Here’s The English Version of Controversial Iranian “Cash for Hostages” Video….

Late last night we posted the Iranian video the U.S. State Department, President Obama, CNN, and The Washington Post said “did not exist“.  It is from an Iranian documentary video titled “Rules of the Game”.

Since posting the video, which validated an assertion made by Presidential candidate Donald Trump, we have also discovered the english version -LINK- of the same video, as produced by Basirat News:

The controversial exchange, “pallet of $400,000,000 cash for hostages”, can be identified at 11:28 of the english version of the Iranian documentary (video above).

Iran cash 1


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54 Responses to Here’s The English Version of Controversial Iranian “Cash for Hostages” Video….

  1. yakmaster2 says:

    Thank you, Sundance. I just posted the English version (from the same site) at the end of thread on your previous post about the Iranian version. Then, I refreshed my page and here you’ve posted it! You’re always on top of the info!

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  2. mazziflol says:

    Saved a copy for posterity.

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  3. Howie says:

    Newz from beyond The Twilight Zone:…The 400 million was the frozen funds…1.3 billion (the rest of the cas) is ‘INTEREST.”
    An Iranian general this week claimed that the $400 million debt and $1.3 billion in interest the US has agreed to pay Iran from a pre-revolution international legal tribunal, was actually a ransom to secure the release of dual citizens recently freed by Iran as part of a prisoner swap.

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  4. Lone Gunman says:

    I’m not able to get any voice audio with this?? It plays with both Firefox and Opera but no voice audio on either?


  5. Regina says:

    he’s on it – Trumps retweet

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  6. Mketch says:

    Paving the way for reparations…


  7. Backspin says:

    Any idea what is blurred in the picture of the cash pallet ? An Air America logo , perhaps ?
    I wonder how Bush’s / Ollie North – Iran – Contra – EL Salvador nexus plays into this ?
    Operation Yellow Fruit , reported on by Bill Curtis , was some of the last REAL investigative journalism ever seen. Also of note from the 1979 footage we see good ‘ol Mike Wallace , as dual role reporter / intelligence asset.


  8. Ellie says:

    So, this exchange stunt took place on December 24th (interesting timing). And it’s another example of Mr Trump’s words that “we don’t win anymore”.

    Watching the English version of this brought back many upsetting memories about President Carter, who I never had much faith in and never voted for, but I always believed he loved his country, and the Americans who were captured, as well as the failed rescue mission to get them back. I was a teenager but I remembered all of that, and how it was such a dark time for the country, but this is what contributed greatly to Regan’s election. We needed a strong leader then, and We need one now.

    So tired of losing, but this is what we get when we vote for losers. God help us.

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  9. M33 says:

    Tweeted to Trump.

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  10. phoebehb says:

    I’m confused. It’s all over the news (first, I think, in a WSJ blog) that Trump said he was wrong about the video. What’s that about?


    • majorstar says:

      Trump tweeted that the plane he saw in a video (carrying cash as he thought), was actually the plane delivering hostages. It’s not clear he even saw the video sundance has posted above.


  11. hocuspocus13 says:

    I read Iran has captured more Americans and a ransom is soon to be expected

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  12. ctdar says:

    What is behind blurred image?
    Tag that says “made in the USA” ??

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  13. Ray76 says:



  14. wolfmoon1776 says:

    The American media are almost as stupid as the Obama people. ALMOST.

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  15. Jon says:

    Play with the devil, make a deal with the devil, get thrown under the bus by the devil, “burned” and made complete fools of is what has happened to the current regime fools, and especially all the losers who voted for the loser regime, especially the millennials, and the rest of the freshly and perversely always stupid losers. They don’t have a clue, nor care, of the stakes in the global game they are actually playing for, forced into, not even a hint of an idea. Both the many miseducated immatures, and the not educated, miseducated or lazy ‘adults’, who’s lives are wholly distracted and diverted to color, voice, personality, gender, image, but not content, nor strategy, nor wisdom. Little boys have no wisdom. It begins after 45, or later!

