Monday Evening Convention Session – 7:30pm Live Stream…

Ongoing 7:30pm Evening Session Live Stream Coverage for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Key Note Speaker Melania Trump

RNC Live Stream Link

The remaining segments of the 4:00-8:00pm Right Side Broadcasting WAAR Radio With Wayne Dupree and Kambree Nelson coverage is also broadcast as lead-in, and on a separate dedicated thread.

rnc convention

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1,581 Responses to Monday Evening Convention Session – 7:30pm Live Stream…

  1. xyzlatin says:

    I think Senator Sessions is one of the most interesting males around. Has such a twinkle in his eye, and the cutest accent. He speaks truth clearly and seems to be very tenacious. I can’t understand people saying he is dull.

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  2. MzMaryMac says:

    From the way the media was talking I assumed the convention would be a disaster. But EVERY. SINGLE. SPEAKER. dazzled me! WOW! What a night! Now let’s get this guy nominated already!!!

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    • Sherlock says:

      They will paint it as a disaster, big “nevertrump” presence, etc. but anybody who watched any of it will simply see, once again, how the media lies.


  3. tuskyou says:

    CNN panel comparing Melania’s speech to one of Michelle Obama’s speeches. Tapper suggesting phrases lifted from Michelle’s speech. *This is the new narrative they’ll be pushing and we all know why.
    I refuse to let this ruin the convention for me. I thoroughly enjoyed watching today.
    Sweet dreams everyone.

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    • The Re-education Camp Media is evil.

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    • Trumpire says:

      Yep, Melania hit a grand slam tonight and the media is in a panic.

      You know what was actually lifted?

      Crooked Hillary lifted 6 Billion ($6,000,000,000) into her personal bank account , AKA – The Clinton Foundation, from the State Department Budget.

      Sex Offender Bill lifted off on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane to Pedo-Island. He also got a lift into a 3rd party plane to commit conspiracy and obstruct justice in collusion with the affirmative action Attorney General.

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  4. TrumpIllinois2016 says:

    You guys please watch C-SPAN. Cut out Fox News and CNN. Just watch the convention in full without interruption from elitist commentators. C-SPAN everybody.

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    • Sherlock says:

      I did that too, but at various points, including right after the adjournment, they featured Lee and the losers, trying to turn it into the story.


    • smartyjones1 says:

      YouTube. Ironically, no filters are available. Right here, right now on the Sundance channel.


    • NCPatrick says:

      That’s what I’m doing TrumpIllinois … C-Span is perfect, they show the crowd, no commercial interruptions, and no annoying spin after every speaker. I did click over to Lou Dobbs at 7:00 but saw that even Lou was going to do some spinning with guests who were desperate to describe to me what I’d just seen.

      Maybe we are all so well educated here at the Treehouse that we don’t need no stinking pundits to understand what we’re seeing. I thought, for example, that Rick Perry looked and sounded very sharp and good, but skillfully avoided even saying Donald Trump’s name.

      That is probably how some of the also-ran Republican speakers intend to handle their appearances. Who cares! It was brilliant, well staged, thrilling and emotional and precisely what we all needed. Wow.


  5. lahthoughts says:

    The DONALD is certainly checking on the GOPe speech writer who slipped a couple of lines in her speech to create the current uproar.


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