Oh My, Clinton’s Health – Hillary Struggling to Speak Today in Ohio (video)…

After taking a month off the campaign trail to care for her tenuous health condition, Hillary Clinton attempted to deliver a speech today in Cleveland Ohio, and she could barely make it through…. the coughing returned, again… and it’s getting worse.  Watch:

And it didn’t get any better on the plane, see below:

Another view of the full episode on stage:

As almost everyone is aware. Hillary has a serious history of these continual episodes:

Hillary coughing


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969 Responses to Oh My, Clinton’s Health – Hillary Struggling to Speak Today in Ohio (video)…

  1. NHVoter says:

    A ‘journalist’ from Clinton News Network rushes to dismiss speculation about Hillary’s health. What a hack.

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  2. I am sitting at my desk in the Italian Alps, it is 2:42am here, looking out my balcony at over 20 beautiful magical majestic gorgeous deer grazing in our greenbelt just below. One, a male with huge antlers just came very close to the house. So graceful and peaceful. Utter beauty. Ironic for me to be discussing a war criminal like Hillary Clinton who as flyingtigercomics said “is rotting from the inside out.” And if it were not the last chance for America, suffice to say I would not be discussing politics at all. The truth is that there is a great battle for the heart and soul of America and what happens this US election will determine the life or death of a great nation that’s been under tyranny and will affect people everywhere, including the deer and the beauty of the earth itself.

    Magical deer in Italian Alps village where I live.
    Trump Pence 2016!

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  3. Joe Knuckles says:

    This suspense is killing me. Would somebody please just throw a bucket of water on her and get it over with?

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  4. Wow, Karma is cool. She’s really sick. Notice her trying to sell us on an allergy… and on the plane, the mysterious, big, black, secret service / doctor? again. This is Providential. We are being delivered from this evil woman. Someone wrote recently that Trump “will peel her skin off in a debate”. I wonder if she’ll make it to the debates? God bless America!

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  5. You reap what you sow.
    The human soul can only handle so much demonic corruption.

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  6. John Galt says:

    I’d like to watch the donor litigation if Hillary drops out for health reasons, and launders all the unspent money to the Clinton Foundation. Donor outrage ensues. Would the doctor that certified Hillary’s health be liable to donors?

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  7. Illegal says:

    It seems Hillary gets these coughing attacks when she is having anxiety about the topic being discussed. She had a coughing attack when she appeared before Congress and she had another one during a TV interview when she was asked a question about Bill. It is odd that her coughing does not occur all the time, but rather appears to be used as a tool to control the situation she is in. Is she practicing for the debates?

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  8. liberty2828 says:

    Commander in Chief Forum tomorrow night in New York?

    How is her allergy in New York? Excuses… she has hacked her lungs out all over the country.

    Will be so interesting to see her for 1 hour replying to questions.

    And Trump for 1 hour.. back to back.


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    • liberty2828 says:

      Sorry Wednesday night.


    • Trish says:

      One hour each? My directv schedule only shows one hour for entire show….nbc.
      Is it also on msnbc? I’ll just have to go check ….my luck the one hour will be hilary and ill totally miss the hour with TRUMP


      • Trish says:

        I checked. Msnbc and nbc both showing single show for total of one hour.


      • liberty2828 says:

        You are right. Originally they had proposed that it was an hour each.

        That is ridiculous to have it be only 1 hour.

        Between commercial breaks it will be very shallow answers…

        Or very few questions…

        With lots of snide comments by Matt Lauer.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Don’t you mean it
      “Will be so interesting to see her for 1 hour” giving pre-planned answers to the questions she was given a whole month ahead of time by the evil MSM?”


  9. deanbrh says:



  10. NHVoter says:

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  11. Fireman says:

    My first post to the Treehouse! I have been lurking here since the Trayvon Martin fiasco. (I live in Central Florida) I watched a guy live streaming this event on youtube. Its a little long but it shows the whole speech. Hillary starts around the 25:00 mark. The sound pics back up in a couple seconds.

    Trump 2016!

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  12. You know this is really bad because all the Salem sites are avoiding the story like the plague. They don’t have a single sotry on it. This includes HotAir, RedState, and TheRightScoop.

