A New Low – Senator Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump for Brussels Terrorist Attacks (video)…

Everything you ever needed to know about Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz is right here in this 30-second video:

Senator Ted Cruz has the unbelievable audacity to rush to the microphones and blame presidential candidate Donald Trump for the Brussels terrorist attacks earlier today.

Don’t try to obfuscate his words and claim he didn’t, it’s right there in the video.

ted cruz large

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244 Responses to A New Low – Senator Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump for Brussels Terrorist Attacks (video)…

  1. azbearhuntr says:

    I think making this political so soon is horrible. With that being said he didn’t blame trump for the attack. How would calling for less NATO a day ago cause an attack that was planned for months? Ill timed and stupid for sure, but it wasnt blaming. He was making the point (wrongly in my opinion) that NATO shouldn’t be cut. Sheesh.

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    • Tony C. says:

      Trump was making the point that NATO can do what ever they want we just shouldn’t be part of it. Why? Because they side with Turkey in support of IS. Cruz can side with NATO if he wants. But he won’t get my support. He is in a world of delusion. Libs are saying that Trump wanting to keep Muslims out of the U.S. is hatred. I say that is smart politics, something Cruz, Clinton and elitist can’t properly understand. They are to busy making up lies, false claims, and fund raisers to understand the facts. They are too busy believing their own BS. Why even try to make an excuse for Cruz, he is not worth your valuable time.

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  2. Amazing to see how low some individuals will go to enter that office.

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  3. MeThePeople says:


    This topic is not loading properly for me.
    I try to post and it does not index

    Go Trump


  4. shirley49 says:

    Hey everyone, attached is a link for a petition that has been started that will be sent to the RNC should they try to steal the nomination from Trump. It is warning them that if they mess around Trump will form a third party. https://www.change.org/p/chairman-reince-priebus-republican-national-committee-we-will-walk-from-the-rnc?source_location=petitions_share_skip


  5. Nam Marine says:

    What an azzclown Cruz is !


  6. Scott M says:

    Lying Ted, seems to cover the bases…


  7. Jim Beam says:

    cruz remunds me of Jim Jones.


  8. Jeffrey Coley says:

    … and this is why Ted has lost me: His suspect political instincts. Insulting voters (New York values, “low information” for supporting Trump), blaming Trump for the violence committed by leftist agitators disrupting his rallies, and now this.

    Trump is the stronger candidate, and I am impressed by his detailed plans and his advisers.

    The GOPe has glommed onto Ted in order to wreck Trump, not because they support him. Ted is a strong ideological conservative but he is also arrogant and refuses to play the establishment’s reindeer games. I do think he would be great as a judge on the federal bench, possibly the Supreme Court – his temperament is better suited for the judiciary than elected office.


    • Matt712 says:

      American needs an honest judiciary that supports and defends the constitution. Cruz has neither quality–actually no redeeming qualities. He is a self-serving snake.

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  9. Watch the entire tape. They edited out this tiny segment to intentionally distort and misrepresent what Trump said.


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