while working for the CIA, that the CIA, FBI, and all other so-called homeland security were actively violating our Constitutional rights.

    Today I was reading an article about Donald Trump’s campaigner while sitting in my car and I noticed that I was afraid, AFRAID that someone would see me reading it. It’s really that scary in some neighborhoods.

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    • appadoo9 says:

      I live on the kid’s last street of the delivery route by their parents to our local elementary school,,,in southern california. The tough nut to crack state for conservative thinking.
      You won’t find many yard signs (except left over berny’s, bumper stickers). Actually saw one illery yard sign tucked discreetly back from the street. But lot’s of obama stickers from 2012. Lots of hispanic families in surrounding neighborhoods. Driving to school. Long story short, The American Flag Flown by homes in our community are our Blood Of The Lamb ‘passover sign on the door’, proudly displayed America First Statement. Trump For President!

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  16. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Why would he admit? He must have believed 2 things. 1 polygraph works, 2 a vote for a communist was tantamount to, however the question was asked, being part of an earnestly subversive group.
    I know a few people who would declare they are Socialist, but would never think they were being anti-American. That is yet another step.
    So, it smells like maybe he felt like the polygraph reveal would be more than a one-time vote. What else did he admit to in that getting? Is this interview under FOI?

    And why is this in the news now? The media obviously are more calculating than just throwing stuff out there whenevs.

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  17. Howie says:

    30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo
    Obama Dog is wagging. Pray for our guys. Get em’ out.

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  18. wtd says:

    How was he possibly vetted for such a position of authority? 1980 was a world away from the Islamophilic administration we find ourselves in today. When was the oath of office, “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” rendered obsolete?


  19. belle says:

    Wow. I knew about Lt. Quarles Harris. Never made the connection with Brennan.
    Great work Sundance!

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  20. Patriot1783-ctdar says:

    Enemy of the state, try, convict and string him up.

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  21. Howie says:

    As long as you admit everything you get security clearance. He is a communist and so is Hillary. The communist control act was repealed and being an admitted communist is A-OK.

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  22. Daniel says:

    What’s more frightening? This or realizing that hoards of communists are being pumped through our colleges and universities.?

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  23. bofh says:

    Sadly, I find that very little surprises me these days.

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  24. dalethorn says:

    In the early 50’s when McCarthy was outing Communists in the State Dept. and elsewhere on behalf of J. Edgar Hoover, the CIA was very upset about that because the CIA and State Dept. were intertwined. So the CIA fired up their huge propaganda machine (called the Mighty Wurlitzer) in an operation I think was called Mockingbird. They basically owned the Washington Post and several prominent pundits at the New York Times and other papers, and they convinced Americans that McCarthy was outing ordinary liberals as commies. BTW, some of that feud between the CIA and FBI was revealed later in the JFK case, for example naming “George Bush of the CIA” in an FBI memo dated 11/23/63, and also having FBI agents at the autopsy revealing certain anomalies in the handling of the body. And then the FBI forced the absurd Single Bullet theory onto the Warren Commission when they scraped that missed shot off the curb where it struck James Tague.

    All of the foregoing is to say that Brennan is really dirty, and if his agency were needed to lean on Comey over at FBI to sweep some of Hillary’s misdeeds under the rug, well, who better? They have the skills they perfected during the McCarthy years.

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  25. Howie says:

    More Americans killed! Get him out quick!

    Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib.

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  26. Chance says:

    Sorry to get of topic, but I have no other way to communicate this. Please be advised…

    I have just learned via reliable sources that Army commanders at Ft. Carson are now training soldiers specifically for marshal law. This is NO joke! And it is definitely not S.O.P.

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  27. sDee says:

    Zbigniew Brzezinski has long held an imperialistic doctrine for the middle based upon destabilization, leading to a nuclear event with radioactive effect as far away as China.

    Brzezinski created the Mujahdeen in Afghanistan, supporting its leader Osama Bin Laden. It later became the Taliban – and Bin Laden seeding Al-Queda

    He started with Carter by destabilizing Iran and installing a muslim dictatorship. Reagan’s election put the brakes on that. Professor Brzezinski at Columbia, was Soetero’s mentor who shaped him into the Manchurian candidate.

    It is Brzezinski behind the scenes who has driven the islamization destablzation and in the middle east under Obama. It fits his doctrine completely. All that is left is the nuclear event and the Iran deal has likely set that in motion.

