More Globalist Fail – Scotland Poll Majority Wish To Stay in United Kingdom and Out of EU…

After the Brexit vote, the immediate and continual cries from the failed globalists within the ‘Remain’ camp exploited a narrative of Scotland who had a majority vote to stay in the EU.

However, the most current poll (full pdf below) now offering Scotland the option to leave the United Kingdom and align with the European Union,  finds the majority of Scots want to stay in the UK even if it means they cannot access the single-market system of the European Union.

scottish independence

Additionally, there are many indications that Britain is on the cusp of a major economic boom as a result of the EU Brexit.  This poll is a significant fail for the narrative of the European and Western globalists.

(Reuters) Most Scots still back remaining in the United Kingdom despite Britons voting to leave the European Union, a move which was opposed by the majority in Scotland, according to an opinion poll published on Saturday.

Scotland’s nationalist First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the June 23 vote for Brexit had put Scottish independence back on the agenda just two years after it was rejected in a referendum.

While Britons backed leaving the EU by 52-48 percent, Scots voted by 62-38 percent to remain in the bloc, an outcome Sturgeon argues has changed the political landscape regarding possible Scottish secession.

However according to Saturday’s YouGov survey, 53 percent of Scots wanted to stay part of the United Kingdom with 47 percent backing independence.

Even when asked if they would rather stay in the EU but leave the UK, 46 percent of the 1,006 respondents said they wanted to remain in the UK and only 37 percent preferred Scotland becoming an independent nation within the bloc.

“Inevitably, some will suggest that the high-water mark of Scottish independence has now passed, especially as it was thought that leaving the EU might persuade ‘No’ voters to change their minds and vote against the Union,” said Joe Twyman, YouGov’s Head of Political and Social Research. (read more)

nigel farage 1

You can see the entire poll HERE and embedded below:

Just as multiculturalism was an admitted failure in 2010, 2011 and beyond, and with the entire world watching the crisis of mid-east refugees and increasing terrorism, the nationalist and patriotic sentiments in the various national political structures are now finding the pendulum shifting away from globalism.

The increasing shift toward self-determination and sovereign control now carries all the political momentum.

The liberally inspired cultural appeal of sitting naked around a drum circle eating sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other has run it’s course.  Common sense appears to be taking over again.

trump eagle 10


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70 Responses to More Globalist Fail – Scotland Poll Majority Wish To Stay in United Kingdom and Out of EU…

  1. Joan says:

    Hurray for common sense!

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  2. booger71 says:

    I am beginning to understand more and more why my ancestors left Scotland in 1652 and came to America

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    • I have observed many people expressing confusion over the behavior of Scottish voters over the last few years. They cannot resolve “Braveheart” and “Highlander” with the weakened culture they see today. My response is always 1) duh, those were MOVIES, but more importantly 2) most of the Europeans who thought and acted the way Americans think and act, left Europe a long time ago. WE think and act that way today because THEY ARE US.

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      • Keln says:

        This is a point I have actually written about before, that the colonization of America really drew the most adventurous and individualist people out of Europe.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I really loved #2, and it does make sense. However, as a young teen I read a lot of Scottish history, and many were brave Warriors. I just want to share a story that I learned long ago.

        The British soldiers were well hated and despised by the Scottish for many good reasons. So when the Scots would run into them they would display to them the sign language of a reversed peace sign of what we know today. This two fingered sign has the same meaning of our one middle fingered sign language, both face the same way.

        The British soldiers were well known to cut off those two fingers, so the Scotts would be unable to pull their bow and kill them in a confrontation. So, when the Scotts would come up on them or vice versa the Scotts would proudly display their two fingers.

        It drives me crazy to see hollywood and others to flip the peace sign, totally oblivious to the meaning the Scots still use today. The British and Welsh use the same sign as well, and I would suspect the Irish do too. I was even known to use it in my younger years. So, if you ever see someone from the UK display this sign, you will now know it’s true meaning. I can’t remember the book I read it in because it was so long ago, but I’m sure it’s on the internet somewhere.
        Have a beautiful weekend,

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        • Jacob says:

          Who are these “British” people you speak of?

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          • maiingankwe says:

            The British soldiers who were always fighting with the Scotts. I can look up some of the battles again for you if you’d like.


            • Coldeadhands says:

              Bannockburn 1314


            • 🙂 I believe Jacob is trying to point out that the Scots historically were fighting against the English. “British” simply means “of the island of Britain”; “British culture” is a recent concept, and the idea of a “British nation-state” is clearly still very tenuous. Technically the 1745 rebellion could be described as “against the British government” but realistically it was Scotland vs. England.

