President Obama Reverses Position – Will Put Down Putter and Visit Louisiana…

Yesterday the official position from the White House and Democrat leadership was that Louisiana didn’t need political distractions as they coped with natural disaster recovery efforts from a historic flood.

obama flood 1

Then Trump.

Donald Trump was greeted today in Baton Rouge and Lafayette Louisiana with thanks from volunteers, and cheers of appreciation from residents for “not forgetting” and for drawing “attention to their plight”.

Today the official position from the White House and Democrats is that “leadership is critical”:

ember blout

[…]  The President today directed his team to coordinate with Louisiana officials to determine an appropriate time for him to visit, and together they have determined that the President will visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday, August 23rd. Additional details will be announced in the coming days.  (White House)

obama golf tweet 1


trump graham

trump graham 2

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273 Responses to President Obama Reverses Position – Will Put Down Putter and Visit Louisiana…

  1. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Yeah, I will be down there AFTER my vacation suckers!

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  2. Okeydoker says:

    The dirtbag lazy POS muslim. This piece of filth needs to be gone.

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  3. flounder, rebel, vulgarian says:

    DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: “President Obama can’t go to Louisiana because he has a ‘busy schedule'”


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  4. Apfelcobbler says:

    Insufferable troublemaker. From the Washington Times:

    In 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).”

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  5. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:

    He didn’t REVERSE his decision — the vacation is OVER duh the girls are headed back to school.

    stay the hell away — we got this!

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  6. yakmaster2 says:

    O is eager to get to Louisiana as soon as his vacay ends. It’s merely coincidental the Democrat Governor there says that’s the “best time” for POTUS to visit. As for Clinton, she can ride on O’s coattails or with him on Air Force One. Whatever is easiest.

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    • testpointwpm says:

      Clinton walked four blocks in the Gay Pride parade in NYC and nearly keeled over.

      She doesn’t have the strength to tour a disaster area and absolutely no desire to be near the “commoners” without a protective barrier.


  7. Paco Loco says:

    Politically correct disaster recovery. Had enough already?


  8. mindy says:

    Trump is already President in the hearts of the American people. He is already leading.

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  9. Joe says:

    Not even president and he has already done so much, this being the latest achievement. Is there a list of it all somewhere?


  10. JinNE says:

    Sorry but Obama’s too busy trying to keep his daughter off reefers and out of jail and to worry about any problems real Americans might be having.


    • flova says:

      From the time they could walk Trump told his children, ‘no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking.’ And he led by example!

      Too bad choom gang Barry didn’t give the same example. Rumors in the late 1990’s were he was still using drugs when the kids were little and we all know he’s a smoker. He admitted he was using nicotine gum to kick the habit.

      What an all-around disaster this guy is. I hope nobody cmes to meet him n Louisiana. He will probably have his BLM peeps bused in.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpoliticital says:

        Last I hear, Obama is still smoking ciggies.

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      • ryan says:

        I smoke it doesn’t make me a bad person. Kind of lame comment. I do what I please.


        • gainny says:

          People don’t realize that the anti-smoking propaganda was the origin and ultimate in political correctness. Pure brainwashing. I learned a lot about this moral panic from Frank Davis’s blog, Banging On About the Smoking Ban.


          • Smoking really does kill, and horrible too. I certainly wouldn’t judge anyone for smoking, but I watched my father die from emphysema and it was not a good time. Republicans supported smoking because they are corporatists, we know that about them, and they were just as wrong to prop up smoking as they were to prop up TPP.

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        • fuzzi says:

          Of course smoking doesn’t make you a bad person. But we all set an example for our children by what we do, not what we say. BHO smokes, does he expect his daughters to refrain?

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    • John Galt says:

      Obama furious about pot smoking? That’s funny.

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  11. Steele81 says:

    Pig “Me Too” (from a fav Richard Scarry book)


  12. mindy says:

    Is there a Super Pac that can help fund a permanent golf vacation for the rest of Obama’s term? Just keep him busy like a toddler and out of everyone’s hair.

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    • joanfoster says:

      Actually, if it were possible to every American to chip in a couple of dollars for a never ending vacation for O it would be the greatest contribution one could make to the Republic.

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  13. JinNE says:

    PUTTUS would’ve been to Louisiana sooner but all the golf courses are under water.

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  14. joanfoster says:

    Obama knew that the voters in Louisiana were voting for Trump. It was a waste of his time until the Clinton team put pressure on for him to appear empathetic. That smuck will have his nose in the air and will not interact with the locals the way Trump did. One Trump supporter was even heard inviting him to dinner. The people know what’s real and what’s counterfeit.

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  15. Fred Ward says:

    Just following Trump’s lead. Oops.


  16. freepetta says:

    If I wasn’t a woman with class I would have several 4 letter words to say about 0liar. This is a reminder of what trash we have had in the White House for the past 8 years. Pathetic pos.


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  17. Bert Darrell says:

    Obama, a main supporter of the International Society of Incompetent Socialists (ISIS), will be awarded the ISIS medal for his notable ability to engage in Large Insensitivity to American Reality (also known as the Gruber medal or LIAR). The ceremony will appropriately take place at the Gruber Office of Lying Freaks (GOLF). The award will be conferred by Louisiana Governor John B. Edwards, a card-carrying member of ISIS. (S)

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  18. triper57 says:

    What Federal aid. Have not heard that FEMA has sent anything. How many days since this started and no Fed Aid in sight? Bush did have the Excuse that the state did not request it in spite of the fact, FEMA was constantly asking if they needed help.

    Obama’s only excuse is my vakay comes first.


