CNN Caught Again Trying To Protect the Radical/Violent Left From Sunlight – Martin Savage and Tommy DiMassimo Interview…


The man who jumped the security perimeter (BACKSTORY HERE and HERE) and tried to attack Donald Trump on stage yesterday was interviewed by CNN via Martin Savage.

The interview provides yet another example of how far the corporate MSM is willing to go in their effort to protect violent leftists within the U.S.

First, the Martin Savage interview with Tommy DiMassimo (video)

♦  You’ll note how Martin Savage never shows the actual video, 22-year-old Tommy DiMassimo himself promoted, which shows Dimassimo dragging an American flag on the ground and standing upon it.

dimassimo 3♦  You’ll note Martin Savage never questions Tommy DiMassimo about why he was promoting himself dragging an American flag and standing upon it.

♦  You’ll note Savage never presents the video to show how easily such ideological hatred for the U.S. can be used by ISIS-minded anti-American Islamists.

♦  You might also note how CNN’s Martin Savage never brings up the “It’s not my flag” movement which Tommy DiMassimo was supporting when he created his video.

In addition, Tommy DiMassimo has stated he made the video to stand in solidarity with Eric Sheppard Jr. from Valdosta State.

You’ll note how that truth doesn’t come out in the interview.  Nor does any media entity point to the Eric Sheppard Jr. manifesto which initiated the “It’s not my flag movement”.   You should read the manifesto – SEE HERE.

dimassimo 11Eric sheppard 3 mugshot

Eric Sheppard Jr. was arrested by U.S. Marshals after he fled Georgia.  He was arrested in Tampa Florida – STORY HERE.

You’ll note that Martin Savage never identifies Tommy DiMassimo as a Bernie Sanders supporter, and voter.

DiMassimo 7

So why is it that CNN, via Martin Savage, thought it was so important to rush out quickly and get to the microphones trying to obfuscate/protect Tommy DiMassimo from sunlight upon his agenda?

Here’s the Tommy DiMassimo / ISIS propaganda video:

Answer those questions and you can fully understand how ideological the intentions are of CNN and the rest of the U.S. corporate media.

Advancement of the MSM objectives requires keeping sunlight from those who carry out the actions and intentions.  Radical anti-American violence is always protected by the media when those carrying out the violence are on the left.


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363 Responses to CNN Caught Again Trying To Protect the Radical/Violent Left From Sunlight – Martin Savage and Tommy DiMassimo Interview…

  1. Raffaella says:

    I just cannot stop crying today. Seriously devastated.

    These are two of the the three articles that I have read today that are predicting Trump assassination. All encouraged by the media for Hitlerizing Trump:

    The Trump Riots That are Mostly My Fault | Scott Adams Blog

    What THAT Trump Security Moment Does To A Campaign, And How the ‘Hitlerizing’ Media Have Painted A Target Over Trump – Breitbart

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    • Don’t be worried. God is on this thing – BIG TIME. There are spiritual forces at work here, which will not be denied. Prayer is our weapon. Resolve is our warning. God is our strength.

      This is unstoppable. We just have to make sure the other side understands what the price of trying to stop it will be – and what the gains of going with it will be as well.

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      • singtune says:

        Agree with you “tc”~!

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      • dogueluv says:

        I pray everyday, several times a day, I know He hears our prayers and knows our pain. I refuse to watch any news or television. I come here for support, although I lurk most of the time. I found this place when the Ferguson riots began, and needed the emotional support I found here.. I live close to Ferguson, and it was that was the first time my eyes were opened to the media lies. It’s heartbreaking, and I am so thankful for this website.

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        • There is real wisdom in what you say about turning off the Lamestream Media.

          I have noticed that people are turning it off more and more – and suddenly people are seeming just plain SMART everywhere. I hear all sorts of really observant things from new posters, and at the same time, they’re saying that they’re no longer watching the TV.

          I will bet THAT is the cause. It’s “They Live” in real life. We need to stop watching TV – or be extremely selective and skeptical when we do. But maybe just turn the d##n thing off is better. Because even the “entertainment” is just propaganda in a more sucker-attracting format.

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    • rinokiller says:

      I can’t stop drinking today either!

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      • marierogers says:

        i too am saddened and disgusted with what is happening…i only wish there was some way to punish the MSM for being co conspirators, they care not that they are putting
        TRUMP in harms way! i truly never thought it would go this far..they are desperate villians!
        reminds me of et tu brutus!


    • highdezertgator says:

      Scott Adams is another product of “moral relativism”. I say Total bullsh***t!
      He states “Again, none of this is conscious. It is just the result of individuals pursuing their own emotional truths and doing the best they can. Weirdly, everyone involved is trying to make the world a better place. But at least half of them have the wrong plan. We just don’t know which half.”
      Just another “foam party of Ritalin addle headed logic” “The TED-heads know what is better for us… as we are just a bunch Irish-Scotch hillbilly white trash”
      I believe we do know who has the right plan and it is not Globalist Anti-sovereign Hell Hounds. It is We the People who know the Truth and we are taking are country back with God’s help!