              I am very much aware of the history and culture of Scotland and the formidable talents of her peoples. And I should not have implied that EVERYONE in Scotland today is a gullible weakling. I apologize.

              But as Keln and wolfmoon1776 noted above, those who left Europe for the USA tended to be those who were fed up with Europe. Yes, the Scots were fantastic warriors, but after England kept abusing them, century after century, to the point of attempting genocide during the mid 1700s, many Scots simply decided “to hell with it” and left. I find no shame in that at all.

              And this happened all across Europe. The stubborn independent “troublemakers” tended to be those who came to the USA – and southern Africa, Australia, the Río de la Plata, and elsewhere.

              I recommend David Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed” for an introduction to this way of thinking about both American and European culture. I don’t agree with all of his arguments or conclusions, but it’s a fascinating, excellent book.


              • Virgo says:

                That is a great book arguing that the progress of history in America is more a matter of cultural tendencies of the various tribes of immigrants than landmark documents or particular political acts.

                As for Scottish independence, their complaints were misdirected at Whitehall because everything they complained about, ukip complained about, whose proper target was Brussels. Whatever abuse the English wrought on Scotland in the past is no longer true. In fact, as a population they are over represented in government today. Most realistic Scots know that an independent Scotland makes little sense. They are British now, albeit with a different accent.


        • Adventussaxonum says:

          1) Everyone knows that the two-fingered gesture was the legendary ENGLISH response to the threat of mutilation by the French, during the 100 Years War. This was due to the fear of the English longbow. The “British”(English) had no such fear of Scottish archers(such as there were). The English longbow decimated the French on several occasions and also the Scots,when they had the temerity to invade England in support of France.

          2) Scots and Welsh ARE British…perhaps even more so than the English (after all, the Ancient Britons pre-dated the English arrival). After the merging of the thrones of England and Scotland(under a Scottish king) and the Act of Union 1707, we all became “British”….for good or ill!


          • Mik says:

            The English like to be called English. Since so many foreigners living in England call themselves British, to call an Englishman British is like calling a Canadian an American


      • wondering999 says:

        In the 1740s, after Bonnie Prince Charlie’s unsuccessful revolt, many Scots had to flee to locations all over the world
        Scots fled to the Americas; to Germany; and even to Russia. The famous Russian poet Lermontov was from the family of the Earl of Learmont?
        “Family legend asserted that George Learmonth descended from the famed 13th-century Scottish poet Thomas the Rhymer (also known as Thomas Learmonth).”


    • My 9th great grandfather was sent to the US as a Scottish slave. We don’t know if he went voluntarily, kidnapped, or was a criminal sent as a slave, but here we are.

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      • CoolEdge says:

        but I presume you have the wrong skin color to get the reparations Obama says would “not be enough”? Yet half black Obama would qualify, even though his black Kenyan father is more closely linked to slave sellers than American slaves.

        But inconvenient truths like that won’t stop Obama/Sharpton/Lynch from being racist, inciting riots and getting rich off grievance industry shakedowns.

        I’d also read the Irish were treated worse than slaves, sometimes used in more dangerous work where bosses didn’t want to risk losing a slave. Life was very hard in Ireland back then … it’s hard to comprehend history in light of how bad life was for so many outside the “better” cultures.

        The coddled generations of late are way too quick to give away control of government to such two faced criminal hucksters as Hillary/Obama.

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    • aredtailblog says:

      Relocate our ancestors castles/remains and museums over here, that’s what we ought to do.

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  3. Martin says:

    Hundreds of years of oppression by the British, and the resultant poverty of a country with only whiskey and oil as main exports has given the Scots a poor mindset. Not much arable land, either. The Vikings raided elsewhere largely seeking land, as well. The Irish starved because the only thing that would grow failed once too often. Red-headed step-child likely originates there, and describes the Scots’ history to a T. But even the strongest and most stalwart of cultures has it’s limits.

    I continually saw that mindset in my father’s life. Even though he and his brothers were brought here young, he was always American in his heart, but no matter how successful he was, it was never enough to shake that coal miner’s son mentality. Not a bad deal, since I learned how to do a lot of things he refused to pay someone else to do. With three boys, who wouldn’t?

    Cowed, is what the Scots are, now. It’s only the older demos, as borne out in the data, that still dream of total independence from those Brits. For the others, their own Parliament is sufficient.

    Don’t worry about the Scots. They’ll hold their own as they always have, and they’ll keep supplying the world with The Macallan and The Glenfiddich to make your world a wee bit merrier…

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    I’m sure everyone will apologize to TRUMP publicly.

