Sunday Talks With Kellyanne Conway – Interviews With CBS and ABC (Video)

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway hits the Sunday talk show circuit:

CBS John Dickerson – Face The Nation:

NBC Chuck Todd – Meet The Press:


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70 Responses to Sunday Talks With Kellyanne Conway – Interviews With CBS and ABC (Video)

  1. Sanj says:

    KellyAnne was a total pro, of course she had a much more hostile host and crowd when she went on the Bill Maher show earlier this week and knocked it out of the park. She remains unfazed and on point during relentless MSM narrative questions.

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    • Thanks for the recap Sanj. Comes in handy for a guy like me that just can’t watch them

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    • thanks for the recap! I don’t any of these idiots interviews! all cover up for clinton!

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    • NC Patriot says:

      She had one small advantage on Bill Maher—apparently they go way back and have had a decent relationship——so he refrained from overt hostility to her.


    • Tom says:

      This is all the hillaarius media has? Two different networks and almost same questions yet it is an alt conspiracy.


    • andeclain says:

      I watched her on Bill Maher. I, at first, thought that she was very brave but a bit foolhardy to expose herself on such a program, but when I saw the way that she handled herself and dealt with all the stuff hurled at her I became a total fan and even more of a deplorable than I was. Kellyanne is a very impressive person!

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      • starfcker says:

        Still don’t trust her, but Kellyanne is riding a tiger, and she’s feeling it for sure. She has been doing a great job carrying the flag for the last couple of weeks. The lefties were going about their business, chirping nonsense to one another, when they realized something gigantic is blocking out their sun. This is going to be a rout, and the debates are going to be routs, just like the Matt Lauer thing was. I’m not sure that we’re ever going to get tired of winning, but even if we do, we will have to get used to it.

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  2. LKA in LA says:

    They do not realize the monster voters think Secretary Gates is a clown and see him as sad clown. Why would we respect him? He could have done more for the United States but he chose to line his pockets with a book deal. He sold his dignity and we will decide his legacy. A clown.

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  3. foxyladi14 says:

    She did good Ma!!! 😀

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  4. kpm58 says:

    Five years.
    Okay, how long did it take for Obama to show a birth certificate? And why did it take that long?
    MSM, got an answer?

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    • ediegrey says:

      If the media ever did their job, that would be a first.

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    • trumptyear says:

      This is part of why some people have doubt and always will…

      “Lawyers for the Obama Administration announced that Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery. Under penalty of perjury, the lawyers said they were forced to say that the birth certificate was valid.”

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    • quintrillion says:

      His ss# is stolen and draft card is forged, records still sealed. No one even questions this

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    • The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

      The digital image of his long form birth certificate Obama released had a number of problems with it. If memory serves, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office (and others) investigated it and declared it a fraud.

      I’m inclined to believe that Obama, who obviously has the resources to make an undetectable fake, did this to troll the birthers. However, all his sealed records he has gone to such effort to protect, along with his reticence to provide this critical document despite years of urgent requests, is what feeds the suspicions.

      But all that, true or false, is a distraction at this point. Good job to the Trump campaign refusing to take the bait.

      It must be especially maddening for the Clintons to see Trump successfully using their own patented “let’s forget this and get back to doing the work of the American people” line of defense.

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      • maga2016 says:

        it seems totally amateur to release a birth certificate with all the layers of adobe acrobat, but who knows, maybe they are so stupid?


        • The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

          Possibly. Or, as I suspect, done intentionally to troll people. But who knows.

          It would be wonderful though if at some point in the near future president Trump is able to prove that Barack Obama was not in fact I natural born citizen and was ineligible to be president.

          Then, they could unseat his judges and completely wipe out every trace of his administration.

          Wouldn’t that be nice!

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  5. Shannon(TheShaz) says:

    Poor Chuck.
    You know he will dread the next phone call from Granny Cankles for failing.

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  6. Susan Owens says:

    KellyAnne took it home….total wipe out to the liberal press.
    Daddy Trump and Mama Conway!!


  7. ALEX says:

    She does a very good job. I like how she slipped in what Trump had talked about all week.Johnny metrosexual just kept on plugging away. No wonder so few people watch this garbage.

    Bob Gates does represent everything wrong with leadership in this country. He never took a stand and resigned. He even said in an interview the only issue that excited Obama was gays in the military. This while the military was going to hell. PATHETIC!!!!!!!

