Texas Lobbyist and Ted Cruz Operative Admits Origin of Campaign To Attack Donald Trump’s Wife…

In the current campaign war between the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump camps there have been multiple accusations of targeting spouses.  However, a video from early March clearly shows the Ted Cruz campaign origination to target Donald Trump’s wife Melania.

cruz campaign 2

On Tuesday March 8th, Ted Cruz operative Andrea McWilliams, a Texas-based lobbyist, told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto that in light of former first lady Nancy Reagan’s death this week, “we should be looking at the first lady candidates, instead of just talking about the men.” (Watch Video @3:58)

“If Donald trump is elected, Mrs. Trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude; the first first lady that’s the third wife [of the president]; and the first foreign-born first lady in this century.” She said, “by contrast,” Cruz’s wife Heidi would be “the first pro-life first lady.” (link)

It was from this early Cruz strategy the Liz Mair Super-PAC “Make America Awesome” took their marching orders and began sending controversial flyers of Melania Trump to upcoming states.  Thus kicking off the response from Donald Trump in defense of his wife.

However, as will all campaign machinations and poorly hidden campaign to Super-PAC coordination efforts, there’s a little more to this story.

Look closely at the mailing address for Liz Mair’s Super-PAC:

carly for america 2

(Link – Or Click image to Enlarge)

Now look at the mailing address for Carly Fiorina’s Super-PAC (Carly for America):

carly for america 1

(Link – Or Click image to Enlarge)

The post office box is exactly the same.

Again, as with almost all of the discoveries within this political cycle we discover the same political operatives are working multiple campaigns.  In essence, the heart of the “splitter strategy” is evidenced.  Multiple candidates all coordinating their efforts and campaigns toward a common goal, retention of the UniParty.

Of course they are always clever with the various degrees of plausible deniability.  Such deniability is witnessed with Senator Ted Cruz claiming the originating attacks against Melania Trump having nothing, technically, to do with his campaign.

trump quote cruz commentstrump donald and melania


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536 Responses to Texas Lobbyist and Ted Cruz Operative Admits Origin of Campaign To Attack Donald Trump’s Wife…

  1. joshua says:

    Ted is expected to borrow a line, in response to the allegations, from Barry Obama, saying…..”Not ME, Bush did it”

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    • Scott says:

      Could it be the ad was done to provide Cruz with the narrative that the upcoming NE story was just retaliation?

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      • Jack says:

        That would require that lying Ted KNEW the NE piece was coming and it would support the very next question of “DID lying Ted get NE to hold off until after the UTAH caucus” which means either lying Ted is behind the timing of the NE or someone that did not want him to go up in smoke coming into UTAH.

        But beyond the NE piece there is also the Ashley Madison account that lying and cheating Ted has. Recall the Ashley Madison hack? Part of the haul was none other than was holier than thou teddy.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Are the Trumps beautiful? And what a terrific family they have. Please Jesus help Trump and the American people. Give us the nominee we voted for.

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    • E C Bell says:

      Sad but TRUE…..Cruz had me fooled for a while. I was debating between him and Trump….Trump Won!!!!


  2. Rosco P. Coltrain says:

    The CDC has issued a warning today that they ZIKA VIRUS has the potential to create millions of more liberals.:-(

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    • WeeWeed says:

      Yes. By not enforcing border lines.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        When my grand parents came to this country in 1905 they were forced to go through physical exams and tests. The tests were to make certain that they would accept this country’s laws. Some were kept at Ellis Island for a month to make sure that they were healthy and had not committed a crime. If they could do that then why didn’t they do this now. I think we all know the answer to that one. Scary. We need Trump.

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        • iwoks98 says:

          My husband’s great grandparents had to do the same thing, as well as take a test to ensure they understood everything about our government & laws. They were also required to learn the English language, if they didn’t speak it when they arrived at Ellis Island.

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  3. Scott says:

    Could it be the ad’s purpose was to provide Cruz with the narrative that the upcoming NE story was entirely retaliation for the photos?