    The enemy has long been within. If all of this is not exposed and dismantled , it will again just go to sleep until after Trump’s term

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  28. angryduc says:

    We are under a soft coup. I don’t believe for a second Hillary has real votes. We have a right to be free. Any move that places these communist over us again will ignite an all out totalitarian war on the deplorables.

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    • dalethorn says:

      If Obama gets the Internet under international control before the election, he could begin a quiet purge of dissidents here, and have the Internet filter out any attempt on our part to organize a resistance in real-time, as we are able to do now. Terror laws plus filtering – powerful tools.

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      • WSB says:

        They did it very efficiently on a smaller scale with the Tea Party in 2012. However, I do not think they thought they would have to deal with Trump and Manafort. Assuming that Manafort has some ongoing relationship with the Trump camp now.


  29. watcher says:

    Obama’s and Brennan ordered the purge on all “offensive” Muslim language from fbi, police, and military manuals at the request of Muslims. Perhaps why these terrorist are slipping through background investigations the past few years.
    And another dead person? Remember Michael Hastings?

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      NJ Muslim terrorist and Miami Muslim terrorist: both arose to the attention of authorities, were reviewed by FBI, decided to be no threat, and allowed to carry on.

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    • Charlotte says:

      There are more dead people besides Hastings. Obama dead pool Google it. Theres the Clinton Dead pool too.These people are pure pure EVIL


  30. Joe says:

    No surprise.

    Brennan is a complete nutjob.

    What Westerner converts to Islam?

    Only a nut lob, that’s who.

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  31. THIS GUY IS MORE INTERESTING – John Mark Deutch (born July 27, 1938) is an American physical chemist and civil servant. He was the United States Deputy Secretary of Defense from 1994 to 1995 and Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from May 10, 1995 until December 15, 1996.[1] He is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and serves on the Board of Directors of Citigroup, Cummins, Raytheon, and Schlumberger Ltd. Deutch is also a member of the Trilateral Commission.[2]

    Deutch was born in Brussels, Belgium, the son of Rachel Felicia (Fischer) and Michael Joseph Deutch.[3] He is of Russian Jewish heritage, and became a United States citizen in 1945.[1]

    In 1995, President Bill Clinton appointed him Director of Central Intelligence As head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Deutch continued the policy of his predecessor R. James Woolsey to declassify records pertaining to U.S. covert operations during the Cold War.[4]

    Deutch left the CIA on December 15, 1996,[1] and soon after it was revealed that several of his laptop computers contained classified information wrongfully labeled as unclassified.[7] In January 1997, the CIA began a formal security investigation of the matter. Senior management at CIA declined to fully pursue the security breach. Over two years after his departure, the matter was referred to the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Janet Reno declined prosecution. She did, however, recommend an investigation to determine whether Deutch should retain his security clearance.[8] Deutch had agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor for mishandling government secrets on Friday, January 19, 2001, but President Clinton pardoned him in his last day in office, two days before the Justice Department could file the case against him

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      So? A guy from Raytheon got a position in the CIA?

      What is the inference? He is a Jew, so we should suspect him of being in secret anti-American collaboration with Islamic forces? Please give me a few more dots so I can connect them. Thank you.

      To other readers: with all respect, all it takes is a lot of imagination to dream up some wild conspiracy with a couple pieces of information. Throwing things out there without a) presenting the story within which the facts fit, and 2) without any exceptionally curious or damning coincidence is just serving to lower our collective IQ and making decent Americans look like a bunch of Yay-hoos chasing our coon-hounds around in the woods after any sound that might have been a racoon scratching his arse.

      This concludes our test of the emergency broadcast system.
      You can now return to your regular broadcast of Infowars: Season Two, Above Top Secret: Special Episode – The Alien Lizard People.

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    • WSB says:

      Woolsey just endorsed Trump.


    • Charlotte says:

      Commie infiltrator.


  32. quintrillion says:

    There is a new DVD out …

    This is Cliff Kincaid interviewing Trevor Loudon

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  33. Red says:

    I knew Brennan was supposedly a Muslim, but I had no idea his was an admitted commie too. The way I have it figured it’s like a cockroach. If you see one, there are 100’s…so…how many commies and muslims have infiltrated our government? This just keeps getting worse and worse every single day!

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  34. Sayitaintsojoe says:

    I, for one, always thought Joe McCarthy got a bad rap. I also remember reading about an act/law that was passed around that time that forbid anyone affiliated with the communist party from holding office and if they ran for office they had to specifically claim/affirm their communist links to the public. But of course the democrats have been breaking laws for decades one more is no surprise. once again the press didn’t do their job. Just like the incriminating photo the LA times has of Obama and continues to refuse to make public. I don’t think obummer has the brains to be any type of operative – drug mule and snitch would fit him more.