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  8. clash108 says:

    Kellyanne points out an NBC poll showing birtherism to be 20 or so importance to the American voters, yet, Chuck Todd decides to talk about for 2/3’s of the interview.

    And MSM scratches their head and wonders why people have such a low opinion of them.

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  9. MzMaryMac says:

    KellyAnne was brilliant, as always, but I wish one little thing that she would have thrown in the mix was that Barrack Obama did Trump a solid by stating that he had hoped that now that the birther issue had been put to rest, that the election could move onto more important topics.

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  10. Kellanne – Bernie’s crowd for Hillary 150, about what you would get for a 2nd wedding

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      though Kellyanne thought she was being humorous, it is a topic that should also have been put to rest, it is Trump who has had multiple (3) marriages, not Hillary, Hillary was at Trump’s wedding to Melania, Kellyanne wasn’t there, couldn’t make the “A” list

      is Kellyanne looking to lose the Evangelical vote?

      more Katrina Pierson, less Kellyanne I say

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      • NC Patriot says:

        If Evangelicals are so totally devoid of a sense of humor that mention of “second wedding” would trow them off the Trump train—he doesn’t “have” them anyway.

        Thousands of Evangelicals in SC voted for him even after the town hall with Anderson Cooper, where he discussed his prior marriages, took the blame for the failures, pointing out that he was a far better Father than he was a husband. Yhey embraced him for his candor.

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  11. Brenda Copely says:

    TRUST? Sending troops into battle to die? OMG John seems to have forgotten that Hillary Clinton is the one who can NEVER be trusted after all of her scandals over 32 years, lying about her emails and setting up insecure servers that put our national security at risk not to mention letting our representatives die in Benghazi. The media is scurrilous and disgusting. Hillary can never be trusted.

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    • seeingeye2 says:

      Hillary Clinton is the ONLY presidential candidate who has put our national security at a very serious risk by her careless and neglegent use of classified and confidential state department email. Her email was definitely at risk of being hacked by unfriendly countries, and considering the amount of hacking that’s been publicized lately, I’d bet everything that her email was also hacked and sitting right now on some foreign country’s server. If there’s been any damage done, I’m sure the Obama administration has already covered it up. I would not be surprised, however, to eventually hear that several, perhaps many, of our secret agents have lost lives due to Clinton’s gross negligence.

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  12. The Boss says:

    Ask yourselves….Why is the birther issue being hyped NOW? The media and all of Trump’s opponents have had 15 months to raise it. So, why NOW? And you know it’s being hyped – the exact same questions are being asked about the exact same topic no matter what media whore you listen to or read. I’ll take a stab at an answer. It is –
    Trump is blowing out of the water support received from Americans who happen to be black when compared to past GOPe candidates and current expectations. The trigger on this non-issue had to be pulled after the epic beat-down the black Baptists gave Pandering Hillary last week. It had to be abundantly clear to Pandering Hillary that there were not over 20-thousand captive blacks in the audience. Plus, internal polls had to show severe erosion of black voter support. So, let’s deal the race card from the bottom of the deck again, and get Obama to beat the hollow-wooden log of race-baiting in front of the CBC.
    Memo to media whores and democrats everywhere. You are all losers. We deplorables are winning!

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  13. These hostile Sunday interviews are getting harder and harder for me to sit through. Thank God, it will be over relatively soon.

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  14. ezpz says:

    I’ll keep it simple:

    John DICKerson has a very fitting name.

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  15. Pinkie says:

    It was funny to see the looks on John Dickerson and Chuck Todd’s faces as they realized that Kellyanne was eating their lunch. In an amazing bit of political chutzpah/jujitsu, the Trump campaign has hung the original sin of birtherism on Hillary and her operatives, while at the same time accusing the MSM of being the ones continuing to obsess over it. All with a smiling blonde pretty face. Stunning.

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  16. WhyNot says:

    Poor Conway – she doesn’t look good. You have to be blindsided to state that she performed well. I used to agree with Sundance that she is not a good manager. Now I realize that she is doing the best job under the circumstances.

    Somebody in the campaign (Trump?) made a terrible decision with reversing on deporting illegals and now on O’birth. Both decisions are stupid. They are stupid morally and they are stupid politically. He gave up on two of his best cards: being able to tell the truth, and sticking to the truth regardless of the pressure. Trump is improving in pols not because but despise these reversals.

