Radical Left-Wing Thugs Block Road To Trump Rally – Donald Trump Becomes America’s Free Speech Hero…

Today Donald Trump became America’s Hero for Free Speech and Free Assembly – America’s Champion!

The same organized leftist thugs who march every year against the latest social justice cause celeb, are back at it again 2016 targeting Donald Trump.  This time their efforts are targeted to disrupt a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix Arizona.

trump protest arizona

The radical, and often violent, leftist thugs always show what/who they fear the most by who/what they choose to target.  Today Donald Trump receives the endorsement of the Tucson Border Patrol who said:

…”Donald Trump is the only candidate who has our backs”…

Proving, yet again, that one candidate stands squarely on the side of law and order.

Donald Trump is who the radical-leftists fear more than any other candidate, because candidate Trump is the most staunchly pro-American candidate in the race.  The general ideological outlook of all the various protesting organizations is anti-American, hence candidate Trump is their greatest adversary.

However, the overwhelming majority of Americans support law and order and a lawful society.  As a consequence, when the thugs allow their true beliefs to showcase they present themselves as opposed to free speech and free assembly.  The irony of their efforts is found in the target of their approach assuming the mantle of free speech defender.

Today’s nonsense was initially spearheaded by Puente Arizona, a far-left group of open border moonbats.

Here’s a little snicker.  For a group that prides themselves on promoting the PC culture and ‘human rights’, gender equality, etc.  Apparently Puente Arizona has trouble with gender identification.  You can see from this tweet they describe the protester as “Protester chains himself to car in street“.

trump protest arizona 3

Except – It’s not a “himself“.  It’s a “herself

These are not exactly the most intellectually capable peeps.  Hence, the preferred term “Moonbats”.

Trump protest arizona 2

trump haters

trump border patrol 2trump border patrol


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443 Responses to Radical Left-Wing Thugs Block Road To Trump Rally – Donald Trump Becomes America’s Free Speech Hero…

  1. TRONGOD2000 says:

    Hope someone can post the number that got arrested. On a second note, IF this was an organization that committed this it falls under the racketeering laws and thus all equipment used in the commission of the felony can be confiscated. Hope all the vehicles used got taken to the pound.
    Does anyone know if the feds are on this one? I’ll take bets DOJ is not even looking. A black kid who robs a store gets all their attention. Thousands get denied their first amendment rights and that’s OK.

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    • IdahoPatriot says:

      Sheriff Arpaio said three.

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      • Mr. Lucky says:

        3 arrested is a freaking joke. Should have been 300… and the protesters tactically out maneuvered the cops. Sheriff Joe isn’t so damn tough (or smart) after all.

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        • Joke? Tent City Jails of Arizona? 122 degrees? That’s not for a couple hours a day, the heat goes on and on and on and they are outdoors. By 7am too hot to move, by 3pm unbearable, at night 105. And during this time must do work detail. By April when they get sentenced they will rue the day they went to play in Sheriff Joe’s playground.

          Another way to look at it is only 3 HAD to be arrested, the others FLED per Sheriff Joe.

          I’m quite sure if they love illegals during their protest they WON’T after their stay in TENT CITY:

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        • And for the ladies? TENT CITY ARIZONA for that “himself” person that’s really a female will go here. Himself will love the illegals. Maybe “himself” can chant black lives matters in the 122 degree weather with the illegals!

          Hogs Gone Wild!

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      • helix35 says:

        We should all thank these cretins. They only help Trump.

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    • helix35 says:

      This is the real “tell” of the left. Can you imagine this happening at a Cruz rally? Nope. Not a threat.

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    • Darrell Richardson says:

      They arrested 3 and forced them to move their cars and told them if they attempted to block anyone else they all would go to jail. They ended the protest pretty early on.


    • Example of post card for prisoners to use to contact their loved ones

      What you cannot see here is the SCORCHING HEAT. And the bugs and scorpions and who knows what comes out at night in those tents. Imagine a sauna, oh wait, no, dry saunas are only 90 degrees. It gets 122 degrees in TENT CITY JAILS.

      Probably this will not be a desirable hang out for BLM 🙂


  2. SeekerOfTruth says:

    I have not posted here for a while as I went “Radio Dark” a while ago as I knew things would get very ugly and I had ground work to do here. So mostly tuned out the political news (TV, radio, internet) from all sources as it was ALL getting ugly and so full of lies.

    One of my last posts several weeks ago was my statement that

    “Trump is the new civil rights leader. Protector of American liberties and freedoms from all of the fascist elements coming forth.”

    (the left (and fascist right) would really hate to admit the above as it would blow up their whole perspective on life.)

