Donald Trump Rally, Colorado Springs CO – 9:00pm EDT Live Stream…

With candidate Hillary Clinton now slipping in the polls; and specifically with polls showing Trump ahead of Clinton in Colorado, anticipate some form of extremist protest to erupt in either Ohio, Wisconsin or Colorado.  This is traditionally a leftist tactic.

Colorado is favorable for leftist agitation, and unfortunately the Colorado republican party is filled with Bush-minded cocktail class elitism.  The perfect combination for a UniParty attack against the existential threat to their grip on power, Donald Trump.

Tonight Donald Trump is holding a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, CO at JetCenters of Colorado. Live coverage begins at 7:30pm MT / 9:30pm EDT:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1Alternate Live Stream #2


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329 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Colorado Springs CO – 9:00pm EDT Live Stream…

  1. Concerned Virginian says:

    “We must stand with our police.”
    “Take back the White House. We’re going to take back our COUNTRY.”
    “Is there any place more fun to be than a Trump rally? NO place safer.”
    “I’m the messenger. I will never, ever let you down.”

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    • saralapides says:

      I’ve been trying to get a feed on this rally so I can hear the Airforce One music (which I love!!!) and the crowd cheering from the time he gets off the plane. Some of the feeds play the same music over and over again and DON’T play the music that’s actually being played until he gets to the podium and starts speaking. Does anyone have a link for that and does anyone know why this keeps happening? Thanks!

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  2. janc1955 says:

    There’s something about THIS rally – the location (beautiful) – the fact that it’s Colorado, of all places and the crowd is LOUD and PROUD … coupled with what happened with the U.S. bombing Syrian forces earlier, coupled with the explosions at the Marine 5K in NJ and now explosions in NYC, that’s make me very teary-eyed tonite.

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  3. Concerned Virginian says:

    Hillary Clinton: a sense of arrogance and entitlement.

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  4. Howie says:

    Quick cover this up with Hillarys Pant Suit. Muzz attacks in Nj and NYC and a major Bungle in Syria. Event after event. Hillary and the democrats are done.
    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump!

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  5. Concerned Virginian says:

    Brilliant and TRUE: Keep Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton connected to the disasters of the last 8 years. Joined at the hip.

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  6. NHVoter says:

    Meanwhile Hillary is race baiting for the zillionth time while dressed like Dr. Evil.

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  7. gre24ene says:

    Firefighters for TRUMP

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  8. gre24ene says:


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  9. Raffaella says:

    Breaking news: Dumpster bombings in New York. Multiple injuries.


  10. Eric Kennedy says:

    Found a second IED in NYC.

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  11. Eric Kennedy says:

    Sundance/moderators… Paula just told me she can’t get on CTH. Says it is similar to another problem that kept her and others from accessing the site before?


  12. fleporeblog says:

    Manhattan has 25 injured from a bomb! I pray that we can get through the next 4 months or else we are done.

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  13. Eric Kennedy says:

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  14. Lucille says:

    On Robert Gates…Mr. Trump is so right.

    I tried to read Gates’ “tell all” book and it was so intensely boring, could not finish it. Gave it to the thrift shop. Don’t know how many were sold, but it can’t be very many.


  15. not2worryluv says:

    Great Day for Mr. Trump!


  16. He barely clears the top of the door opening.


  17. unseen1 says:

    crowd size?


  18. Raffaella says:

    Today multiple bombs in New Jersey and just now a big explosion in New York City. 25 injured. CNN and MSM ignoring the news.


    • Lucille says:

      NYC explosion is in the “Chelsea” district. We trust they don’t actually mean the Medical facility Chelsea Clinton has in her apartment blew when all the experimental drugs they’re working on for Hillary’s “pneumonia” and “dehydration” boiled over in the lab.


  19. famouswolf says:

    Everybody knows the wimmens hates Trump. Those photos MUST be photo-shopped, MUST I say.


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  20. Bull Durham says:

    Bringing IEDs to America. Blowback!

    How many of the “refugees” coming into America have this technology in their head?
    And then, in time, they will build bombs as little Islamic thank you presents (bits of the snake).

    Treason doesn’t quite sound profound enough to describe what the Obama administration, the Dems, the Cult of Liberalism and the Globalists are doing to destroy our country, and to kill and maim as many citizens as they can.

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  21. woohoowee says:


  22. TatonkaWoman says:

    Had to watch the video after the fact. Just finished. Frankly, he looked tired as he walked back to the plane and up the stairs. I mean, good grief, why not? He has been around half the country – just today! – and seen and spoken to how many people???

    But, it was a visual reminder that he is only human, and one who now has expended more energy in the last year and a half than I have in years. Not to mention the weight of the world already on his shoulders. Imagine, just as he is landing for this great rally, he learns about another bombing in his beloved New York City.

    Dear God, please keep your hand and great blessings of protection on this man and his family.

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  23. fleporeblog says:

    I am on my way downtown to through this moron on Fox a beaten! His facial expression was shock when the reporter talked about a secondary device. This guy need to be shot!


  24. sam says:

    I miss his aircraft hanger rally! Go Trump! Donald is the most hard working candidate in history!

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  25. drillerelite says:

    Back from the rally now watching it on rsbn. I’m the tall guy with the bright blue cap surrounded by red caps, close to front just camera right of podium 😎. The place was packed. Saw peeps from the rally at golden corral afterwards. One guy who didn’t make it in said there were a bunch of people outside, listening. It was so cool watching him land and taxi in right up to us.

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  26. Trumped says:

    meanwhile hll gets heckled looking shaky


  27. Dora says:

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  28. Finalage says:

    Outstanding speech! Well delivered! I like that he went off on Robert Gates. I think the thing Trump hates the most are people who talk about him as if they know him. He can’t stand people who don’t at least reach out to him and speak to him who go out and viciously criticize him. Someone like Gates could easily get an audience with Trump but instead would rather shoot spitballs from the sidelines at Trump. They are worthless and Trump was absolutely right about their past incompetence!

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  29. Mary Kate conly says:

    Good morning Treepers!! Getting tons of love from my fellow runners and race volunteers. God bless America!

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