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Like A Boss: Moonbats Block The Street – So Donald Trump Walks In…

If it were possible to squeeze a bit more respect into an already overflowing perspective therein, well this just does the trick. The moonbat protesters block the streets leading to the California venue where Donald Trump was giving a keynote address.  … Continue reading

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Current Desperation – There are Trillions of Dollars At Stake…

From October 2013 forward we have discussed the presidential election of 2016 and foretold/warned what was to come.   There are trillions of dollars at stake. The culmination of four years strategic planning (2011 – 2015) from Wall Street -via legislative priorities- are … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Indiana Today: DefeaTED Cruz Speaks To Half Empty Room, Polling Affirms The Reason….

QUESTION:  When was the last time you heard anything joyful from the entire enterprise (including the Glen Beck/Mark Levin types), of those who support Ted Cruz? Within that answer you discover the reality of their situation. Desperation breeds anxiety; anxiety … Continue reading

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Governor Pensive – Indiana Governor Mike Pence Gives Fence-Straddle Endorsement…

Indiana Governor Mike Pence was under tremendous pressure from the Moonbats, barking spiders, and ju-ju bone throwers within what’s left of the #NeverTrump movement.  Examples: HERE (Erick Erickson) – and also HERE (Little Ben) In addition, Governor Pence was fielding calls … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Keynote Speech at California Republican Convention – 3:00pm Live Stream…

Candidate Donald Trump is delivering the keynote speech today at the California Republican Party Convention’s Kickoff Lunch Banquet in San Francisco, CA.  Mr. Trump is scheduled to speak at 12:00pm PDT / 3:00pm EDT Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream … Continue reading

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Violent Latinos Arrested During Anti-Trump Rally…

Angry Mexican and South American Latino activists took to the streets last night to promote the culture of violence and anger that exists within their community.  Proudly waving the Mexican flag the anti-American domestic terrorists created mayhem. Under the guise of an anti-Trump rally, … Continue reading

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