Just a Reminder: “This is an Insurgency”…

A common response to the shenanigans of the RNC/GOPe from the comments:

Major Chris Dickson USA (Ret):  “I just informed the RNC that after voting for over 46 years as a Republican, having served on Staff for U.S. Senator Dan Coats (R-IN), and having run as a Republican for the General Assembly, immediately following the Indiana primary I am leaving the Republican Party and going Independant. They no longer represent my core values because all they do is “Rubber-Stamp” everything Obama shoves at them!”


That’s exactly what the RNC hope you’ll do.

The goal of the RNC is to drive out those who don’t agree with them so the party remains with a small closed circle of narrow-minded sycophants. Then they close the party election to registered republicans, and you’re permanently locked out.

If you want to be able to effect change, you have to begin thinking of U.S. politics in general, and presidential politics specifically, as an insurgency.

Being part of a political insurgency means you accept the role of eliminating the RNC apparatus you dislike, by taking a more strategic approach and destroying them from the inside. Hence, the Trump approach, and our support for it.

trump lion

Expanding – It’s quite understandable to see such responses to the visible usurpation being displayed by the RNC apparatus writ large.   However, we cannot defeat the GOPe UniParty objectives by allowing them to control the battle-space.  We must elevate our thinking, elevate our approach and remain committed to a much larger objective.

When the MSM Corporate Media-Machine says, Trump is destroying the RNC/GOPe party apparatus, don’t go on defense; instead say: Yeah, so – it needs to be torn down.

When the pearl-clutching RINO class of cocktail republicans decry the vulgarian uprising, don’t defend it, put it right back in their face.  We vulgarians are the majority, deal with it.

When the ruling class want to dictate the terms of national discourse, refute them; don’t apologize for your terms being 180° divergent from their desired approach.  This is an insurgency.

We are part of the largest political upheaval in the history of modern politics. Embrace this fact.  Embrace each victory.  Break the cycle of “battered conservative syndrome“, and feel empowered by your position in the common sense majority.

The non-Trump coalition will have a much harder time getting to the 1237 delegates they need to ‘block trump’, than we will getting the 1237 delegates we need to destroy them.  They are in the minority.

Recently Speaker Paul Ryan was talking to the House of Representatives leadership when he was quoted as saying:

“we are the last line of defense to stop Donald Trump, from fundamentally destroying the modern republican [conservative] party”.

ryan waste fraud and abuse

Think about this carefully.   Speaker Ryan is essentially confirming his intention to usurp the will of the larger electorate in order to protect their cloistered Vichy Republican power and position at the trough.

We’ve got these bastards right where we want them, out in the open.  Now is not the time to bail out of the fight or party.

Have Tar – Need Feathers.


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366 Responses to Just a Reminder: “This is an Insurgency”…

  1. Searkreb says:

    I am registered to run for a delegate position in district 4 in arkansas. I spoke with the district chairwoman (who was very nice and helpful) and have came away with a little better understanding of the situation on the ground. There are 6 spots and 6 reserves in each district. These spots are decided on by a vote of delegate candidates on April 30. There are roughly 100 people registered in my district, many of whom are already in the party apparatus such as U.S. senators (think tom cotton who was at the south Carolina meeting to get rid of trump) representatives, state reps and senators and other positions. So basically I have no effective chance of becoming a delegate in the state of arkansas. I wish there was something I could do, but I am not connected on these circles.
    Any ideas would be appreciated and I will be present and reporting at the very least.

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  2. JEB4US says:

    I am going to keep my eye on the prize of electing Trump as President. Once he is the republican nominee, he will be in a better position to turn/deal with these people. And even more so as the POTUSA. Most will come around and the others will fall by the wayside.

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  3. sDee says:

    There is a vacuum in the GOP at the county Precinct and District levles. The GOPe likes it that way. They maintain control from the top – they do not want us at the local level until they are in trouble.

    We, meaning all of us insurgents, can BE the party. It starts at the county GOP level – with a simple first step. Precinct Chair or a maybe a committee membership.

    Most Precinct Chair slots are open or held by someone not given much help or leadership.

    So call your County GOP and ask how to become a Precinct Chair. Also ask how to get a hold of your District Chairis. Ask him/her about meetings, committee spots etc.

    We can take over. Many here are TRS wil rise fast!

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  4. Tparty says:



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    • TheseTruths says:

      Thanks for posting. I did not know about Cruz and Monsanto and will use this video.


