Necessary Trump Endorsements To Avoid Disunity Media Narratives…

People struggling to understand Donald Trump endorsing Ryan, McCain and Ayotte seem to forget the larger need to starve the media of talking point oxygen. Corporate media (in full alignment with Wall Street) is our enemy. Corporate media is Tokyo Rose.

There’s a battle being waged on multiple fronts as the right-wing of the UniParty is left naked to their enemies, us. Businessman Paul Nehlen, Paul Ryan’s primary opponent, accepts the transparent need for yesterday’s endorsement approach, yet for some reason many people cannot.

nehlen build wallDonald Trump suitkelli ward

Paul Nehlen – Donald Trump – Kelli Ward

Think about the alternative scenario of Donald Trump not endorsing Ryan, McCain and Ayotte and what the media would do with a fresh set of disunity talking points from the defacto head of the Republican party.

Candidate Donald Trump, is earnestly trying to organize a second political party from within the UniParty structure. This is no simple accomplishment when the entire political media apparatus is trying to make such constructive objectives toxic as a political goal. -AND- when the UniParty benefactors of the status quo will do anything to eliminate the risk that is represented by Donald Trump.

Candidate Paul Nehlen understands the difference between what’s possible, and what’s necessary. This is not a zero sum game, except within the media. It is entirely possible for a smart political electorate to also understand the difference.

Everyone can support Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and also support challenger Paul Nehlen (Wisconsin) and/or challenger Kelli Ward (Arizona).

Trump’s party/incumbent endorsements are required primarily because the Trump campaign needs to starve the media of disunity talking points to facilitate the larger objective, to win the White House. The incumbent challengers (Nehlen, Ward) fully understand this dynamic.

However, it is somewhat surprising to see the number of voices who cannot grasp the necessity of this approach; specifically surprising because those same voices have requested Trump to stop giving the media fuel to continue their disunity attack narrative.

Simultaneous to the required approach, the Hillary Clinton campaign paid network of bots and social media advocates are working furiously to undermine the Trump strategy by planting seeds of concern and campaign derision. Don’t fall into the trap.

This is actually the battle many of us have dreamed about. trump lion

This is the battle we have yearned for.

never trump crowd 3We finally have the opportunity to create an actual second party. We finally have the ability to fracture and break up the UniParty, and to lay the entire decepticon political class naked to their real enemy, an awakened electorate.

This is a time to celebrate. Without Donald Trump blasting sunlight upon the entire professional political class, and drawing out the hidden agents who have held ulterior motives for years, we would be stuck arguing about DINO’s and RINO’s while nothing changes in DC.

How many people are looking at politics in 2016 with New Eyes?

How many eye-opening revelations have you personally had about politicians, political pundits, and media journalists?… How many people have entirely new frames of reference, new clarity and new understanding of the root cause of the problems?…

How many of you have a newly honed intellectual armory that is vastly superior to anything you comprehended or carried before? Insight and understanding that provides you with tools to deconstruct anyone in your social network who has yet to have their own awakening….

This is not a time for anxious concern and/or trepidation because the previously familiar Potemkin village has collapsed under the earthquake that is Donald Trump. This is a time for extreme thankfulness – and unwavering resolve.

Many of us have wanted this fight for a decade or more….

This is the dawn of an entire new political era. This is America-First. This is how you make America Great Again.

Fix bayonets!

Tea Party Recon

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173 Responses to Necessary Trump Endorsements To Avoid Disunity Media Narratives…

  1. Regina says:

    Does anyone know of any video coverage of the Nehlen rallie(s)?

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  2. jonvil says:

    Does anyone know what happened to ALL the previous comments???

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  3. sundance says:

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  4. mikeyboo says:

    I took Trump’s endorsements of Ryan and McCain as examples of Trump’s puckish sense of humor.

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      Not sure how to like…so I will just “Like.”

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      • Plain Jane says:

        Tatonka Woman, I cannot “like” when using Firefox. I can “like” when using IE, but not until I make at least one comment and getting “recognized” by the system. Go figure???
        Keep trying different till one works. (smile)


        • deanbrh says:

          Tatonka Woman. My likes and/or Comments weren’t recorded for several months, and then they were. No reason I could figure except a censoring person who is trying to decide who is trolling and who isn’t. So stick with it….keep clicking on the stars and some day by magic you will be one of WE The People. i use Firefox and found, quite by accident, I needed to register with Gravatar, then WordPress and log in there first before coming to the Tree House. Maybe that was just coincidence, but you might try that and see if it works for you. The good news is, not just anyone can come along and post, so you don’t get the filthy language here that’s on the social media sites and you don’t get cranks who have nothing better to do. I’ve learned more here than I ever learned getting a bunch of alphabet degrees.


