Senator Ted Cruz Caught Blatantly Lying On Fox News Sunday…

Senator Ted Cruz has been called Lyin’ Ted Cruz, by his campaign opponents due to the frequency of his telling outright lies.   The frequency of falsehood is so excessive Politifact actually did a story about 90 random Cruz assertions which were checked and only 6% of his statements are actually TRUE, only 16% had SOME TRUTH.

Yesterday Senator Cruz appeared on Fox News Sunday (full video here) and was caught in several more lies to add to his abysmal record.

One of the more egregious claims was when Cruz stated he immediately denounced the Melania Trump attack ads (mailers in Utah) put forth by a Pro-Cruz Super-PAC.  No such denouncement, prior to the Utah election, ever took place.

ted and heidi kiss

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606 Responses to Senator Ted Cruz Caught Blatantly Lying On Fox News Sunday…

  1. seventhndr says:

    GW Pundit has an article on Glenn Beck’s radio show today titled “GLENN BECK: I’ll Drop Ted Cruz Like a hot Potato if the Sex Allegations are True”.

    This is only my opinion, but it looks to me that Beck is truly unsure of where this is going to go. In other words, no faith. I find the juxtaposition to his prior statements about the anointed one and this to be fairly fascinating. I am evening wondering if he knows something. Take a look:

    ” I talked to Ted this weekend, and I talked to others that know him very… well. I’ve got five reasons, who’s got more, you tell me if you disagree with anything here.

    I will drop him like a hot potato if these accusations were true…

    Character matters… It’s one thing if for instance, he came out and said: ‘look, six years ago… Heidi and I were on the rocks, yes I cheated… and we dealt with that…’

    Okay, I’ll give you a break if it is over and you guys dealt with it, that’s your business. I’m not here to condemn somebody for making a mistake. But if you’re a serial guy, like five of them during this campaign, that’s insane, a totally different person than we think Ted Cruz is…”

    Two things. One, claims potential outrage; “I’ll drop him like a hot potato if these accusations are true.”

    Two, he clearly lowered the bar significantly and very specifically; “If he cheated… six years ago… and we [Ted and Heidi] dealt with it.”

    Again, this is all my opinion, but could you now see a crying Cruz, admitting there was this one incident with one person, he’s really sorry, Heidi knew about it, she forgave him, Glenn forgives him because “it was just one thing, from 6 years ago, and Heidi forgave him” and they both declare he’s stronger for having done it… and besides, its just one… then remind people Donald had an affair once too, so he’s now worse (but forget to remind people that he didn’t lie about, try to hide it, or create a scandal).

    I wold expect Ted’s most loyal apostle to deny deny deny, but instead he setup the follow through if something were to hit.

    Lets see…

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    • There is much weirdness here. I don’t trust Lyin’ Ted, nor his wife, nor his babes, some of whom seem like Uniparty torpedoes or disinfo chaffbots.

      Let the truth come out – all of it – and follow Trump’s lead.

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      • Leah says:

        I suggest someone comes up with concrete evidence of Heidi and or Ted Cruz and their lies as Cruz is gaining on Trump. No news media for Trump in WI and the whole establishment is against Trump. That’s a lot to overcome.


    • Voltara Smith says:

      No matter the evidence Cruz will say what suits him. He is a sociopath

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      • I don’t think he’s the only one, either.

        Kid Kasich has been tasked with protecting Handler Heidi. And the Sisters of Ted’s Good Times look interesting, too.

        We’re definitely over the target. Trump is taking enormous flak.

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      • Trumper4life says:

        You got that right ! He is a sociopath ! Guy has no fear of lying about any and everything ! It’s remarkable on some levels bc he’s completely unaffected when confronted. He’s one scary dude.

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    • keebler AC says:

      “Mormon” Glenn is setting up the new narrative for Lyin’Ted to espouse marital troubles as the excuse for 5 extra-marital affairs. This doesn’t wash with Christians. You start by going to confession and counseling with your Pastor, and the three of you work it out. You certainly don’t have a dalliance with a temptress to help solve your marital issues. Glenn is full of crock and trying to distance himself from his purported “Savior” and “Body of Christ” moments.

