Candidate Donald Trump Brilliantly Laying “The Globalists” Naked To Their Enemies…

On Friday March 25th Mark Levin finally dropped his crony-constitutional shtick and admitted he preferred to see the U.S. brought to it’s knees.  In a very revealing two hour broadcast he railed against trade “tariffs” claiming they were in direct opposition to the needs of the Chinese, Asian and European economies.

Mark Levine - Thumbs Up.beck and cruz 2

He followed up by saying Mitch McConnell was using the National Republican Senatorial Committee to perpetrate fraud against America.  Quoting the example of Thad Cochran’s re-election bid, Levin went on to say how horrid the construct of the NRSC is.  Of course, in order to reconcile his current endorsement for Senator Ted Cruz, Levin has to skip the part where Cruz was Vice-Chair of the NRSC when the Cochran fraud was presented.

Funny how that works.

But Levin is not alone in his new found exposure aligning himself with Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney as they collectively campaign and endorse Senator Cruz.  Oh, how the globalist intents make for such brilliantly exposed bedfellows when the covers are pulled back.

Everyone should be rejoicing in these stark revelations, which have for too long remained cloaked in the shadows of obfuscation and intentional deception.  Sunlight is a remarkable disinfecting agent, and the desperate alliances of those within the professional political class to retain their place at the trough should never be forgotten.

Washington DC is so thoroughly and brutally corrupt that now we are seeing the full unadulterated visibility of what all the usurping agents wished would have remained hidden.

Candidate Donald Trump proposes the 28 member states of NATO begin paying for their own protection, of which the U.S. carried 70%+ of the financial burden.

The globalists response?  Senator Cruz, Mark Levin, Jeb Bush and Mittens, jaw-agape along with the obtuse pontificators of the self-defined “conservative movement” et al, spontaneously decry such a proposition and begin proclaiming that we, the U.S.A, should borrow even more from China and deficit spend ourselves to defend the European Union from the consequences of their own open-border terrorist threats.

Unlimited debt ceilings and Omnibus spending notwithstanding…

Let that modern conservative point of advocacy settle in for a few minutes.

What exactly are they conserving?  Yes folks, this is what happens when a Main Street America-First candidate finally rises up and challenges the Neo-Con ‘war-is-a-profitable-enterprise’ Wall Street machine.  In essence in the new Mark Levin outlook for conservative sheeple “Pay-Go” is only valuable as a talking point.

If you actually present a position that demands balanced budget spending, the full-throated attacks -against those who threaten their globalist interests- begin in earnest.

Now we’re told by the professional pontificating class representing “Modern Conservatism” that we must embrace NATO and our role as world police force; we must embrace the United Nations mandates – which usurp the very constitution they have used as a shield to hide their agenda; we must embrace deficit spending; we must embrace insolvency; and if you don’t, you are now their enemy.

The masks are all off now.

Enjoy this.  Enjoy watching them twist like pretzels as they try to square their current positions against their prior talking points.  Enjoy seeing their hypocrisy laid bare; and most of all…

….embrace their naked visibility, left vulnerable to their enemies.

ryan waste fraud and abuse


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291 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump Brilliantly Laying “The Globalists” Naked To Their Enemies…

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    If lying about their beliefs hasn’t helped, what makes them think revealing the truth will turn people back to their side? Levin isn’t even revealing the whole truth, glossing over Cruz’s involvement with the NRSC.

    Now I’m just waiting to see what Rush says, then I’ll see the Democrats were right about talk radio after all. Thank God we now have excellent online sources like this that still deal in the truth.

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    • Benson II says:

      As long as Rush refers to Cruz as a Constitutional conservative I don’t want to hear anything else he has to say. Cruz is not eligible to be president and even if Rush didn’t want to argue the fact he could have ask why was Cruz running. He could have at least stated that Jindal and Rubio were not eligible. He lost all credibility as a truth teller by going along with this enormous hoax being perpetrated on us. I now view Rush as a person trying to keep his job and stay relevant not as a conservative truth teller.

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  2. sDee says:

    A good sign.

    The political cabals are feeling the pressure from Donald Trump and his growing ranks of vulgarians.

    Chits are being called in. Watch the political whores carefully. Frames of reference are changing.


  3. workwithus says:

    “On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Even Donald Trump doesn’t believe what he is saying went it comes to massive tariffs on foreign goods. Even he invests overseas and had his own line of clothing outside of the country. In addition, we can’t prevent international trade and commerce if we wanted to. Fascist and communist societies have tried and it hasn’t worked so far. All protectionism and massive tariffs do is destroy wealth creation, investment, and US jobs. Also, it’s not Japan, China, or Mexico that is killing us but the EPA which has been killing our smokestack industries. The truth is that big government, including the EPA, has done more to destroy the U.S. economy than China, Japan, and Mexico combined.” From Mark Levin’s Daily Recap 3-21-16. More globalist nonsense.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      ” All protectionism and massive tariffs do is destroy wealth creation, investment, and US jobs”
      Yet we all know that NAFTA, and even before NAFTA with Carter destroying our steel industry and other industries, actually destroyed U.S. jobs and wealth creation, and investment moved overseas, not here. Those are the actual results. We had massive wealth creation before all this “free trade” began. The intellectual dishonesty constantly amazes me.


  4. Paula says:

    Sundance, how did you know that Levin and so many others would be exposed????? There’s no way in the world I’d have ever guessed I’d look on so many I had trusted and admired w/ contempt. How did you know it would go like this???

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    • MtnCougar says:

      Yes, I wonder that too! I’m very “smart” politically and I missed the extent of all this.


    • singtune says:

      I knew about Mark Levin~~Rush & a few more for at least 8 Years now~~but I have been doing research for 18+ years now. It took a while to ferret them out. Rush is especially Sneaky~! We also Stopped watch all News programming about the same time & were so much better off for it. Fox was the Main News that we watched~~but I Knew they were spouting the Globalist line then too.

