A Testimonial in Ohio – Pastor Darrell Scott: Make America’s Values Great Again…

This is perhaps one of the best candidate introductions ever.  An amazing moment as Pastor Darrell Scott of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries speaks at a campaign rally and introduces Donald Trump in Cleveland Ohio.   MUST WATCH VIDEO:

Against the backdrop of the 2013 RNC autopsy, where those who analyzed the flaws within the republican party apparatus stated a more inclusive political approach was needed, the broad base of the Trump coalition is exactly what the RNC stated they needed.

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80 Responses to A Testimonial in Ohio – Pastor Darrell Scott: Make America’s Values Great Again…

  1. petszmom says:

    I saw this yesterday. S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R.!

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Reverend Scott is amazing. I have never seen anyone give a speech like this. This election has had its ps and downs but today was one of the greatest ups I have ever seen.
      Thank you Reverent Scott.

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  2. Serpentor says:

    Moving, riveting, gripping, wonderful introduction.

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  3. yippie21 says:

    Agreed. I was struck by just how impassioned and deep that intro was. I’m glad to see you’ve posted it. I hope this gets wider dissemination because it completely dismantles the MSM/SJW talking-points about racism and Trump’s minority support,

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    • judyw says:

      “racism, minority support” and the deep Christian faith that was demonstrated by asking for prayers for wisdom and his humility. 🙂 Absolutely riveting speech!

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  4. kallibella says:

    This was great. Trump asked for prayer five years ago when he met this pastor. Wow. He had been thinking about running for a long time. Doesn’t surprise me.

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  5. oldtoenail says:

    That is an INTRODUCTION! Fantastic

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  6. hpushkin says:

    Apart from the great political message itself, this is an incredible example of oratory, in a preaching style. Really, I am quite stunned by the sheer language structure and impassioned delivery.

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  7. He was amazing! Btw..CNN just showed an interview with wannabe assassin Dissamisso and he denies any ISIS connection..the video was a fake. Looks like they are desperate to snuff any connection. Unbelievable they gave this asshat a voice.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      This idiot has charges against him and his lawyer let him do this interview? Hm. He is just part of the plot against Trump.

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    • flyingtigercomics says:

      the controlled media put lee harvey oswald on TV and radio in the two years before the assassination of JFK too. The patsy types have to be marketed, otherwise when the murderers strike it’s too obvious who is REALLY behind it.

      Note like the Reagan hit patsy this dimassimo scum is from a political family. In dimmie’s case his mother is a democrat fixer and heavyweight and his father is a doctrinaire teacher.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        Mark down Reverend Scott to introduce Donald Trump at the Convention.

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      • Just what I said on another thread, flying! And many people here either already knew it or recognized it. This guys is highly dangerous – not a fanatic, not an irrational guy, not insane, etc. Oh, yes, and NOT a loner!!!

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        • flyingtigercomics says:

          this was done to Palin in a similar way with private eyes chasing round after her and especially after her daughter and womanising husband. The pressure made her quit but I really doubt it will have that effect on Trump.

          Trump is more like MLK Jr crossed with RFK. Especially in terms of :

          can’t be bought or bought off
          rallies insanely huge crowds
          followers are INTENSE
          constantly libelled by the press
          fearlessly goes into hot spots
          uniparty solidly opposes him and would LOVE to see him actually killed – not only to eliminate him but also demoralise his followers and issue a warning to any other rogue male alphas out there

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          • NJ transplant says:

            I hope to God Mr. Trump stays safe. The comparison to MLK Jr and RFK creeped me out. I was around in 1968 and I remember how it was.

            Donald Trump is making enormous sacrifices for us. He deserves all our loyalty. He is trying to Make America Great Again and is being persecuted for it.

            This was the best introduction I have ever seen. I hope many people see it.

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    • Sam says:

      They had to , Trumps butler had nothing but positive things to say, so they keep getting lower and lower until they find the hate.

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  8. The Boss says:

    Had computer problems for part of this introduction. Thanks for the post. (And the one below from Cincy which Mrs. Boss wanted to see).

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  9. ZurichMike says:

    Raising the rafters took on new meaning with that introduction! Wow!

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  10. azgary says:

    this was GREAT

    but, but, but racist or something

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  11. Riddick says:


    2 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles were found today on the flight from Beirut to PORTLAND, OR, while on stopover in Belgrade (Serbia) Nicola Tesla Airport. Explosives sniffing dogs alerted the inspection team. Packed in a crate, sent as “mail package”.

    Name and addressee in Portland have not been named yet. Hope FBI gets on this ASAP. Emails sent to Sundance and Trump team, would be great if Trump mentions that in today’s rallies.

