HuffPo Writer Finds Out What Happens When You Mention “Hillary’s Health”…

Just like Dr. Drew Pinsky, Huffington Post writer/author, David Seamon, finds out what happens if you discuss Hillary Clinton’s health.  You get the Clinton scrub.

“I’m not clumsy or accident prone”…

LOL, cute…. As if that’ll help ya kid. Polonium-210 is a colorless and odorless addition to the pesky toothbrush of the non-compliant, comrade citizen.

Huff po author

(LINK) – He was such a nice boy.

Time for a little re-education.

comrade Katy Tur

Hillary Clinton press we can 2

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504 Responses to HuffPo Writer Finds Out What Happens When You Mention “Hillary’s Health”…

  1. Why be scared? You’ve only signed your death warrant. And only #Killary can revoke your death warrant.

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    • John G. McLachlan says:

      I have watched this video twice and am struck by the fact that the gentleman genuinely seems to be in a state of great anxiety.
      He may not be clumsy, but he certainly seems to believe that he may be about to become accident prone.
      The statistically unlikely number of suspicious deaths among people associated with the Clintons and among people whom circumstances bring into contact with such people does give credence to the suspicion that the Clintons may have been involved in at least some of these deaths and rumours about their involvement, as accessories to murder, have circulated for years.
      It seems clear that this gentleman, at least, gives credence to such suspicion.
      I have never read any of his articles, but since he is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, I assume that he is a progressive and that in the presidential election he would support the democrat party candidate, in this case Hiliary.
      The gentleman appears, now, to recognize that the progressive agenda, wherein individual rights are subordinate to the interests of the collective, or at least its leaders’ wishes, ultimately permits that people may be harassed and even murdered at the convenience of the leadership, merely for exercising their fundamental and constitutional rights, without having committed any actual crime.
      To this particular gentleman, the progressive utopia, which he has probably devoted his adult life to promoting, since he is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, may not be as heavenly as he previously believed.
      It is noteworthy that none of those who cast aspersions upon the physical or mental health of Donald Trump seem to exhibit any fears of suffering from career difficulties or from any sudden accidents or becoming victims of murder or of succumbing to the sudden desire of committing suicide.
      This provides opportunity to taunt progressives and highlight Hiliary’s health issues, by reassuring those who accuse Donald Trump of having mental health issues that they are free to make such unfounded accusations and that they need not fear any form of reprisal, but that they would certainly face significant reprisal if they alluded to Hiliary’s known serious health problems.
      You are free to tell whatever lies you wish, about Donald Trump, but don’t dare tell the truth about Hiliary or you will suffer consequences!


  2. Otis says:

    Too bad there’s not a level playing field…We wouldn’t have to hear or read about about all the
    lies on President Donald Trump.

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  3. 3x1 says:

    Send it to any Bernie supporters you may happen to know.

    She’s censoring lefty sites, and it’s solid proof.

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  4. Prof. Woland says:

    Yesterday, I was listening to NPR (yeh, I know) and they were doing a pretty long segment on Donald Trump’s mental health. They took the backdoor angle of repeating unfounded accusations that he was a narcissist and then went on to explain what that meant all the while claiming that they were not diagnosing him. They then went on to talk about the Goldwater rule and why it was instituted after he was relentlessly accused of being mentally unfit for the Presidency by 99% of the (((psychiatrists))) which shamed the industry (the Goldwater rule states that a psychiatrist cannot make a diagnosis if they have not met with that person). So what NPR did is invite a psychiatrist to discuss how he was openly violating the Goldwater rule and as he was explaining his armchair analysis of Trump to a National audience, NPR was explaining why what he was doing was wrong. They made not effort to stop him. It was one of the world hit pieces I have ever heard particularly because of the shameless way they did it. Today it was John Hockenberry pissing about something else. These are our public airwaves and if elected, President Trump needs to make a few changes. Perhaps what we really need is an alt-right non-profit TV and radio network. We will give the Conservative Treehouse an hour long weekly show.

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    • Keln says:

      Actually, the best thing to do would be to defund and shut down NPR. It serves no real purpose to the public and is completely biased politically.

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      • Prof. Woland says:

        Actually, I would rather have let them have a dozen left wing TV stations for just one alt-right station. Hell, they have a dozen left wing stations now and they cannot beat the Trumpster. Imagine what it would be like with just one real station!


