Sunday Talks – Trump Campaign Surrogates Sunday Interviews…

Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Reince Preibus, Ben Carson

Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway joins Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday:

Transition team lead Chris Christie interview with Marth Raddatz for ABC:

Reince Preibus with Chuck Todd on NBC:

Ben Carson on CBS with John Dickerson:

trump media wall

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75 Responses to Sunday Talks – Trump Campaign Surrogates Sunday Interviews…

  1. snaggletooths says:

    Rinse gave a good interview today really nailed it on Trump being the only one to do anything about Immigration.

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  2. jwingermany says:

    Clever…very clever. I believe Mr. Trump is building the drama and interest before his speech on immigration to maximize media coverage.

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  3. cycle1 says:

    Christie gets an “A” grade for his good answer to the question regarding Trump calling Hillary a “bigot”.

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  4. Muddlerman says:

    I see the DNC gave all the LSM prestitutes their “Gotchas” during the week. Every so-called “fair and balanced” propaganda vehicle of the left came after the surrogates on the very same things – Trump’s “… a bigot.” remark; the immigration stance; the Chicago tweet “VOTE TRUMP”; et al. Of course the Democraptic nominee who disappears, changes her appearance schedule for September, has a fundraising in the Netherlands up-coming, is hiding behind a sitting President/Vice-President stumping on her behalf, skates away without nary a mention. It simply defies rational explanation.
    Must say however, I thought all of the featured Trump supporters did a great job shutting the attacks down and focusing the light into the darkness that is Hillary Clinton.

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  5. I just can’t do it anymore fam. I can’t listen to these idiot media talking heads interrupt and re-frame. Gotcha journalism makes me feel physically ill now.

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    • Just take them all off your DVR and you will feel much better. Also, you will affect their ratings and ad revenue, the only way you can get even with these biased, liberal networks.

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    • Cut the cord, or get off your dish.

      Really you will feel so much better.

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    • bishop says:

      I am with you, 100%. We happened to catch Chris Wallace and I know better than to watch his show or listen to it on SirriusXM. I cannot stomach that guy; he is definitely an arrogant snob imo. They have nothing on Trump, they fear his grass roots movement, they see the excirement swelling, they know Hillary is a flawed and corrupt candidate but they all have one thing in common. Their manufactured polls are there gods and they think we are stupid. They also refuse to recognize the silent majority. Too bad. They will never see what hits them.

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    • janc1955 says:

      Same here. Turned the TV off on Thursday night and it’s been (mostly) off since. (The TVs in this house runs from sunrise to late evening most days.) I’ve tuned into FNC a couple of times over the last couple days, and ended up turning it off again as soon as politics came up. I do actually feel better. And I’m getting a helluva lot done! 🙂

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      • Triumphant Trump says:

        I’ve been working on my computer today and just checked House of Cards Season 4 out of the library. Had to do a double take to make sure I put the right DVD in, thought it was a documentary on the Clintons…

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    • litlbit2 says:

      MSM including Fox have discredited themselves to the point the electorate has move on. No body except BLM, OWS etc, Soros, Ryan or McConnell gives a cra$$. Bankruptcy ahead would be welcome. Time to start with actual truthful news from new sources.

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  6. Why is the interviewer with Chrisite calling the undocumented..”worker”..Many of them are not working. What a twisted language.. A lot of them are on welfare.

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    • Beenthere says:

      You’re half right.
      These illegals are working — off the books (no income to report)— so they can collect welfare & other govn’t subsidies that you & I pay for via taxes. Then they save the off the books income to either buy American homes in cash or send the money back to the motherland.