    • There is no proof whatsoever that foods developed through scientific research and biotech engineering have ever harmed anyone anywhere. Much like DDT – which also never harmed anyone, but was forbidden to be used to kill malaria-causing mosquitos. This anti-science attitude will be the death and/or starvation of us all if it gains traction. Talk to farmers who use it.
      Now, I don’t condone the practice of patenting seeds. That is bad. But the free market can, and IS, taking care of this entire matter by bringing volunteer labeling to food now, so that the urban snowflake population that doesn’t fear socialism but does fear its food, air and water can feel safer. Sorry, that guy totally lost me on that one.


      • varangia says:

        Okay, but my understanding was, that corporations would basically get rid of all other seeds and then they control the patents on the seeds in the future. Seems like a scam to me.


      • Mike says:

        Going to great lengths to avoid ANY requirement of origins, hiding the provenance of GM food is not reassuring.

        If their product is so great, I would expect a label number to tie into an informative web page why the GM food is so great and basic technical disclosures. Then, if the GM food is so great, stupid consumers might pay higher prices for lower quality food. Personally, while I have reservations about transfected or amplified pesticide genes, I think the largest problem has been sweeter, higher carb products with fewer high value nutrients (polyphenols, vitamins,etc) in high volume consumption.


        • marierogers says:

          monsanto and others who genetically alter our food chain are evil bas*ards!~
          they force us to buy expensive organic..
          .google the “dirty dozen” vegetables.
          as an aside, saw a recent documentary where monsanto tried to peddle their “seeds” to haiti..haiti said NO!


      • ladybugdedee says:

        RoundUp is causing massive, unseen before, birth defects in Argentina. Agent Orange is RoundUp. Mondansto has purchased numerous pineapple plantations in Hawaii to establish testing grounds which are poisoning the people. Read about Kauai and Monsanto.
        Geo Bush, Sr bypassed strict restrictions on regulations to allow Monsanto to operate in St Louis.


      • marierogers says:

        investing..do you buy organic? do you work for monsanto??


      • solomonpal says:

        So wheat with praying mantis genes is OK by you?


  5. Dee says:

    Register as R if not already and stay registered R. The Vichy Republicans (as SD calls them) aren’t the party, we the people are. Lets take it back. They want us to be disgusted enough with them to leave. Then they can have their way. Don’t do it. Get involved, don’t be complacent. This is an insurgency. Trump needs our help. It’s easier to affect change from the inside than to be on the outside looking in.

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  6. KBR says:

    Is it illegal to put ropes on tree branches outside the building where these bozos are meeting?
    Noosed. And then merely stand stock-still and silent and evil-stare at them as they leave? Perhaps everyone simply wearing black (as appropriate for funerals)

    If not, is it illegal for each black-garbed protestor to hold a nosed rope in utter hate-staring silence?
    Not a single word, not a poster, not anything. Disciplined, silent, dangerous. Rope is available at every big box hardware store.

    A kind of silent protest that causes no noise at all, but sends a clear message?


    • peachteachr says:

      The vichy GOPe will turn the noose into a KKK connection and blame it on Trump. I love the “dressed in black” idea but might make it white for two reasons, purity and it’s going to be hot, hot, hot. A group dressed in all white holding a sticker like they give out in polling places that say, “I vote.” Afterall that is what they can’t take away from us, the right to vote. Just free thinking on your idea, KBR.

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    • Zzschnops says:

      All I can do is smile.


    • wheatietoo says:

      It would be declared a “death threat”.

      Doing anything that could be characterized as a “death threat” is not a good idea.
      Ridicule is a better tactic.

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      • StuckInCa says:

        How about teams of 3 people, 2 dressed as serfs holding #3 between them dressed as a French Aristocrat in chains.


        • wheatietoo says:

          I would understand that reference…but how many others would?

          The general public these days struggles with even the simplest questions about current politics…and are woefully ignorant about history.
          So I would be afraid that putting someone in “chains” would be misunderstood.

          Even if the serfs wore signs that said “Serf” and the aristocrat wore a sign that said “French Aristocrat”….do you really think that the average person would understand the context regarding the GOPe?

          You’d probably get some comments that you had “spelled s-u-r-f wrong.”


      • KBR says:

        So, only MSM can make death threats, and they do it in clear writing?

        Can a noose and silence be a death threat with no motion, nor word nor sign?
        The threat is unspoken. Any who object are claiming themselves as targets, when not a word is said as to who is the target.

        For all the accusers may claim, the persons with nooses could be there to make sure the delegates are guaranteed safe passage.

        As to the “KKK” accusation, many or most of the silent must be black themselves.


    • anon nona says:

      I gave been advocating taking a guillotine to DC and behead in effigy all the traitors and their master oligarchs…….

      And thousands showing up to help protest.