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  35. sDee says:

    Brzezinski’s evil seed carries on.

    His son Ian is an American foreign policy and military affairs expert who was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy under Bush. Was a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton providing “providing policy and technical advice to U.S. combatant commands and foreign clients.”. He now runs the Brzezinski Group working with US and foreign entities to help them them “navigate geopolitical developments, develop and execute market entry and opportunity capture strategies, and manage relationships with government entities.”

    His son Mark Brzezinski was a foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama and Ambassador to Sweden.

    And we all know the blond propagandist Brzezinski.

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  36. intense48 says:

    Hillary’s Glass-Hurling, Cursing Fit of Rage… (very bad language)


  37. andi lee says:


  38. John Smith says:

    The way things turned out you could argue that post Leninist/Trotskyist USSR was actually a conservative, traditional force in history. Did you know it was the Soviet Union that prevented the United States from setting up efficacious global governance structures after WWII? Did you know the USSR cracked down on the sort of degeneracy we see in modern society as bourgeois decadence? Did you know Stalin proclaimed ‘socialism in one country’ and that in his brand of political economy traditional Russian mores formed in the esoteric core? Do you have the perspective to see the so-called Cold War deployed ideology instrumentally, and that the geopolitical stand-off was fundamentally that? The US opposition to the ‘Evil Empire’ was informed less by giving a damn about its excesses (there’s plenty of killing and cavorting with despots in US political history too), and more by the fact a functionally sovereign, powerful government existed?

    I pose these questions because the American conservative obsession with the ‘socialism’ espoused by the late Soviet Union (it was actually more accurately corporatism) inhibits real analysis of the opposition.

    Moreover, the Tiananmen Square incident was more complex that it appears to American eyes. The picture of the guy in front of a tank appeals to the liberal mainline protestants who are often democrats and in the media. They like the idea of the sacrificial individual. So the iconography of that picture informs the popular narrative. But the students protesting out there demanding ‘democracy’ were actually referring to the Marxist conception of democracy. Students in city were also upset with blacks dating Chinese women at the university as well, and this anger was traduced into riots too. It was the authorities who had begun the transition to a more pragmatic, authoritarian (rather than totalitarian structure). The CCP negotiated with the protesters, and armed squads of protesters killed a number of soldiers according to New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristoff and Chilean diplomats. Most of the killing happened outside the square, and no one knows exactly what the numbers are except there were fatalities in both factions. It’s also probable rival units of the PLA were fighting each other in the chaos. Had they succeeded, China would have descended into chaos. They certainly wouldn’t have built a liberal democracy, which is a cultural contingency of Anglo civilization.


    • Bull Durham says:

      Tiananmen Square itself was peacefully cleared. Even the student leaders who have published who were still there at the very end when the last students left as the troops came out of the Great Hall to West of the Square said it was not a violent ending at the Square.

      The deaths of students happened along Chang’an Avenue and especially to the West.
      The really bad incidents were 3 miles away at Muixdi subway bridge location. Horrific butchering of soldiers and then the response by the Army.

      The violence was some students, many workers, some soldiers who were firebombed or whose guns were taken from them and turned on them. Soldiers with no guns and/or no ammunition (absolutely) were burned alive in tanks, buses and APC’s.

      CIA and Mi6 operatives were all over the place. (Doing what?) Well, they were doing what operatives do when they pay for and stimulate uprisings.

      265 or so students died. Not thousands. 50+ soldiers died. Maybe a few thousand workers died away from the area of the students, many miles away in various districts of Beijing.

      But the world got the pictures and the lies. And then they got Tank Man.Which was the next day, the 5th of June, east of Tiananmen, near the hotel where all the Americans and press lived. Thus it was photographed and filmed copiously.

      Whose fault in government?

      The Elders forced out the moderates and forced Army unit after unit to act until things exploded.
      Army commanders and whole units refused to touch the students. Students are the most regarded treasure of the nation, even today. Most all the soldiers were very young. Unarmed. Many who had rifles had no ammo.

      But the wild streets of China, workers by the hundred of thousands, had come to Beijing’s center and things went crazy.

      High inflation and slow growth had caused economic issues. The student movement began and was stimulated in graduate schools and colleges as a student democracy movement. But the real foundation for protest was the ‘opening up’ of 1976 had benefited some, not all, and there was spectacular corruption as billions of dollars came rushing into the economy from the West’s investments.