  5. skipper1961 says:

    I’ll ask again. Can someone please tell me WHY THE “speaker of the house” EMPLOYS A “SPOKESPERSON”?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. majorstar says:

    I didn’t know he did. He’s really gotten too big for his britches it seems.

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  7. maiingankwe says:

    Well, thank goodness yesterday I said Trump was far smarter then I, and there must be good reason for what he is doing. I just didn’t realize it was so glaringly obvious. It makes so much sense. In addition, I really don’t think he lost his base of supporters, the ones he may have will be gained back soon enough. It would be nice to have Manafort on explaining it is the unity of the party, and point out that the msm would have created greater havoc if he hadn’t.

    Yes, any excuse to see Manafort in action, but really, he could be a yuuge help in relaxing a good number of minds.

    Again, thank you Sundance and all others who were able to see this so clearly. There is reason why I come here rather then write myself. Oh my, the shudders if that was my job. I will keep to writing what I actually know about, and this stuff sure as heck isn’t it. I’m still in the very early learning stage, and that’s alright, we all have to start somewhere, and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better place to do just that.
    Be well good Treepers and let’s spread the word!

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  8. shannynae says:

    This is our one shot. It’s time to get on board the Trump Train ALL THE WAY without a foot hanging off or get off the train! We will do this with or without you. There are always going to be setbacks and disappointments but in the end we will be victorious.

    Sundance is right on. Maybe it’s time to rage against the true enemy for that is how wars are won.

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  9. Southern Son says:

    I just wish you could convince him to take the challenge.


    • Southern Son says:

      Disregard that comment.
      Iam spreading the Sunshine found here with friends, n got mixed up on which key pad went where.
      Old age n third shift.
      I don’t lose stuff yet, but I do get Confused as to what day it is.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Here’s what I wanted to add to this conversation.
        Hear, Hear!!
        Thank You Sundance!
        Thank You Everybody here!
        This Movement has full mass and will gain momentum, when This Battle is Won.
        And YES!, this is the battle I wished for, only I never dreamed it possible.
        And YES!, Iam Raging against the Ignorance and herd mentality.
        We gotta Really hunker down like a Dawg!!
        The Refuge is Truly That.
        My Refuge.
        This Winning is So Much Fun, if you can convince ’em to lose a little Anxiety, and see the Sunshine of the Truth.
        There has Got to be an Award higher, Way Higher, than pUlItZeR.
        And Sundance Wins It everytime.
        I said, EVERY TIME!!
        I Love Winning!
        Congratulations Sundance!!

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  10. Sandra-VA says:

    Oh gosh! Comments flushed… I sure hope Bull has a copy of his most EXCELLENT post saved!

    One good thing about reading this thread for the past 2hrs is that it was easy to spot the real trolls from those who truly were having a moment. A good reminder of what we are up against…

    Soldier on, fellow Treepers!!!

    Thanks for the excellent article, Sundance!

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I copied and shared it with a google group I’m part of. It was most excellent. Quite a few of the comments were wonderful and great discussion. Maybe it was just a computer qlitch that lost the comments. I loved reading them. Always good stuff to learn.

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    • CoolEdge says:

      yeah, he made good points, as did others in other comments.

      that’s a problem with flushing a long comment thread … people that spend time making thoughtful comments find they wasted their time. Good ideas are developed, he and others invested a lot of effort … then BAM … all that time and effort tossed.

      If that happens frequently I’d have to find another home … since the “thought process development” and digestion of the main post via the comments is a vital part of any blog, if not the most vital part. And I know the “higher ups” use the comments to get a feel for “the base” and to harvest ideas. Breitbart said that about visiting Ace of Spades for the comments …

      but … whatever …

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      • JenB says:

        I have tried a new approach to commenting since I tend to screw up and delete my own comment that I took so long to write. So now, if I plan on writing a lengthy post, I do it in Word or note pad (depending on what PC/tablet I am on) and save as I go. When it is done, I copy and paste it so I don’t lose it when I have a fat finger moment and hit the touch pad or back button by mistake. If it gets deleted, which is usually by me, I just pull up my document and copy and paste it back into the comments section. I have deleted one too many comments that I spent a lot of time on, so I had to do something about it. Very frustrating when you fat finger the touch pad and totally lose the long post.