      A rope works also. First up…….Soros, then Ryan then McConnell


  7. coldsnap says:

    How many of these “elected” pieces of crap can be recalled? How many? How fast?

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    • Riddick says:

      Unfortunately, and I already went at it with NV state morons 2 years ago, once elected to D.C., DESPITE NV STATE CONSTITUTION saying ANY NV state voter elected can be recalled, there is a 1939 Federal law, very conveniently enacted by liberals when they had entire D.C. to themselves, that says they are now FEDERAL employees and CANNOT BE RECALLED by states.

      This particular law MUST be repealed once Trump is in office. Priority one even before The Wall. IMHO of course.

      I posted this info on another thread today or yesterday.

      As I went up the chain here in NV with these clueless morons we call government workers, NOT ONE of them could explain to me why NV State Constitution says CLEARLY a RECALL is possible and I cannot start the process. State AG, liberal at the time, was clearly annoyed that some peon dared to walk up the chain, for days, and disturb his coffee break to discuss state Constitution.

      This is why once in D.C. they feel so “invincible”.


      • coldsnap says:

        Thanks! I have been wondering about this and dug around a little, but figured someone here would know. Sorry your efforts didn’t pay off, but kudos for your attempt, Riddick. We all need to be more proactive and face up to these carpet-baggin’ corpocrats! These scum gotta get-gone somehow. Cockroaches are hard to kill, but there’s more than one way to get it done… same here.


      • Howie says:

        What law is that?


        • Good question, Howie. It is always helpful when some bureaucrat is giving you a hard time and telling you “It’s against the law!” to ask for a copy of said law. I did that once and found out it was nothing more than a state attorney general’s office opinion letter! I was furious, but everyone in the planning dept was referencing it as a law. And the people being stopped by that BS fell for it. Nobody believed me when I pointed out the problem. It’s not fun being treated as a dingbat nobody!


        • Riddick says:

          OK, just spent some time trying to find my emails with then NV AG Miller and his minions. I am 2 newer laptops at this point with one hard drive destroyed by the Apple Genius Bar minions, so cannot find some backup files with emails.

          That said, first look up 17th Amendment, enacted in 1913. On top of that, Miller pointed out a very specific law, enacted by the US Congress, then fully controlled by the Dems, in either 1937 or 1939. That one made any US Senator, once elected, a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE, and not, thus, eliminated any and all state law dealing with recalls.

          I will spend some time later today to see if I can find this specific law, that was back in early 2013 when I last broached the subject, so memory is not in full focus right now.

          As is, both the 17th and then this specific law MUST GO. States MUST retain their power to APPOINT US Congress critters and then RECALL them if they are not doing their job. As it was prior to 17th, these charlatan grifters were not elected, simply appointed.

          Will ask my cousin attorney if she can do a quick search for me of all the 1937-1939 laws passed. Meanwhile, read about 17th Amendment for a start.

          I see many references to 18 or 19 states that SUPPOSEDLY allow a recall of their US Senator. Our NV state Constitution clearly spells it out, ANY and ALL ELECTED officials by state voters can be recalled. Not true. All those online sites that claim otherwise are all wrong, SADLY SO. Once in D.C. they are no longer STATE employees and, thus, do not fall under state law.


      • KBR says:

        Perhaps at that point, a recall of each state-level rino should be tried. Cut their feet off if you cannot get to their heads.


  8. coldsnap says:

    What about the convention… supporting Trump while keeping disrupting elements out? How about booking all hotels, (which haven’t already been booked), in the Cleveland and surrounding areas? What about booking all of the charter buses? What about flights in?


    • nightmare on k st says:

      At the end of voting in all the States a consensus will build, along with the numbers, Trump, the winner and leader, will start mentioning people he would appoint to SC and his cabinet, some will be from the establishment, probably Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich etc, Trump is a natural at getting along, just the opposite of Cruz

      Trump better negotiate with Ted Cruz to be his VP to secure his delegates and block the GOPE from getting them

      The GOPE lost big time, the 2 leaders are anti-establishment Trump and Cruz


      • jtomka says:

        Except that Cruz is not a natural born citizen of the United States of America and thus is ineligible to be president or vice president.

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      • georgiafl says:

        CRUZ is NOT an outsider. He’s a Bush political machine tool. Always has been.
        The Consistent Conservative act is as fake as his cowboy boots.

        Jeb’s entire staff, and his brother are part of the Cruz campaign.

        Besides, Cruz is a liar, crook, and fake Christian as well. He is despicable in every way.

