It’s a Boy !! EASTER BABY !!

Theodore James Kushner

Easter Baby !! Congratulations Jared and Ivanka Kushner

theodore james

Via Twitter Announcement

trump kids jared and ivanka

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304 Responses to It’s a Boy !! EASTER BABY !!

  1. srr says:

    God Bless Theodore James Kushner and All his loving Family. 🙂

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  2. adrian58 says:

    Mazal tov! Congratulation for new baby boy and for your family!


  3. BlueSky says:

    Alas, Baby Theodore will never celebrate another birthday on Easter. The Next date scheduled for Easter to fall On March 27th will be in 2157!! But ,nevertheless,what a wonderful day of good and holy energy to be born.


  4. Vicki OMeara says:

    I find this to be interesting. A Jewish baby boy, born on Easter. Grandson of Trump….Hmmm….


  5. annemarie larkin says:

    What a beautiful day to be born. New life, a very special blessing belongs to Theodore and family forever. Deserving of a beautiful family. Congrats!


  6. ginaswo says:

    Congratulations Ivanka and family!!!!!!


  7. Dick Albright says:

    Best of days, Jared and Ivanka…and of course, little “Teddy”! And another for Granpa Donald Trump and Melania. And of course, Ivana, never to be outside of this fabulous family. We have much to be grateful for today and most of all, that Christ, who was a Jew, lives in all of us, expanding the universal faith in our God that we all share. God Bless!


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