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  7. ZurichMike says:

    No matter how well the surrogates do, the press has already stated that they are “confused” or “aren’t great transmitters of Trump’s vision” or “no one really wants to say anything”. What is missing from all of this: At least Trump is talking — Hillary is silent. The surrogates should be hammering that point in every answer to every question: “Unlike our opponent, who choose to hide from the press to answer questions on what she would do with out-of-control immigration, Donald Trump has been clear . . . . “

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    • janc1955 says:

      Yes! Every single one of them should make it a point to mention Hillary’s refusal to hold press conferences. They should talk about how available DT has been to media and therefore, the voting public, and contrast it with Hillary’s obvious desire to stay hidden away. Turn the tables on the media. Ask them what they think of Hillary-in-hiding. Ask them if they think it’s fair that DT’s every word is under constant media scrutiny, while Hillary hides from everyone and is given a pass. Ask them if they feel a candidate for POTUS should be avoiding the voters and media. I swear, if I had the chance, I’d turn things around on Hillary’s lapdog media until they sweat bullets every time they talked to me. I soooo want to see a few people on Trump’s side really make the media sweat.

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  8. Gov Jay says:

    Chris Christie should have corrected Martha Raddatz regarding her characterizing 11 million illegal aliens as “undocumented workers”…

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  9. lumoc1 says:

    Chuck Todd is one of the most despicable partisan talking head on TV. He did not interview Rinse Priebus he debated him as if Todd was the Democrap presidential nominee. One of the most dishonest, and because of it, most incompetent interviewers on TV. Disgusting performance!!

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    • daveinsocal says:

      true, BUT, Shmuck Fudd got Prince to concede he was comfortable with birthright citizenship and he deferred to supreme court rulings on it. If i recall correctly, the issue has NOT been decided in the case where the parents are in the country illegally.

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      • lumoc1 says:

        true too, but Reince also clearly said that Trump, as the nominee, did not have to adapt every position of the Republican party platform just as he did not have to adapt Reince’s position on birth right citizenship. In my opinion Reince nailed the Shmuck Fudd POS pretty good. 🙂

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        • daveinsocal says:

          He did pretty good against Shmuckie. I had to stop listening Shmuckie was being so combative. Prince is doing well supporting Mr. Trump. But his comment he let slip to me means he is not nor will ever be America first.

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          • lumoc1 says:

            You are probably right that he is not nor will ever be America first.
            But I am sure you agree with me that we both hope we are wrong on this point. 😉

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            • daveinsocal says:

              I agree and I hope so. Be nice to see people be unabashed about supporting this country and putting it’s citizens needs before helping others.

              By the way, I think I need to get some Dramamine for my rumbly tummy on the Trump train. The only way I am getting off this train is if someone comes along and pries me off. And if they are successful, it was only because I was hopelessly outnumbered, quite a few will be limping and others bleeding, and they will be dragging me with pieces of the train…

              You have a good day lumoc1.

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          • NC Patriot says:

            Agree Reince is “establishment” and not America first. But I get the feeling that as he has gotten to know him, he has come to like Trump. And he does well in supporting him. Maybe that is all we can ask, at this point. I hope he decided to run again as RNC Chair.

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    • Trump calls Todd “sleepy eyes”. I call him shameful, dishonest and biased.

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  10. AghastInFL says:


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  11. LANE says:

    Folks everytime you are subjeted to the Hilliary-Obama minnons interviewing or should I say interogating one of Trumps people on the MSM in hopes to pin thier racist, moronic and schemed up framework so they can run out of the room with their months, head and pants full of shit and put out a story that could not be further from the truth to kiss the ass of sticking Hilliary – Just remember Andrew Bribart’s legend. “WAR” against the MSM.

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    • fuzzi says:

      I have to admit that the internet or television media often makes me want to yell obscenities at them, mainly because they don’t act like adults, they don’t follow any rules, they are like a bunch of spoiled, whiny brats who act out when they don’t get their way. It gets tiresome when every time you try to explain why you believe a certain way, liberals/progressives scream “bigot!”, “racist!”, “hater!”, or stick their fingers in their ears and go “lalalala, I can’t hear you!”

      I’d rather babysit a room full of 4 year olds.