        “Cruz is Obama 2.0

        Harvard educated.
        First term Senator.
        Poor attendance in Senate.
        Considered a “Constitutional scholar”.
        Constantly lectures everyone when he talks .
        Believes he’s smarter than everyone else in the room.
        Zero leadership abilities.
        Career lawyer/politician with no private sector experience.
        Raised by parents and family with zero loyalty to this country.
        Questionable eligibility.
        Records sealed to prevent investigation of said questionable eligibility.
        Sleazeball tactics to win elections.
        Prominent non-mainstream Christian religious figure in his background: (Rev. Wright, Cruz’s father.)” (written by another CTH commenter)

        Concordance of Cruz Corruption, Deception and Lies – http://www.politijim.com/2016/02/the-concordance-of-cruz-corruption.html

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        • nightmare on k st says:

          Save it

          There is a Christian, traditional values, social & cultural, Constitutionalist candidate in EVERY Republican Presidential election, they are dispised by the GOPe , Cruz got issues, but no more than Reagan, you recall the picture of Reagan having a meal with David Rockefeller before the general election, the sell out was to appoint the most Trilateral Commission members than any other administration

          Nobody is perfect, Cruz likely will be VP


          • georgiafl says:

            No way, Jose’! Trump doesn’t like liars and thieves.

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          • georgiafl says:

            Cruz hasn’t won a state he didn’t cheat, steal votes or lie about his positions – he’s a hypocrite mis-using the Name of Jesus Christ for his own agenda – a vile man.

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          • KBR says:

            You save it. Cruz is FOR the destruction of the constitution and the USA sovereignty.

            He has lied and you either swallowed lies or you spit them.


            • nightmare on k st says:

              Art of The Deal

              It is still possible for Trump to get 1,237, but not likely, if Cruz makes a deal with Kasich to be his VP, they will likely have the votes to do it

              Anyone remember Voodoo Economics?


          • Riddick says:

            Save WHAT, exactly?

            This CANADIAN BY BIRTH is a FELON under TEXAS STATE law for his DELIBERATE FAILURE to disclose his Canadian citizenship, never even mind his Cuban one as well. Do yourself a favor and call any Cuban Embassy you feel like to confirm that. Already done this, weeks ago. He’s Cuban by birth, via his father. Lawsuit filed last week to remove him from US Senate, by Texas electorate. And disbarred once his FELONY is on display.

            No one even knows if he is a US citizen, to boot. His records are just as sealed as Hussein’s. Seems Harvard Law is best place to learn how to hide your records.

            Save your fake “dismissal” for some other site, or better yet, perhaps going back to Blaze or Right Poop may make your dismissal of US Constitution and laws a better fit.

            This site is all about US LAW and US Constitution.

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      • georgiafl says:


  9. JeremyR says:

    Have Tar – Need Feathers.
    Chickens like McConnell already have em.


  10. Tparty says:

    All aboard …. Trump train leavinv at platform 1.


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  11. judyw says:

    Some members of the Republican National Committee want to ditch the massive rule book, which is based on the parliamentary handbook of the U.S. House, and instead use Robert’s Rules of Order to govern floor action at the convention. Robert’s is the standard manual used by entities such as civic associations, county boards and state legislatures.

    “No one knows U.S. House rules, and so that creates suspicion and uncertainty among the delegates — and the chaos we want to avoid,” said Mr. Bopp. “People don’t know what they can and can’t do and are afraid others who do know will hoodwink them.”

    Most of the fear of hoodwinking relates to Rule 40b, adopted at the 2012 Republican National Convention, which says candidates must come in with a majority of delegates from at least eight states before they can be nominated and put to a vote.

    With about half of the contests in the books so far, only Mr. Trump has won enough states to qualify. Sen. Ted Cruz is just shy, with seven states. Gov. John Kasich, the third candidate still actively competing, has won only his home state of Ohio.

    The reason 40b wasn’t changed in January, when the RNC last met, was because representatives from all of the major campaigns believed their candidates would meet the strict threshold, said Randy Pullen, an RNC member from Arizona.



    • Howie says:

      As I have been predicting. Trump is the only candidate who is 40b compliant. Under the rules he is the only one whose name could be placed in nomination. Not Jebbie, not Ryan, Not Cruz. To stop Trump they have to change the rules.


      • judyw says:

        Yes, and make it look like changing the rules is only for transparency! They have no idea how far back the “curtain” has been pulled and how many understand their antics.

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        • Howie says:

          TX you clearly see through the scam. 100%. The real fight is going to be for electors, not delegates IMO.

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        • rodney says:

          So what if the curtain has been pulled back? The GOPe still runs the show and they make the rules and if they decide to kick Trump to the curb there is nothing he or his voters can do about it.