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        • CoolEdge says:

          good idea … I have done some of that. I refine my own message over time, so the whole concept doesn’t get lost. But I like to check responses and remember what others have to say. I think those lost 1000 messages were pivotal and useful, to many others that had the same feelings. and when people feel censored, they feel abused.
          If there are trolls just block them, delete those and/or abusive comments. But I don’t know what really happened. Just that those hours everyone spent processing and developing a response were “censored” … or whatever.

          What happened Sundance? Did “we” break the rules? I feel punished, but no indication of what happened to those many hours of many Trump supporters. Does a dump happen automatically at 1000? heh

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        • jonvil says:

          YEP! I write in Open Office first…think about it…rewrite…think about it…rewrite…eventually I get around to actually posting it.
          An exercise of second guessing myself


    • jewelsc6 says:

      Facism is alive and well over on this blog.. deleting comments wow

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  11. gary23902003 says:

    Thank you, Sundance. What I was trying to express in the earlier post “Rage Against the Regime”. My writing style isn’t unique — it sucks. This post explains where we are in this, and IT IS where we want to be. I also left out the part where conservatives AKA Republicans have been talking about needing to change. “The Party has to reach out, The Party has to pay attention to ___________(fill in the blank). We have to be more open to change, different ideas, etc.”. Well, this is what change looks like, and it’s not the change YOU are looking for. It’s the change WE are looking for. We’re fed up with YOU, and you need to sit back and listen to your bosses for a change. The “clerisy” is comprised of media, academia, and certain government positions. They play a role similar to what the medieval clergy did, quelling resistance and legitimizing policies. Anyway, great post and thank you again.

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  12. Trump’s endorsements were the smart move. It shows an even deeper and more strategic thinking going on behind the scenes in the Trump camp. It displays an entrenchment that is clearly ramping up for elevated warfare. And, if the legions of demonic media don’t like it, that means it was definitely a good play.

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  13. Nathanlee says:

    Until Ryan says something else that will be used in an attack ad. I get why he did it, I just don’t agree with it. It’s not like it’s some new revolutionary way to play chess., stop over thinking it. Trump changed nothing in regards to the media coverage, they will just move on until Ryan or McCain say something else to help Hillary.

    If we all understand the media and the uniparty are against Trump I see no reason to try to appease the factions within the Republican Party. It’s that very conflict between Trump and Wasington that led to his massive appeal and support.

    You have been telling your readers for months that the media was going full Mississippi on Trump and how the American people are having an awakening, so it matters not what the media narrative is going to be in regards to Trumps actions. Trump endorsing Ryan has no upside to his platform and message, it’s counter productive at best.

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    • catluver99 says:

      I, for one, see a HUGE upside. Remember TPP? Trump has been fighting it. He can’t do much until he is president. If making a deal to endorse lyin ryan means he will stop TPP until after the election, SO BE IT.

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      • Nathanlee says:

        I can agree with that. But to be honest Ryan would be a fool to vote on it now regardless if Trump endorses him or not. Second Trumps endorsement isn’t really that helpful to Ryan who by all accounts is going to win his primary anyway, coupled with the fact the Trump lost Wisconsin by a sizable margin?

        Nothing has changed from yesterday to today. Trump endorsed Ryan to stall a vote that wasn’t going to happen anyway. Trying to pass TPP would have thrown Trumps campaign into hyperdrive as everything he told his supporters comes true. Trump can easily toss out any deals made between now and Nov. trust me, that TPP deal wasn’t going anywhere until after the election was concluded.

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        • Ammo says:

          Is it possible for the Democrats to vote on the Republican candidate, thus with the influence of Mrs Ryan, a flaming liberal, she could persuade the libs to cross over and vote for her effeminate hubbie?

