Cruz Advocate/Wisconsin Radio Host Charlie Sykes Interviews Donald Trump…

Charlie Sykes has been a considerable mouthpiece for the GOPe in Wisconsin for more than a few years.  Staying away from the rather colorful (and intensely hypocritical) personal history of Sykes, he’s been a rabid member of the #NeverTrump campaign in the same vitriolic vein as Eric Erickson.

Today Carlie Sykes interviewed Donald Trump.  The disdain and contempt Sykes holds for presidential candidate Donald Trump was/is palpable. The listening audience certainly gained a full comprehension for Sykes contemptuous feelings:

Oh, and if the name Sykes sounds familiar to you it might just be because one of the ex-wives of Charlie, is Diane Sykes – a federal judge who candidate Donald Trump previously mentioned as a potential SCOTUS nominee.

Unlike her husband, Diane Sykes is more than acceptable to conservatives. She’s unassailable on the right.  She is also a member of the Federalist Society

trump lion 2

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519 Responses to Cruz Advocate/Wisconsin Radio Host Charlie Sykes Interviews Donald Trump…

  1. Jeanne Schwab says:

    Listen to the man. Trump is right on every level. I have to wonder if Heidi Cruz depression 10 years ago is a result of her liar husband cheating on her.

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  2. Toronto Tonto says:

    Adulterers for CheaTed lol


  3. Pinkie says:

    I guess Diane is off the list


  4. shipley130 says:

    Rosie O makes a living off of trashing people, so please stop the stupid. Oh, then there is Princess Diana, who had photographs taken of her and her lover while he was sucking on her toes.


  5. hbaronaz says:

    What a hateful a$$ this “journalist?” is.


    • GoodNews says:

      I have met so many hateful jackasses, I can’t even tell you. Sites shutting down negative comments about Cruz. Used to feel @ home on WND but they’re pro-Cruz. Why are people so unreasonable? Donald was a regular hero bending over backwards for this guy. I couldn’t do it. I would have told him to shove it long before the interview ended.


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