Moonbats -vs- Young Trump Supporters (video)…

This video has been getting a lot of attention.  A group of young Trump supporters are confronted by older moonbats – the resulting debate is quite humorous:

The Rebel Alliance is Winning !

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406 Responses to Moonbats -vs- Young Trump Supporters (video)…

  1. Ej says:

    BTW – my friend teaches in Chicago Public Schools. Her students also say Trump wants to send people back to Africa. Where did that nonsense originate?

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  2. Ok, this crap is just out of control. I saw the buzz about some new Reuters poll showing DT down 43% to 32% against Hillary. Of course I was immediately suspicious, so I dug around and found the pdf for the poll.

    Click to access 2016ReutersTrackingCorePolitical615.pdf

    Right up front you can see the sample sizes. I did the calculations and it is D:44%, R: 34% and I: 12.5%. Not sure what the remainder is because it doesn’t say.

    So, here is a poll that samples only 12.5% Independents and has D +10 over R and they put this garbage out as an actual poll?

    And Republicans are using this stuff to try to make a case that Trump is unelectable and shouldn’t be the nominee, etc.

    Are we literally not going to see a single credible poll this entire cycle? I’ve seen bias in the past, but never anything like this.

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  3. RINOkiller says:

    Reagan is laughing at all this desperation.

    You see how 1980 went?

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  4. LBB says:

    Trump crowd shots from media not only to not show numbers, but also not to show the diversity, including these young adults in video.

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  5. Sargon says:

    If we are going to call Orlando a hate crime, the biggest “hate” out there are from Muslims who are so offended by our diversity and values to violently act on their belief to gun down 100 innocent people that are unarmed and can’t shoot back.

    American civilians on American soil need protection from this.

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  6. traveltrey says:

    This is the email blast that I sent out to my group of friends/believers. We must all do our part each day to educate, educate, educate !!!


    I think that Trump is now doing so well across so many demographics, that we are starting to see a lot of ‘push polls’ coming out that show Hillary way ahead and this is being done purposefully in an effort to disrupt Trump’s momentum.
    Take a moment to read about Push Polls here:

    You need to disregard these polls and stay relaxed and continue to educate others. These polls are all part of the propaganda war that we are facing. Any of us could create a poll that gets us the results we wanted and that is what is going on here, too…. If you take a look at the ‘guts’ of any of the polls that come out, there are usually problems with the mechanics of the polls – and the primary ones are
    (1)Under-sampling of Republican voters in relation to Democrat voters, for example, the poll might have a breakdown was 38% Democrat, 27% Republican and 33% Independent. This built-in Democrat voter bias will tilt the poll in her direction, but is not representative of the overall population which is much more evenly divided between D’s and R’s.
    You may also see polls that have sampled only a small number of Independents – when you will see below that Independents are estimated to be 40% of the voting class.
    (2) Framing a poll around one or two biased questions that are specifically worded in such a way as to get the response that the push poll is wanting. Its not just asking a question – but how it is worded that can elicit the response we want. Think back to how test questions in school are phrased to try and trip us up and we miss the question because we thought it was asking the inverse of how we answered.

    You will hear a lot of noise from the media about how there are so many more Democrat voters out there — but if that were the case, I need someone to explain something to me that doesn’t add up:

    How are there so many states with full Republican control – Governor and both houses of state government?

    There are 23 states with full Republican control and 7 states with full Democrat control – the other 20 are split control.

    There are 31 Republican governors, 18 Democrat governors and 1 Independent (Alaska)

    The breakout by House or Senate member at the state level is roughly 55% R to 43% D

    So – as you can see – the narrative that there are so many more Democrats than Republicans is more mythology that comes from our left-leaning media. Yes – there are a lot of Democrat voters – but many are concentrated in a small number of states, such as California, Oregon, New York and New Jersey.

    The latest Gallup numbers (found at:, show that the majority of voters now consider themselves to be Independent – 42%. The remaining voters are: Republican – 26% ; Democrat – 29%. This 3 point gap is actually a little lower than the 4-5 point gap that has been present for most of the past 8 years.

    The biggest issue that the Republicans have faced is having a candidate for which most would actually take the time to go vote. We now have one – TRUMP —- and the Democrats, the GOP Elite and the media are just plain scared, as Trump will not follow along with the plans of the uni-party/corporate oligarchy.

    The other reason that I am convinced that the polls are completely biased and inaccurate is to just turn on a TV to any channel – or to look at the front page of any newspaper/print media. Have you ever seen one candidate/person get so much negative press —- regardless of whether the media outlet is left-biased or right-biased? If he were truly double digits behind – wouldn’t they be spending less time bashing and more time building up Hillary (however one would try to go about doing that….?)

    Is the negative press simply a way to distract us all from all of the current Hillary problems with e-mail servers, breaking the law and Benghazi? Or to distract us from yet another mass-murder of US citizens by a radical Islamist? Or to distract us from more failed Obama policies – whether national security, immigration policy, economic policy (such as a REALLY terrible jobs report on 6/3)? Obama will be the first US president in history to leave office not having seen GDP growth of at least 3% in any one quarter during his presidency. 32 quarters of sub 3% growth and porous borders letting in lots of unskilled labor that is willing to work for next to nothing is a good start of explaining how and why 93,000,000 US citizens are either unemployed or under-employed in our country.

    Food for thought……

    Please feel free to share….

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  7. Reality Wins says:

    After watching the video I think it might be easier if all Trump supporters carried mirrors with them. Everytime these idiots start screaming about ‘hate’ just hold the mirror up to their face. It may take a while but eventually some of them might get it.

