Stunning Hidden Agendas Exposed – Trump University Lawsuit Brought By Firm Who Paid $675,000 To Bill and Hillary Clinton…

Bloggers and researchers doing the digging MSM reporters refuse.

Research by Lawnewz has discovered the legal firm behind the Trump civil action lawsuit paid Bill and Hillary Clinton massive amounts of money for speeches and advocacy during and after Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State:

President Obama, Officials Attend 9/11 Memorial Museum Opening Ceremony

[Via Lawnewz] Donald Trump has undoubtedly made the class action lawsuit against Trump University a prime campaign issue. For the last several days, he has been on a tear against federal Judge Gonzolo Curiel who is overseeing one of the class action lawsuits against Trump University. In the lawsuit, former students claim that the University and Trump violated federal law by luring them to sign up with false promises and then defrauded them once they handed over their checks. discovered that when it comes to politics, Robbins Gellar Rudman & Dowd, the law firm behind the class action lawsuit, is not exactly neutral either. Our analysis, using data compiled by The Washington Post, found that Robbins Gellar Rudman & Dowd paid the Clintons a total of $675,000 in fees for speeches since 2009. Hillary Clinton gave a speech for the law firm as recently as September 4, 2014.

Bill Clinton also gave a speech for the same fee back in 2014, and another one in 2009 before the firm had been renamed (they used to be called Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP). In fact, of the five law firms that paid for Clintons to speak in the last few years, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd paid out the most money.  (read more)

In addition GotNews is reporting on the Open Borders immigration position of the judge overseeing the Trump civil case.

judge gonzalo curiel 2Trump arizona 4

Donald Trump has accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel as having a bias, a specific agenda bias, to the benefit of the plaintiffs in the case; and it appears he is correct.

Judge Curiel, an activist for illegal immigration, even went as far as to work on behalf of San Diego La Raza activists to select illegal aliens for scholarships.

judge Gonzalo Curiel

(pdf link)

More on the La Raza connection to Judge Gonzalo Curiel is HERE

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229 Responses to Stunning Hidden Agendas Exposed – Trump University Lawsuit Brought By Firm Who Paid $675,000 To Bill and Hillary Clinton…

  1. TwoLaine says:


    Drown the DEMORATS! Drown ’em all!

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    • Stringy theory says:

      Drown’em in their own cesspool.

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      • Joe's Dad says:

        “It has to end.  Trump needs to print out all this and go on Faux and show it to the lick spittle lap dog beta male b!tch and his posing cohort, then give them a much closer look by grabbing them by the hair on the back of their heads and rubbing it into their faces until Biff has broken into barking sobs, and Mimsy has her mascara smeared all over her face and yelling at Biff to stop his crying.  Then Trump needs to trash the studio, sucker-punching Roger Ailes on his way out while blowing a kiss to Smegyn “Butch” Kelly.

        There, I think I covered all my bases.  Oh yeah, and leave an “upper decker” in the androgynous bathroom on leaving.  Yep, that ought to do it.  Then play that on the Jumbo Tron at his acceptance speech in Cleveland in July, bringing the crowd to their feet over and over and over again.”

        Wish I could take credit for that comment, but I found it elsewhere. Still very much appropriate here though.


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      • Howie says:

        Simple, this is a crooked lawsuit to distract from the criminal prosecution of Crooked Hillary. The Crooked Media will play it in an endless loop.

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        • margarite1 says:

          I just saw the evening news and was screaming at the TV – I am sick to my stomach at the slanted propaganda our so called journalists puke out. It was all trashing Trump and didn’t he think he should be accountable….while the witch gets away with the most flagrant abuse of our laws and they say nothing. And then there were so called vets featured saying that Trump only gave to the vets for himself…WHAT? He gives them 5.6 million and it was only for himself? So they’d prefer he gave nothing like the rats? The bias is absoutely overwhelming!

          Dear God, protect this courageous man so that we may prevail.

