Donald Trump Campaign Statement – Anniversary of 9-11-01

911 towers

(Donald Trump Statement) “Fifteen years ago, America suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history. Thousands of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and innocent American children were murdered by radical Islamic terrorists.

Today, we mourn for all the lives lost. We mourn for all the children who had to grow up without a mom or dad, and for all the parents who’ve had to struggle on without their children.

We will never forget.

In that darkest hour, the entire world bore witness to the strength and courage of our mighty nation. Firefighters, police officers and port authority workers rushed into danger, into smoke, into fire to save the lives of people they had never met –performing their sacred duties until their last moments on Earth. Heroes like Father Mychal Judge who tended to the dead and dying until he too joined them in Heaven. These were the finest and bravest and toughest people that could ever grace a city.

We remember the heroes of Flight 93, who saved countless more from a terrible fate.

We remember the heroes at the Pentagon who fought to save every last life from the smoldering rubble.

Today is a day of sadness and remembrance. It is also a day of resolve. Our solemn duty on behalf of all those who perished that September day 15 years ago, is to work together as one nation to keep all of our people safe from an enemy that seeks nothing less than to destroy our way of life.

We pray for those who have lost the ones they love so much, and we also pray for the unity we will need to conquer all the challenges to come.”

– Donald J. Trump

911 a week later



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90 Responses to Donald Trump Campaign Statement – Anniversary of 9-11-01

  1. Kent says:

    Thank you, Sundance.

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  2. well said by Mr. Trump. a very sad day indeed, but one that must give us resolve to fight back and defend ourselves and prevent something like this from ever happening again.

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  3. lorenetn says:

    I absolutely love Trump’s focus on unity. He truly wants to be the President of ALL Americans!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      At this point, it also behooves us to remember who broke the unity after the attacks. An organization funded by one George Soros, called, if I remember correctly.

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      • paulinFL says:

        President Trump’s message of unity is spot on and pitch perfect but I would agree remembering the dividers is of utmost importance. George Soros name keeps popping up as financing the politics of division rationalised by his open society foundation.

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        • jmclever says:

          AND also lobbying for the very things that are undermining our constitution. Thank God for Wikileaks or we would have never found out


  4. Now those are words from the heart of a true leader. God bless Mr Trump and Gov Pence. May He watch over and them and their families safe from all harm.🙏

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  5. William F BUCKLEY Ghost says:

    We also need to remember who the 9/11 perpetrators were and never forget!

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  6. freepetta says:

    Still crying after all these years. The scars have never gone away. I will never forget that day and the days following.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      Me too, Freepetta, Still crying after all these years. Thank you, Mr. Trump for being such an amazingly powerful leader. I was feeling so blue this morning wondering how could we possibly be at place where our ‘leaders’ seem to want to replace us with those who killed us then….and still want to kill us now 15 years later.

      I won’t ever forget waking up here on the West Coast and tuning in at the time the second plane hit. My husband is a pilot for American and had just returned from a trip out of his base the night before. I woke him up with the news. Our feelings are indescribable as he watched the murder of his colleagues. He’s a professional and still does his job well today, trained as best he can if these kind of situations arise again…’s me who remains terrified when he leaves for trips aboard that big shiny, wide body with “American” on it in Red, White and Blue.

      In watching this FOX review special of that horrific day, like all of you, I will miss the thousands who died that day in NYC, Washington and Pennsylvania. I will always ache for their families and children. I will always honor those brave men and women of the NYPD/NYFD who died without hesitation in helping others. Yes, Freepetta — I’m still crying too.

      Mostly, I will never ever give up on my country. God bless you, Mr. Trump. In all of my heart I know you are truly the right man for right now.

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    • I also will never forget that day freepetta.

      Nor will I forget people responsible for all the horror and death, Radical Islamic Muslims.

      And I will not forget the people who are helping to bring more of the same horror and death to all the rest of the world.

      Including bringing more of it to America.

      Thank you Trump and Pence for calling out these monsters and giving our country a fighting chance for survival.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I feel the same way I don’t even have to look at the calendar in my soul I feel 11th approaching I remember the stunned horror of that terrible day… it is hard to believe it is 15 years in so many ways it feels like yesterday. I will never forget

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      • freepetta says:

        I hear you sayit. I dread 9/11 every year, I used a box of Kleenex today. All those funerals all those people that they never found. I remember the inside of the building. It’s all just so hard to bare.

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          All that loss and pain for the families and for all of us it gut wrenching…it never goes away…I force myself to watch the 9-11 memorial and listen to all of the names of the people who perished from this evil deed out of respect….I saw so many tears in the eyes of the people there… I wept for the loss with the grief of a 5 year old… Lord please bless all of these families…. let them know your comfort…

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      • jmclever says:

        September’s beautiful blue skies remind me every year. That beautiful blue serving as the backdrop for such horror. I remember it as if it were yesterday and I still cry.