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  8. keebler AC says:

    I’m glad there was a white woman there who was an equal dullard to the BLM spitter. Those kids were SPLENDID! Sharp and focused. They can’t vote but they certainly are helping to defeat the moonbats. I also notice the white teen takes on the moonbat woman. He asked her what her education was when she spouted that the kids should get better educated, and responded, “It’s sad you’re so vague” when she gave her answer. LOL. The crowd including the black camera man were laughing, not sure entertained would be the correct adjective. It was very disturbing to see this black man and white anti-trumpers out there canvassing for Hillary.

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  9. LBB says:

    I remember the KKK issue coming up at the beginning of the year or so. When I looked into and read full article. The opposition was trying to draw you into the conclusion that Fred Trump must of been championing all the bad things related .
    The detail on his actions is vague. You don’t know in what capacity he was there, and only that they discharged him from station. But listed with all those charged makes it sound more inflamed.
    It’s possible DJT wasn’t even aware of this. Maybe his Dad never shared for whatever reason, including maybe it was insignificant.
    I came away with a neutral decision, other than I do not see any evidence in the Trump family to indicate that they have any racial bias.
    I know some will not to read, but some may. The Rhinos didn’t succeed on this one, but Clinton machine may embellish it more. Also in case it comes up when people talk about this video, etc.

    Full newspaper clipping

    snopes take


    • MVW says:

      Smear attempt. Nothing but smear.

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    • WSB says:

      From this account, being discharged may mean that Fred Trump could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t do anything, that’s why he was discharged.


    • Wikunia says:

      Sure, sure… Trump should be responsible for his father’s action, should be ashamed of getting a loan from his father…. Hillary on the other hand should never, I repeat never be responsible for her husband actions like raping women and such….


  10. MVW says:

    I don’t tolerate the loud name calling and shaming attempts. I don’t tolerate the disrespect. How did those young Trump supporters put up with it?

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    • d4j says:

      They demonstrated poise, intelligence, and civility
      in the face of hostile, aggressive, illiterate, and ignorant blathering.


    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. They have truth, common sense and reason on their side they don’t need to get angry and froth at the mouth. Besides, from the looks of them, they have parents who love them and raised them. They were’nt dragged up the were brought up.


  11. deanbrh says:

    Thanks for this video, Sundance. It did my heart good to see young kids unswayed by a rabid adult, and it showed me the kind of fool who will be on the “other side” during the Civil War.

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  12. David R. says:

    AWESOME!! Wow, I definitely needed to see that! If we have a remnant of young people like these who are armed with facts and stand strong in their beliefs, there is hope. Small as it might seem right now, there is hope. God bless those young people!!!!!

    They almost made you feel bad for the thug/protestor. Almost.

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  13. keebler AC says:

    The video jumped 5,000 additional views in one hour. Right now, 145,755 to keep track 🙂

    Please forward and share lots. These kids deserve to be heard. They represent the shedding of the lunatic Democrat followers and the start of MAGA. Be sure to add in the points about how Fred Trump was in the wrong place at wrong time. Counter the crucial point that Hillary and Bill were the ones directly mentored by KKK Grand Klansman Byrd who enjoyed throwing the “n” word about – in this century.

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  14. Madeline Perrin says:

    That young man did great. It’s difficult to watch such an uninformed adult argue with a kid about things he obviously knows nothing about. He should have taken lessons from the young people. The woman, sticking her nose in, was as uninformed as the black gentleman.

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  15. Totally Domestic says:

    New Generation Black vs Has Been generation Black


  16. LadyOfLit says:

    This was awesome to see and hear if you can get past the ignorant fool screaming at these kids! I am proud of them for standing up to the real haters! MAGA is WINNING!!! 🙂


  17. daughnworks247 says:

    This young black man, 16 yrs old, is most impressive and well-spoken. I see a scholarship in his future.


  18. tommyd22 says:

    So according to the older black man Trumps father and grandfather were both in the kkk and Melania Trump is an illegal… LOL

    This is too funny the things low info people will believe..
    What we are witnessing first hand is how the democrats have been able to keep control of so many for the past 4 or 5 decades.. Keep them in the dark and feed them s#!t.

    Unfortunately for them their strangle hold on the information disseminators is fading fast..


  19. Elconguero says:

    The only racist in this conversation is the guy of black lives matter


  20. Concerned says:

    These adult BLM idiots are SO out of line, especially the black dude who is YELLING at the young people. But the white woman is hardly better, insulting these young people. Shameful. Shameful. These young people are very special and brave. I’m so proud of them!


  21. cjzak says:

    These kids were impressive. They were courteous and never lost their cool. They tried to respond and wanted to have a conversation with these people. They knew their stuff and we’re confident and direct without attacking this guy or even really raising their voices much. I have never felt better about the younger generation than I did watching thes 4. They showed me there is still hope for the future of America. I hope Mr.mTrump sees this and contacts these kids to thank them and tell them they did a great job in the face of complete ignorance from an adult.

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  22. Travis Bickle says:

    Wow! This guy actually gets to vote! That’s the problem. His ignorance is astounding.


  23. jvlovesk says:

    Democrats are among the most ignorant people I have ever met. the dnc & the media want to keep them ignorant so they can keep feeding them lies. So sad and sickening. But in a brighter note that kid is awesome!!


  24. Paul Keller says:

    fay black and gat is no way to go through life son


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