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  5. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    The bottom line is that you can only have one culture in a country as was clearly discussed and analyzed by Montesquieu in his book “The Spirit of the Laws” written in 1748 I believe.

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  6. Howie says:

    DDD Report:

    Three senior Irish bankers were jailed on Friday for up to three-and-a-half years for conspiring to defraud investors in the most prominent prosecution arising from the 2008 banking crisis that crippled the country’s economy.

    The trio will be among the first senior bankers globally to be jailed for their role in the collapse of a bank during the crisis.

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    • Wend says:

      Good! I was in Ireland for three weeks in 1995. Great place and wonderful people. Also lived in Scotland many years ago-I found them the least friendly of the three nations (never went to Wales)-but still many nice folks.


      • My dad, who considered himself Irish, visited both Ireland and Scotland and felt much more at home in Scotland! This got me and my siblings to wondering. Now, after looking at photos of Dad Mac and Ma Mac, Dad’s parents, we have decided that Dad Mac was Scottish (eyebrows and engineering ability) while it was Grandma Mac who was the full-blooded Irishwoman formerly known as Juliette Agnes O’Malley. I’m going to those two countries this fall – can’t wait.
        I’ve been to Wales twice and totally loved it both times.
        BTW – there are two groups in Scotland – the Picts and the Scots. IIRC, my FIL, who knew everything, said the Picts were dour, the Scots were cheerful. An Internet link said the Picts were/are probably NOT Celtic.
        My father and grand-father were both very cheerful. FWIW


        • WSB says:

          Wales is beautiful. Been through the Snowdonia mountains. Rented a castle with 6 other couples in Guthrie, Scotland, near Aberdeen. Found the Scots to be a bit shy for the first few minutes but great fun after that. Went to a dinner party, though. Thought we would be dining with only our hosts but the entire village showed up, all brought dishes and bottles of scotch drunk neat out of hi-ball glasses filled to the brim!

          Needless to say, we had quite a night of Robby Burns and dancing! Glad I didn’t have a cell phone.

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        • Beenthere says:

          You realize the Irish and Scots most likely have the same blood. Over the centuries they took turns immigrating to one another’s land.


    • Howie says:

      Nicola Sturgeon snubbed by EU member states including Germany
      Several central and eastern European states are reported to be concerned that meeting Ms Sturgeon would encourage other separatist movements.

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      • These govt people are hopeless! The Jura in Switzerland didn’t like being part of the Canton of Berne, so voted to separate in 1979. Of course, the Jura had been a sovereign state from 999 AD to 1815 AD, when they became part of Canton Berne and the Swiss Confederation. It’s all good.
        Also, Slovakia peacefully broke off from what had been Czechoslovakia in about 1989 overnight. The shocked Czech people still refer to residents of Slovakia as “our brothers and sisters.”
        I still think Iraq should have been broken into three parts back when Saddam Hussein was defeated. What’s the big deal? Only megalomaniacs want ever-larger political units. IMHO


        • darcy says:

          “I still think Iraq should have been broken into three parts back when Saddam Hussein was defeated.”
          The only good idea Biden ever had??? Or: the best idea Biden ever had?


    • Howie says:

      Iceland Jailed Bankers and Rejected Austerity—and It’s Been a Success
      Instead of imposing devastating austerity measures and bailing out its banks, Iceland let its banks go bust and focused on social welfare policies. It has now repaid 85 percent of U.K. claims, and the Icelandic finance minister announced recently that all will be settled by the end of the year.

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  7. spindlitis says:

    I watched a British comedy where the Scottish character was treated as sort of a hillbilly. Asked a few British friends and they said that was how the Scots were perceived.

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    • Wend says:

      Yes they are. The Irish are the drunken poets and the Scottish are the hillbillies. When I lived there I went with my Scottish roommates to a big party after a Scotland-Ireland football game. We hung around with these “Irish blokes” and they made the Scottish look like teetotallers-crazy evening! Another fun night I went to a real barn dance in one of the roommates’ home town. Lots of jockeys there, they were really nice and fun.

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    • vdorta says:

      These are normal fights among brothers and cousins. We Americans owe the philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment a lot: Adam Smith (the theory of capitalism), Adam Ferguson (the spontaneous order, or traditions working to make the future), etc.

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  8. Frank says:

    Scuutland would be courtin’ ze doom of the banshee if they gave up teh english gold for independence, and they dinnah want dat!

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  9. Notmeagain says:

    Since Brexit there has been an escalation of attacks in Europe. Maybe the Scots finally took a better look at the EU and the migrants and realized that being in the EU would mean taking in those invaders when they already had their backs to the sea.