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    • Truthfilter says:

      I agree with you. It seems like Beck is “floating” the idea as a way out for Cruz or perhaps he is applying a preparation cream upon the thin skins of Cruz supporters before an expected rash. Some here have suggested that this scandal may not hurt Cruz too much even if it’s true. Because I was raised in an evangelical family–many of whom are Cruz supporters–I can tell you that even one proven affair will damage Cruz’ credibility –no matter how repentant he is, no matter how long ago it happened. It’s not the act of adultery that will damage him–it’s the elaborate efforts on his part and others to cover it up since then. For many evangelicals, adultery represents a notch –a number—on a stick that measures character and trustworthiness. Like most Americans, many Cruz supporters aren’t going to understand the ramifications of Cruz’ or Hiedi’s globalist connections. They understand adultery, though, as a sign of weakness, dishonesty, and carelessness in safeguarding the most sacred unit of society: family. In other words, my grandparents said about Bill Clinton during the 1992 election: A man who cannot keep the integrity of his own marriage–which safeguards his own children –cannot possibly lead or protect a nation full of people for whom he has no natural affection or attachment.” I believe this is the mindset of many Cruz supporters. I’ve read too many comments by them that list Trump’s past affairs and divorces as reasons to not support Trump. I just wish they’d apply the old measuring stick to Trump’s present family and marriage. How many of us Christians have adult children or other family members whose lives haven’t been altered by drugs and alcohol addiction? If only they’d apply that measuring stick to the family that Donald Trump raised from the shambles of his early mistakes, –inspite of his failed marriages. I think they’d see a father who adores and is emotionally engaged with his children. All the money and power in the world couldn’t have bought that for Trump. At least for me, it speaks volumes for his character.

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    • WSB says:

      Ha! I could see the teary-eyed redemption ceremony now. Lots of kneeling and stuff!

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    • seventhndr says:

      Another interesting puff of smoke. MSNBC corners Ted on the question, Carly jumps in front of the camera (yes, Carly! Gotta earn that half million!!) and tries to derail the questions so Cruz doesn’t have to answer it. MSNBC keeps the pressure on and eventually Cruz speaks, but goes back to his default of garbage and Trump.

      Oh, and don’t pat MSNBC on the back for the tough Cruz interview, the weasels still named the interview “Fiorina on Trump: He is a serial philanderer”.

      So we have Heidi in hiding (ok, she’s canceled an event so far), we have Carly taking #CruzSexScandal punches for Cruz (that’s a new one on me), and we have Glenn Beck writing Cruz’s redemption arc.

      Its like watching them trying to smother a fire with a bunch of dead leaves. At first, there is no flame and things look find. But then it starts to smoke. They throw more leaves on. But it keeps smoking, more and more. Then it really starts to billow smoke and… POOF! Most the smoke clears and a fire is burning bright for all to see.

      Its my opinion that the smoke is really billowing and team Cruz is trying to see if he can out run the clock to at least Wisconsin.

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    • chesam1 says:

      Just seen where Heidi is dropping sleazy Cruz like a hot potato. She won’t be stumping with him in Wisconsin.


    • Carlos says:

      T me Cruz is some sort of cover guy and he is helping the RNC support Hilary. I feel Cruz is a complete fraud


    • Gredhawk says:

      Beck is a Forked Tongue speaker and needs to attend to his home front before he goes out flailing about others in His same boat……


  2. Stamp says:

    Cruz has lost control and everyone is trying to steer him like a Dubai jet.

    The outcome will be the same.

    Crash and burn.

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  3. NHVoter says:

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  4. NHVoter says:

    Dana Loesch (yuck) is acting like Carpenter’s personal s justice warrior. Both are attacking Dan Scavino, saying that Scavino is smearing Carpenter as well as all women. It’s totally absurd.

    If you’re on Twitter you can check out their hysterical tweets. I’m not going to bother posting them here.