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  7. fred5678 says:

    Well said, including NAMING THE ENEMY!

    And not calling a terrorist attack a tragedy (as if a natural phenomenon).

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  8. This is an absolutely fantastic statement which will probably be ignored by the MSM.

    Luckily, they no longer control what people see and hear. Millions all across the country will se this and be inspired. Donald Trump is our next President and I couldn’t be more proud.

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    • jackphatz says:

      You know, after Trump is finish as President, this statement will be one of his papers for his library.

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    • piper567 says:

      ^^^ “luckily,…” Nothing personal, but I think the use of personally accessible tech is providential rather than a matter of luck…
      You kinda recognize the world we live in when the truth/reality MUST be accessed apart from MSM, which has totally abrogated its responsibility…no longer the Free Press which our Founders felt was of absolute necessity.
      These liars will eventually pay for this: my local rag has for years been tolerably well balanced. A few months ago, a new Editorial Page Editor was hired…He has so influenced the paper’s choice of wire covers that one day, when reading an editorial which was full of lies, I realized there was nothing in the paper I could believe:
      no longer a subscriber, and this after nearly 30 years.
      as TRUMP says: sad
      I have never had a TV, so this is my version of cutting the cable…its not the media, its the message.

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  9. truthandjustice says:

    “We pray for those who have lost the ones they love so much, and we also pray for the unity we will need to conquer all the challenges to come.”

    Amen. He knows how much danger we are in and who were responsible – well, at least some probably. I pray all the time that the truth of how/who were behind it will be exposed and brought to justice. I know Trump has a hatred for injustice too so I have hope now it will when Trump is President…..

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    • freepetta says:

      In the name of our Lord Amen

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    • B Woodward says:

      It was a great statement by President Trump. Many blessings to those those who lost their lives, as well as their families and friends.

      When we remember 9/11, we should remember that three World Trade Center towers collapsed that day. WTC Building 7 had 58 steel perimeter columns and 25 steel core columns. It was not struck by an airplane and yet it collapsed on 9/11 like a controlled demolition in 6.5 seconds into a pile of rubble. If that isn’t some kind of smoking gun, I don’t know what is. The 9/11 Commission’s “Full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks” hardly mentioned WTC Bldg 7. Indeed it failed to even mention that Bldg 7 collapsed. What is the government hiding?

      This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a truth movement.


  10. JunieG says:

    There were two sides. One, the shock and horror of the attack. The second, love of my country and its people, and especially the heroic city of New York. Mr Trump touched on these themes, as well as others. It is a lovely statement to help us get through this solemn day of remembrance.

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  11. auscitizenmom says:

    This is obviously a very Presidential statement from an American Patriot.

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  12. The memories are fresh in our hearts. We hurt for those who lost loved ones that tragic day. Our pastor Steve Aiken lived and worked in DC for Congressman JC Watts as a House laision in 2001. Steve writes about 9/11 in his memoir “There Will Be No Rescue.” He witnessed a woman with torn panty hose and smeared mascara rushing out of the Pentagon, falling to her knees and screaming, “God save us!” God did save our pastor and his family to preach His word in a tiny little church in Green Valley, AZ.. We are grateful!

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  13. Coldeadhands says:

    Mr Trump was being gracious in calling out “radical, Islamic terrorists.” I would have shortened it to Islamic terrorists.

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  14. Pam says:

    This is spoken from someone who saw the devastation up close and you can tell he genuinely feels their sorrow. I remember vividly watching the second plane going in on TV, watching some of the victims fall to their deaths, and ultimately watching the towers fall. Of course, flight 93 stands out because of the extraordinary courage of Todd Beamer and what he and the other passengers on board did so bravely to save so many lives on the ground at the Pentagon. I will never forget it as long as I live. God bless the families of the fallen.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The victims who jumped to their deaths, rather than be incinerated, haunted me for weeks, and made my blood boil in anger. I immediately ran a calculation based on Pearl Harbor, about how many megatons of nukes were justified in response. Mecca would not be standing, based on those results.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Pam, I will never forget either. I ended up sitting on my coffee table, which I never did, and watched the second plane hit. I remember wanting to wake up my fiancé who is my husband now, only to realize he was deep in the Bush moose hunting. I needed his warmth on that cold morning.

