Secretary Clinton Appeals To America’s Highest Ideals (Video)…

In a landmark speech widely touted by CNN punditry as: the greatest oration by a Presidential candidate since Stephen A Douglas, Secretary Clinton spoke eloquently toward the greatest aspirations of America.  …As interpreted though a life of experience with her friend and mentor Senator Robert C Byrd.

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310 Responses to Secretary Clinton Appeals To America’s Highest Ideals (Video)…

  1. Watching many of the Hillary Clinton’s political ads it would seem that she is betting her political future on her belief that the average American is using the media more for entertainment than information. Most of her claims against the Republican candidate are nothing more than a fallacious argument intended to appeal to the lack of knowledge of the average voter.

    Her arguments appeal to emotion in the hope of causing voters to believe that the information she provides must be true merely because she said so. However, in any logical argument, it is always the obligation of those who provide information to also provide proof.

    In 1950, when Senator Joseph R. McCarthy was asked about the fortieth name on a list of 81 names of people he claimed were communists working for the United States Department of State, he responded that ‘I do not have much information on this except the general statement of the agency that there is nothing in the files to disprove the communist connections.’ McCarthy’s followers took this absence of evidence as proof that the person in question was indeed a communist. Not one scrap of relevant evidence ever was presented against any of the people charged by Senator McCarthy, yet he enjoyed great popularity and power; but, his ‘witch hunt’ ruined many innocent lives until Edward R. Murrow a journalist investigated and proved his accusations false.

    Hillary and Joe McCarthy have much in common including the national media choosing not to comment on or investigate their accusations. Although recent investigations by Judicial Watch and other sources have proven that Hillary and Bill are dishonest millions choose to ignore the reality of the evidence. The decision of the media to not confront the Clinton’s reinforces their appeal to ignorance. That lack of concern shifts the burden of proof away from Hillary. I think Judicial Watch may end up being our Edward R. Murrow.

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    • Except, McCarthy was right and Murrow was wrong, as history bears out today, and McCarthy was nothing like Hillary Clinton.

      The US government was rife with Communist agents and sympathizers right to the top.
      Murrow was part of the left that provided the narrative that slandered McCarthy.

      It is extremely possible that if McCarthy had won the day that we might not be in the predicament that we are today.

      Murrow was doing the same as the media is doing for Hillary today.


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