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Tripwire Alert – The Republican Party Now Admits They are Supporting Ted Cruz So They Can Lose To Hillary…

Remember – There will always be three “Battle Spaces”: ¹ The visible fight. ² The Generals. ³ The Politicians and Wall Street Decision-makers. Look at this picture carefully. It’s actually a cropped screen-grab from a republican political ad that first ran … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Courtesy of ThePeoplesCube.com.

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Good Grief – Brussels Bomber Was Known Militant, Arrested In Turkey Deported Back To Belgium, Authorities Warned…

As more discoveries are evidenced it is becoming increasingly clear the Brussels bombing was an outcome of EXTREME cultural Marxism (political correctness) running amuck. The terrorists were able to conduct their terror within a political climate created by upstream liberal politicians … Continue reading

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Quinnipiac National Poll – Donald Trump Beats Ted Cruz and John Kasich in Head-To-Head Matchups…

A new poll from Quinnipiac (full pdf below) again shows Donald Trump winning the overall GOP race across the board with all republican demographics. In addition the Quinnipiac poll shows candidate Trump beating each of the alternate candidates in isolated head-to-head … Continue reading

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Black Police Officer, and Trump Rally Eye Witness, Describes Event Agitators To Fox News…

Officer Brandon Tatum is the gentleman from the viral Facebook video shown last weekend:

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Enough Is Enough – Bobby Jindal Walks Away From #NeverTrump Camp…

Political battles are not that much different from traditional wars and battles.  Most of the attention is always focused on what’s visible, what you can see, the consequences. However, it’s far away from the geography where the real stakes are determined.  Three … Continue reading

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Donald Trump CBSN Interview – Topic: Brussels Terrorist Attack..

Republican front-runner Donald Trump spoke with CBSN Tuesday about the Brussels terror attacks. He says that he would change U.S. border screening to be “extremely careful” about who is let in the country. Trump also discussed the possibility of a … Continue reading

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