BREAKING: Michigan University Students Call Police After Signs of Trump Support Discovered on Campus…

Police were also called to Emory University, and Kansas University.  Coast to coast in several states and universities the National Guard has been requested to position in a state of readiness in case the chalkings continue….

Michigan University President Mark Schissel confirmed in a statement Thursday afternoon that slogans including “Trump 2016,” and “Build the Wall” had appeared on campus. (link)

trump chalk 2

According to Michigan Daily […]  Several students found the chalkings so offensive that they decided to alert the school’s Division of Public Safety and Security. A campus police officer responded to the scene, but told the students that there was little the department could do because it was after hours, at which point the students took it upon themselves to douse the writings with water and wipe them away.

“This is so reflective of our student campus and the depths of racism and the things that students of color have to endure and that the administration is continuously silent on,” said Banen Al-Sheemary, one of the students who contacted police about the chalkings. “It’s irresponsible of the administration that we are actually out here with buckets of water and napkins to clean off these hateful messages and the administration isn’t taking care of it.”

Al-Sheemary also complained that she had to call campus police at all, saying the university should provide other resources that students can turn to when they encounter such emergencies as pro-Trump slogans.  (read more)

trump chalk 1

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333 Responses to BREAKING: Michigan University Students Call Police After Signs of Trump Support Discovered on Campus…

  1. First time comment here,thanks to whoever suggested this site from Breitbart.

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  2. Annette Vandel says:

    I don’t see anything race related or hateful about “Trump Train” or “Trump 2016”. These kids are actually in college? How’d they get there? They don’t seem smart enough to know what the word “offensive” means. Give me some chalk and show me the closest college, for Pete’s sake! Ya big babies!

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  3. MarcT says:



  4. ARedTail says:

    Dare we find out that some progressive kills themselves over a chalk drawing much like we find out there were idiots who killed themselves when 4Chan trolled Tumblr?


  5. Barbara says:

    What a bunch of babies. And to think that they one day will be running the country. Oh, I forgot there will probably not be a true free country anymore when the collapse happens. And good luck cry babies on finding a job and paying back your loans in this economy. Brain washed, liberal, mind controlled, tit suckers.

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  6. AR154Life says:

    What fricking losers these anti Trump nuts truly are. They need to be committed to a mental ward.


  7. Bill says:

    I can only imagine how traumatized they’ll be when Trump is elected president. They’ll become basket cases for Obamacare.


  8. This makes me want to visit the dollar store and buy all of their sidewalk chalk and pass it out by the handfuls at the university! That people are so terribly offended by something written in CHALK which just washes off, and what was written was no kind of slur or anything- just political statements- it is just amazing. These same people would likely pass by someone spray painting graffitti- actually vandalizing property- and not say a word as long as it wasn’t pro-Trump. Hasn’t anyone realized yet that an awful lot of these groups that have sprung up- CAIR, BLM, NeverTrump, Move On etc. seem to have the same exact playbook on what to do- at any slightest perceived insult, they immediately claim it is racist, biased, makes them feel unsafe, then file lawsuits and try to get people fired, get in the news at any cost in order to further their argument. It kind of makes you wonder if the same person- mmmmm ….perhaps George Soros… is behind them all?


  9. Just CC says:

    They can all GO CHALK themselves ………….Hahahah …Go TRUMP train….


  10. Clinton Parks says:

    Do they really think that they will get a “safe Space” when they graduate? Maybe at Mommy and Daddy’s. Should be smacking the parents who let this junk walk in the first place. Must be all those Participation trophies they got for just showing up. What a bunch of LOSERS.


  11. ron says:

    OMG! What a nation of wussies we are now raising! This is what ya get when you give everybody an award for just showing up for any type of event The French have more balls than our so called college students


  12. Bren says:

    There’s no words here. I’m in mourning This country is doomed. I think we’re just now realizing how far left we’ve been pushed..and Marxist mobs who detest showers, now rule….cultural Marxism


  13. Stephanie L Donahue says:

    Well, two things I’d like to say 1. With regard to 04/04/16’s caroon ILLIGITIMUS NON CARBARUNDUM! 2. YA’LL LISTEN: GEAUX TIGERS. #GEAUXTRUMP2016. #VOTETRUMP2016. #VICTORIOUSTRUMP2016. SLD


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