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Florida Latino Population Has Stronger Trump Support Than Media Like To Present….

It’s not anecdotal folks, it’s real, and it’s strong.  Latino’s, like all Americans, are not a monolithic group like many in the mainstream (left) media would like most to believe.  We’ve shared before how the Miami-Dade Cuban community is NOT automatically … Continue reading

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CNN Caught Again Trying To Protect the Radical/Violent Left From Sunlight – Martin Savage and Tommy DiMassimo Interview…

SUNLIGHT IS THE BEST DISINFECTANT The man who jumped the security perimeter (BACKSTORY HERE and HERE) and tried to attack Donald Trump on stage yesterday was interviewed by CNN via Martin Savage. The interview provides yet another example of how far … Continue reading

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Hellfire Missiles Bound For Portland Oregon Intercepted in Europe…

♦ Corrupt progressive union officials control the ports and transit hubs of Oregon.  ♦ This is the same type of missile recently admitted as being “accidentally” shipped to Cuba.  ♦ In a little discussed 2014 article, the Obama administration announced they … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Rally, Boca Raton Florida – 7:00pm EDT Livestream….

Candidate Donald Trump holds the third campaign rally of the day in Boca Raton, FL at Sunset Cove Amphitheater beginning at 7:00pm EDT *NOTE* While you’re waiting for the Boca Raton rally to begin you might enjoy THIS VIDEO (also embedded below) … Continue reading

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A Testimonial in Ohio – Pastor Darrell Scott: Make America’s Values Great Again…

This is perhaps one of the best candidate introductions ever.  An amazing moment as Pastor Darrell Scott of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries speaks at a campaign rally and introduces Donald Trump in Cleveland Ohio.   MUST WATCH VIDEO: Against the backdrop of … Continue reading

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Campaign Moment – Nicaraguan Woman Has Personal Message For Donald Trump…

Segment the Lame-Stream Media would prefer you didn’t see:

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#GrabGate Victim Michelle Fields Lied – Ben Shapiro and Anti-Trump Media Duped…

Watch this 00:58 second backstory summation: In March of 2010 Democrats made up a story of representative Emanuel Cleaver being spat upon by Tea Party opposition as the Democrats made their way through capitol hill to finish the final votes on … Continue reading

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