      Over 800 hunters were still stranded in Alaska because of the No Fly ruling for three days. There are a great many pilots who take their own small planes hunting to remote areas of our vast wilderness. I remember some of them saying an F-16 wound up next to their wing and told to land immediately or they would be shot down. They had absolutely no idea what had happened a few days before, none whatsoever since there aren’t any tv’s or newspapers or even radios where they were. All they were doing was hunting for the season and to fill their freezers with meat.

      I also remember people who live in the Bush year round never heard about 9/11 until after the winter. One grizzled, old man came out of the Bush in April after the snow break and into a small town to learn the news. He was devastated. My fishing buddy and guide told me of this man, and how there were many others. Some of them do get newspapers along with other necessities in air drops once a month or so, but not all, it’s expensive. I believe it would astound many of the people we still have living in the middle of nowhere with no tv or news. It’s the way they like it.

      My husband was lucky since they floated out. They flew in and were dropped and floated down the Charlie River. He remembers hitting a small village and hearing it on the radio in the small, town store. The villagers were waving them in to hear the news. They were shocked, dumbfounded that this could’ve happened on our soil. My husband said it was like a walking through a fog, lost and a bit unstable. Him and his crew wanted to hurry home after that, but their pickup was at a designated time that would be difficult to change. So, they travelled down the river and stopping everyone they saw on the way to share the news. So many had no idea.

      Many of our grocery shelves became empty fast. We depend on a lot of air freight. I don’t remember anyone complaining though, not a one. However, I do not know if our pharmaceuticals come that way. I’m sure there were many who would be nervous if that was the case. I do know a lot of hunters who were stranded did not pack extra heart medicine etc. I think it was their only complaint, which is justified.

      I also don’t know if emergency flights were allowed from the villages. Many of our villages don’t even have a decent clinic, they are usually flown out to Anchorage or Fairbanks, and sometimes Seattle. If one needed an emergency surgery, I really don’t know what happened to them. I remember the three day no fly, but I don’t think there were exceptions. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure.

      Everything I’ve stated can easily be verified. My closest newspaper is called The Daily Miner, I think. I haven’t read it in almost two decades since it is so poorly written. I do remember reading about more than 800 hunters stranded, and that’s only the hunters and not including others.

      It is a day none of us will ever forget, and it is a day I will continue to teach my child about since she was born four years after.
      Prayers to All, God Bless.

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    • fuzzi says:

      This year was the first time in 15 years that I watched again what I had seen on the television, in real time. I cried again, over all those who perished, and for those left behind.



  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Trump was there during that time – he will never forget. It is a sad day for the nation. My husband and I both wore our patriotic shirts out today to pay tribute – my whole shirt was the entire U.S. Flag and my husband’s was a “We the People” shirt. We received compliments on it and people said that today was a fitting day to wear it. One woman store clerk said that she paid her respect to 9/11 at the kitchen table this morning.

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  16. ctdar says:

    He gets it.
    We need to paint the country red on November 8 so after the eight years of indecisiveness the rest of the world will know it. We will be back stronger than ever and have never forgotten what happened that day and on its 11th year anniversary in Benghazi.

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  17. freepetta says:

    Yes Pam a lot of us were there in one capacity or another. Mr. Trump was very generous to many of the heroes and their families. He’s truly a generous and wonderful person.

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  18. Ghostrider says:

    On 9/11/2016, two statements were released on the campaign trail:
    1. Clinton’s physician, Lisa Bardack, M.D., released a statement Sunday afternoon saying that she diagnosed the former Secretary of State with pneumonia on Friday and urged her to lighten her schedule and rest.
    2. Donald Trump issued a statement on the terroist attack on 9/11/2001.

    Consider the following optics: a. sick and weak versus healthy and strong; b. The DNC candidate issues no statement on 9/11 remembrance about terrorism, national security and safety of Americans while the GOP candidate does.

    Conclusion: this race is over.

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    • freepetta says:

      I sure hope ur right, I worry about illegal voters, you know how the Dems cheat.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      You’ve got that right, Ghost. The only thing she said was how it was such a ‘beautiful day’ in New York. Bitch.

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    • JC says:

      Well-said, Ghostrider.

      hrc was surrounded by staff, EMT-types and Dr. Strangelove. She left the event early, desperate to stave off a full-out flail-fest, then fish-flopped into the car. Everything regarding hrc today was entirely about her. Way to siphon the attention and focus away from September 11th, a watershed day for our beloved America, you wretched, corrupt succubus.

      Trump was surrounded by normal people, not medical personnel. He interacted with everyone, asking if they lost someone that day in 2001, etc. He issued a profound, moving and comforting tribute to the victims of the 9/11 mass murder and their families and offered the hope of a different, stronger future. The critical differences could not possibly be more definitive.

