BREAKING – Rubio Allies Drop Lawsuit Keeping Kasich From Pennsylvania Presidential Primary Ballot…

john kasichmarco_rubio_hiresDespite the John Kasich campaign admitting they did not provide enough signatures to give Kasich legal access to the Pennsylvania primary ballot, the state law only keeps the candidate off the ballot if it is legally challenged.

Previously, team Rubio in Pennsylvania filed such a challenge and Kasich was legally kept off ballot.  Today the Rubio allies withdrew their petition (legal challenge).

As a consequence Ohio Governor John Kasich will be allowed on the PA ballot despite not having met the signature threshold for placement.

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258 Responses to BREAKING – Rubio Allies Drop Lawsuit Keeping Kasich From Pennsylvania Presidential Primary Ballot…

  1. HawaiiGotYour6 says:

    The establishment and their supporters will try to weasel their way using the rules in their favor to get what they want. They wonder why we will not vote if the nomination is taken away from Mr. Trump… It’s because to us, any politician DEM or REP elites is the same damn thing. Status Quo, Zero Change… The only way for us to win is to get the votes… We need to speak intelligently and convert everyone we know into comprehending and supporting this political revolution known as the Trump Movement!

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  2. MfM says:

    I was afraid that if Kasich wasn’t on the PA ballot and it was a head to head with Cruz that Mr. Trump wouldn’t take it as seriously and believe the polling that he had it in the bag and let it coast.

    With Kasich in play more attention to PA in the primary happens… which will be good when the general comes around in the Autumn. PA can very easily be a swing State and it’s never too early to get people thinking and talking about Trump.

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  3. freddy says:

    We have a guy named Trump who can manage a campaign on his own without undo influence. If you ask me that’s a Golden opportunity to go 3rd party. Chasing around with this GOP and RNC is a waste of time. I know they say it gaurantees Hillary …OK…but it also will destroy this evil cabal that will block us in every way known to man. They are the enemy in my mind so why am I working within their framework where we are vulnerable to corrupt rules and dirty tricks…. Makes no sense….

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  4. Peter says:

    Can’t Trump just open it back up!?

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  5. LM says:

    Glenn Beck is really mad that Kasich is staying in. So now I am happy. 🙂

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    • Riddick says:

      KABUKI Theater at its best.

      Rather predictable, helps them to drive this notion that Felito is not GOPe.

      Peeps, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

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      • LM says:

        You have a point, because Pennsylvania has a lot of people who are very liberal, but genteel… they might be drawn to Kasich. Whereas the ones who are very conservative are being told that Ted Cruz is the same thing as Trump; but only the nicer, sanitized and also more Christian version.

        Kasich is starting to look demented to me. I think it might be the struggle he is having in trying to hang onto his soul.

        I have been appalled at the Cruz campaign ever since I peeled off the outer layers.

        I think the theater we are watching might be “Lord of the Rings”.

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        • KBR says:

          Why do we not have clips on here daily of Kasich in that first and second debate? He was rude, nasty belligerent.

          We have that debate here on an old thread. Somebody please work it!


  6. they call me sweetheart says:

    It’s getting late for me here, so I haven’t the time to see the above posts; forgive me if this has been mentioned.

    My guess is since Rubio suspended his campaign, he no longer has status to challenge.

    I’ve already emailed Mr. Trump’s campaign vis a vis their plans about this.

    G’night, everyone. Godspeed Mr. Trump. Thank you, and your family for all you sacrifice.

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  7. Darth Vaper says:

    I think Cruz and/or Trump would sue Kasich, no? If Cruz is so confident he can beat Trump one-on-one, he would sue Kasich to keep him off the ballot. (Of course he might not because of the GOPe splitter strategy)


    • Riddick says:

      Why would Felito sue Kasich? Without Kasich Trump takes entire PA. With Kasich, some delegates may be taken from Trump.

      Start thinking like the other side does.

      KABUKI Theater.


      • freddy says:

        you make good points. I’m learning as I go. It’s a phrikkeeen mine field and when something seems real it’s not. Like the Bruce Lee movie in the house of mirrors. Incredible and great exercise for the brain even though I need an aspirin like tonight.


  8. liberty2828 says:

    Interesting that Pennsylvania has 79 Delegates… 54 are UNBOUND.

    They can vote for whomever they want and part of the 106 that are Unbound.

    They may not have been able to give them to Kasich if he wasn’t on the Ballot.

    Important state for Kasich to have missed the required signatures.


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  10. LM says:

    I wanted to be happy all day and just enjoy the victories, but then I heard something that made me cut the celebration short.

    I will share it because some of you may be able to do something or know something that can dismiss this,

    I have heard various reports of the rules for “suspended” campaigns for 1st or 2nd round voting at the convention (bound, 1st round…up for grabs, 2nd). but the gist of this discussion seemed to be that the “rules” were not iron clad.

    Therefore; theoretically the Rubio votes, for example, could go to Cruz.

    I hope this is wrong.


    • blognificentbee says:

      My layman’s understanding, so not fact by any stretch of the means….The RNC Rules Committee is holding a meeting in April and could approve changes to the rules of this year’s convention. Anyone with better and more detailed info, please weigh in.


    • Deb says:

      Not on the first round.

      The first round votes must be for the candidates that the delegates were assigned to based on the primary/caucus results. This is based on the laws of each state, not party rules.

      After the first ballot, the convention rules come into play.

      Let’s get Trump to 1237 so none of this matters!


  11. ctdar says:

    Er, so what is stopping Trump for filing suit against kasich in PA and every other state he hasn’t met the signature the threshold??


  12. Lucille says:

    Well, we can certainly tell to whom Kasich has sold his soul, can’t we.

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  13. Trust No One says:

    Corey tweeted this. I don’t know how to insert a tweet so just had to copy it.

    Trump nabs endorsement from Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino – POLITICO


    • blognificentbee says:

      PA, especially Philly, is as corrupt as Chicago. I have faith that DJT will handle the situation, as always. Also, I do remember seeing that PA has had about 46,000 Dems switch their affiliations to vote in the Repub primary, let’s hope they vote for Mr Trump.

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  14. SharonKinDC says:

    For those thinking Trump should try to reopen litigation re Kasich on the ballot, besides the technical issues, there is this: why draw more attention to a candidate? Kasich, if you listen to him for more than 5 minutes, you’ll hear the same stuff. Speaking of ‘lack of specifics’ He, like Cruz, is NOT a dynamic speaker, does not captivate the interest of the public. Seems very counterintuitive to Trump’s narrative, which is he’s the presumptive nominee.


    • jello333 says:

      Agree. If Trump could succeed in getting Kasich disqualified, that would be fine. But he’d BETTER succeed if he’s gonna try. Because otherwise it would backfire… Kasich would probably get a lot of “sympathy” votes from people who thought Trump had tried to bully him off the ballot “on a technicality”.


  15. lahthoughts says:

    Rubio doesn’t have time for it. …. someone saw him tending bar at the “Cabana Loco” in West Palm.


  16. angryduc says:

    I don’t when Pennsylvania cut off was for registering but it is safe to assume that Hillary has an interest going forward to stack certain counties with voters which can be achieved a number of ways. I would anticipate Democrats attempting control the Republican primary by this means. They will be happy to beat Cruz if they need to in the general election. They will move mountains not to face Trump.

    Bottom line we have to call everyone we know and car pool if necessary to get out the vote. We can’t stand on the sideline and watch.


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