    And she is sent out to justify those unjustifiable positions. Kellyanne, good job! You are a real trooper!

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    • Cornell, John says:

      Obama is in office for like another four months, so why continue to flog the birther issue? It’s too late. On immigration, unless they are caught at the border, illegals have to go through a process to be deported. If you happen to catch one fine, but as for those you go after why not focus on the bad ones first?

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    • sDee says:

      Trump is fighting a multi dimensional battle against the press, social media, DNC, GOP, RNC, and massive globalists influence at every level of the economy. The word “deportation” was ammunition for all of them.

      Trump says adamantly and repeatedly that immigration law will be enforced. That law includes deportation for those who refuse to leave after other laws have been enforced.

      I believe he will enforce the laws which include deportation. Then naturally, the need for deportation will be minimal. Would you believe him more if he said the “deportation” more?

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  17. Doug says:

    I thought she did very well also. But really I wonder who is actually watching these shows anymore?

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  18. Howie says:

    They all push the same meme. Given to them by the failing Clinton campaign. They are the Clinton Campaign. The entire MSM is part of her organization.

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  19. fnn says:

    Lionel is hilarious on the Hillary Campaign meltdown:


  20. angryduc says:


  21. Martha Raddatz’s confrontational interview with Mike Pence should disqualify her from moderating any debate between Trump and Hillary. Where’s Reince Priebus when we need him most?

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  22. Boudica says:

    I am glad to see Kellyann doing so well in those clips. She did one the other day that was horrible. I could not believe the stuff they threw at her and she ignored it….I was screaming at my TV;/ Glad she is back on track:)


  23. Sandra says:

    This is just insane! Dickerson spent all of that time obsessing over Trump’s involvement in forcing Obama to produce a birth certificate. When Conway tried to talk about other things, important things that would actually matter to voters, Dickerson wouldn’t stop! No wonder so few of us are watching these networks any more. Conway did a great job again. She’s quick and sharp, great replies, and she works in a lot of useful information even though Dickerson tried very hard to shut her down.

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  24. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Conway did a great job this morning, despite the rudeness from the TV hosts. Dickerson couldn’t take her response and when Priebus came on at the end, Priebus started pointing out those in the Clinton camp that were involved in the birther issue. Dickerson got uncomfortable and cut to a commerical.
    Pence was good with Martha Raddatz as well. She was relentless with the birther issue, but Pence held his cool and let her know the American people do not care about the issue. He said the media is too wrapped up in it.

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  25. El Gordo Loco says:

    I could not stop laughing..this was comedy gold. Thumbs Up Conway!!


  26. dayallaxeded says:

    These demonrat 5th Columnists are completely insufferable–no one, so far as I can recall, “promoted” the “birth certificate” issue. What anyone who gives a crap about the Constitution and rule of law, like Mr. Trump, did was to question and demand that every candidate, including <0bummer, demonstrate that they met the constitutional qualifications for the office.

    The fact that <0bummer resisted producing his birth certificate and any records of his early life, combined with problematic facts, like his and his book editors’ earlier statements, his plainly fraudulent SSN, statements by Kenyan family, etc., gave everyone with half a brain good reason to ask the questions and demand the BC. Mr. Trump and others put enough pressure on to cause <0bummer finally to release what he claims is his “long form” BC and Mr. Trump has moved on (despite serious discrepancies in the BC that was released).

    In a few months, <0bummer will be a fading concern. His malfeasances and errors, already falling apart before our eyes, will be reversed and corrected. Mr. Trump, a competent executive will remove the taint of incompetence and anti-Americanism that <0bummer brought into the White House!

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  27. Gerard says:

    Her answers were essentially, “I know Trump is bad, but Hillary is worse.” Kellyanne is buying into the false premise of the interviewer. Trump first off, never came to a conclusion and touted “Obama’s not a citizen” He simply wanted to see the Birth Certificate because it’s silly that Obama was hiding it for so long. And secondly Trump essentially dropped it when the dubious pdf of a photoshopped birth certificate came out. So, to say that Trump is a consistent “birther” leading the movement for 5 years is false. Conway let him get away with that. And when he asked, “Why did he lead a movement that was a lie for 5 years?” She didn’t question that premise, she said, “You’ll have to ask him.” Essentially, she said, “You have to ask him why he lead a movement that was a lie for 5 years.” She attacked HIllary, which is fine, but essentially threw Trump in with her.


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