    Chicago today events all confirm it. Trump is the new civil rights leader today as he was pushed into the role. I hope he starts embracing this role and pointing out more that he is fighting hard for American rights – free speech, assembly and many more.

    Where has out constitutional conservative candidate been on this issue? Siding with teh left in blaming Trump rather than defending the constitution with vigor and denouncing the fascists left groups trying to eliminate rights.

    Bottom line:
    Trump needs to speak more and more about defending our rights and embrace his role of civil rights leader for America.

    Cruz can join him or not. But he will soon have to pick a side and we will see his true colors. He really missed with Chicago comments. Time to repent and stand up like a man or not? Will ted Cruz really defend American Constitutional rights or not? Or is he just really like the fascist left and assume rights are only for them and nobody else you may not like or agree with.

    Have a nice night.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Due to Cruz’s embracement of Romney support I do believe that Cruz has picked a side.
      In Romney’s FB statement Romney made it quite clear that it is not Cruz he was supporting but the ability of the GOP to nominate who they wanted to at the convention
      “I will vote for Senator Cruz and I encourage others to do so as well, so that we can have an open convention and nominate a Republican”

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      • Angry Dumbo says:

        Nominate a “Republican”? Mitt really? After you begged Donald J. Trump to sign a pledge, now you claim he is not a Republican? Governor Romney, I question your fairness, integrity and judgment if you do not consider Donald J. Trump a Republican.

        Face it Ted, Mitt is not supporting you, he is using you to get a brokered convention. Using people is politics as usual. Ted if you really want to be a change agent, drop out before you are used further by the GOPe.

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      • TrumpFanGirl says:

        We didn’t nominate a Republican the last 2 times, why does he all the sudden care so much? /s

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    • Riddick says:

      Can we PLEASE just stop with “Cruz” ANYTHING? Enough with this fraud, just stop fooling yourself.

      He is a FELON, by Texas state election laws, lawsuit already filed to remove him from Senate.

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    • Patriot1 says:

      Great comment and idea. Trump should embrace the role of defender of the constitutional rights! Lord knows Ted won’t do it unless it benefits his campaign.

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  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    This should never be happening in America…Seen it in Dearborn with young kids cursing at Christians but someone who claims to be a vet ???

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  4. roxanne175 says:

    When I was with Operation Rescue, if we had acted like that we would have been in jail a long time.

    One of my friends simply knelt in the street and she was in jail for three weeks in Buffalo, NY.

    Today, someone who rushes Donald Trump gets out of jail the same day.

    Things are so messed up.

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  5. LANE says:

    I have written the department of justice twice last week. I called my dostrict Senator and he did ask Lorreta Lynch to look into these groups. Basically it borderlines on home terrorist. I warned if harm happens to me and my family going, attending, and leaving a Trump rallie .. I am going to Sue the hell of the state. Everyone should be doing this .. If this continues we have a grat class action civil suit. Call your representatives, the more calls the better. We need to start documenting how many people are writing and calling and communicating that this is violation of thier 1st anmendment reights, that the DOJ is putting us in harms way, wasting tax payers money by using our officers and just the proceeding fees Aline are all costing us money, let sling endagering our first responders. We need to hammer away at these people to get them on notice we are going to start hitting them in the pocketbook, re-election, and get them grown out of office.

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  6. NJF says:

    And in other related news, Bernie proves once again how batsh$t crazy he is!

    We really will be truly done for if Trump doesn’t prevail!


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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      They are Criminals — What part of Illegals being Criminals does Sanders not get.
      Illegals = Crossing The Border Illegally =Breaking Law= Liars. = Criminals

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    • tz says:

      Maybe we should declare the Malheur a refuge for illegals and send them all there and see how long the feds allow them to trespass

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Next up, Bernie will theaten a LEO who arrests the person who is murdering his wife…

      It is no different. A law is a law if it is broken it is the duty of a LEO to arrest the breaker of the law. Once we start picking and chosing what laws to enforce we are no longer a country ruled by law but a country ruled by tyrants. At this point it is time to start repealing laws since we now have so many that it is necessary to selectively enforce them.

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  7. Robert Dow says:

    The protester’s already lost. They hate is on display, and their disdain for sovereign country and free speech. Just shows that, leftist hate free speech and most American’s.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Yet who is recognizing it on the Left. I do find it interesting the ones that feel the need for masks and/or scarves on their faces. Those should be the first ones they arrest. I do believe these people probably have family or jobs that would be very upset with their behavior.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Just shows the left hate free speech”
        “Yet who is recognizing it on the Left”

        We don’t need the left to recognize it. Better if they don’t.

        We need the right and the center to recognize it … and vote accordingly.


      • SuperTalk says:

        Those wearing masks, or committing violence , chainning themselves to cars etc….ought to be stained with dye by the police, so that they are marked for at least a week. Shaming them may stop them.