          There’s no downside for them. You guys can’t even get the guts to protest outside of Ryan’s house or even McConnell’s or Rove’s.

          Run third party – the GOP wants Trump to do that because it’s political suicide because the system is rigged against 3rd parties.

          Try to reform the GOP? That’s just amusing. You’re facing a raft of religious and class based factions that will not accept Trump supporters doing this. Namely Cruz, Rubio and Kasich voters who have tremendous loyalty to the establishment and are in effect their foot soldiers. This is why the GOPe will give the nomination to Ryan or Romney. They know the bulk of Republicans will fall in line and support it because they still follow the party line. People really underestimate this aspect.


      • TheJesterLaughs says:

        Actually, Trump has won 11 states under rule 40b. Cruz has 4 (Texas, Kansas, Maine, Idaho). In total Cruz has won 7 but only 4 count towards rule 40b. I remain convinced that he might fall short of 8 in the coming contests.

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  12. peachteachr says:

    To the vichy GOPe, I say MOLON LABE!


  13. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Ryan is just another Boehner, that’s all the Republican party has is globalist sycophants

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  14. Howie says:

    Today Ted Cruz became a Kelley Girl.

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  15. prognomore says:

    Donald Trump signed a pledge to support the ultimate Republican Presidential candidate. If we are truly prepared to follow him as President to Make America Great Again, we need to stay with his party and make sure he is the nominee. What, the people “in charge” don’t like us? Tough.

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  16. judyw says:

    And insurgencies are happening in other races, too.

    SPRINGFIELD IL – State Senator Sam McCann (R-Jacksonville) won to be his party’s nominee in the 50th Senate District Tuesday night, despite Governor Rauner spending an unprecedented $3.5 million to knock a party colleague out of office.

    McCann’s primary challenger Bryce Benton lost the 50th District race with 19,370 (47.3%) votes. Liberty Principles PAC, along with other pro-Rauner forces, spent nearly $3.5 million against McCann in the primary, almost $180 a vote.

    “Here’s the deal. I don’t work for the governor, I don’t work for the Speaker or the Senate President, I don’t work for the party leadership. I work for the people of the 50th District,” McCann told reporters at the Capitol Wednesday. “I want to work with the all those other people I just listed.”



  17. Linden says:

    Have pikes, need heads.

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  18. nightmare on k st says:

    Great Reminder

    We are hearing talk about “storming out of the convention” if the GOPe is bad, he// no, let them capitulate, We The People rule, bodies count, need to get in there and fight , Freedom isn’t Free, MSM want you out and will continue with psyc-ops to remove you

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  19. Team, I always cannot find the extensive list of posts which details the establishment plan to steal the election from Trump. Can someone help?


    • joleeinca says:

      Go to the top of the page under the search tab click on select a category and go down the list to Tripwire. I think that is what you are wanting?


  20. varangia says:

    Agree with the article, people need to be registered Republicans, until such time that it becomes untenable in the future, in case we have to go to a new party.

    The whole point is to win, so Trump will have to compromise to some degree, or the est will just set up a 3rd party candidate, while not officially endorsing it – that person runs, sucks up 5 to 10 percent and Trump loses. I hope everyone understands if Trump has to compromise at the convention to make this happen.


  21. BigMamaTEA says:

    gathering feathers now….


  22. S.D. makes a great point about this being an insurgency…Pls ignore the posts you see from people saying ‘start a third party’ or ‘switch from Republican to Independent, and etc; those are incredibly BAD ideas.

    Li’l-ol-me has been saying for some time now, “strike-the-shepherd(s)-and-the-sheep-will-scatter”, and I firmly believe that, and believe that is why it’s imperative to replace the current GOPe leadership(shepherds) by-any-legal-means-possible. Once previous is accomplished, the other GOPe sheep will fall-in-line behind the new, conservative patriot, leadership.

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  23. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I agree with sd. This must be done as a insurgence and not as sucessionist. Face the GOPe square shouldered confident that we are the majority and make them throw us out of the party if they have the courage. Remember we have seen over and over with their dealings with the Democrats that the GOPe are cowards in the end. In 1964 the Republican party wanted to through out Lincoln for a normal Republican (Lincoln was not a first chose for the Republicans in 1960, because he wasn’t a true abolitionist). There were two Republican conventions, one chose Republican establishment John Charles Frémont while another with the help of war Democrats supported Lincoln. In the end the establishment backed down because they knew this spit would only lead to the Copperhead Democrats winning and making peace with Confederacy.


    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      I don’t like using this 1864 example (sorry for the date typo above), for Lincoln was assassinated and his National Unionist Pary collasped.


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