    • Millwright says:

      trapper, If you can find the unexpurgated history of events during and post Katrina you’ll find the former President had already poised all sorts of federal aid just outside the worst of the storm zone, plus mobilized the necessary resources even before the storm broke up. Unfortunately neither LA Gov. Blanco nor N.O. mayor Nagin knew or understood their legal duties and obligations, hence thwarting aid and rescuers from commencing operations in a more timely fashion.

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  19. dogsmaw says:

    Police ‘bust Malia Obama at wild Martha’s Vineyard’ party: First Daughter ‘is rushed out by Secret Service’ as cops shutdown bash prompting President to take her for a fatherly ‘walk and a talk’

    ->Malia Obama reportedly attended a raucous party on Martha’s Vineyard last week that had to be broken up by the cops for noise complaints
    ->After that party, pool reporters noted that the president and his eldest daughter took a walk near their rental home
    ->The Obamas are on their final vacation as first family in Massachusetts
    ->Also last week, a video surfaced that appears to show Malia smoking a marijuana joint at the Lollapalooza music festival earlier this month

    doh it seems that the older daughter is keeping ‘someone’ really too busy…so now the Secret Service is helping 😛

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  20. sarrask says:

    Article has link to a 2008 Hillary campaign advertisement attacking Bush. It has to use the wayback machine to link to the MP3, because Hillary has deleted the file from her website because it’s no longer convenient.
    “And if you’re stuck on a rooftop or stranded in the Superdome during a hurricane, you’re invisible to this president even when you’re on CNN,”
    “Well you are not invisible to me”
    cough cough

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  21. Once again, Mr. Trump leads the charge. How many times has he set the national political agenda? Walls, immigration scrutiny, trade practices? In Louisiana, he demonstrated by example what a real leader will and can do in a time of national crisis. It’s not hard, folks. Just be there! And to put the cherry on top, he had already QUIETLY sent an 18-wheeler full of supplies to those in need. THIS is his normal practice: do what’s wanted and needed ASAP without fanfare…he has done this throughout his career.

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  22. sarrask says:

    Krispy Kreme takes the Louisiana Governor to the woodshed.

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  23. Davey says:

    Pretty darned sure Obama WON’T be meeting with Franklin Graham.

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  24. Amy1212 says:

    You are not a leader when you come in second…

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  25. Okeydoker says:

    Obama the lazy filthy dirtbag muslim.

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  26. sarrask says:


  27. TheRealPeter says:

    And this is what it’s all about
    Thank you Sundance for bringing us together
    Your selfless service is recognized and appreciated

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  28. bertdilbert says:


  29. Bull Durham says:

    Obama: The inadequacy of the Fraud never ceases to manifest in every crisis.

    Overstatement to call him a child. Certainly, man is ludicrous as descriptor.

    Infantile just about nails it. Selfish as a 2-3 year-older, narcissistic and intellectually undeveloped.
    Far from the age of reason (seven), and in need of 24/7 baby sitters.

    Tell me his job approval rating is over 50%. If it were a real secret ballot, he would not have 30%.

    Eight years of anti-American destruction. Now, a deliberate infantile response to the most minimal responsibility, to appear at a tragedy and say the nation cares and will help.

    His nine iron should be shoved up his skinny ass, but his head is already residing there.

    Infantile Barry the Con Man. Fraud-in-chief.


  30. Ken Watson says:

    Man, it is hard not to notice that the main difference is today it is whites flooded out. As accustomed as I am to disdain for any white plight, I am surprised at the blackout. Whatever. That meme at the top is golden!


  31. tappin52 says:

    If Obama was trying to undermine this country intentionally, what would he do differently than what he is doing?


  32. itsy_bitsy says:

    So the irresponsible playboy is going to Louisiana. Of course he’s going kicking and screaming, but democrat bigwigs have insisted that he act “Presidential”! Why? He’s been there almost 8 years and he hasn’t been Presidential yet! Oh he has acted like a two bit dictator and race hater and baiter as well, but definitely NOT Presidential.


    • itswoot says:

      This coming Tuesday people on the scene in Louisiana should get an idea if he is sincere about his visit there. If he is still wearing his golf shoes, instead of mud boots, he isn’t.

      ‘Boots on the ground’, Barack.


  33. Mike Albiniak says:

    Who says one can’t have ones cake and eat it too? He’s going to visit on August 23rd? There’s plenty of time to get in a quick 72 holes………….


  34. TwoLaine says:

    The flood was man made. That is why they don’t want the media attention on it. Things will come out they don’t want the public to know on a massive scale.

    20 Aug 2016
    by Dianne Marshall


  35. mike diamond says:

    obama sat on his hands and went golfing during th bp oil spill,even james carville said where is obama! where is the fema trucks


  36. Patriot Lady says:

    BO voted 3 times to support late term abortions– why would he care about a few flood victims?!
    Buckeyes for Connors:


  37. v4ni11ista says:

    OK, all you Steve Martin fans out there, turn up the oxygen and try not to break a hip:

    Now, when I was a young boy, I never thought I’d see,
    The President of Putting, just like O’ seems to be.
    King Putt
    Bogie with a smile!
    Funky Putt
    He’s like a crocodile!
    Born in steamy Kenya,
    Where the Marxists did befriend ya,
    King Putt……..

    Now, when he seems to notice that the South, it is in trouble,
    After Trump’s example, says, “Let’s get there on the double!”
    King Putt!
    Always a day late!
    Funky Putt!
    Seething with his hate!
    Spit on Louisiana!
    Our Republic went Banana!
    Yes, he spit on Louisiana!
    Our Republic went Banana!
    King Putt!


  38. Ken Watson says:

    Drudge is using the King Putt meme, although he seems to be chipping off the roof of that BMW.


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