Fearful Democrats Erect Makeshift Interior Wall Around DNC Convention Stage…

I doubt you could find a more apropos visual representation for day #1 at the DNC convention in Philadelphia than this one:

DNC walls

A very hastily constructed interior wall surrounding the stage using metal crowd barriers and blue cloth drapes.

What/who do you think they were attempting to “block”?

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356 Responses to Fearful Democrats Erect Makeshift Interior Wall Around DNC Convention Stage…

  1. navysquid says:

    I have checked with my sources and the wall was erected because there are some Pokemon Go figures within the stage area and Hillary only wants them for………HER.

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  2. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    El campaign-o de Hillary es un joke-o gordo, tu comprende what yo am saying? Tim Queso es un gringo massivo, a massive gringo, but strugglos to appear-o otherwise-o, because Hillary needos el voto Hispanico in un big way, y so Tim must butchero la lingua Espanol at every opportunitio por mas pandering.

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  3. peppie says:

    Hypocrites, OH my God what an abysmal sanctimonious worthless lot of scavengers.

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    • WSB says:

      We have now seen the fruits of 40 years of indoctrination.

      I hear the DNC is going to produce a new musical for Broadway out of this event.

      It will be called, “Springtime for Hillary”

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    • Roguewave1 says:

      It’s not the riff-raff they keeping from rushing the podium the Demwits should be afraid of ruining their image, it’s the riff-raff at the podium who expose thier ignominy.


    • sayit2016 says:

      Wait…. what was Hillary saying about not building walls — that all you had to do was reach out and TALK? This stuff cracks me up. This cluster of a mess at the DNC makes the GOP convention look like beacon of virtue. DNC has gone “DARK” ! lol

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  4. georgiafl says:

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  5. maybe illegal alien speakers will climb over the wall to reach the podium. Lot’s of symbolism there

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  6. lahthoughts says:

    Donald Trump to Hillary. “Hilary Clinton, tear down that wall”.

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  7. vexedmi says:

    The Party of the People erects walls to keep their People away from them. But I suppose they will given a pass because their walls can be removed when they are gone and safe once again.


    • RG says:

      Just maybe there are no police present to protect them…after all, most police have a weapon on their side and there might be an incident…just saying.

      I think the wall needs to be higher–heck they could take note of prison windows and speak to the crowd (LOL) by phone via a microphone but visible to the audience…..I’m sorry, I have contributed too much thought on behalf of the Demo-rats.

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      • catluver99 says:

        I honestly don’t know why the Dems didn’t just send in speaking videos and sell popcorn and the delegates and audience could watch like people do at movies. Everyone safe, problem solved.


  8. delmarvajim says:

    Oh, the irony of the cloth color. Look at their “Thin Blue Line”. What BS these people are

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  9. WhiteBikerTrash says:

    The Democrat National Committee sees the future and have started building Trump’s wall!
    This section is to keep the Bernie believers out.

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  10. Ken Watson says:

    I bet the cameras manage to miss this, somehow.

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  11. uvaldegirl says:

    The carpet looks like the EU flag.

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  12. libtardsbegone says:

    So we can’t have a fence to keep the illegals out, but they fence off their own DNC attendees?! What a bunch of scaredy-cat hypocrites. The Bernie protestors should topple it and take Hillary down during her own coronation.

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  13. HillaryForPrison says:

    Heil Hillary! Keep the peasants away. Let them eat cake!


  14. Jimmy Jack says:

    They just keep giving Trump ammo. This is awesome. Keep it up Lefties, keep it up.

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  15. zombietimeshare says:

    By Thursday the fence will be topped with concertina wire, spotlights, and guards.

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  16. sayit2016 says:

    Question… Is is morally wrong to fall on the floor laughing at these morons ?

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  17. catluver99 says:

    I’m gonna say that this convention is dark, it’s very dark.

    I do hope our next president, Donald Trump, jumps all over this about the ‘WALLS’ the dems had to use to what, stay safe? LMAO! Oh the hypocrisy!

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  18. Dalisu says:

    The stage is itself a wall if they hadn’t put the stairs in. They really didn’t think this through.

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  19. mobiuswolf says:

    Ah, but did they make Bernie pay for it?


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