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          • bofh says:

            Wisconsin is an open primary, even has same-day registration. Just look back at the Thad Cochran “election” in MS to see how far Senator Turtle and the boys will go to protect a seat for one of their club members. They’ll probably be getting votes for Ryan from dead democrats. Car trunks full of them…

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          • skipper1961 says:

            Aye, I believe that Wisconsin is an open primary state. However, they could just as well vote for Paul NEHLEN and kill one of Bernie Sanders’ issues, tpp.

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        • Deb says:

          The fear was that they would pass the TPP during the lame duck session. That is off the table now with the endorsement.

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          • skipper1961 says:

            Yes, but why not drive the spike through the heart of it’s sponsor (islamifyin’ ryan)?

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          • bofh says:

            _ That is off the table now with the endorsement._

            I’m not so sure of that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Ryan’s parseltongue statement said that he didn’t see how it could come up because he doesn’t now have the votes for it. The unspoken flip side of that statement is that if he somehow “found” the votes for it, it certainly still could come up.

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            • CoolEdge says:

              yeah .. hard to tell with Ryan. if there is “a deal”, he might still want to pretend he is for it but lacks the votes, so he can later say he was always for it? hard to tell what games are played … we know they sold us out repeatedly.

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        • Sunshine says:

          An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        Right. Trump’s endorsement didn’t give those folks one added vote or take away one vote, IMHO. It’s on them to win or lose their own election at this point.


    • Angela says:

      If the RNC was playing hardball with Trump and withholding needed support and use of resources , which I think they were, then this is just one more reason Trump’s decision was correct. He cannot win the tightly contested swing states without Republican infrastructure support. Trump does not have his own party apparatus to help him with issues like fundraising, poll watching,phone banks etc. His endorsements were perfunctory and necessary to move forward. He is running as a Republican, not as a Trumpian. That is why even Nehlen supports his decision.

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      • Nathanlee says:

        So you think Trump made a deal with the Republicans so they can proceed to help him destroy everything the globalists have created thus far? To assume that those factions within the party or going to change course over Trumps endorsement to lose billions is just ridiculous? They will feign support while actually working behind closed doors to help elect Hillary. Again nothing has changed from yesterday to today. No matter how this is spun I just can’t see the upside.

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        • Deb says:

          Sometimes the upside is not that obvious, but the downside is. You make your decision accordingly.

          It does change the media narrative. They won’t be able to harp on “party unity” without looking even more ridiculous.

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        • Angela says:

          Politics is built on deals. Trump can’t destroy anything the globalists have created so far. He hasn’t won yet. That is the point. Right now it is media driven public perception that matters.That is what he is trying to change, or manipulate. Sure they can feign support, and most likely are. But so is Trump.

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    • Supposing Ryan wins, perhaps McCain and Ayotte as well. They are still in office moving forward. Showing some negotiability at this point could help him with a mostly incumbent Congress. Don’t forget, a President can still be impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate (who of course are NOT exercising their powers against hussein because they are chicken-s__t bribed/coerced traitors) . What if Trump wins and a unified Congress wants to impeach him?


  14. Sal Bass says:

    Well said. Trump supporters will not vote for Ryan, McCain or Ayotte regardless. By endorsing, Trump is beating them at their own game – if they win, he takes credit, and if they lose, it’s because their own constituents rejected them in favour of an America-First candidate.

    Trump is laser focused on November 8 just as Nehlen is laser focused on August 9.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      You’re right. Ultimately all politics are local, and I applaud that the people of these congressional critters will decide if they want the same or not. Trump didn’t take or add a vote with this endorsement, but it aids in ending the media’s game of the GOP being “disrupted” by Trump and forces the acknowledgement that they’ve lost ammunition… which one never should give to the enemy freely.

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  15. paulinohio says:

    This is #WAR – war is not pretty, war is not nice. War does not discriminate. We have to take back the White House before we can take back our nation.

    And Trump needs every last one of you to win that battle. We need to win that battle first and foremost. He is fighting against an enemy that is very well entrenched and who has spies at every turn. I would even go so far as to say he is being undermined by his so called Allies.

    Again – this is #WAR – and it is a war for the very nation we all love. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes for my nation – are you?

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  16. paulinohio says:

    What is this nonsense?

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    • catluver99 says:

      I dunno paul, all I do know is that we are all good lil cultists. Trump is our God or some crazy spewing nonsense is all I got from that post. Coming from someone that doesn’t know how Huge a deal TPP is to our country and why we need to negotiate to put a hold on it.