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  13. georgiafl says:

    Hillary is choking on all those lies….. non-stop lying since her time on the Watergate investigation team.

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  14. bofh says:

    If you look closely, it seems like her chin and neck area is much smoother and cleaner than it previously was. I’m not so sure that she maybe didn’t have a chin and neck-lift procedure of some sort fairly recently. And, if you pull things tightly enough, it can give a choking sensation and probably can cause coughing spasms as well. Not at all convinced, but just a thought since she actually does look somewhat “younger” lately. That could account for some lumps visible under her skin in the chin/jaw area as well.

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  15. blognificentbee says:

    Attention Treepers that Tweet: as seen in tweets pasted above, the MSM is already giving the coughing woman cover. But #HackingHillary is already trending at #3. If you see journalists covering for her, please use “#hacks for #HackingHillary” . That MSM will not even question her medical issues whe she has not spoken publicly in almost a week and has coughing fits twice today (speech & plane) is not acceptable. They need to be called out!

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  16. telerider says:

    Wow, there is zero excitement in this crowd for this lame speech and even lamer candidate…

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  17. Mike says:

    Here’s her hacking her lungs out on the plane. You’ll see who looks like the black medical handler guy at the 1:15 mark

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  18. Serena says:

    Some of the medicine she takes might have something to do with the cough,too. A lot of blood pressure medicine makes you have a chronic cough.Usually when that happens,though,the doctor will prescribe different kinds of medicine that are not known to cause you to cough. I had that happen to me when I first started taking medicine for my hypertension. We finally found one that didn’t cause me to cough.

    Also some other types of medicine will make you dehydrated and cause you to have a dry mouth and feel dizzy and sluggish. But then again the doctor can switch your meds to one with out those side effects if they have them. They would also tell you to drink a lot of water. I just think with all her money she can buy the best doctors and medical care so the coughing must be something that they cannot control with medicine or any kind of treatments or else it would be done..

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    • Zennalou says:

      I don’t think seasonal allergies is something you suddenly develop at 68 years old. She didn’t have this in Arkansas, as First Lady, as Senator, as Sect. of State. She has developed this more recently. That lie just won’t fly.


  19. Rick says:

    The mysterious Black man returns.
    Check out the video at 1:13. Closes the curtain on Hillary.
    What a Labor Day for the gagging hag!

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  20. TwoLaine says:

    God always has a way of taking care of things. This person and her husband have lied so much perhaps they have been afflicted with something that will soon keep them from uttering another word. A disease that keeps them in their physical bodies but with no voice to speak any longer.

    One can dream… 😉

    Stronger Together = Please haul me up the stairs

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    • Your tour guide says:

      Ever read ” A Season In Purgatory?” The Dominic Dunne Roman A Clef about the
      Kennedy clan and the Skakel murder case?
      The obvious Joe Kennedy character in the tale is close to closing in on the power that
      he’s lie, cheated and stole for all his life. And then a stroke takes away his ability to speak.
      Kind of what happened to ol Joe when JFK first became president.

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    • 4bleu says:

      Coincidence? Every time she tries to lie about Trump her throat shuts off.
      “It’s a beautiful day.” No problem.
      “I’m so glad to be here.” Clear as a bell.
      “Trump doesn’t know the first thing about…ack th…ack….in heeeezekoff
      “He hangs with dicta … koff-koff heeenn haaa koff-koff wa heeze…ater.

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  21. dianeax says:

    If she were smart (and considerate) she would pull the mic away from her mouth as she coughs. She really is an idiot.