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          • Lindenlee says:

            This whole campaign is exposing the putrid underbelly of so many of our institutions. I want to punch these guys out and take that smug sanctimonious grin off their faces!!


        • kellymoncus says:

          Exactly, a relatively minor civil case that Trump could settle tomorrow versus a 3rd degree Felony including Treason ?

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      • Southern Son says:

        Dunk ’em for a couple days, then Drown ’em in their Cesspool.
        On second thought, let’s have a lottery so Everyone gets a chance to dunk ’em!

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    • srr says:

      ” … everywhere, everyone thinks the same thing … kill them all …”

      God’s Gonna Cut You Down (The Boondock Saints)

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  2. The Boss says:

    Trump must have been writing tweets on his jet to pass the time going from coast to coast. Never a wasted opportunity…what we need in the White House for at least eight years.

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    • sayit2016 says:

      I am going to start calling Trump ” Mr Sunshine” he is shinning light on just how systemic the deep and dark corruption is.. Shine on !! TRUMP 2016 !!!!

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    • The Boss says:

      FYI – Silly me. I thought he was going to California today (5/31). He’ll be there tomorrow (6/1). Well, he can still tweet from his jet, regardless of the day.


  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    As WE all know the system is rigged by those with big money and with big money almost anything can be done.

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  4. RINOKiller says:

    You see what CNN just discussed, as would be suspected just months ago here?

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    • Howie says:

      CNN, Crooked Newz Network, With a crooked show full of crooked pundits, babbling about a crooked lawsuit , with a crooked judge.. Disgusting.

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  5. Holy crap! The cesspool is so frikin deep, TwoLaine. This is probably just the beginning.

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  6. Matamoros says:

    Curiel should be first on Trump’s deportation list. Get these people out of our judiciary.

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    • reggiemeezer says:

      Sorry, he may be a POS, however, he was born in East Chicago, Indiana so can’t be on any deportation list here in the US.

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      • Kroesus says:

        I have only seen his parents referred to as “Mexican”…..if they were here illegally then he is NOT a citizen and holds no legitimacy under the 14A…..b/c the Open Borders crowd SAYS birthright citizenship is a right doe not make it legally so

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        • Aaron says:

          That just happens to be what the Constitution says. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.


          • Edward Goble says:

            Aaron… The constitution does not say that specifically. The practice of “birthright citizenship” is against the intent if the 14th and should be challenged. The precedent that’s used to legitimize “birthright citizenship” is too loosely interpreted. Also, under the Mexican constitution (and I use this example because a lot of the illegal foreign nationals are Mexican), any child that’s born to a Mexican citizen, even if they’re in another country is a Mexican citizen. So unless that illegal foreign national becomes a US citizen any child that is born to them is a citizen of their native country and NOT the US.


      • No but could Trump fire him and replace him and all the other activist La Raza-like judges appointed by his predecessor?

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        • bertdilbert says:

          Once the president appoints you it is for life is my understanding.


        • sayit2016 says:

          I see a ” change of venue” looming on the horizon…or a complete dismissal…Start contacting the Judges office…register your DISTRUST of his judicial position. Prop 187 was blocked by a Judge whose WIFE was a LA RAZA supporter… can ANYONE say– conflict of interest ???

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        • plasmacutter says:

          If he declared war on Mexico, the war powers provisions of the constitution and existing laws, including the patriot act, could be leveraged to not only unseat, but deport any justice or other government official associated with La Raza as an enemy agent.

          The more that gets uncovered, the more I think an “administrative” declaration of war (with zero shots fired) would be most efficient at getting this done.


      • he should have judicial charges filed against him for releasing the papers. (he probably will have those filed – against him.)

        Nonetheless, they whole Trump U conspiracy to enact falsely against Trump for political maneuvering is going to crumble – when the judge leaked transcripts – both depos, if you look up the individuals depo’d, have serious issues – and surprisingly(!) they are not held accountable for their malfeasance to become dishonestly hostile in statements. Likewise, last leak – when they had a class-act complainant interviewed and reveal his own false recollect of why he was even on the complaint, that allowed release in the public forum of actual fact based history documents re this whole political attempt to use the court system to discredit Trump.