  12. Chris Christie was great. I especially liked how he indirectly called Martha Raddatz Clinton’s “hand maiden.”

    Reince was great. Loved how he handled Chuck Todd.

    Carson did a good job of staying on message. He took care of the bigot question masterfully.

    Chris Wallace was awful. He may as well just endorse Clinton. Conway did a good job.

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    • I agree. However, Conway needs to do a better job in answering the immigration issue. And remember, it’s OK to “flip-flop” or “evolve” when you’re a Democrat. The media will never approve of a Republican doing the same thing.

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    • MVW says:

      Conway was nice and let Wallace dominate the conversation; she knows what she is doing as she is a media psychopath herself, but I am not her target audience so I don’t appreciate it.

      In contrast, Christie let Radditz blather on until the end then he, appropriately, stomped on her.

      Whether or not it is the effective thing to do, I get more satisfaction when the ‘License to Lie’ media psychopaths get the swift kick in the teeth. I can’t stand these psychopaths.

      Carson kicks these media psychopaths with soft combat boots as opposed to hobnailed boots Christie uses.

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  13. HBD says:

    Amazing that 4 different interviews have almost identical questions for the guests. One could assume the dnc gives the networks talking points.

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    • TheOldBear says:

      Saves Time ! Less work ! Keeps all of the MSM on the same sheet of music and makes it easier for their continued coordinated attack against Trump. Don’t want anyone to go off the reservation. Most of these reporter types aren’t the brightest bulb in the pack. Many have trouble reading copy even if it is printed in big bold letters and they use single syllable words….

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  14. Angry Dumbo says:

    I want to see more of Ben Carson. He is decent and if he is willing to do media – send him into the lions den. The crazier the rhetoric against Trump, the more confident I feel.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      Carson, Burns, Diamond and Silk and all the black supporters of Trump don’t count – because they are Republicans. Only black Democrats count. But there’s a movement coming – an awakening. A “Black Spring”.


    • KitKat says:

      He is really really good at handling media. Mika and her bully gang would have been sorry if they’d picked him as their ambush target.


  15. Paco Loco says:

    The left wing national socialists i.e.; NAZI’s ( in The US we call them the Democrat Party) are conducting a 24/7 campaign to divide the country, to pit blacks against whites, to pit Hispanics against each other, who uses trigger words for racism and bigotry. They want to eliminate national sovereignty and replace it with globalism, open borders, and a dictatorship. They believe they are superior to the country loving, patriotic Americans? Like it or not this is a WAR and they need to be defeated, obsoleted and dumped onto the trash heap of history.

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  16. Pam says:

    I still give Pence and Carson the top awards for best interviews of the day. Listening to these dolts can be quite a challenge but I think they did best of all.

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  17. lorenetn says:

    This “bigot” question is driving me crazy. A bigot is not the same as a racist. The definition of a bigot is “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Crooked Hillary is certainly an intolerant person as is Obama.

    And while we are at it, let’s add just about every university Administrator and many university professors across this nation. They won’t allow conservatives to speak on campus in many cases. Classic bigots.

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  18. WeThePeople2016 says:

    As usual, Wallace could not hide his disdain for Trump and his support for Hillary. I like the way Conway smacked him down when he tried to go after Bannon with a guilt by association mantra. She called him out and said I report to Mr. Trump, not to Bannon. Wallace didn’t know what to say at that point.

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  19. WM says:

    There are 15.7 million illegal immigrants with their children in the United States, not 11 million. That’s an old number.


  20. WM says:

    I am sick of the waffling and liberal attitudes by these RINOs on this question. How on earth did it become controversial to deport illegal aliens? What kind of sick people have we become that we let persons unknown come in and remain in the country? This is a betrayal of your own children!

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    • How about surrogates answering questions about mass deportations, “Yes, I can’t speak for Mr. Trump, of course, but personally I favor Pres. Obama’s massive deportation actions – how many has it been, Chuck, Martha, Chris, John? I’ve lost track.”