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    • rodney says:

      Trump is a mortal threat to the uniparty and the oligarchs like Zuckerberg and Musk who are it’s patrons.

      As such the uniparty will do it can to derail his candidacy. .

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    • timefortrump says:

      I am with you on the severe disappointment I feel in the humans around me who are willing to turn a blind eye to outright violence against a candidate who has done nothing but stand for positive principals and making America great again. I am surrounded by a bunch of hostages with Stockholm Syndrome who “know not what they do” – a vicious mob of blood thirsty ignoramuses. I would not dare to put a Trump sign on my lawn and that really makes me sad – to think that I would be threatened and harrassed in my personal life for my beliefs and my support of Donald Trump.

      There is a series on CNN called Race to the White House and it shows all the dirty tricks used in the past to become President. They are interviewing felon Sidney Blumenthal for one thing – who did not work for the State Department yet he received classified and top secret emails from his gal pal Hillary – and the two of them are not in prison still to this day. I have to listen to Sidney Blumenthal the FELON pontificate on my TV – it disgusts me and many of my fellow humans disgust me. Even Breitbart who went all in with liars and pieces of shit Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro – can no longer be trusted as a source of news.

      I fear for the safety of Donald Trump and every day it looks more and more like we are sliding into a Civil War with liberals and RINOS on one side and patriots on the other. If something does happen to Donald Trump there will be no turning back from all out war and bloodshed in this country… and that saddens me greatly.

      We should be uniting against the despicable damage done to America by the regressives for the last 7 years but now it is clear it is not just the Dimocrats who are the regressives but many in the so called conservative Republican party who have paid to play and they want to protect that at all costs.

      I have known for years that the American people have no lobbyists in DC and this year it is clearer than ever. Donald Trump has vowed to change that and nobody is going to undermine my support for him – NOBODY


    • Ian Cracker says:

      Don’t worry, The Donald made The Brown in his panties after that former child actor frighten him with his unarmed “assassination” attempt. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Donald buys The Depends for his next rally.


    • Ian Cracker says:

      The Donald made The Brown in his panties.


  2. Nightcrawler says:

    I couldn’t listen to this very long. I’ll have to wait for the Reader’s Digest version.


  3. rodney says:

    You know it’s a Federal Offence to protest anywhere where the Secret Service is protecting someone.

    H.R. 347

    The question now becomes. why haven’t the Feds enforced that law, when it comes to Trump’s protesters.

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    • LINER011 says:

      Why? Because the Justice Dept works for Obama.

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    • skifflegirl says:

      That is what is unbelievable to me, to you and to Mr. Trump, who mentioned it today in his first speech in Cincinnati. I seem to remember a top adviser with the current administration who admonished, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget.” Trump will do the same. No one messes with him and gets away with it.


  4. Why is this guy able to do interviews? Shouldn’t he be in jail?

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  5. itswoot says:

    I think these lyrics from “Riders of the Storm” by The Doors fit this DiMassimo character to a ‘T’:

    “There’s a killer on the road,
    His brain is squirmin’ like a toad…”

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  6. DeVan says:

    We should refer to them as the LSM, the left stream media, because there is nothing main stream about them.

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    • Such a great point. The media pushes a viewpoint alien to the nation itself. And “Left Stream” emphasizes exactly what it is.

      “Lame” is true, but it lets them off the hook for their political bias. “Left” is in-their-face about what is wrong.


  7. GroteBalle says:

    It is disgusting and utterly disrespectfull that the MSM is rediculing the death of millions of people by comparing having fun at a Trump rally (promising to vote for mr Trump by raising your hand) to Nazism.

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  8. He wants to be a MARTYR and yet they let this animal out of jail. I do not have words that I can use on a public forum that would adequately describe my OUTRAGE.

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  9. I hope Trump goes after this kid….big time!

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  10. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    All of this is getting very frightening. What happens when the thugs show up at the voting booths this November?

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  11. todayistheday99 says:

    Trump death threat “via twitter” nipped in the bud:

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  12. kpm58 says:

    Who ever the twit judge is, they just set a bad precedent for the SS to have to function under


  13. DaveNY says:

    I think it would be great if Trump cancels any CNN appearances and denies them any interviews as well as press passes to film his events.

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  14. Michael says:

    “Protesters” (disruptors) at Trump Town hall carrying hand guns. I wonder why?


  15. cjmartel says:

    The media conglomerations in conjunction with the democrat party are going to do whatever it takes to shut Trump down, the truth be damned.

    TRUMP 2016!!!!


  16. mtnsccrjggr says:

    One of the few media people you can listen to for the truth is Michael Savage. He is not beholden to either party just to the country.

    He raised the question about disrupting the rally with secret service present and gave the answer why nothing would ever be done-Obama and communist regime.


  17. tammy says:

    Lock and Load America it will get worse b/f it gets better! TRUMP/USA!


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