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      • paulinohio says:

        It is typical Alinsky tactics. That is the thing that everyone needs to remember. Over the past 7.5 years I have started seeing the world a lot differently. I am amazed at how the enemy uses these tactics over and over again – dividing, marginalizing and gaslighting.

        These days it is constant, everywhere you turn. Trump is crazy. Trump is dropping out. His supporters are xeno-racist-biggot-nazi- etc-etc.

        The gaslighting is just so constant.

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    • Joan says:

      Cruz is toast, Jewel. Get over it.

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    • Joan says:

      We didn’t want Cruz. Deal with that.

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      • skipper1961 says:

        rafael cruz has made a big deal publicly, that he is withholding his endorsement of islamifyin’ ryan. I am totally fine with Mr. Trump doing the OPPOSITE of the canadian.

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      • Joan says:

        Just can’t give up about Cruz, can you. Trump is the nominee because that is what the people want. Trump has not jumped into bed with anyone. So get lost, honey, you are in the wrong place.

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        • paulinohio says:

          “So get lost, honey, you are in the wrong place.”

          Thank you because this cracked me up! Best laugh of the day. You had the courtesy to say “honey” – those are true Wolverine Values right there.


    • yadent says:

      The establishment is against Trump. His positions have elicited that dislike. Trump’s history shows him working WITHIN the establishment to achieve his goals. He is proposing to do the same in the political arena, working within the political establishment in hope of ultimately altering it. In the political arena, as in the business world, one sometimes makes deals with the ‘devil’ in order to achieve the desired goals. Heck, even the sainted Reagan made deals with the ‘evil empire’ (foreign and domestic–think Tip) to achieve his goals. Grow up. This is the real world. If you don’t approve of his tactics get off the train and support someone else. Plenty of 3rd party ‘purists’ out there.


    • majorstar says:

      War’s over man. Trump dropped the big one on Cruz.


  17. catluver99 says:


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  18. FL_Guy says:

    Excellent analysis, Sundance. The only way we are going to save this country is to make certain that Mr. Trump becomes President Trump. Thank you for helping people to get back to what is really important in this, the most critical election of our lifetime. It is not an exaggeration to say that if Trump does not become President, this country is over. Thus, we need to positively support President Trump 110%; in words, written and spoken, and deeds. We should ask ourselves the question in everything that we say or do about this election, “Will this help make certain Trump is elected President.” If what we opine or do does not help elect President Trump, it should not be said or done. Paul Nehlen has showed us the way by his response;he knows that the fate of the United States of America is at stake. He’s a great man, who I hope WINS on the 9th. and we should follow his example. Just MHO.

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  19. remove this jewel by Admin please

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  20. Sherlock says:

    “Trump’s party/incumbent endorsements are required primarily because the Trump campaign needs to starve the media of disunity talking points to facilitate the larger objective, to win the White House. The incumbent challengers (Nehlen, Ward) fully understand this dynamic.”

    Completely true.

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  21. Yeoman says:

    Here is my take on Trump’s endorsement of Ryan.

    Trump qualified his support as being 80% and in the spirit of Reagan. The fact he gave Nehlan his stage to get his face in front of Trump supporters speaks much more than Trump’s tepid endorsement of Ryan.

    This is a Paul Manafort move. Endorse your SotH to look magnanimous while publicly giving his primary opponent every opportunity to reach out to the ground swell of Trump voters.

    Regardless of which one wins, Trump can honestly say he supported him. Just my humble opinion.

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    • JC says:

      Agree 100%, Yeoman.

      We picked up on the lukewarm endorsement because we know him now. Nitwit press & squealing little Napolean GOPe’s too intent on destruction to catch on and instead take it at face value=endorsement. …And do you think one single Nehlen voter will stay home and not vote and then hustle others to vote, too? Trump set the stage for a possible Nehlen stampede. If Nehlen wins, Trump can’t be criticized either way. If they do somehow accuse him of a Ryan loss, he can say, with a delicious innocent shrug: “who, moi?”

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  22. ssupsky says:

    When fighting a war, it is generally the task of the commander to send soldiers to face the enemy up close and personal. Many times, a commander will ask for volunteers to do this task with the knowledge that it is most likely a suicide mission.