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    • shallbe4 says:

      I don’t see how they fix Cruz. Every 5 minutes he is either Elmer Gantry or Jack the Ripper. Its interesting that GOPe’s supporters of the War on Trump along with Cruz have wiped out everything they had on THE THING (the scandal) which now includes 8 women. None are coming to Cruz’s defense. The National Enquire says they never got the story from Trump and little by little the media is dropping Cruz. They have not gone Full Trump as yet but where do they go from here? The Republican Party looks terrible in the eyes of the voters. Week after week they circulated a new star against Trump after which the star fell. They have used everyone up but Kasick. Are they going to give us an unknown now? Knowing the party as most of us trumpsters do, how can we believe them if they don’t support the guy with the delegates. Bite your tongues guys and work with Trump, It the only answer that makes sense.

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  4. Somebody says:

    This will probably get lost here since this thread isn’t as active as the others, but here goes. Apparently Andrea McWilliams is a democrat lobbyist. Interesting she’d be stumping for Ted.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Washington is a small town. Sooner or later everyone knows everything about everyone else.

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    • 1american1st says:

      Dems know that Cruz can’t beat Hillary, so it’s not surprising that they would support Cruz.

      Can you imagine the debates if Cruz won the Republican primary?

      2 lawyers / pathological liars / bought & paid for career politicians lying about what they did in the past & what they will do in the future. They don’t really need to lie about it because we already know. They will continue on the same path the District of Corruption has been on for years, aiding and abetting the Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups & big donors, including George Soros & Warren Buffet. SSDD

      Hillary will beat Cruz because she has had 20 years longer to hone her LYING skills.


  5. Monroe says:

    Melania may be the first foreign-born first lady in this century.

    But Ted Cruz would be the first foreign born president in this century. (Proven by his birth certificate regardless of whether he is an actual citizen.)

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  6. justalady21 says:

    Andrea McWilliams seems to have neglected to mention that Nancy Reagan, whom she was using as a example of a great First Lady (and Mrs. Reagan certainly was one of the best and most beloved) was the SECOND wife of Ronald Reagan; Reagan being the FIRST DIVORCED president of the United States. Also, I don’t know among all the first-ladies which were pro-life and which were pro-choice; but I can tell you Heidi Cruz is NOT the FIRST pro-life first lady. Ronald Reagan was strongly pro-life, as was FIRST LADY NANCY REAGAN. Cruz and company need to get over themselves.

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  7. johnps30 says:

    Liz Mair tried to torpedo, unnecessarily, Melania for sport. I mean this is the woman who sells Dump Trump thongs. But the notion that former Romney aid running an anti-Trump PAC after getting fired by Scott Walker would not try to get under Trump’s skin this way is laughable. Politics is a tough business, but Trump is right, the idea that these folks don’t coordinate is LAUGHABLE.

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  8. Victor Earnest says:

    If Trump, doesn’t win the election, AMERICA, will never, ever, recuperate, and will never be the same again !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AGAIN !!!

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  9. iwoks98 says:

    I wonder how many people are aware of what the very Christian Cruz’ ambitions were when he was in college. If not, he tells what his wishes were in this short 47 second video. It doesn’t sound very Christian like to me. But if Ms. Mair thinks Trump is “anti-Semitic”, what would she call Cruz after hearing his remarks in this clip? Possible the 2nd Hitler or Mussolini?


  10. Elmer Zink says:

    “P O Box 26141, Alexandria, Va” is a address of a political finance and reporting management firm/clearing house that manages donations for many campaigns, PACS and non-profit organizations.
    The name of that firm is: Election CFO http://www.electioncfo.com/


  11. Pat Romano says:

    If the affairs of Cruz are true. Prove it. Instead of trashing the Cruz’s wife prove the affair. Bring the one in with the tattoo that’s like Cruz’s. I find it hard to believe in coincidence in this. This paper has proven so many truths find this one and prove it…Before the 15th of April 2016. Let’s see how great your reporters really are. Although it wouldn’t surprise me because he was quite friendly with the Dugger children the oldest who was a molester and addicted to porn. Dugger worked for a organization Cruz was involved with. It was about parenthood etc. Pat


  12. Carolyn Folkins says:

    Where is the outrage of what Lying Cruz did to Dr Ben Carson at the Iowa Caucus which enabled him to “win” Iowa?


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