        Judicial activism to cover for political allies is not legal.


      • markie71 says:

        And…? Curiel was/is an “anchor baby”. Being born in this country doesn’t guarantee love of country, especially by immigrants, legal or illegal, which Judge Curiel’s parents were.. Another “American” was the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen.


  7. yakmaster2 says:

    Being an advocate and activist for any illegal activity or assisting anyone in breaking the law should get any lawyer disbarred and any Judge removed from the bench.
    Let’s do a Twitter campaign linking this Judge to SD’s La Raza pdf link as someone who apparently believes only SOME laws matter.

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  8. jojo says:

    I love how the corruption is continually being exposed. The MSM, I include Fox in that, can’t lie to us anymore. Thanks to all the bloggers and detectives working to drill down and get the facts. Let’s see how long it takes the MSM to figure this one out. GO TRUMP Our citizen selected candidate.

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    • markie71 says:

      Old Rupert stepped down as head of FNC last year, July 1, 2015 and handed it over to his left leaning sons, James and Lachlan. FNC has taken a hard left turn since they were installed. James is in NYC and Lachlan in Hollywood at 21 Century Fox.

      Rupert hates Donald Trump and has told FNC to take him down.

      Trump 2016!


  9. Howie says:

    Now they are giving out trade secrets of how to make money in real estate on CNN. Sue them.

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  10. Uptothere says:

    Too many of these so called judges infesting our judicial system!

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  11. Nothing to see here. Nope. Not political at all. 😉


  12. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    Money trails usually leads to a better explanation than any other form of communication could convey.

    Evidence lacks glitter but speaks with heavy voice

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  13. jstanley01 says:

    Trump University is hardly the man’s finest hour. But that’s literally all they’ve got on him, so that’s what they’re going to go after tooth and nail. Meanwhile Hillary’s non-prosecution by Obama’s Justice Department goes uninvestigated and unreported — just one “for instance” where the Democrat presumptive nominee and rapist enabler is getting a pass.

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  14. facebkwallflower says:

    Targeting Trump well befory?e known he was going to run. . . . targeting to takedown……How was it known he was going to run?

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    • MVW says:

      Good question and one no doubt Trump has asked. Loose lips in Trump Tower.

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      • srr says:

        Trump’s/The People’s enemies have been trying to push Trump into running, For Decades, long before he amassed enough wealth of finances and more importantly, wealth of Loyal Fellow Soldiers, but, as usual, he wouldn’t be pushed to run until he was ready to Win!

        The man didn’t get this far without having a lifetime of smart, observant, Loyal, ‘eyes and ears’, all over the world, at every level of society.

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    • Charlie says:

      a lot of people THOUGHT he might run, so they were preparing in case he did.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Remember the Correspondents dinner, where Everyone Roasted Mr. Trump?
        He took it like a Man!
        It is gonna be Wonderful and Entertaining, when he Takes Them Down.
        Drowning them one by one in their Cesspool of Corruption.
        The Day of Reckoning is soon to come to pass.
        There is No stopping a Man, when he Knows he is Right, and Keeps on Coming.


        • Tee says:

          My first thought when DJT announced his candidacy: The price of their “fun” at the correspondents dinner is going to be pretty steep, they just don’t know it yet. And oooh wheee, it will be interesting. It’s just now beginning in earnest and will culminate in the customary WH tour for the new occupants. But I’ll bet anything the current occupants won’t have the courage to do it.


    • Well, for ONE thing, he ran (briefly) in 2012.

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  15. MVW says:

    The question is who gave the money to the law firm to give to crooked Hillary? And who is backing the judge? Did the judge or his family get money?