    The sacrifice of these soldiers, while not really desired, is a necessary tactic in order to win the larger battle in the scheme of things. Yet due to their sacrifice, the commander is able to effectively maneuver his other troops to flank and destroy the enemy thus securing a victory and winning with as little casualties as possible.

    Sometimes we have to take the bad with the good in order to achieve the ultimate goal in winning. In this instance, the goal is the White House with Mr.Trump as President.

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  23. TatonkaWoman says:

    I came back to re-read Bull”s wisdom-filled post, but it was gone. :=(

    However, also wanted to comment on Sundance’s post, noting that I think the real meat of the piece has been overlooked to some degree.

    Meaty statements are:
    “Candidate Donald Trump, is earnestly trying to organize a second political party from within the UniParty structure…”
    “This is the battle we have yearned for. We finally have the opportunity to create an actual second party. We finally have the ability to fracture and breakup the Uniparty, and to lay the entire decepticon political class naked to their real enemy, an awakened electorate.”


    Conservatives for years have been bemoaning the fact that “The Republican Party has left us.” Many have espoused the goal of starting a third party, while others have said, “No, we need to stay and take back the Republican Party.”

    Little did we think about the fact that, for the longest time, there has not even been two parties – just two letters on our ballots.

    Donald J. Trump is not just taking back the Republican Party – he is leading the way to the foundation of an actual second party…whatever name that may have.

    Life-long, devoted Republican that I have been, (still have buttons from the Goldwater campaign, couldn’t vote in that one, though.) I am gladly following the Trump movement to a new destination.

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  24. skipper1961 says:

    Please don’t bother bringing “conservative” review horse-hockey up to the Treehouse. That canard is “guided” by mark levin, the carpetbagger.

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  25. keebler AC says:

    Paul Ryan’s wife is also a Democrat and a lobbyist. I GUESS SHE’S LOBBYING HER HUSBAND QUITE EFFECTIVELY. See list above.

    Yuck! It’s literally a sex trade worker scenario. Please share QUICKLY. Tweet, email, talk, and get out on the streets! Go Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin! #WhenDonaldEndorses if YKWIM.

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  26. Southern Son says:

    Somebody mentioned comment flush and…whoosh!
    Well, I Love this site and all the great Treeple here.
    Thanks again for the Sunshine Sundance.

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  27. Deb says:

    Please go troll HuffPo.

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  28. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    That endorsement was as genuine as Ryan’s endorsement of Trump at the convention.

    They were both obligatory and nothing else. They both mean nothing.

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  29. Tonawanda says:

    SD wrote a short essay on why Trump made the endorsements.

    Like most other folks on this site, I do not let other people make up my mind for me.

    But I do keep an open mind, and I do remember that we are in an epic battle.

    As far as I am concerned, the next time SD gets it wrong, or exercises questionable judgment, or is ignorant of the facts, will be the first time that happens.

    Apparently tens of thousands of people look at this site. That is not surprising.

    What happens here is significant.

    This is the first time in my “conservative” life of decades that such a momentous opportunity has presented itself. I specifically include Reagan and 1994 when I say that.

    And I want to add the words joyful, optimistic and grateful to the word momentous.

    There is a time for discussing details, voicing doubts, venting negative emotions and going off by oneself.

    That time is another time, not now.

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  30. Tonawanda says:

    From SD’s essay:

    “We finally have the opportunity to create an actual second party. We finally have the ability to fracture and break up the UniParty, and to lay the entire decepticon political class naked to their real enemy, an awakened electorate.

    “This is a time to celebrate. Without Donald Trump blasting sunlight upon the entire professional political class, and drawing out the hidden agents who have held ulterior motives for years, we would be stuck arguing about DINO’s and RINO’s while nothing changes in DC.”

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  31. Curry Worsham says:

    Bull Durham’s excellent lost post:

    Bull Durham on August 6, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Sundance, Nehlen and Trump all agree on the political necessity of the “endorsements”.

    But simple citizens are “certain” these incredibly smart and clever minds and the man with the greatest stakeholding in the primary election, Nehlen, are wrong.

    Baffles one observer, me. But I do get what has gone on.
    Trolls hit hard the last few days. Enemies from Clinton/Obama who want to sew doubt and division and delay of common purpose here tracked up the premises.

    Now the whiners came out of their comfort zones.

