The Paid DC Shills Continue – Erick Erickson Now Attacks Paul Ryan Primary Opponent…

It’s predictable; it’s transparent (if you dig into it); and yet it remains as one of the most undiscussed aspects to the current political climate:

Multi-media political pundits, including big name National Radio Talk Show Hosts, being paid by DC operatives, Super-PACs, and Campaigns to protect the establishment figures. (see here)

They hide, at least they try to, behind layers of constructed LLC’s intended to protect them from sunlight.  They also rely upon delays in legally required reporting timeframes to carry out their goals and avoid discovery until after they have been successful in their efforts.

resurgent media - ryan defense

Another example surfaces today. Erick Erickson’s new faux-conservative media enterprise “Resurgent” launches a defense of House Speaker Paul ‘Omnibus’ Ryan, with an opposition research effort against Ryan’s opponent, businessman Paul Nehlen.

Gee, that didn’t take long.

Erickson formerly of Red State launched Resurgent to provide a new mode of attack against any political insurgent who doesn’t fit the Washington DC approved definitions of “conservatism”.   A principle highlighted within his own establishment bona-fides as Erickson proclaimed: “Governor Jeb Bush is the most conservative governor I know“.

Where people get lost is in accurately attributing the financial motivations behind such ridiculous proclamations.  These endorsements, opinions and espousals carry a rather indulgent financial benefit.

Resurgent is an operational affiliate of “SRG” – the “Stone Ridge Group” – You can click the links to discover some of the faces behind the mysterious political media enterprise(s).

If you scroll to the bottom of the Resurgent Website Page – you can see the SRG signifier.  When you do a little research you discover “Resurgent” is nothing more than a paid mouthpiece of the entire DC enterprise:

[…]  “For more than a decade, the Stoneridge Group has been the definitive resource for GOP candidates seeking innovative strategies, unique designs and an uncommon commitment to victory.” (link)

You can clearly identify that Erick Erickson is not presenting media in the way you would normally define it – Resurgent is a paid political operation, with strategic goals and objectives.

In this current example, the objective is to protect Speaker Paul Ryan and eliminate the threat that is Paul Ryan’s opponent, Paul Nehlen.

Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen

It can be challenging to track down all the financial drivers of these intents, but if you are willing to invest the time and effort to scour through hundreds of pages of FEC reports – Starter Link Available HERE – You will begin to see the layers upon layers of LLC’s, which have been created to shield the effort.

Some of the activity has become even more complex as the Super-PAC’s are even sending each other money to fund additional attacks against their aligned opposition.  This provides yet another layer of secrecy from the originating entity.

Here’s some examples of discoverable payments:

Keep the Promise PAC (Kelly Anne Conway) sending Stand for Truth PAC (Mitch McConnell’s attorney Eric Lycan) $100,000.

KtP III March

What does Stand for Truth PAC do with the money?:

sft 2

How does Erick Erickson get paid?

Here is an FEC filing showing Erickson getting paid by Keep the Promise PAC (Pro Cruz)

resurgent media 3

resurgent media 2

Above and below you see another FEC filing, of yet another Super PAC, Our Principles PAC belonging to Katie Packer.  In these examples Erick Erickson is being paid by Mitt Romney’s infamous toady, Packer. – Recent Back Ground

Katie Packer, through Our Principles PAC, is currently funding the operational arm of Ted Cruz’s campaign (using Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush political operatives) to round up and steal delegates for a convention fight.

resurgent media

There are dozens of these payments throughout the FEC reports of all the various Super-PAC’s and Political PAC’s from several organizations whose sole purpose is to block Donald Trump.  It’s quite a business model for Eric Erickson, no?

And now perhaps you understand why it was Erick Erickson who started the “Never Trump”, or #NeverTrump, campaign.  As the old cliché is oft repeated ” follow the money”.

It’s not just Erick Erickson getting paid either.  Ben Shapiro is being paid, Mark Levin is being paid, Glenn Beck is being paid, Rush Limbaugh is being paid, iHeartMedia is being paid, the Beasely Group is being paid, Hugh Hewitt is being paid, Michael Medved is being paid.  The entire Salem Media Communications enterprise (broadcast radio and web-based content) is making hundreds of thousands off of these political payments for punditry.

Heck, it’s absolutely easier to say who’s NOT being paid – Almost all of the radio media and almost all of the larger web-content providers are getting paid by political operatives as above.

Notice how not a single radio network will allow the question to be asked on air.  Notice also how not a single radio host will deny on air.  It’s not accidental folks.

As previously stated there are two big challenges to exposing these secretive financial agendas:

♦ #1 is the delay in time from when the activity they are paying for takes place, to when the money is spent, and finally to when the money has to be reported to the FEC.   All totaled that can be a several month lag-time.

♦ #2 is the way the PAC’s and Super-PAC’s pay off through layers of LLC’s created simply to hide who is receiving.  The number of media content LLC’s is gobsmacking.  Just go through the FEC reports (and then take to google) and you’ll see how they use corporate complexity to hide themselves.