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  10. sammyhains says:

    Disappointing if true.
    Scotland leaving the UK would be the absolute best thing for England.
    Labour would never form another government if they did, and the ratio of takers vs. makers would decisively swing in favor of the makers. Hopefully Scotland would take their debt with them, as well.


  11. RP says:

    People – remember Trump is Scottish…?

    “Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was born on the Island of Lewis, in Scotland, where she and her Gaelic speaking ancestors were the “caretaker/guardians” of the Callanish Stones many believe to have been erected as geographic “markers” mapping the Knights Templar’s voyages from Europe to America where their vast treasure and documents were hidden before the European discovery of the North American continent in the late 15th century.”

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  12. Yaupiko says:

    Reblogged this on TheWorldNow.


  13. TimeIsNow says:

    This and a major anti-Merkel march in Germany today telling her to resign. Europe is taking small steps to awake.

    I posted to someone saying that America has 50,000 troops protecting Merkel, that it was because of Globalists like Obama and Clinton, and that Trump would change that. YouTube censored that post and one other I made on there…. YouTube deleted my posts.

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  14. Stringy theory says:

    I lived in Scotland for a year (1979-80) and found nearly every Scot I met to be most friendly. Really hated to leave. The Scots are great people in my book.

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  15. watcher says:

    Could be that some Scott’s decided to get on the Trump train.
    As he has two world class golf courses there and relations with Britain will be good after he’s elected.

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  16. LP says:

    Sturgeon lost the referendum, was publically humiliated by the Brexit vote, was spanked by Brussels and now wants a second bite of the apple?
    Lack of support may be linked to her and her party’s passing of the ‘Named Person’s scheme’ that was just blocked by the High Court.

    The SNP is not what it seems.


  17. xyzlatin says:

    The most adventurous and forward thinking Scots migrated during the big gold rushes in California and Australia from 1850’s but many had already come out to explore from the 1830’s. They settled large areas of Australia and New Zealand farming many areas. The Scots then were very hardy and my father followed his father’s tradition of showering only in cold (often freezing cold) water every day of his life. The third Prime Minister of Australia was a Scot, Andrew Fisher. Fisher was born in Crosshouse, a mining village near Kilmaurs, East Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the second of eight children of Robert Fisher and Jane Garvin. He was a coal miner. The Scots also migrated to many other countries. The Scots were prominent thinkers because they believed in and valued, education and common sense. They were some of the great early engineers of railways, bridges and so on. I don’t know that this applies today.


  18. dekester says:

    I was born in Scotland, and emigrated across the Atlantic at the age of nineteen.
    The Scots are a very interesting race, many inventions and methods of governance were fine tuned there.
    I believe Canada’s first Prime Minister was Scottish. It is possible too that the founder of the U.S. Navy was of direct Scots decent.
    Having said that the Scots, like many Irish and Welsh suffer from a subtle form of self-loathing. Which has been manipulated masterfully by the English rulers from the South East.( like what is happening to you fine folks in the U.S. by your DC masters.

    I have thought a lot about our Mr. Trump and believe a great deal of that kindness we all see in him, and the modesty ( not portrayed by the media.) is due to his mothers influence. I worked a couple of summers out in the West of Scotland, near the Isle of Lewis. The people are as rule genuine, humble and hearty.

    We are lucky to have him lead our movement.


    • “Having said that the Scots, like many Irish and Welsh suffer from a subtle form of self-loathing. Which has been manipulated masterfully by the English rulers from the South East.”
      It is as nothing compared with the self-loathing of the English upper and upper middle classes for their Englishness. George Orwell understood it. In comparison, the Scots and Welsh have it easy-they are allowed to be proud of their nationality….it’s severely frowned upon in England (flying the Cross of St George is seen as somehow akin to wearing a Leibstandarte uniform to a synagogue).


  19. Kerry says:

    Majority of Scots who want to severe ties with the EU are the fishermen. They want May to reestablish UK territorial rights over their waters, EU currently can fish in UK waters.
    “Remains” to be seen if “no way, May” who was FOR remain and is equivalent to one our RINO sellouts here (Tories party) will stick up for her countrymen. After all, it was May who said not so long ago:
    “Islam is entirely compatible with British values.” This is said as Brits learn about mass child rape crimes, etc being committed by muslims. Prime Ministers are not elected by the people, they are appointed by the House of Lords.
    She cannot be trusted, hopefully the sheer might, anger, will of the British people will keep her on tract for Brexit, immigration and restoration of sovereignity.


  20. Anne says:

    Liberals lack common sense mostly because they don’t know the history of socialism, only some lame definition of it. The Soviets and Nazis were socialists, but liberals think socialism is uber democracy.


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