    And leftover Right Wing Consistent Conservatives/Principled Conservative Ideologues who didn’t shed the straight jacket on their beliefs are incapable of adjustment. These folks still can’t give up the radio heroes and the Red State media and stuffy old voices of the Right. So they belch that this is compromise, or more treachery. And they take if personally, putting themselves before America.

    I am no worshipper of a New Leader. In a million years, I would never elevate Trump to some Wonder of the World to be adored. He is a brilliant success I understand at levels non-New Yorkers do not get without real effort to understand. I have lived and worked and grew up near and inside Manhattan. I know from ethnicity and union work rules professionally what many outside have no appreciation for. NYC is a business jungle. To traverse it and succeed at any level is amazing. To create projects and see them to fruition, a vision-to-reality, risking hundreds of millions of dollars and your brand every time is astounding. To do it time and again. To transform Mid-town, downtown, West Side, Upper West Side, East Side, is stuff of heroic fiction. Like going to the Moon and Mars on the same rocket, planting flags on both that can be seen from Earth on a clear day.

    If you ‘get’ Trump as NY’er success in real estate, you know he has played this game with many Mayors of all sorts of temperament and affiliations. City Councils of all sorts, like hyenas and wild dogs. Borough presidents like Komodo dragons. Union chiefs out of the Middle Age dungeons.

    So, taking down the RINOs is child’s play for him. He took them down last night and left them toothless and tied in knots.

    You non-trolls who think you are better than Trump are suffering Ted Cruz disease with Mark Levin complications.

    You not only are ignorant of the facts, the situation and the reality. You are arrogantly wasting our time trying to put a tiny, miniscule problem behind us. Everything you postulate in support of your opinion and angst is coming across as childish. (See Ted Cruz and Mark Levin).

    Compared to Sundance, Nehlen, Pence, and Trump, you are sadly laughable.
    But I know, as many here do, too, that this is the very undeveloped point of view of entitlement that takes time to shed. You are not warriors. You can’t be trusted to man your post. You have to be sent to the rear because the clash of battle, the incoming and return fire is too sharp and too loud and too persistent for your tender ears. And your feet stomping annoys all the soldiers around you.

    Grow the tough skin. Stiffen you spine. Get real. Saving America is so much bigger and crucial than your whimpering.

    This is about the existential threat to Liberty in America. Our nation needs soldiers in all forms.
    Not summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. The cold weather, bleak nights and days Winter Warriors who follow the plan of battle, who trudge up the next hill and take the crestline.

    We have the right man. He has the right mission. We will win. Fight with us or withdraw.
    America has to be saved. It’s nothing personal. It’s about God, Family and Country. Not about you.
    Trump is moving forward. We men and women of free will don’t doubt for a second the outstanding leadership of Sundance here, Nehlen there, Trump and Pence everywhere.

    No doubts. Not for a nanosecond.

    I knew this decision would come because of my slight advantage of understanding NYC and what and how Trump has done what no one on the planet could have done with such success. No one man, no corporation. Not Bloomberg with his 34 Billion and his insider Jewish advantages who hasn’t built diddly squat and leases space and does not own, nor did he design the so-called Bloomberg Tower, because he can’t build what Donald does.

    There is no one like Donald Trump on the planet. In all the world of elite developers of real estate, in the ranks of billionaires, no one like him.

    He is Babe Ruth. No one else measures up to him. There isn’t even a Lou Gehrig.

    So, get educated. Please. Nehlen showed his inner greatness and I predict Trump will reward him “big time”, 100%. An American Patriot, Paul Nehlen. First purple heart of this insurgency. And he might yet pull it off and win the primary. Importantly, he has drawn blood from a smug Ryan who cried for help and supplicated to Trump.

    The battle of Janesville is not over.

    Liked by 27 people


    Liked by 15 people

  32. georgiafl says:

    Ownership of Media – (intentionally not posting the image again, just the link)

    Liked by 3 people

  33. Jimmy Jack says:

    I was looking forward to seeing people’s comments on this but I am happy SD spared me the negative ones; I literally put off reading this for that reason. I just can’t stomach it this weekend.

    For people upset comments disappeared, whenever I see a comment I really like I screenshot it and put it into a file to be used later for discussions, tweets, pins etc. I like to tweet the great comments because you never know if they will go viral and we need to spread the CTH smarts around far and wide.

    Via con dios people.