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    • Commonsenseyouthink says:

      A very good question. Seems questions like that never get answered though, unless the question is about the other side.


    • george Archers says:

      Question should be–who appointed this judge to hear the case?????
      I’ll bet the same tribe members who made sure a Zionist Judge solely heard and dismissed all the 911 family law suites. Isn’t America Just’ass wonderful?


  16. Geri Smith says:

    “Judge Curiel, an activist for illegal immigration, even went as far as to work on behalf of San Diego La Raza activists to select illegal aliens for scholarships.”
    This is a violation of the law by aiding and abetting illegals. Gonzalo needs to be thrown in jail and disbarred.
    Gonzalo P. Curiel
    Location: Courtroom 2D (2nd Floor – Schwartz)
    Suite 2190
    221 West Broadway
    San Diego, CA 92101
    (619) 557-7667

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    • WSB says:

      From what I understand, the Fulbright program is riddled with illegal recipients.


    • It’s all about globalism -vs- nationalism. We either have a country or we don’t.
      The globalism corruption is indeed buried very deep in our judicial system all across the good ole USA.
      Just sit back and watch the globalist show during the 2016 general POTUS election.
      This is just the beginning and it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Trump University’; that is just the Segway to spoof the stupid people.
      Trump has won with the smart Americans, regardless of party or lack of party, now it’s about winning over the stupid people.
      With stupid people, anything goes, especially, reality garbage shows.

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  17. Suzy Kiprien says:

    Crooked Hillary has her filthy fingerprints all over the place on this story.

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  18. eric says:

    spineless media once again no where to be seen!!!!

    Trump can not get in office fast enuff!!!

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  19. Rarg says:

    They tried the same shit with that Michelle Fields broad and they got eggs on their faces 😦
    Maybe they want them mushy scrambled this time instead of over easy…save the over hard for the
    next attempt, pathetic fools 😉

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  20. freepetta says:

    I sure do hope Mr. Trump is aware of the money the plaintiff has paid Bill and Hillary. That is just startling. What a bunch of despicable pigs!

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  21. winky says:

    I heard someone commenting on some show that Trump could be guilty of charity fraud!! These jerks are going to milk this for whatever they can to keep the heat off of the pig HRC…

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  22. This too shall pass. Trump is man of destiny. It has been proven time and again and his enemies are laid bare before him.

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  23. Jeff says:

    The MONSTER VOTE emboldens a new insurgent MONSTER MEDIA . Sundance on point leading the way !

    Who remembers the guest post on the statistical analysis of the projected 2016 November turnout ?

    People are emboldened to come forward and get the truth out with Mr Trump leading the charge . The communist infiltration is at INFESTATION levels . Sunlight is the best remedy for extermination of this scourge.

    Every time Trump calls out the lying scum media he gathers another for the MONSTER VOTE .

    The GLOBALISTS ( NWO is global communist central planners ) expected the tea party types to emerge . They used so called conservative media to capture bond with those people . The goal ultimately to convince them that SURRENDER was their best ” principled ” option .

    Rather than vote for ” the lessor of two evils ” or ” Not a REAL CHRISTIAN …the high horse Christians have built their own Tower of DRIVEL puritanism that Jesus himself wouldn’t qualify for their ever moving ” constitutional conservative ” standards .

    Any Fool can see we didn’t get so far afield from the constitution in one election cycle …but apparently the #Never dupes thinks they are SUPERIOR voters by ….NOT VOTING ……they are the REAL LOW information voters …duped by their TV set that stokes their own child like insane EGO to believe their SURRENDER ..makes them better than you or I who understand the dirty game of politics is OUT WIT …OUT LAST …AND OUT PLAY !!

    These goals are near completion with Obamatrade being #45 and Obama just opened up arms trade with communist Vietnam ( see #4 )

    The delusion of TRANSGENDER and now pedophilia is ” normal ” sexual preference …see #’s 25 and 26

    This effort to transform America has been decades long . Obama was SELECTED to drive a wedge in America over the false premise of “RACISM ” A word made up by Trotsky in 1927 to use the divisiveness that an EGO guided mind is so easily subject to … usher in communism disguised as CIVIL RIGHTS .