      The government is still hunting down the corrupt who fled with hundreds of billions in dollars, yuans and art treasures, and jade and gems.

      You can see the workings of a similar attempt in Hong Kong. Except that Occupy Central and Yellow Umbrella effort was a spectacular failure. 1.5 million Hong Kong citizens signed protest petitions to end the student sit-ins. Two years of training 1000 students to ‘spontaneously’ protest didn’t work.

      The richest man in Hong Kong just relocated his corporate holdings to the Cayman Islands. Hong Kong lost 40% of its business during the most important time of year for tourism.

      The heavy hand of the Hegemon lost big in Hong Kong, just as it ultimately lost big in Tiananmen.
      In fact, China will never allow anything to shake its polity again. The people of China crave stability, and the siren song of democracy as defined in the West is a sour tune to them now.

      If you want to pursue some books on it:

      “The Tiananmen Papers”: ostensibly smuggled out and compiled in the West. May or may not be the truth of the inside government story.

      “Prisoner of the State”: Zhou Zhang, Premier, hero of the students who was forced out.

      “Standoff at Tiananmen” by Eddie Cheng (a student written in 2009, and he was gone from China by 2006) But he lays down the years earlier when the “soil was tilled” for the movement to take root in 1988. So, most of his on the scent of 1989 is third person. But he carries some truths.

      There are many student books, nearly all written in the West. Most are skewed by the process of being rescued and smuggled out of China by Operation Yellowbird, and nurtured by agencies and NGOs who own the destabilization projects.

      Know the atmosphere you will be researching. It is heavily propagandized. Certain truths still come through.

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  39. andi lee says:

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  40. andi lee says:

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  41. Howie says:

    And now some may see why I keep posting this. Method to my madness?
    communist control act

    Congress passes Communist Control Act


  42. andi lee says:

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  43. Sayitaintsojoe says:

    So Brennan would have voted for Gus hall and Angela Davis. Wiki has article and describes mccarron act which the supremes found partially unconstitutional as well as describing smith act. Just a fwiw.

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  44. D. K. Main says:

    Mr. Brennan was born in 1955. His first presidential election, as an eligible voter, was therefore in 1976. From that ambiguous quote, I would assume that that was the one in which he claimed to have voted for a Communist candidate– unless he was not even referring to a presidential ballot, in that regard!?! If he was given his polygraph in 1980, the odds are against his taking it after the election, on November 4….

    I fail to see what Tiananmen Square has to do with the 1970s, on into the 1980 election, since the massacre there took place on June 4, 1989– only about five months before the Berlin Wall came tumblin’ down, and the Warsaw Pact along with it!?! It was our own President George H. W. Bush who was disgustingly simpatico with the Chinese government that ordered the massacre!


  45. yakmaster2 says:

    Being an Muslim Communist is an oxymoron.
    Communisn is godless, Islam is a theocratic form of goverance. It makes no sense unless
    Islam is a useful tool of Communists like Brennar. In Islam, particularly Wahabbism, there is an ideological drive to destroy Western culture and civilization. Obama and the people of his Administration with whom he’s surrounded himself are stealth agents using the PC of religious tolerance to covertly dismantle democracy and capitalism by fomenting civil unrest through dividing segments of society and weakening world economies. Therefore, those who hate us are useful as a means to their ends. What they would do with the rest of the world after bringing down the West, leaves me baffled. Would they go to war against Africa, the Middle East, Australia, etc.?
    They’re evil megliomaniacs who brainwash ignorant easily manipulated sheeple.


  46. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    CIA (Covert Institution of Assassinations).


  47. I’m shocked….SHOCKED, I tell you !!!!!!!!!!


  48. Sunshine says:

    I discovered this website during a Google search of Freddie Gray.
    Ah, shit…
    The research is so intensive, I looked at inserted links, Ah, My God !!
    We all knew Brennan was a problem.
    We all knew Valerie Jarett was a problem.
    We all knew Obama is a problem.
    We all know Putin is a communist although strangely I like him.
    Putin just reactivated KGB on a stronger level.
    Russia taunting USA.
    London Mayor Khan traveling throughout USA promoting Hillary.
    Hillary is of the school of Marxism. Her Veep, Kaine, same story.
    So much food for teought.
    We REALLY need to clean house and elect Donald J; Trump.


  49. Charlotte says:

    Andrew Breitbart said it: If you’re not for the candidate, you’re ON THE OTHER SIDE.
    R.I.P Andrew

    I’ll let Andrew speak for himself.

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