    Liked by 2 people

    • JC says:

      Gracias, tu tambien, Jimmy.

      We’ll take a breath, sit a moment in the sun, roll up our sleeves and plunge back into the battle with a bit of rest under our belts… always peaks and valleys in war. Couldn’t be in a better foxhole than this one, though, and I’m grateful. 🤗


  34. TimeIsNow says:

    Simply put, most of us here want Paul Ryan and the other RINOs O-U-T, yet we do not mind Trump’s endorsement of said jerks. I still adore Trump and find his ways excellent, but I am a good chess player too, and often win by offering a ‘poisoned pawn’ to the opponent.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. SuperTalk says:

    Thanks Sundance, great perspective and strategic thinking as usual. I’m with Trump and donated to Nehlan. Trump is mastering and owning the political chatter heads, and we’re all winning as a result.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Sherlock says:

    Jewelsc6, since your comments are for some inexplicable reason getting a rather cool reception here, there are 18 parties with a candidate on the ballot for president this year. Some might be just what you are looking for. How about the American Nutrition Party? Prohibition Party? Workers World Party? American Solidarity Party? With 18 to choose form, I’m sure you’ll find your ideal candidate. Good hunting.


  37. feralcatsblog says:

    Just as America had to “endorse” Stalin to defeat Hitler, so too must Trump “endorse” Ryan/McCain/etc to defeat Hitlery.


  38. sarrask says:

    Reminder that just because Trump endorses someone doesn’t mean they’ll win. Ellmers was one of the early endorsers for Trump, and he returned the loyalty by endorsing her. She still lost.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladypenquin says:

      She deserved to lose, having betrayed her district. But, she had come early for Trump, and that was likely a reason why he involved himself at all. The loss was on her, though the media tried to make it about Trump’s support. Ultimately, politics are local, and if your people feel you’ve betrayed them, then you’re gone. Ellmers was one of them.


  39. No One says:

    National Review makes a very solid case that Obama broke multiple laws with the ransom:

    What I wish Trump had gotten was full throated calls for hearings and independent prosecutor on this. It seems beyond clear to me that the Administration broke the law in many different ways. This has to be investigated. Obama has to testify under oath, as does Kerry.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. HolyLoly says:

    Heard an interesting interview from last night. Huckabee filled in for Hannity and the ten minute- long piece showcased Charles Hurt, Doug Schoen and Kelly Ann Conway discussing Trump’s endorsements.

    Both Hurt and Conway made the point that most people do not care about Turmp’s endorsements, and that the true purpose of what Trump did yesterday was to refocus the discussion away from the Chan mania. And it worked.

    I think there’s some truth to that. Most people don’t pay close attention like we do to the nuances of every day politics. Kelly Ann, who works for Trump, is confident that Trump will stay focused on Hillary from here on out and will solidify Republican support moving forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. jonvil says:

    Mr Trump took the wind out of the sails of the GOPe #NEVERTRUMP sycophant’s attack on this issue.
    Of course now, instead of the barrage of “I like Trump but he should endorse”, it will be “I like Trump but he should not have endorsed”


  42. recoverydotgod says:

    Trump has kept focused on winning the battle of ideas and then becoming a uniter/healer. Paul Ryan…not so much.


  43. Sunshine says:

    Count on dysfunctional and crooked media to find a way to discredit Donald J. Trump.
    I watched CNN (Costello) for one minute and changed the channel. New discourse is Trump is creating division, you can’t make this up.
    Ex: As Donald Trump Incites Feuds, Other G.O.P. Candidates Flee His Shadow…


  44. Risin'Tide says:

    I had become so angry and disillusioned last year that I just stopped even keeping up with much in the news – fed up with do-nuthins. But i kept scratching my head about Trump from afar – Trump whom I never followed much over the decades. I tuned into the RNC – unwillingly. DJT Jr. sat me up off the couch as the pieces fell into place as to what I was watching. Then I started reading CTH regularly (including Sundance’s older posts) and found things spot-on. So when I heard about the “endorsement” I smiled said, “That’s some good rope-a-dope!” Thanks for confirming my gut reaction, Sundance! My recent epiphany has me on the Trump Train because i recognize he’s a true game-changer for this country. I certainly won’t be surprised if Ryan and McCain go down in the primaries. I’m trying to share links from here with friends in the hope that they wake up and get it.

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