AP Report: $400 Million Paid To Iran Was Ransom Payment After All…

The Iranian government specifically said –and broadcast on their television network (Feb)– a $400 million cash payment to them from the U.S. was a successfully extorted ransom payment to secure the release of American hostages.

Iran cash 1

However, on August 4th, the White House immediately claimed the $400 million cash payment made as part of the “Iran Deal” was not a ransom payment to secure the release of the U.S. hostages.  President Obama went on television to state: “no ransom was paid”:

ap tweet ransom 1

But today, August 18th, the AP is reporting:

AP ransom

The State Department says a $400 million cash payment to Iran was contingent on the release of American prisoners.

Spokesman John Kirby says negotiations over the United States’ returning Iranian money from a decades-old account was conducted separately from the prisoner talks. But he says the U.S. withheld delivery of the cash as leverage until the U.S. citizens had left Iran.

Both events occurred Jan. 17.

Kirby spoke after The Wall Street Journal reported that the departures of the crisscrossing planes were linked. (link)

Apparently now, in addition to reducing the value of congress to debating the difference between “extreme carelessness” and “gross negligence” (FBI/Comey – one is illegal, one is not), we are going to debate the meaning of the word “ransom“.

How very Clintonian everything is becoming already…. or, well,… perhaps AGAIN.


The Obama’s and Clinton’s could debate the implied meaning of a Stop Sign.

trump eagle 10


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141 Responses to AP Report: $400 Million Paid To Iran Was Ransom Payment After All…

  1. E C says:

    Is there like a petty cash room where they keep emergency money? How does one pay out that much money without Congress knowing? Am I missing something?

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  2. flyingtigercomics says:

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  3. coltlending says:

    No generation of America up to and including the WWII generation would put up with this BS.

    Now we have at the levers of power, the older of the Baby Boom generation, spoiled beyond belief with the America our grand and greatgrandparents left us and destroying it with each passing day.

    These people would be in jail or worse 60 years ago.


  4. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    if it looks like a duck and quakes like a duck and it swimes ike a duck it must be a duck.


  5. andi lee says:

    The blurred out segment ontop the money crate looks like a portrait painting. Much like this:



  6. GREENMIRROR says:

    Good thing that’s not money!

    Obv the Globalists can whack the few like Gaddaffi and Choose which banks are too big to fail, what are they gonna do when 300 million people build a wall then walk over to the FED with their 2nd amendment and deport the squatters that snuck in here around 1913! Hey that 21 trillion debt…not American…it’s these FED guys…we can send them direct to GITMO. Y’all can take em from there.

    Oh how I hope to still be alive when we play Cowboys and Central Bankers!


  7. Bailey02 says:

    Who knows ? That $400 million might split into three parts: Iran kept 1 part, 2nd and 3rd part went to Swiss Bank account for Obama Foundation, and Clinton Foundation accordingly. Obama wants to have his library, Clinton wants to have new mansion for her daughter…!!! or Bill want to get the Playboy mansion filled up with Viagra???


  8. 2ntense says:

    It’s a duck.


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