  21. joshua3311 says:

    It’s so hard for me to even get through these videos. These so called journalists are a disgrace. I just want to punch them in the face.

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  22. darththulhu says:

    Every time you see Chuck Todd, remember the DNCleaks. This was a man who shamelessly coordinated his “neutral” “journalistic” anti-Bernie message with the DNC, for months, and there is absolutely no reason to imagine he isn’t still receiving marching orders today.


  23. Arjun says:

    Gotta love Christie. Does not take crap, ever!

    “Send your hand maidens in the media to complain about it” when talking about H complaining about Trump calling her a bigot.

    Shut Martha up immediately.

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  24. fuzzi says:

    It is so refreshing to see a spokesman standing up for his candidate, and turning around the prepared questions, as Christie did. Good job!


  25. NC Patriot says:

    Every time I hear the media talk about the “deportation force” I would like someone to say “ask any illegal how he describes ICE ” I think that would shut them up (if that is possible)


  26. Finalage says:

    Chrispy Chreme (affectionately) was on point today. I love how he set Martha straight on the question of Trump calling Hillary a bigot. It was outstanding!

    All the surrogates did well for Trump today. The weakest was Conway, who did good but is still in this nice mode. She needs to get more stern as this race goes along.


    • swissik says:

      I saw Conway on Fox today, never watch the other Sunday shows. She is too wishy-washy for my taste. I also decided today was the last time I watch unless Fox replaces that Will phony on the panel. Never could stand that pompous ass!


  27. Thought Conway did good in her interview. Maybe Chris was in a better mood but he seemed to treat her with more respect than Manafort. Maybe that is why Trump brought her on, but still haven’t figured that one out.


  28. viddysweet says:

    Boy, Chuck Todd couldn’t wait to get over to his safe space with the panel after the schooling he got from Reince. He literally jumped out of his seat and trotted across the studio. Great job Reince!

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  29. Couldn’t get through the first full minute of the Prebius interview. He had the “Can’t believe I’m saying this crap.” look on his face. He has to go once Trump takes over the WH, otherwise reelection might be in question. Have no absolutely respect for Prebius’ interview, debate, or political skills, but I’m sure he is a decent family man.


  30. Thought Ben Carson had the best interview, granted John Dickerson is probably the best interviewer out of the MSM. Let’s stick to the bigger issues and use these sub-issues as additional ammunition.

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    • Howie says:

      Absurd are they not? No one knows what they talk about a minute after it is done nor do they care. Just setting up the week of hiding Hillary and babbling about nothing at all.


  31. Howie says:

    Conway can babble right along with Wallace about non issues that are the MSM issues. Extreme media babble is her specialty, and theirs. Babbling on and on about nothing at all. It is all psychobabblerap on the MSM.


  32. David says:

    Why is she going and talking to all the snakes who hates Trump? This Wallas is the worst. It is most obvious he is pro Hillary as second choice after Bush. Also she goes to CNN. Why not just let them preach to their own limited liberal crowd?


  33. wodiej says:

    I’m glad they all made the obligatory rounds to show they weren’t afraid to speak about Trump’s immigration plans. But really, what good did it do….these blowhards just kept repeating the same question over and over. Trump is going to enforce the immigration laws already on the books. If you are a criminal illegal, then you are bounced out of the country right away. If you are here illegally and have committed no other crime but jumping the border, then no voting, no free social services, no jobs, no amnesty. How long do you think they will last without a way to make a living or have our government sustain them? E Verify is a joke. Trump will enforce that too. They will have no choice but to go back to Mexico. Once they do, the wall will keep them from returning.

    Frankly I don’t think most even like this country. They don’t want to learn our language and they don’t want to assimilate. So head back South and we’ll all be better off.


  34. Bob Werner says:

    That Marty person is horrendous! Christie needs to push back on “undocumented workers” bs and should have simply agreed with Trump on the bigot question. Christie could have done much better.


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