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  12. NHVoter says:

    That was fantastic!

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  13. Acts2:38 says:

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Preach It Darrell Scott.

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  14. I watched Pastor Darrell Scott’s speech yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant, he deserves all the recognition.

    Thank you for posting, Sundance!

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  15. peggy ekfaceb says:

    I love and agree with this pastor said! Silent majority of Christian must stand up in the name of the Lord, as the prophets did and make our country with morals, values corruption etc and make America Great Again and be proud of the land of the free!

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  16. Trump should play this over and over until media gets it!!


    • brcajun says:

      Media would never allow that to happen. They had the hitler barrage to induce violence for over a week and now they are on a tear to say you have it coming Mr. Trump for inciting (here we go again a wedge of divide and conquer) hate speech! We all know a lie when we have been tracking all the rallies.

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  17. stringy theory says:

    What a beautiful and powerful introduction by Pastor Scott. I am very moved by his eloquence and the content of his words. How great it is to have him on the Trump Train. Thank you Pastor Scott, thank you and God bless.

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  18. Walt says:

    AMEN!!!! USA USA USA, Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW

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  19. John Doe says:

    I was at the Cleveland rally yesterday. This man, who is sincerely enthralled with Mr. Trump, enthralled all of us in attendance. If any of you get the chance to go to a Trump rally, go. No excuses, no hesitation, GO. It was truly a spiritual experience. God bless Pastor Scott, God bless Mr. Trump and God bless the United States of America.

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    • brcajun says:

      I have been saying and urging since the Bentonville, Arkansas rally, do not miss the opportunity to listen LIVE and in person to him. The atmosphere (as best as I can describe it) was electricity in the air along with love. All the folks were cheering and when we left, I was watching the happy faces on all the peoples faces. I have seen the tea party get together about 6 years ago and seen the peaceful americans with happy faces. That was the last time I seen large groups with this reaction to surroundings and message. BTW, nobody left a piece of paper nor any messes while in line or inside the hanger. I loved the flyby his plane did, caught us off guard because it came from behind the hanger and all of a sudden there was his plane going by in front of us. We could not even hear the engines and then the big circle around and landing right in front of us on the runway. I ALSO URGE you to go if given the chance. Well worth standing in line quite a while and waiting about 2 hours inside for him. We were able to chat with others about lots of things besides politics.


  20. karenkln says:

    Fantastic! I’d like to see more of him around! Incredible speaker.

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  21. New Vulgarian says:

    Wow! thank you, Sundance, for posting!

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  22. I’m exhausted and sickened from the media. I know Trump handles them better and differently than anybody before, but we need help. Trump needs a “truth squad” that aggressively goes after these mofo liars after every event and newscast and interview. We need to put them on the defensive at every turn. They’re getting away with too much.

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  23. burnett044 says:

    Truth and love are a powerful combination..and to hear from a my filled with both is earth shaking…wonderful ..just wonderful;

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    • burnett044 says:

      hear from a man*

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      • brcajun says:

        and lover of Jesus! P.S. Let us not exclude women. They have that fire in their heart as well, maybe even more so. Remember this, who was at the cross? 2 women and 1 man!
        Smiles ladies, you will always be recognized by this person as the better 1/2. We married guys use that term as a truth, without for a second these men would be completely misled!

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  24. aprilyn43 says:

    Thank God, that a Christian minister “Stands Up” for Trump! There are so many Christians bashing Trump, you’d think Killery, Bernie, Cruz or Rubio were the answer!
    Killery is a liar and a murderer – who shouldn’t even be allowed to run for office … that’s any governmental office!
    Bernie’s an avowed communist, which means he Hates Christianity and Christians.
    Rubio will say anything or do anything, to get ahead
    AND ….
    Cruz, he has soiled himself as a Christian, by participating in lying, cheating and by supporting the violent Hatred against Trump! Shame, shame, shame on you Cruz! God calls you to a higher standard!
    Trump may not at this time be Christian, but God is using him! The Living God uses who HE wants!
    Pray for Trump! The forces of evil want him dead, there’s a reason! And, it’s not a godly reason ….

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    • Bahb says:

      Why do you say “Trump at this time may not be Christian.”?
      “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. He has said many times he is a Christian and a Presbyterian. Not for any of us to decide he is a liar because he does not act like some version of a Christian familiar to those in your church. In the church I attend, there are many zealots who think they have a lock on who is and who is not “Christian”.