    America’s global opponents are evil, they are really out to get you, are already behind our gates, and if you don’t awaken, you will find yourselves, in at least the pit that Venezuela is in for all their many sins of no educated voters! That is ultimately why Venezuela is where it is, along with the always consistent results of socialism-communism! Oh and by the way, among the biggest genocides, note they were done by mao, pol pot, stalin, and such. All atheists!!! Note also: Actual Christians, DO NOT DO SUCH, nor actual Jews, either.

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  16. cjzak says:

    I’m confused too. Trump said he was wrong but not about the issue only the plane he saw on the video but not the same video? Is it true the money held up the release? Not sure this is that much of an issue.

    Didn’t Reagan pay money to get the hostages out too with kind of the same explanation? I kind of remember something along those lines and the hostages were released shortly after Reagan took office I believe, same day as money was sent to Iran. Have to look that up and check out the timing of it.


    • wyntre says:

      He did NOT say he was WRONG!

      Where are you getting that from?


      • benzy says:

        I suspect it is coming from the presentation by the mainstream media. They show Trump’s tweet admitting it was the hostage plane video he saw and then “spin” that to say that he admits his error and that he was wrong about the entire thing. It’s just what they (so-called “journalists”) do these days.

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  17. ChristenePatti says:

    This should be brought to all the news media attention. Show the world how corrupt our government its. Hillary can not win. Otherwise the corruption will continue. We need Trump as President. He won’t take any of this poop.


  18. Illegal says:

    One picture showing something on a pallet does not prove anything. Who knows where or when the picture was taken. For simplicity forget about exchange rates 400 million of 100 denominated notes would require approximately four pallets. Why only show one? If the notes are from different central banks why do all the notes/packages look the same?


  19. Gary says:


    I love this tweet. I really do. Hours after posting this statement the media ran with articles telling everyone that Trump had admitted he was wrong.

    Trump Admits He Was Wrong. There’s No Iran Cash Video.

    Trump Actually Admits He Was Wrong
    -The Huffington Post-

    Trump admits He Was Wrong About Iran Video

    Headline after headline told us that Trump was wrong. But then a few hours later, the Iranian money plane video began to make its rounds. Wait! What happened? How could Trump be right about something that he admitted to being wrong about? Even staunch Trump supporters were confused by the admission of an error despite there actually being a video showing exactly what Trump had said he saw. The answer to this complex riddle is that Trump never admitted to an error.

    The media has a bias; Trump is wrong. They view everything through the prism of that bias. It affects their ability to interpret anything objectively. To the media, if Trump is wrong then this statement is an admission to being wrong. But reduce the statement to its most basic sentence: “The plane on television was not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to Iran”! Put it another way: “The plane the media is showing you is not the plane I was talking about.” You may ask “But aren’t you just interpreting that statement with your own bias?” Maybe, but given that there is an actual video produced in Iran depicting actual palettes of cash on a plane bound for Iran, exactly as Trump described, I don’t think so. How could Trump be wrong about something that he was right about? Not just right – spot on. It wasn’t an admission of error. People let the media interpret the message for them, similar to how they let the media tell them there was a Khan feud when there wasn’t, and now it’s difficult for people to view that message any other way. Re-read the tweet from the perspective of someone who knows he’s right and he’s telling you the media isn’t showing you the right video.

    Now that the money plane video is out, this tweet has everyone’s heads spinning.

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  20. Rick says:

    Obama is doing his damnedest to tear the country apart, but we have the power to stop it in November. We have the power to reverse at least a little of the anti-American crap that our current President is doing to us. Damn the racial agitators! Damn the anti-Christian movement! To hell with ALL the divide-and-conquer efforts that are being made against us! Only Trump has said he wants to unite us! Only Trump has said he wants to put YOU AND ME first! America first! ONLY TRUMP has said he wants this nation to be more successful! YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! VOTE TRUMP ON NOVEMBER 8TH!


  21. oneway2day says:

    Reblogged this on The NeoConservative Christian Right and commented:

    The blog The Last Refuge has the English version of the Iranian produced documentary showing the $400,000,000 worth of Euros and Swiss Francs from an unmarked jet was indeed a part of a deal to free American hostages from years of incarceration in Iran. YUP, Obama and Crooked Hillary are lying just as GOP nominee Donald Trump claimed at a rally.


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