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  8. kathyca says:

    Any protesters arrested by the MCSO will have their mug shots posted here. I see some were wanting to find out how many were arrested and who they are.


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  9. jmed says:

    These radical,left winging, Berniebots need to be thrown over the wall. The parents of these global tards need to see how the universities they attend are radicalizing them and brain washing them. I hope these schools see this mess and dump their asses out and revoke all their financial aid. They are not learning anything but how to destroy our country. It’s fine to protest if you don’t agree with someone. They are calling people who don’t believe what they believe racists. Get over yourselves. Trump is not a racist. He’s talked about protecting our borders. If you are here illegally, you don’t belong here period. Go back home! I’m tired of paying for you. This is one nation under God, not a free for all.

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  10. kinthenorthwest says:

    Trump loves Constitutional America
    Trump wants to see the America the way it should be.
    Trump is a patriot.

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  11. Nahanni says:

    Whatever moral ascendancy these protesters thought they had is lost. If they think their violent antics are winning hearts and minds or succeeding in intimidating us into silence they are fools. We are, by and large, a very tolerant people but that tolerance can be pushed only so far. They constantly whine about being “bullied”-they are the ones who are the very weak and very childish bullies. The backlash has already begun, all one has to do is look at the poll numbers for a very overt indication.

    It is happening in other ways they can not see, too. For example when my very liberal, Ms. Gay Pride, participated in many protests along with the same types who are protesting Trump, Democrat with a capital “D” co worker not only tells me she’s voting for Trump she also said (in so many words, many of them expletives) that “those protesters really need to get their butts kicked” I know it is over for them. Trust me when I tell you that this woman is the LAST person I’d expect to be a Trump supporter.

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    • Daniel says:

      I am a libertarian, Gay, anti Zionist man, and I too support Trump. The military interventionism that has ruined so many of our young soldiers’s lives is my biggest issue, for 22 suicides a day trumps any identity politics bs. The out of control border the second issue, It is not racist to want to control immigration and even to limit it.

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      • Sandra says:

        My big issues are the border, companies sending jobs to other countries, H-1B visas, terrorism, schools …. With these as top issues it’s easy to see how they can be shared among a very diverse bunch of people. People who want handouts won’t get along with us, that’s for sure.

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  12. Sandy says:

    A bunch of losers who are paid to cause trouble and protest. Disgusting animals! Run the hell over ALL of them!!!!!! I would Never give one of those punks a job except cleaning toilets in prison!!!!…..with no pay!

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  13. nimrodman says:

    I’m not sure I think much of Arizona law enforcement if they couldn’t have a copter in the air preemptively on the lookout for this kind of stunt. And a few tow trucks pre-positioned at strategic locations.

    Apologies if they did yet were still overwhelmed.

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  14. Concerned says:

    Tell me how the “protesters” can possibly think that jumping on top of someone’s car will cause them to change their vote.

    [video src="http://bcdownload.gannett.edgesuite.net/azc-mobile/201603/3930/29901534001_4808614813001_4808511883001.mp4" /]

    The protesters have a very very low emotional maturity level. Mature people, when confronted with a “problem” that they want to fix, will seek out a solution that fixes the problem. But these protesters are like toddlers throwing temper tantrums which ultimately have no effect. Have they not figured it out yet? Are they that stupid?

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  15. Concerned says:

    Before they wasted their time, the NY and AZ protesters should have reviewed the results of the Chicago protest and rally shut-down. Not only did Trump win Illinois and Cook County, he also won the City of Chicago. http://www.chicagoelections.com/en/wdlevel3.asp?elec_code=6

    City of Chicago results:
    Trump 38.59%
    Kasich 25.51%
    Cruz 20.81%
    Rubio 12.39%


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  16. JTR says:

    Is there anything we can do to help out the guy that got arrested for hitting the KKK hood wearing attacker? I can certainly understand how he lost his cool.

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  17. myopiafree says:

    No – we need to protect Trump’s back – to the best of our abilities. First Hillary attacked the 2nd Amendment, by wishing to confiscate weapons, as Obama doing it with Exec. actions. Now, the left wants to end Freedom of Speech – as soon as possible – by road blocks. This is indeed a Fascists tactic. I fear for Trump’s life – at this point.


  18. peachteachr says:

    One of the comments I read today said they were not protesting; they are attempting a coup d’etat.

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    • Sandra says:

      Are you talking about the crybullies? They wouldn’t be able to attempt a coup d’etat. All they are able to do is disrupt, they couldn’t organize a movement if their lives depended on it. Look at Occupy, 2 years wasn’t it?, 2 years of nothing. The one in Chicago couldn’t even sustain itself. The one in NYC imploded because of petty differences. And that was the best these people will ever do. Deray is probably the most intelligent of the bunch, at least he’s trying to do something worthwhile by running for office. But he’s running for Mayor, not starting small like a sane person would do. They can disrupt and cause a lot of damage but they’ll never amount to much.


