Overnight Dallas Police Ambush Updates (Press Conference) – 11 Police Officers Shot, 5 Dead – Four Suspects, 3 in Custody…

Dallas Police Chief and Dallas Mayor just gave a 1:30am Press Briefing.  Highlights:

  • ♦ 11 police officers shot  ♦ Five Dead ♦ Three Critical
  • ♦ At least four suspects.  ♦ Three in custody (one woman). ♦ Two in custody from a stopped vehicle noticed leaving the scene.  ♦ One female in custody
  • ♦ One suspect in current standoff with police claiming bombs planted in parking garage.
  • ♦ Police Chief states four possible snipers using elevated triangulated fire at specific point in protest rally march.  ♦ Appears to be planned coordinated to occur with Black Lives Matter March.  ♦ No motives ruled out.

dallas shooting 9 sniper kills cop

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1,062 Responses to Overnight Dallas Police Ambush Updates (Press Conference) – 11 Police Officers Shot, 5 Dead – Four Suspects, 3 in Custody…

  1. wyntre says:

    The revolution is proceeding according to plan.

    Between the 2 white cops killing blacks in Minnesota and Louisiana and 5 cops killed in Dallas, the stage is set for the summer, the Cleveland Convention and beyond.

    Anyone who thinks this is all coincidental has blinders on. BLM has been corresponding with Lynch and planning for riots at the RNC Convention.

    Last night’s assassination was obviously carefully orchestrated. No doubt the same is true for the Orlando Massacre.

    And notice how the POS is, once again, conveniently out of the country.

    Whites in the country are under siege.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Hillary is in on it too. Her statement lines up with BLM to draw black voters. She’s inciting more hate against police even though the police are the victims here. She has no clue about what’s good for America, only what’s good for HER.

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  2. Stephen says:

    Careful, careful! Don’t say anything that might reflect poorly on our African-American friends or they might not vote Republican!

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  3. wyntre says:

    5 Statistics You Need To Know About Cops Killing Blacks

    40% of cop killers are black. Blacks are just 13.3% of the population.

    Blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops.
    This is according to FBI data.

    According to MacDonald, the police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person.


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  4. PA Treepers:

    My amazing friend Kim Strengari owns 4 outstanding restaurants in Conshohocken and Ambler PA, as well as a catering business. Just saw on Facebook that Kim & her crew delivered beautifully typed letters of support, plus fantastic lunches, to the Ambler and Conshohocken PA Police Departments!

    Come vist Gypsy Saloon, Stella Blue and Southern Cross in Conshohocken, and Gypsy Blue in Ambler PA.



    BTW, Kim can’t post her candidate preference on Facebook as she doesn’t want to potentially turn away customers from her businesses. But she sure does “LIKE” the heck out of my pro Trump posts!

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  5. wyntre says:

    Just had to post this. Somehow, it seems relevant.

    Six Foot refugee smuggles self into Switzerland in small suitcase and then unzips it himself.

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  6. wyntre says:

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  7. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    The country is watching the horrible news of the 5 white police officers killed in Dallas, Texas simply because they were doing their jobs by protecting all people that call 911. (Black & White & Mexican & other races) Instead a black racist killed these innocent white policemen who were trying to protect all citizens in Dallas, Texas including the demonstrators marching because a black man was killed by a policeman who was simply trying to enforce the law from a black racist with a gun & also another black racist in Louisiana & black racist in Minnesota. The 2 black racists were not innocent men. They were dangerous black men who tried to kill the white police officers. For this, these innocent white policemen lost their lives & many more white policemen were injured. As usual Fox News was the only network that told the truth of what really happened, but not the other bias networks. The black racist man told the police that he killed the 5 policemen simply because they were white. You didn’t hear this from the other networks, just Fox News. Wake Up America & see how bias the other networks are. They are all Liberal. (Democrats). It’s very strange, that whenever President Obama leaves the U.S. for another country, these horrible things happen in one of our states. It almost seems like this might be planned ahead of time. Think about it U.S. Citizens. What about Orlando, Florida, Obama was in Cuba. In Dallas, Texas, Obama is in Poland. Strange?

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    • oodeluph says:

      No. Nor did it stop him from making another, unfounded criticism of police, just before this massacre took place. In any other society, that irresponsible, America-hating, community organizing, rabble rousing POS would have been dragged out of his hole and be dealt with like the Libyans dealt with Khaddafi, long ago, instead of being treated like a Faberge egg because of his skin color. How suicidally insane have we become???


  8. NHVoter says:

    This is why I can’t defend Bernie. Yes he’s right on trade but this? No thank you.

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  9. mazziflol says:

    Twitter called for action…they got it.


  10. sargnickfury says:

    There’s a lot of Race bating trolls on this very site…..keep your filters up, the propoganda machine is at work even here. We are NOT each others enemies…..the Marxist/Globalist elite are. Reverse trolling real, many pretend to be anti Cultural Marxist, and or conservative all the while supporting the racial division that Cultural Marxism was created to ferment. Racial division is the plan for the past century for over throw of our government and creating a Marxist police state. If you sew the seeds of division, you might as well be a member of Obama and companies staff.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      I agree. The left is already starting to link Trump to racial tensions…. just saw that Rev Jackson has already made the leap and named him directly. You are going to start seeing hte #nevertrumpers doing the same thing (Rubio for example).