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    • wodiej says:

      She also did not cut back her schedule as her Dr.directed. Someone on the news was bragging about how she continued with a full schedule. That’s either stupid or an evil lust for power-maybe both.


      • fuzzi says:

        Or her handlers don’t want to lose this opportunity for power…puppet masters. I actually almost feel sorry for Hilliary.

        God is not mocked. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.


  19. NYGuy54 says:

    Very presidential by Trump. He knows he lives there.

    I remember walking around the site a few months after it happened and I was struck first by the steam coming from the crash site and second by all the notes for the loved ones still up. It was very sad. The sheer enormity of it was striking.

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  20. notime says:

    Well said, Mr Trump.

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  21. saywhat64 says:

    Sounds pretty Presidential to me. How refreshing after 7 years and 9 months…

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  22. webgirlpdx says:

    Always remembering beautiful Barbara Olson too.

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  23. wolfmoon1776 says:

    I have a bunch of pictures from that day that I saved. They haunted me then, and I hope they haunt others now. We need to remember. I will post them to my twitter soon.

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  24. patricia says:

    Where is Human tiday? Not pictured at 9/11 memorial. Why not? Because of her Muslim Brotherhood ties and beliefs?


  25. Major Styles says:

    I gain more respect for this man by the day.

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  26. NJF says:

    beautifully said Mr. Trump!!!!

    Its always a tough day for our family as we lost one of our own, as well has a number of work related acquaintances.

    I know our family will never forget, but its sad to see how many have.

    Prays for all that have grieved today, and prays that we as a nation never feel this way again.

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  27. rajabear1 says:

    Hello all,
    I have been here all day reading and reading since I woke up, but definitely didn’t feel like commenting until now.
    9/11 2001/2012 weigh heavy on me and my household in two very different ways every year, and just wasn’t up for chatting.
    However, this statement brought me up out of my hole for a bit. After staying relatively strong today with moist eyes every so often, this statement brought up a full on cry.
    I can’t yet explain exatly why, but I’m grateful he made it. Maybe these words, in this manner, is what my heart and brain needed to ‘hear’ today. Just don’t know.
    What I do know, is this is why there has been radio silence from him all day. To bring focus on 9/11 without his distraction. Not because he’s worried about optics on a big bad man being a bully to a frail women or anything even close. I figured that out very early on today.
    His gesture is something that will stay with me for a very long time and I thank him for treating this day as it should be, with reverence and reflection…and cold anger.
    Thanks for posting SD and thank you to all the mods/posters that give me one of the best branches that I feel so privileged to sit on, humbly.

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  28. The Devilbat says:

    We must never forget all those brave first responders who ran into the burning buildings knowing they would very likely die. We must never forget those who had true New York Values.

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  29. WSB says:

    Mr. Trump, no more beautiful words could be said. Sundance, thank you for sharing with all of us.

    I heard about the first plane while getting my coffee in the local deli. I saw the second plane go into the North Tower from my conference room window. At that time, I was standing in the tallest building on Seventh Avenue between 23rd Street and the WTC.

    I still cannot bring myself to visit the area. However, this morning I had possibly a divine moment and wanted to share.

    We attended the Cadets’ Chapel at West Point this morning for services. We dithered but got there in perfect time. The cathedral is breath-taking with one of the most historic organs in the world. The service was lovely, it’s geared to the youth, the Cadets who attend, the cadet Choir and families. Pastor Cline was a bit distracted as this was a wrenching day for those who serve. Of note, he let the congregation know that a wallet-sized Cadet Prayer Card would be available for anyone who wanted to take one with them. Since we recited the prayer during the service, I thought how beautiful, how plain spoken and how relevant this prayer is for Mr. Trump. Thought to take take two cards and send one to his address.

    At the end of the service, Hymn 519 was listed on the program as the closing hymn. “It is Well With My Soul.” I was unfamiliar with this particular hymn. And there it was, the third verse…whether by coincidence, karma, or code word:

    “And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
    The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
    The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
    A song in the night, oh my soul!”

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  30. ZurichMike says:

    A short, elegant, pitch-perfect speech.

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  31. I actually had to fly today. I thought a lot about it, but I always do on this day, regardless. Also this was the day I quit luberalism for good, 15 years ago.

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  32. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Thank you President Trump. Thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost so much. May God have mercy on America.

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  34. wodiej says:

    Thank you Sundance for all you do and post. Thank you Mr. Trump for a well said statement of remembrance to those at Ground Zero. Obama must not have had a golf game planned that day or he surely would not have been there. He’s a disgrace to this country and for someone like Hillary who is equally disgraceful to even be the Democratic nominee shows we must get our honor back as a country. Had Trump been President and this happened, the planes would have been in the air attacking.

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