  19. B Church says:

    I’m reminded of the old adage on the waging of war that says, ‘when your enemy is destroying himself, stay out of the way.’ Whether this is from Sun Tzu or from somewhere else, its wisdom is unassailable, and Trump is using it like a true master.

    I doubt there was any mistake in the police response in Arizona or New York today. Let the world see the anarchists in action; let them see – uninterrupted – what the enemies of liberty and free speech look like.

    We live in a world filled with video, which the ‘protestors’ assumed would be on their side. Instead, it is displaying their intolerance so definitively and intensively that it is driving votes to Trump almost as fast as the videos of the protests can be displayed.

    Trump trusts the American people, and he respects their intelligence. It’s more than enough to simply shine the spotlight on the fascists and let them destroy themselves. Trump is employing political strategy and tactics far advanced from what we are used to, and it is awe-inspiring to witness.

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  20. Denise Anderson says:

    Just want to shed some light regarding our next POTUS,
    Donald J. Trump…

    Written by a Facebook member…a good read……….

    I have been thinking a lot about Donald Trump, people say that he doesn’t have a platform, that he just wants to make America great again. I have something to say about that, Donald Trump is not telling you his plan, he’s giving you an outline. Why? Every time that he has brought something to the table, the other candidates take it and run. Such as, immigration, “the wall” and other issues. I can guarantee you that he won’t give you his full plans in detail until he is standing at the podium, next to one of the Democrats. THAT is when he will reveal everything. He doesn’t need to do that now. Donald Trump is a visionary. He doesn’t go into business, without a strategy, and a form of negotiation already set. This man is prepared in business and will be fully prepared when the time is right, in a debate. He is a brilliant man, and he will not reveal his hand. He doesn’t have to, he has his supporters. They believe in him, they know he could be the Commander in Chief and lead this country in the right direction.
    As far as foreign policy, you say he lacks. What I say is, he knows the economy, he knows about taxes, trade, laws, foreign values, he knows that inside and out because he’s dealt with them for so many years. Now, if he hadn’t been good with dealing with the foreign market, he wouldn’t be the billionaire that he is now. He is an International brand. He knows leaders and foreign dignitaries.
    He is a unifier.
    He is an economic genius, with the skills to make this country great again.
    He will be bringing businesses back into this country and creating jobs. This will help our economy, immensely! He would protect the United States from those who want to do us harm. He absolutely LOVES this country, and will do what he has to do, in order to protect it. Guaranteed!
    HE IS bold and brash, he says what he means, and means what he says, and that is what we like about him so much. He will be a tough negotiator and our allies will know, without any doubt, where he stands at all times. They know his word will mean something, and so will our enemies. This is a brilliant man who has focus and he is pragmatic. He knows how to solve problems, very quickly.
    He will surround himself with the best of the best, in all branches of the government. You will not see our soldiers kneeling at the feet of Iranians, nor, will you see Isis take over the world. You haven’t seen the man work, yet. All you’ve seen is a businessman, turned politician, before your eyes. His supporters are standing shoulder-to-shoulder
    with him and will not sway. Lobbyists and special interest groups will no longer be able to line the pockets of our Congress and Senate. Because when they do, the Senators and congressmen will pass Bills and Legislation, and it will be a conflict of interest to the United States. No more will you have super PACs running this country. The media can ridicule Donald Trump and all of his supporters, all they want, BUT we are digging in our heels! We will not be deterred!
    The fact of the matter is, you think Americans are stupid. But we are the backbone of this country. Americans WILL determine the vote, NOT the special interest groups or the lobbyists. They will finally understand, clearly. Our voices will be heard. We will support our troops and build up our military and take care of our Vets PROPERLY!
    This current administration has not had their backs, nor, have they listened to our top military leaders. No longer will our military hands be tied. He will secure our borders and revamp our visa program. YES, the beautiful wall WILL be built and YES, Mexico WILL pay for it! Guaranteed! He will do everything in his power to keep Americans safe. He will call our enemies by name, radicals jihadist.
    There will no longer be “political correctness,” for it is destroying our country and dividing us.
    Donald Trump is a unifier!
    Americans are finally pulling together as ONE, United we stand, shoulder-to-shoulder,
    with Donald Trump!

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  21. redsequin4 says:

    Sunlight shines on Soros operative who chained herself to car to block Trump rally.


  22. moe ham head says:

    sorry officer my brakes failed
    sped bumps


  23. tammy says:

    A sewer cannon should of been used!


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