Emerson College Poll New York – Donald Trump 64%, Ted Cruz 12%, John Kasich 1%…

Emerson College releases a poll today of New York voters (pdf article here).  As a generally intelligent person might expect, candidate Donald Trump crushes second place Ted Cruz by 52 points.  Trump earns 64% support, Cruz 12%, Kasich barely 1%.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

Unfortunately Emerson downloaded the wrong pdf file (they repeated TX) – so the internals are not yet visible.  However, you can find the video outline HERE and you can see the pdf version of the poll data “Toplines” HERE

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407 Responses to Emerson College Poll New York – Donald Trump 64%, Ted Cruz 12%, John Kasich 1%…

  1. Riddick says:

    OK, You hear it here first.

    No way in hell will Dems allow Killary run against Trump. He has no qualms exposing her CRIMINAL LIFE for all to see, on national TV, in debates and interviews.

    So… She will garner Dem primary delegates to finish off Bernie. Once that is done with and once Trump is confirmed as nominee, and ONLY if Trump is the nominee, as we all expect, will Killary then state that she bows out due to poor health. To be replaced by someone else who will get all her delegates.

    No way in hell will Dems allow Killary to finish the party off when Trump pounds her into a pulp with non stop mentioning of all her past and current crimes, Roger Stone already has the entire lineup of women sexually assaulted by Billy ready and willing to go, he already formed a SuperPAC for that, and it will be a 24×7 pounding on TV and radio.

    Leaving Dems THE ONLY choice to save the party by replacing and then hiding Killary from Trump. Better to loose 8 years to Trump and to save the party long term than have it utterly destroyed by Trump for a good number of years when Trump gets to expose Dems and their hiding of all of Killary’s crimes and misdemeanors. Its one thing when Marxist news media do not report her crimes, they will not be able to stop Trump in the debates as he reads a long list of her crimes on national TV, each and every time.

    This is my analysis of how things will play out judging by what I see today. File this and keep it handy, we’ll discuss it come July.

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    • everybody here wants to be another … Rush Limbaugh
      who is right 99.7% of the time


    • Chestertonrocks says:

      Riddick – I think you are right. Here’s a crazy theory – many commentators thought it strange that Biden bowed out of the race last fall in that weird Rose Garden speech that sounded like he wanted to run. I think Hillary will get close to the convention, only to be indited by the DOJ (per Obama), and she’ll drop out saying this is inappropriate to be a candidate for office with this hanging over her, plus her health, etc.. Biden will be substituted and crowned at the Dem convention. Obama will ultimately pardon Clinton for her agreement to walk away. So the Donald needs to be thinking about how to take down Biden as well, which I am sure he is doing already.

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      • gloriosaedominae1 says:

        I think Riddick and you are both on to something. And it makes me very sad. Because I was really looking forward to exposing the Clintons this year.

        By the way, I am a big fan of Chesterton myself.


      • jackmcg says:

        There is an incredible amount of video evidence of Biden acting goofy, creepy, and just downright WEIRD.

        Not to mention he is a Paper Alpha Male, the type that Trump rips through like a hot knife through butter. We’ve watched Biden beat Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan in debates. He’ll fold like a cheap suit in front of Trump.

        BRING IT ON, I say.

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  2. Eris says:

    Hillary Clinton has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 18, 2016


    Game On!

    Mr. Trump is the one person who could punch through the MSM deflector shields around Shrillary’s past corruptions since he doesn’t care about upsetting the people who were and are bribing the Clintons.

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  3. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Do Not Let Hilary’s Supporters Forget….
    This Website Is A Treasure Trove Of Clinton Archives…
    Use them, It is all right here and more….

    Welcome to Rancho Runnamukka

    What is mainstream news today was here four years ago!

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  4. Reirei says:

    I love my state right now. These numbers are fantastic! I wonder if the rat is even going to make an appearance here in New York state? The hubby and I are kind of hoping he does. Should be entertaining to watch.

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  5. Loving these numbers, Loving New York and New York Values! 🙂

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