    PS I’m a graduate of one of the most liberal women’s colleges in the US. The ‘war on women’ narrative coming from the ‘right’ side of the uniparty is quite hilarious to me.

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  5. NHVoter says:


  6. NHVoter says:

    Give it a rest, Ted.

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  7. B-more says:

    Yea, I guess he is free Tuesday nite since the spotlight is on him right now

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  8. NHVoter says:

    More deflection from Casanova Cruz


  9. Lyin' Ted Exposed says:

    The Truth About The Ted Cruz Sex Scandal

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  10. dlbrand says:

    “Creepy,” truth-craven, crafty Cruz.


  11. rondo says:

    Cmon Politifact is for Democrats if you believe this site than Trump is much worse than Cruz regarding the truth.


  12. Tony says:

    If the story is true who cares who pushed it. If in fact Cruz cheated on his wife provides an insight on his true character as a conservative Christian family man and the American voters have the right to know. Killing the messenger is a tactical decision to detract from the truth. Why doesn’t Cruz sue the National Enquirer for defamation?The answer lies in his inaction to do nothing but to deflect the blame on someone else. Cruz has no integrity to protect.

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  13. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Now Peter sat without in the palace: and a damsel came unto him, saying, Thou also wast with Jesus of Galilee. But he denied before them all, saying, I know not what thou sayest. And when he was gone out into the porch, another maid saw him, and said unto them that were there, This fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth. And again he denied with an oath, I do not know the man. And after a while came unto him they that stood by, and said to Peter, Surely thou also art one of them; for thy speech bewrayeth thee. Then began he to curse and to swear, saying, I know not the man. And immediately the cock crew. While Ted speaks, cock-a-doodle-doo.


  14. pat morris says:

    If Ted Cruz gets the nomination and I can’t write Trump’s name in I wo’t vote ever again


  15. Jamie leasure says:

    Does he really think we are all stupid or what!!!!!we don’t need another lying president in white house who is owned by Goldman Sachs and his wife is in a group that wants a one world government! !!!!!!! Let us flush little taco Ted and his one world wife and put them out on the street along with the coruption Clinton family and that little gov that worked with the Clinton s first time around get on the trump train and make America great again


  16. Not only is this site a liberal pushing lying hole, but the “facts” that they are quoting come from a website who has a Truth rating some steps below Hillary Clinton.


  17. Been their done that, my ex husband had A Ted Cruz attitude he was God like and I was even told his name meant God like. Well he was definitely not God like, he was having an affair with the preacher, the preacher that married us, daughter in law. They denied it and even told me and our son it was garbage, coming from someone that wanted to destroy our marriage. One day I called the preacher guess what he told me what was going on, and that his daughter in law was after my husband. One month after each of our divorce was final my ex husband married the preachers daughter in law were married.


  18. Patty Browning says:

    The media and gop are against trump ! So that’s why I’m voting for trump nobody tells me what to do, and Obama didn’t have any idea how to be president Oh he still don’t, just knows how to spend money on vacations and the best schools for his daughters and Hillary at this point what difference does it make


  19. ANN says:

    TRUMP 2016..You can’t take GOD out of our country, and remain a superior nation..What ever GOD decides to do I will honor it..Everything happens for a reason…ANN SHIRLEY


  20. Not lyin Ryan says:

    He lies. Ooh he lies!


  21. Gderf says:

    Lying Ted. How did he get elected in Texas?????


  22. Jason says:

    We all call you “cconservativetrumphouse” for a reason, you know.
    “So to review. An anti-Trump group unaffiliated with any campaign hit Melania Trump. Cruz denounced that attack ad that he had nothing to do with. He defended his own wife and he spoke well of of Trump’s wife.”
    As you can find on the internet, the group that ran the Melania pic was an anti-Trump PAC, and in fact said that was the first time e they had ever actually endorsed any particular opponent of his. Each candidate had several associated PACs, and this was not one associated with Cruz.
    History can be painful, especially if you are stupid enough to keep repeating it.


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