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  24. wasntme says:

    There are at least 7 books from Trump University on Amazon right now. They all have 4 star or better reviews. I would think that these books would be teaching basically the same course as they do in a sit down class. Appears there may be some underachievers trying to blame their lack of intelligence on Trump.


    • realitycheck6 says:

      The original concept designed by the AI and edeucational brains behind trump U were cannibalized after trump decided he needed to generate money ….. it would be interesting to know if these books were part of the original design or the seminar “scam(?)” it became. The original designers are not much for “textbook” or lecture type teaching.

      The orginal plan was designed to be online, learn by doing classes and lessons.

      I wonder if these books and audio books came after the orginal designers left TU because the publish date was 2006 which was two years after conceptualization and launch. (The original brains behind the program left approximately 2 years (early 2007) into the plan because trump was interested in doing the seminat idea to “generate more money quickly’ for himself.


  25. cali says:

    I look at all this vendetta and vitriol against DT differently: I smell fear – nothing but fear based on DT’s projected win as the best choice for president this season. Think about all the dangers our man poses to these Wall Streeters et all and their foot soldiers in DC involving both parties. As Sundance has proven time and again – trillions are at stake! Does anyone really think these bastards will go quietly into the night? Surely not – whatever is being used by these agents is used out of fear. That is the cause of actions by Hillary et al and Wall Street et al with the assist from their agents strategically placed in courts and other institutions. The complete apparatus of these agents and their placed foot soldiers – as this judge – are behaving like they originate from planet ‘crazy ape shit’. They are struck by fear!

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  26. Do blogs get nominated for investigative awards in journalism? I think this one should, not that Sundance would want to be grouped together with journalists. But this reporting is superb.


  27. Another reason that even with |Trump in office that we must come together locally and defeat the vermin that are in office. Consider joining with your neighboirs on


  28. stepman2001 says:

    This is another reason why we must join together locally to remove the vermin that exists in OUR GOVERNMENT. We the “Self-Governed” have had enough. Even with Mr. Trump, we must be united in our efforts to wrestle back control of OUR government from the scoundrels whom are acting so empowered.

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  29. stepman2001 says:

    Reblogged this on stepman2001 and commented:

    Here you are. Another prime example of how the fix is in and we are getting screwed. Whether you are Mr. Trump or Mr. Durfee!


  30. stu says:

    George Bush, McCain, and Romney, would have let the media get away with this slanted story.
    I’m sure Donald Trump is not going to let that happen, nor should he.
    This is, as Patton would have ordered, an outer line of defense.
    There will be others, and each of those lines must be defended with vigor.


  31. realitycheck6 says:

    Keep in mind the original lawsuit was filed in 2010, way before trump’s Presidential bid


  32. Bill Thurston says:

    Robbins Gellar Rudman & Dowd is not a judge or a prosecutor. They are an advocate of the plaintiff in the Trump lawsuit. They do not have to be neutral, nor are they expected to be. Their duty is to represent their clients to the best of their abilities. Unless payments for speeches to the Clintons in any way hamper their ability to represent former students of the Trump University, I don’t see any problem. Lawyers represent all sorts of clients. If you found that Judge Curiel took money from the Clintons, then we would possibly have a reason to worry but that is not the case.


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  35. moe ham head says:

    once again who is surprised by any off this shite anymore


  36. deanbrh says:

    Does anyone else predict that Marshall Law shall be declared at the GOP convention , because of paid and organized Protesters causing havoc, and Ryan will choose JEB/Romney to be next president. Today Ryan said he will vote for Trump….that’s just window-dressing!


  37. Heidi Dudek says:

    wow what scandalist bill and hillary la raza paid for a stupid lawsuit on trump good they fear him he make a great president


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