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The UniParty Globalist Crowd is Desperate Now – But We are Stronger, Never Relent…

The globalists tried “Full Mississippi” and failed. They are panicked now. Desperate now. We are forcefully walking through the eye-wall amid the media driven hurricane of hatred. Stay steady….

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Malzberg Nails It – Krauthammer and Cruz Should be Ashamed….

Just watch.  Steve Malzberg nails this commentary 100%, and provides audio visual substance to back it up.

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Donald Trump Rally, Youngstown Ohio – 6:00pm Livestream…

With the primary election very close in Ohio candidate Donald Trump heads to Youngstown for a campaign rally at Winner Aviation.   Youngstown has been severely impacted with massive jobs and manufacturing losses resulting from horrible trade deals and weak economic policies over … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Interview With Michael Savage – Moments Ago (Video/Audio)…

Radio host Michael Savage interviews Donald Trump today discussing the current state of the race and current events:

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Vichy Republican Meeting: “We can’t buy or control Trump, and that’s the problem” (video)…

Steady your nerves America.  Detach yourself from auto-emotional responses.  Remember the difference between anger and “cold anger“.  Recognize the “Battered Conservative Syndrome” and resist it. The cloistered institutional power-elite who have set-up the political system for their own enrichment, the oligarchy, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Rally, Tampa Florida – 2:00pm EDT Livestream

The second Donald Trump campaign rally of the day takes place in Tampa Florida at the Tampa Convention Center. (Same venue where Rubio had 300 attendees last week).  The event is scheduled to begin at 2:00pm EDT Live Stream Link – Alternate … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Rally, Hickory North Carolina – 10:00am EDT Livestream…

Three Donald Trump campaign events on the eve of Super Tuesday2 scheduled for today; beginning in North Carolina (10am), then Tampa Florida (2pm), and finishing in Youngstown Ohio (6pm). The first event is scheduled for Hickory, North Carolina at Lenoir-Rhyne University … Continue reading

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North Carolina Poll: Donald Trump 44%, Ted Cruz 33%, John Kasich 11%…

Polls this close to election day (tomorrow), when absentee ballots and early voting have already taken place, are notoriously sketchy.  However, the PPP Poll (full pdf below) does have all of the head-to-head matchups included, and those can put some of the media hype … Continue reading

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German State Elections – Crushing Defeat For Angela Merkel’s Open Border Policies…

Looks like the ordinary German nationalists have pushed back against the globalists and open border leftists in Germany.  Six years ago most of the EU admitted multiculturalism had failed miserably, yet they still allowed millions of mid-east “refugees” to tear … Continue reading

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