Must Protect Hillary’s Optics – Thousands of Trump Supporters Turned Away By Democrat Mayor and Fire Marshal in Columbus…

Thousands were turned away from a Trump Rally today in Columbus Ohio as it appears the political arm of the DNC, via the Democrat Mayor Andrew Ginther, and Democrat Fire Marshal Kevin O’Conner, blocked attendance to the Trump event.

Moments before going on stage to a restricted audience of 1,000, Donald Trump informed the media of the political manipulation:

fire hall 2

trump fire hall

Not Allowed In:

fire hall 3

fire hall 9

Research indicates Trump is entirely correct.  Against the backdrop of lackluster visible support for Hillary Clinton last weekend in Ohio, it appears there are political efforts underway to avoid the stark contrast of her opponent Donald Trump Rallying with thousands.

The venue is the Greater Columbus Convention Center – “Exhibit Hall E”.   And has a banquet seating capacity (tables and chairs) of 4,140. – SEE PDF –  With auditorium or stadium seating the capacity easily exceeds 6,000.

fire code 2

fire code 1


According to the Columbus Dispatch the Fire Marshal, a Democrat named Kevin O’Conner, made the arbitrary decision to turn away thousands of Trump Supporters and not allow them to enter the venue.  It was the fire marshal who set the arbitrary attendance limit at 1,000.

John Page, general manager of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, said that because of construction and another event moving out, the capacity for Trump’s event in Exhibit Hall E was set at 1,000 by the fire marshal(read more)

As noted by several media attendees covering the event, there was no visible construction whatsoever, and there was ample room for the supporters who were turned away at the door.

fire hall 5

fire hall 7

fire hall 6

Last weekend in Pennsylvania and Ohio the rallies of candate Hillary Clinton were sparsely attended reflecting a poor optic for a campaign that lacks enthusiasm.

Clinton Kaine PA 1 mitchell tweethillary ohio ame church

And it was just yesterday when the Democrat Columbus Ohio Mayor, Andrew Ginther held a rally for Hillary Clinton:

fire hall 11

fire hall 10

LINK– Yes, it would appear the political entities in/around the venues being used by Donald Trump are working earnestly to avoid the contrasting optics.

It is challenging for the media to present manipulated, agenda-driven, political polling – when the contrasting optics cut against their intended narrative.   All efforts must be made by the regional affiliates of the Democrat party to give the illusion of Clinton-Kaine viability.

Additionally, anyone who has ever done these events will tell you: you rarely, if ever, see the fire marshal get involved.  These capacity issues are driven by the venue owners and managers, in this instance the Greater Columbus Convention Center.


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371 Responses to Must Protect Hillary’s Optics – Thousands of Trump Supporters Turned Away By Democrat Mayor and Fire Marshal in Columbus…

  1. p'odwats says:

    We have no choice in this election, and as a former Cruzer I’m telling the NeverTrumpers I still talk to that there is no tomorrow if Hillary is president. She’s so compromised that her first duty in the White House would be to give away more trade and national security secrets (the ones she hasn’t given away yet) to settle her IOUs to all the crooked leaders and despots around the world she owes for “contributions” to the Clinton Slush Fund, er. the Foundation. If you thought things were bad now it would only get worse with that woman in the White House.

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  2. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Keep in mind that both parties do not want Trump as president and since both parties, the UniParty, control the media there will be nothing good published about Trump and nothing bad published about Hillary. But worse if that doesn’t work than they will try to take Trump out and it will not be by amateurs.

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  3. Just came across this in my email. To good not to share with everyone. Gotta love the Rock!

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  4. See how she likes these optics.


  5. AL says:

    check out drudge report right now…ex NSA official claims NSA has ALL Hillary emails……wonder why the FBI doesn’t just ask for them???

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  6. Martin says:

    BS poll from CNN.


  7. Jimmy Jack says:

    Maybe the Columbus police should spend time keeping Muslims from attacking people in Jewish restaurants from machete attacks and keep restaurant workers from putting glass in cops sandwiches.

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  8. Geri Smith says:

    what crap. I went to the San Diego Convention Center and they had 10,000 people standing. Shrillary can’t fill an elementary school.

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  9. wasntme says:

    A similar thing happened in Colorado Springs that I have not been able to get the whole story. Trump made comments about them not letting people in and them not knowing what they are doing. Naturally all of the clinton shills latched on to that and started bad mouthing Trump because he said something about the fire chief and wanting the fire chief to break the fire code blah, blah, blah.

    But then they said they let 250 more people in. So if they were already at max capacity like they claim, the fire chief broke his own fire code. But I think there is more to the story, like they venue was not full when Trump make the comments. But that won’t be reported in the msm.

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  10. KillingEmSoftly says:

    Did anybody actually read the linked article? It clearly states that the Trump campaign met with the Fire Marshall in advance (several weeks) and were informed that the capacity would be limited due to construction. At that point the Trump people should have just picked a new venue.

    I love this site, but this is about the 3rd or 4th article I’ve found where Sundance is just as guilty of “cherry picking” the “facts” as the liberal MSM crap.

    There is plenty of ammunition to fire at HRC without feeding into the fabrication of stories.


    • Michael says:

      KillingEmSoftly I must challenge your post. I read the linked article and all I read were hearsay comments. Public officials document everything to cover their you-know-what. Now should the Fire Marshall care to provide the signed contract that was undoubtedly required to book the venue I will retract my comments.

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      • KillingEmSoftly says:

        Ehhh, not necessarily…but I will say that after re-reading the article it appears he only met with them on Friday and it only says that capacity was restricted – I didn’t see the 1000 number listed…judging by the photos, there was certainly room for more people to safely attend the rally…perhaps they said capacity would be limited due to the construction, but never gave an actual number and then arbitrarily cut it off to feed into the optics? Not sure. Or, and if he did this it would be smart in my opinion, they did tell him the number and he knew more would show up and it would give him the opportunity to grandstand like he is….thus feeding into the narrative…the man is smart and calculating – which is why he scares the liberals so much. They see him as a worthy adversary…


        • Michael says:

          I wouldn’t put it past Trump clearly he is smarter than the average bear.
          However Sundance has a demonstrated political prescience and I am inclined to accept this piece at face value. After all the shenanigans by DNC in Philly I would not be surprised if a local petty-tyrant bureaucrat was “encouraged” to pull a stunt like this.


  11. Rod Venger says:

    Donald Trump has exhibited superior leadership and political skills. The fact that what he says outrages half the population is precisely the point. Hillary can’t get a headline with Trump in the news and he’s determined to stay in the news. He’s reeling them in, slowly but surely. In the end Hillary will be wondering where she went wrong. lol.


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