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    • NJ transplant says:

      Pastor Jeffress was on Judge Jeannine on Saturday. He really went off on Cruz and Rubio for blaming Trump for the Chicago mess.

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  25. mamadogsite says:

    Sure does put Obammy’s Rev. Wright to shame.

    What an orator.

    What passion and devotion.

    Isn’t it amazing the brilliance, intelligence and gifted people of all ages races and religions Trump is attracting? Why, you would think you were in NEW AMERICA….built on the sweat and ashes of OLD AMERICA.

    As each week passes, pray for the safety of ALL who are part of this movement. The opposition will not go quietly.

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  26. burnett044 says:

    just a reminder..


  27. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I was there and it was even better live you got the full energy that Pastor Darrell Scott brought to the rally … 🙂

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  28. politijim says:

    With all the crap flying from Cruzies, Clintonistas and uninformed Christians, it’s moments like this that gives me hope for our efforts and America.

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  29. brcajun says:

    This pastor continued over and over again chills that struck the very depths of my heart! Marvelous man of GOD. Not many can do that to me but when SPIRIT led people speak from the depths of their heart, that is the impact on mine! WOW! Awesome! We want all americans on board for a spiritual as well as healing of our nation from the depth of disgrace! Thank you so much Pastor Scott!!!

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  30. yakmaster2 says:

    I hope this clip goes viral! Pastor Scott is on fire for Donald Trump!!💕😀👍👍


  31. Badlander says:

    I love that the very best people are standing up for America!


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  33. PatriotGalNC says:

    Balled my eyes out, Y’all! Pastor Scott is America’s Pastor!!!!!!!


    • Kent says:

      What a powerful speaker!

      What a powerful speech!

      Scott has this white male late middle-aged Southern Baptist Texans’ support and prayers!

      Proud to be on HIS side.

      Trump 2016! Make America Great Again!


  34. benY says:

    Based on his introduction speech, this man is a real Christian and cares for the country and it’s people. What a contrast between him and Ted Elmer Gantry Cruz.


  35. Michelle says:

    WOW, just wow! I loved his line “because only God can take a black guy from the inner city streets of Cleveland and put him together with a white billionaire from New York to try to do what we can do to make this country great again.”


  36. CM-TX says:

    I’m glad to have seen this. Back when Trump had that big meeting with black leaders, where he was forced to alter the objective with media. I watched a very positive press conference immediately follow, on the outcome by 4 or 5 attendees. Only idiot sharpton interjected anything negative on endorsement question. The others spoke very highly of Trump.

    In their feedback, they spoke about their troubled communities needing more jobs. And mentioned The importance of more entrepreneurship within & coming out of. That it shouldn’t be the biggest dealer on the block who’s the top entrepreneur for the neighborhood!

    Also that much of their issues faced with today, starts at home. And the changes needed, must also start from there. It begins with restoring family values.

    They pointed out the government had not helped them in the past, & certainly wasn’t going to help them fix things in the future. They needed to look to themselves to make the changes sought. They also said BLM was not helping but hurting their progress.

    I’m thinking wow, this is refreshing! It was like Sheriff David Clarke had taken over their bodies. Trump obviously was straight up with them, there was no sugar-coating it. And for that, he obviously gained some serious respect. Clearly they had reached a mutual understanding. I knew then, Trump was the guy we needed negotiating in tough meetings.

    But I also recall thinking- well this doesn’t fit the usual narrative. Totally contradicts the overall agenda that black communities must depend on the Democratic Party to see them through. I knew I couldn’t count on MSM moving past the error of airing the initial presser. I believe it was on CNN. But not surprising there was no follow up panels discussing it, or even later replays (at least that I saw.)

    But a more interesting thing happened over the days following. I started searching for articles using a positive phrase on Trump meeting with these leaders. And one by one, any positive articles or blogs started coming up as “404 errors,” or “article not found.” Reports I’d read only a day or 2 before. I thought it might be me, my phone, the connection…. so I checked over several days. Same results, one by one stories were being erased.

    The digital remnants were still showing in my search results, including article summaries or excerpts. At the time I started SS’g my results, so I could check again later. But all these links became dead ends. To the point it was only a few foreign sources telling the truth with a positive tone. They were burying & scrubbing reality from the internet. It seemed like Trump was further silenced from speaking about it too.

    It was also when I knew with absolute certainty, having seen it with my own eyes, a much bigger agenda was at play here. And there were a lot of hands helping engineer & steer the tone & division of this country. It angers me, but mostly it’s sad.


  37. cp says:

    His soul is for sale and Trump must have offered him some riches he is a fake he has been described has Pimpalicious He know for saying what for a profit!.


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