      DNC has added full support for BLM in their party platform. So, there will be a LOT of race baiting going on to get something to happen.

      Don’t feed the narrative! Everyone here at CTH is smarter than this…

      There won’t be a “race war”, there isn’t a “civil war” going on. The agitators are paid for their services, they are being used to feed the desired political narrative.

      Once Mr. Trump is President, then the problems will be solved by re-establishing law and order, JOBS and more JOBS.

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      • I agree Sandra, so many desperately screaming “race war” and “civil war” and ” they are coming for our guns” even here on The Treehouse.

        Times in our country are indeed tense and even dangerous in some places and things will get more tense before Trump is sworn in.

        But the hysterical trolls everywhere, trying to get our citizens so emotionally worked up and panic stricken, seems to be a last ditch effort by the uniparty to retain control.

        They are losing and losing big.

        We are winning and winning huge.

        They are going to “pull out all the stops” before November and we have to be ready for it in every way possible physically, emotionally and spiritually.

        Expect anything and everything. Anything you can possibly imagine they will try, the sky is the limit.

        Please excuse all the trite cliche’s, I have been watching too many MSM news videos this morning and my IQ level does seem to drop after watching those reporterettes. .


    • Agree Sarg! I explain to my family and friends that BLM, “The Gay Lobby”, LaRaza, CAIR etc don’t represent the majority of the groups they claim to represent. Many/hopefully most people in this country really just want to have a nice standard of living for their families. Nice house, good schools, safe neighborhood, and a secure job that makes that all possible.

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  11. burnett044 says:

    I do not watch cable news and glad i do not use twitter…

    be safe out there Treepers…

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  12. Dale says:

    The FBI will investigate… yeah, the same FBI that investigated Hillary… I’m reminded of the movie “Star Chamber”… good movie.


  13. John Galt says:

    Birds of a feather

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  14. NHVoter says:

    I used to work in the criminal justice system Quincy – the officers there are a great group.

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  15. NHVoter says:

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  16. Dale says:

    If Obama was to declare martial law, who would enforce it? Obama hates the police and the military.

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  17. Shevtsova251 says:

    BLM, as said Bill O’Reilly in July 2015, is a group that was started by three women that work at Soros-backed organizations that are into community organizing, into kind of riling up activists, and Soros is still funding BLM. So the motive is WHO benefits, as it’s always the case in all humane matters.

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  18. Howie says:

    The first amendment gives the people the right to peaceably assemble to petition the ‘government’ for a redress of their grievances. Fine. But the Republican Party is not the government. I do not think the 1st amendment gives people the right to assemble en masse and harass the Republican Party convention to nominate a person to run for office. Trump is not even in the government yet. The convention is a private convention for republicans. These scumbags should be prevented from getting anywhere near it and prevent them from assaulting anyone who attends it.

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  19. czarowniczy says:

    OK, sorry if someone’s already mentioned it (I’ll be educated) but how many of we readers are old enough to clearly remember the late 60s/early 70s? Granted some of the clarity-related issues may be due to other than age, but all the same….
    Y’all remember the Black Panthers and Weather Underground (WU) with their ‘kill the pigs’ program? Remember the WU bombing the Haymarket Police Statue ( twice)? The sniper attack on the Cambridge police station? The bombing of Chicago police cars and bomb sttack in Golden Gate Park thatnkilled a police officer? The bombing of the NYC police hq? This isn’t an all-inclusive list of WU anti-police actions and nowhere near all of their other anti-government actions and doesn’t touch on their works with the Black Panthers.
    Two of the biggest and most vocal WU members were Bernadine Dohrn and her hubby, Bill Ayers. We’ve all heard the POtuS’s bragging about dinner and drinks with various radicals, especially the Dohrn/Ayers dynamic duo. From what we see neither Bill or his significant other have banked their revolutionary fires and Obama’s writings seem to indicate he was an empty and receptive vessel. Now we have him with his last and present AGs at the center of an anti-police and, arguably, anti-white pogrom. Could these ripe old Communist/Socialist revolutionaries be conspiring with our POtuS to breathe new life into their hoary quest for a People’s Republic of Amerika? The WU spent years trying to crawl up the Panther’s Butts with little success. Maybe now they see their fleeting chances given new life in the oreo god?

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  20. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    I believe the Democrat Party is behind the killing of 5 white policemen in Dallas, Texas, because they wanted to have people forget all about Hillary Clinton and her hearing on sending classified E-mails on her private server, which no doubt got into the hands of our enemy. This happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Now she has the nerve to run for President of the USA even though she has such a tarnished past. Donald Trump is right, she is Crooked Hillary and would make a dangerous President of the USA. After all of this, there is only one person that can be President of the USA and that is Donald Trump.


  21. winky says:

    Person narrating this video claims that there is 4 minutes of video that id deleted from facebook of the Dallas shooting. He shows that video….Also claims there was a drill in Dallas some 8 days before that



  22. Pam says:

    Here is an interesting discussion about martial law and the elections. Some callers way in with some opinions.


    • Pam says:

      To expand on this. It looks like a set up with BLM to get the elections cancelled with these riots according to some posts on that were on Facebook. See, freedom loving citizens get censored but BLM does not.


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