      I am so Glad & Grateful that SUNDANCE has brought this “Conversation” out here on the Internet. For the First time in years I am able to engage in Discourse about this topic, out in the open..Also Many Thanks to Donald Trump for Talking about the “KEY Nationalist Topics,” ~that~Received a “Huge National Response,”~ from he People~!, That, I believe is what brought these “Evil” CREATURES out of the woodwork~! And it so wonderful that it continues to happen each & every day,~~so more & more people WILL come to realize the Truth~~Before November~!

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  5. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    These Democrats in Republican drag who want to destroy our Constitution with another convention are all the same, and this shows what Levin has always been, just another neo-conservative Trotskyite…

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  6. Walt says:

    Its very simple if you want to do business in this economy the way its constructed of coarse you have to outsource or you will be put out of business. What they don’t tell you is that when you place tariffs you are protecting the American worker. They like using the I phone($1000.00) as an example they said if made here it would cost consumer ($2,000.00) and consumer would lose. False if it was built here it would still cost ($1,000.00) The company profit Margin would shrink and competition will ensure that it stays at that price. How you ensure an equal playing field to ensure Company’s are not losing due to Labor cost with other countries is with tariffs. Other countries would be required to pay a tax that would equal the labor charge now the only other problem is Taxes and as Trump stated he will lower them to be in balance with other countries. but the problem is greed took over in the 1990 thru today and currently all the big company’s want to keep their profit Margins up and that is why they lobby and we are in the Crap we are in now Win/Lose. But if you take Trumps plan you will see the American business start to Boom and American worker returning to work and big business still making money its a win/win. While other countries will be able to compete but on an equal playing field not one with their cheap labor and Tax breaks.

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  7. rinokiller says:

    Mark Levin has virtually destroyed himself. He may as well put his show on hiatus.

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  8. MzMaryMac says:

    FYI – Paul Ryan lives in Janesville. Just sayin.

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  9. JTR says:

    Sundance, how dare you speak against Pope Mark? Blasphemy! You will most certainly be excommunicated from the GOPe Church of Conservatism. If you repent now and send “$5, $10, $20, whatever you can” to the Cruz campaign (or Club for Growth, Carly for America, Make Americe Awesome, or any corrupt GOPe PAC) your conservative soul can still be saved.

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  10. JT says:

    Never could take Levin much. Screams too much and he’d rather talk to Mr Producer – abrupt even listeners who agreed with him.
    Rush – sad now. He’s so over the top with rafayel – and still claims to have not made a choice prior to nomination. Have not heard yet or read anywhere what his position would be if the gopers put forth a nominee who never primaried. If the people who voted are robbed and say Ryan is the nominee – I suspect rush would be ok with it.
    When Trump announced his run I was a little skeptical but he said what I looked for in these times. I also was impressed when he met with staff of the Chicago Tribune and discussed with them and answered their questions on his candidacy( – it was on youtube and may have been posted on this site).
    Never considered rafayel and Sundance provided the info on why one should not do so.
    All the talk of the Republican’s deep bench of candidates (which occurred before Trump announced) turned out to be a joke. The splitter strategy to get bush the nomination and their contempt for us ………………..never forget.

    TRUMP 2016 ! .

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  11. JJ says:

    You are either a nationalist or a globalist.

    You are either a patriot or a traitor.

    There is no middle ground. Choose wisely.


    • sDee says:

      So true.

      I will add, per Plato and Socrates, that we are born freemen or a natural slaves. That is why this is an age-old battle.

      Our leaders are so divided as well. Rulers or leaders.

      Really, it has never been different. Only the propaganda changes.


  12. Howie says:

    The crooked trade deals are the main issue, along with the open borders. I remember when the tarriff and duty was charged on manufactured goods but not raw materials. That protected american jobs.

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    • Gail Combs says:

      As tariffs go down the tax on the middle class goes up. Remember the really really wealth are not wage earners. Their wealth is in stock dividends that are taxed at a lower rate than wages. The combined federal and state top marginal personal dividend tax rate in the United States is 28.6 percent.

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  13. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Back in the day (1952) long before LBJ and Vietnam the Army had brought back the OSS guys that had fought in WW II behind German lines and recreated that kind of unit as the US Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, NC. The purpose of this unit which would be known as the Green Beret’s was to be able to work in a hostile country and create a revolution to bring down the government. In simple terms we were trained to be guerrillas for freedom just as Ernesto “Che” Guevara, or Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary guerrilla leader for the Communists. What is important here is the training on what how and when to do things to create change and that training made it very easy to see what Barrack Hussein Obama was doing and to see what the final goals of the New World Order (NWO) crowd are for us, the vulgarions.
    Much of what has happened since Trump entered the race to be our next President is obvious to those still alive that remember that old training. Make no mistake about what is going on today — it is a revolution that has been in the making for several decades now and the end result will be the elimination of the United States as a sovereign nation. The only surprise I have had so far is to find that Mark Levin is one of the NWO crowd.

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  14. ZZZ says:

    Food for thought…

    Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake…


  15. Old Patriot says:

    TRUTH, is more than that with which you agree, or have been told. . Truth can be proven. A lie is not a lie, just because it is not that with which you agree, or have been told. Lies can be dis-proven. We live in a world where repetition can turn a lie in to perceived truth. Truth can be labeled a Lie, and again, repetition can make it accepted as a lie, which, of course, is in and of itself a lie. Pray for discernment during this time of great deceit, and the rise of Satan, the master of all lies.
    When we believe and trust in lies, we are the fool. Discernment is that which delivers us from this foolishness. I think we have suffered enough from our foolishness.


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