Dr. Drew TV Show Cancelled Days After Questioning Clinton’s Health…

It was only August 17th when Dr. Drew Pinsky said Hillary Clinton may be receiving “inadequate health care that is not optimal for her condition” during an interview where Pinsky discussed the alarming history of her medical conditions. (See Video)

Today, CNN’s Headline News cancelled his show:

Dr. Drew and his team have delivered more than five years of creative shows and I want to thank them for their hard work and distinctive programming,” Jautz said. “Dr. Drew has been an authoritative voice on addiction and on many other topical issues facing America today.   ~ Ken Jautz CNN Executive

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169 Responses to Dr. Drew TV Show Cancelled Days After Questioning Clinton’s Health…

  1. mike says:

    Has he been found dead yet? My bet is run over by a mule deer.

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  2. paris23 says:

    Really, I am a little freaked out over this…. mainly because of what it represents and because I believe she is very dangerous. Could she morph into the next Josef Stalin? I’m not making a prediction, but I would’t be surprised.

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  3. At least he didn’t get two in the back of the head.

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  4. moe ham head says:

    uh oh looks like dr drew will be meeting the clintons real soon


  5. truthseekerr says:

    Let someone else pick up the show… i’ll watch it now


  6. His show has had steady, decent ratings (for a CNN show), what possible (semi-credible) reason can they possibly use? There aren’t any, this is obvious as the hole in Shrillary’s tongue. I hope Dr Drew doesn’t end up in his car, on an empty street, with a bullet in his brains. ‘He was just so distraught that he shot himself, suicide. (Pls ignore the lack of gun powder on his shirt sleeve, thank u.)’

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    • Dan Frain says:

      A political figure in Texas was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head, in his car. There was a revolver beside him on the seat. The death was ruled a suicide by the coroner.

      It troubles some people for a couple of reasons. One, he was known to carry an automatic, which was not found. Two, he was left handed. Why would he shoot himself with someone else’s weapon using his non-dominant hand?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

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  7. Patriot1 says:

    Some people here predicted he would get fired days ago. They don’t call it the clintoon news network for nothing.

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  8. larry barclay says:

    Truly sad. Hillary threatens to close down right wing media such as Breitbart – I thought that was conspiracy theory. Now DR. Dru supports Hillary’s potential health issue and his show gets closed down. Seems like there’s more truth to the death of the 1st amendment than I thought.
    ~ Good bye America ~

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  9. LKA in LA says:

    This is why other “talking point” readers do not speak up. I am sure they have all been warned.


  10. Helen says:

    Dirty, rotten propagandist!. Feedback link at CNN: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/


  11. marierogers says:

    they knew this would cause a ruckus..on top of bad ratings they should go even lower..hope TRUMP mentions this!


  12. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.

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  13. greatgranny says:

    What has happened to this country? Why are so many being “dispensed” with that can somehow have a link to crooked Hillary? and why for heavens sake are so many still willing to vote for her? There seems to be so much greed and corruption in this country now that it scares the hell out of me!


  14. Linmarrie says:

    Fox should pick up his


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