Our Principles PAC activities in Wisconsin (March / April):


** ​$2 million spent on broadcast and cable TV advertising statewide with issue specific television ads run in individual markets
** Radio ads
** Billboard advertising
** Digital advertising
** Millions of emails sent to Wisconsin voters
** Over 1,000,000 voter contacts in Wisconsin, including 383,000 pieces of mail and nearly 262,000 Trump voter guides.
​** Experienced field staff making calls or engaging in direct interaction with convention attendees advocating for a slate of “not-Trump” delegates

Moving forward, Our Principles PAC is organizing delegates and deploying a number of tactics with a goal of depriving Trump of as many delegates as possible in upcoming contests. OPP will focus on delegate wins, not individual state wins.

In addition, OPP will focus on states/districts electing unbound delegates to ensure those delegates are not supporting Trump on a first ballot and tracking candidates running for delegate in upcoming conventions to ensure that even if delegates are bound to Trump on early ballots, they move away on subsequent ballots (link).

Paul Ryan


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321 Responses to The Paid DC Shills Continue – Erick Erickson Now Attacks Paul Ryan Primary Opponent…

  1. Liz says:

    We need to shut them down, so Americans need to stop watching or listening to them. If they don’t have listeners they won’t have an audience. We need peple in the media who are unbiased and not being bought off. They are a disgrace to our country.


  2. chesam1 says:

    The corruption runs deep. Boycott all of them. All lying lame stream media, Limbaugh, Levin, Beck, Red State and anyone else who’s bashing Trump. Stop listening to them, stop supporting their sponsors, make your voices heard loud and clear. Hit them HARD in the pocketbook.

    Liked by 1 person

    • James says:

      Better idea – file a formal complaint with the FCC against Pig Erickson. He sold the content of his radio show to Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney without disclosing it to his listeners. Those listeners had an absolute right to know that he was acting on his show as a paid spokesman for a candidate – and he concealed that fact from them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Trump 4 8years says:

      I was banned by Red State for posting a pro Trump message, I consider it a Medal of Honor!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. James says:

    THAT’S FUNNY – Less than a month ago Fat Pig Erickson was claiming – without proof – that Trump’s DEFENDERS in the media had been ‘bought and paid for.’

    Pig Erickson believes that this is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER. He thinks that any media person who has been bought and paid for will have his career RUINED over it.

    Don’t believe me? You can hear it in the man’s own oinks:

    “A lot of people on TV and radio … have decided to go with Trump. Now I know some of them are actually bought and paid for … I KNOW who they are. And that story WILL be coming out. SOME CAREERS ARE GOING TO BE RUINED. IN THIS BUSINESS WE HAVE A THING CALLED PLUGOLA-PAYOLA, WHERE WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO MENTION PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT WE’RE GIVEN FREE, IN HOPES THAT WE’LL MENTION THEM. And some people [i.e., Trump’s defenders] are doing this.”

    Sounds like the pig has got himself in a box. “Money for me, Payola rules for thee.” Since the pig’s career is now – by its own oink-admissions – completely “ruined,” I have one question: how do you like YOUR barbecue??

    Liked by 1 person

    • navnek says:

      Great find my friend. “Hoist of his own petard” perhaps? This is the most entertaining election cycle ever. More fun, more excitement than a WWE Rasslin’ match.

      And it is still somewhat early….

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Trump 4 8years says:

    I’ll be glad to roast some marshmallows on that bbq

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Joey says:


    Erick Erickson appears to have been using his ‘Resurgent’ website as a clearing house for a massive Plugola-Payola scheme to sell the content of his Atlanta radio show.

    Here’s how it works:

    Romney and Cruz Super PACs bribe Mr. Erickson by giving him $15,000. On PAPER, the money goes to some nobody blog that nobody reads (the ‘Resurgent’).
    Mr. Erickson is flat-out LYING when he claims that this was an ‘advertising’ payment for the site. He did not write ‘several columns’ about the payment he received from Keep the Promise or the Our Principles PACs. If he did, he sure is taking his time providing the links to those ‘disclosures.’ (LOL, he’s probably busy writing them at this very moment.)
    So why would Katie Packer and the Cruz functionaries pay for ‘advertising’ – ads that were never run, by the way – on a site that nobody reads?


    They are purchasing political attacks on Erickson’s WSB radio show – attacks that are disguised as content, but which are paid for by sponsors who are not mentioned – let alone disclosed – to an unsuspecting radio audience.

    Mr. Erickson likes to accuse any radio host who ‘supports’ Trump (that is to say, anyone who doesn’t rabidly attack the guy for hours every day) of being bought off, in violation of Plugola-Payola laws.
    He’s actually doing it himself. And as of this writing, he appears to be the ONLY radio host who has been doing it.
    The FCC would no doubt be interested in this little scheme that WSB and Mr. Erickson have going. Strangely enough, ‘The Resurgent’ appears to be the liberal-Republican version of Hillary Clinton’s foundation – a clumsy, ham-handed middleman that allows moneyed interests to literally BRIBE people with influence.


  6. Bill Bower says:

    Rush is being paid to oppose Trump?


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