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  22. JeremyR says:

    She needs more Gia Pan in her diet.
    I’m not a doctor, I’m just an old country boy. Pull up a stump and let me explain because I know exactly whence I speak. I grew up on a small farm in Minnesota, a 90 acre dairy spread. I was the last of nine kids. My youngest brother departed for greener pastures ie a job in the city when I was eight. The weight of farm chores fell square on my puny shoulders right then and there, he didn’t take the milk cows with him.
    We were poor. Most of my cloths were hand me downs from several generations including cousins. Shoes were a luxury, boots didn’t fare well in the muck of the barn lot simply because we couldn’t afford good ones, so mostly I went bare foot as weather allowed. I picked and scraped a lot of that goo off my feet and out from under my nails as a boy and a teen.
    We all know about Chinese cooking, they are masters, the stuff is awesome, and they can make anything taste like chicken be it cat, dog, rattle snake or frog. They have a dish I have heard about, read about, but aint no way I will ever try! It is called Moo Goo Gia Pan.
    As I stated above, I am a farm boy and I know exactly what Moo Goo is, and HiLlARy spouts more of it than a herd of Holsteins. So, If the Fine folks at the Peking Moon can make Moo Goo, aka Bovine Excrement palpable with a little sauce, HiLlARy should try a cup of it before every speech.

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    • Zennalou says:

      A farm girl here, only ours was 87 acres, beef cattle and tobacco. Do you shake your head at some of these millionaires today talking about oppression, like they really know what it is?

      Don’t know why anyone would want to make frog legs taste like chicken. Oh, you’ve made me hungry for frog legs.

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  23. dondeg says:

    I’ve been thinking this is post stroke behavior, but this MD explains it is classic Parkinson’s Disease. This is a really good video. Best I have seen yet:

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  24. joshua says:

    I think that Hillary “hacked” her OWN email server……


  25. Howie says:

    Under Budget and ahead of schedule. John ha a long moustache. Le Invasion at dawn!
    The latest Reuters-Ipsos polling shows Republican Donald Trump up or tied with Hillary Clinton in several blue states.

    ** Iowa – Trump 44% – Clinton 41%
    ** Maine – Trump 42% – Clinton 42%
    ** Michigan – Trump 42% – Clinton 41%
    ** New Hampshire – Trump 45% – Clinton 44%
    ** Ohio – Trump 46% – Clinton 43%
    ** Wisconsin – Trump 38% – Clinton 38%

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  26. datagooroo says:

    Nice man spread Tim Kaine!


  27. Paula says:

    This is a very good video that lays out what is most likely wrong w/ Hillary. It’s definitely worth watching…

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  28. The Recent Republican says:

    “We have sixty three days to go….”

    I was laughing out loud at that point. The woman is clearly beyond sick and only the open collusion with the media is keeping her entire campaign from cratering. It may not be enough.

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  29. RG says:

    Be careful what we wish for…at least with Hillary we know what we are dealing with. Wasn’t too long ago that Soros’s son was caught in a meeting with Timmy Kaine. Perhaps they have a plan…


  30. SallyMJ says:

    Maybe it’s that black crap the characters coughed up in “The Green Mile.”


  31. 3x1 says:

    Allergies don’t make you look like this:

    Or this

    Or this

    She’s SICK and the coughing attacks are part of a constellation of symptoms.

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    • Pic directly above (dark blue dress) shows the before of a before-and-after serious liposuction and skin tuck. They must have removed a couple of pounds of fat from her face.

      As far as all that coughing goes, aside from the fact that we don’t know why she is coughing, those episodes are preventing oxygen from getting to her brain. She’s probably not qualified to operate any small machinery, much less the Oval Office.


  32. #HackingHillary is freaking hilarious!

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  33. Seems like her coughing fits start when she has to answer hard questions.when she speaks shes fine.


  34. TwoLaine says:

    For a person who gets paid obscene amounts for speaking, she certainly doesn’t do it much. Do they get a refund by the minute?


  35. ctdar says:

    When you watch the airplane video, turn off volume and watch Clinton throat suck in, definite struggle to get air in even when not coughing.

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  36. Bonitabaycane says:

    Crooked Hillary needs an exorcism. 🙂


  37. John says:

    So –

    If any of you have a really good video / image monitor or software enhancer for the same,

    here is a picture of the man in question holding the diazapam pen. We have focused on that before, but the pictures also include several images of his ID Badge?

    Any way to enhance that and get his name and bonafides or do we already know them?




  38. signer1 says:

    Post-nasal drip. How much does her alcohol consumption, contribute to her “allergy”? The frequent falls resulting in injuries, are an indication of her abuse of alcohol.


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