    • skifflegirl says:

      Does the mainstream media have any self-consciousness? Do they not realize that the entire world see’s what they are doing, that 95% of their coverage is so blatantly skewed? NPR and the rest of them are digging their own graves, they just can’t help themselves.

      I don’t think a person could have the confidence and self promotional abilities to run for president if they weren’t a narcissist! Being a narcissist in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, it depends on what other psychological factors are mixed in.

      With Obama, it seems to me that his narcissism stems from a sense of entitlement along with an inability to care for anyone but himself… plus he is ideologically intransigent. This is a big problem.

      Trump has shown he has an enormous capacity to love and be loved, especially by his wonderful family. Take into consideration his generosity and willingness to put his life and fortune on the line for no other reason than to save the people of this country shows that his narcissism is simply a healthy amount of self confidence.

      This is a layman’s opinion, not a professional one. I’m just a bookkeeper with common sense.


  5. JJ says:

    People really read Huff Post?? 😦

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  6. 3x1 says:

    Absolutely confirmed Hillary was wearing the same housecoat at the Hamptons as last week at Martha’s vineyard/Nantucket

    Hamptons, sunday 7pm (hillary and huma in back seat)

    Looks like the only hospital preop garment big enough to cover something, defib vest? Autoinjector? (Remote control for a doc who is guaranteed to be nearby)

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  7. The idea that Hillary is ill, has taken root and reversing that is going to be very, very hard on Team Clinton’s part.

    Its been memed!

    Also helpful. Despite what the Media might claim. No one actually likes Hillary Clinton so the idea she might be in a frail condition, is easy to get behind.

    This of course is contrasted with Donald Trump’s robust, high-energy schedule.

    Its making an impression. Don’t doubt it.

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    • Howie says:

      The MSM has lost every vestige of credibility. It is all gone never to return. Propping up Hillary. Literally. She is a walking corpse.

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      • This deep sixing of reporters and or well known medical people who even bring up concerns, doesn’t look good and reinforces, hey what is Hillary hiding?

        If they were smart, they’d quietly push these things aside. But I guess they’re too arrogant and need to make examples…


    • janc1955 says:

      Even more delicious is the fact that the longer and stronger health questions linger, the more they will impact her already feeble, failing presentation. Whatever’s ailing her will be amplified under the stress she’ll be feeling to “look normal” and “look healthy.”

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  8. Maquis says:

    You lie down with dogs…

    Rabid, mangy, vector infested, junkyard dogs…


  9. Ficklefinger says:

    When you see the ruthlessness of Hillary, the candidate, you can only imagine what she would be capable of doing once in power.

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  10. lbmomblog says:

    i think Huma’s story might also be a detractor. detracting from Killary’s issues. this just seems all to timely.

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  11. intense48 says:

    Hillary will have murdered her way to power if elected.


  12. v4ni11ista says:

    There was an old woman, as I have heard tell,
    Reporters get sacked to say she’s unwell.
    She’d nod at reporters, to note their mortality
    and then recommend they change their reality.
    She crawled up the stairs to take a long nap,
    leaving her sycophants leading attacks.
    She went to the market, with treaty inductions,
    planning to nationalize means of production.
    She wants the address of those in our nation
    Who own legal guns for arms confiscations.
    She got uber rich from running a charity
    Whose charitable payouts were just a small rarity.
    She wrote about subjects, ultra–top-secret,
    And left them on servers for others to peek at.
    A Democrat woman the Press will abide,
    No matter how often it’s proven she lied.
    All her corruption the press won’t expose
    nor point out the fact the Queen has UGLY clothes.


  13. tim says:

    The Huffington Post has FAKE restored the Hillary Health article.
    The link circled in RED in the main story is now BACK on the huffington post website.
    BUT click on the link ,, to get to the article and you get

    Editor’s Note: This post is no longer available on the Huffington Post.


  14. Disgusted says:

    This may be one of the most important stories covered in this election. I want to NOW read everything this writer puts out there. I never go to HP and his name means nothing to me, but let’s help him by supporting him. (Don’t even know what else he’s written in the past, but now I want to get familiar with his backstory!


  15. The Moll says:

    Welcome to the party, pal!


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