Opportunist Ted Cruz: “Donald Trump is Responsible” For Organized Chicago Violence (video)…

This is quite stunning even for a politician as low as Ted Cruz.  Senator Cruz has a prime opportunity to highlight the intolerance of the left.  Instead he choses to attack Donald Trump:

At a media availability in Chicago, Ted Cruz basically blamed Donald Trump for the violence and protests that occurred earlier in the day at a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The rally had to be cancelled due to safety concerns (link)

Yes, Ted Cruz advocates the political equivalent of her skirt was too short, and she deserved to be raped for it.

But Senator Ted Cruz wasn’t alone taking the opportunity to blame Donald Trump and praise the behavior of leftists, MoveOn.Org, Black Lives Matter, F**k The Police, Occupy Wall Street and professional Anarchists.

Fox News pundits, led by Megyn Kelly, were quick with the narrative to pile on, claiming Donald Trump should reasonably accept the United States no longer allows freedom of association, and free speech should be curtailed in favor of inclusive, more politically sensitive, speech.

After the anarchists were able to shut down the venue, a contingent of the organized faction moved to Trump Tower where they stood and cursed at families entering and exiting the hotel.


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400 Responses to Opportunist Ted Cruz: “Donald Trump is Responsible” For Organized Chicago Violence (video)…

  1. lilyashly says:

    Read. share….
    ‘The truth is, I am a legal immigrant, not a US citizen. I am not American. I am not white. I cannot vote.
    After tonight, I support Donald Trump.’

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    With a link to your article Sundance.

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    • Debbie says:

      The establishment is pulling out all the tricks to stop trump. The media started and is inciting this by blaming trump for something that was clearly planned, well in advance to try and make him look bad… It’s gonna backfire because the people are fed up with being told who to vote for.

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  3. cali says:

    One has to use logic here now after what took place in Chicago last night – the city of daily murders:
    The establishment and their gang (all donors, special interests etc. included) have tried everything other than violence to stop Donald Trump – nothing worked. Slander, lies, accusations – no matter what they used – if failed.
    Then a secret meeting is called – far away on an island in Georgia – where all those involved needing to take Trump down assemble to strategize and hatch another plan or method to stop this one man – who threatens them in everything they have worked for and towards all their lives. Logic dictates that ‘violence’ is a means to may stop him – it has not been tried yet. Threats of assassinations have been made already from different corners – that should keep those assembled safe from being implicated.
    After that pow wow – Jeb Bush and gang also meet secretly with Cruz, Kasich and Rubio – the last three standing splitters to go over the strategy but keep ‘using violence’ from these three because after all – they can’t trust them due to not being part of the globalists and elites.
    Donald Trump and his team plans a rally in Chicago and voila – an all-out attack involving various violent anarchists including the presidents pal Bill Ayers among others. The republican establishment may thought it would teach Mr. Trump a lesson as well as discouraging his voters to attend future rallies after that malaise. The secret service deems the rally no longer safe for Mr. Trump and calls to cancel it.
    The only way the establishment and gang can stop Mr Trump is by violence – feelers have been sent for a while now keeping the suspicion away from them.
    We have seen that movie before: JFK and RFK as well as MLK!
    Do they once again plan a repeat? You betcha – trillions of dollars is a big reason to replay that since these same players got away with it before while some poor sap was charged with their crimes.

    Please pray and pray some more that God intervenes in their satanic and evil scheme! (Lame Cherry has been posting about that plan beginning in January of this year using the months of March as the ‘target’ onth!)

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    • cali says:

      I forgot to add this: Ronald Reagan also experienced an assassination attempt but survived!


      • Sandhill says:

        And to a smaller event, Ross Perot dropping out of the race when his family was threatened.
        Just this morning, after reading the headlines of articles related to the manufactered violence in Chicago, I asked myself if the Backstablishment GOP reached out to Soros and the socialists dems for help in taking out Trump. I believe they are going to have blood on their hands cause I believe the Backstablishment GOP is behind all of this.
        They do not care if any of those who are attending the rallies to hear Trump are hurt or killed, we the people mean nothing to them. The Backstablishment GOP hate America, it’s legal citizens and our Constitution. What is a little bloodshed when their power is threatened?


      • John Abrahamsen says:

        Neil Bush’s buddy John Hinckley Jr was the ” lone gunman “, right?


    • Jami2 says:

      Where is your proof for all you lies?


  4. pagarymac says:

    Just another insight into the character of a hoodwinking NWO, un-natural-born-citizen, dirty political trickster, Goldman-Sachs, TPP, Agenda 21, Corker Amendment, do-not-audit-the-FED Globalist frigging LAWYER.

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  5. Calvin Dixon says:

    It’s a shame that Ted Cruz has fallen so low that even scum is above him. Trump didn’t start the violence. The convention was held in one of if not the worst criminal places in the USA; Chicago where murder and mayhem run rampant. Black on Black killing is the norm. Not even BLM has any effect on their racial hatred for one another. Trump was smart to call off his campaign and should of been followed by the other candidates as well. Ted Cruz you need to drop out of the race; You’re not fit to be the next President. I will vote for Trump 2016; He wants to make America Great again. Obama has done all he could do to flush America down the drain. No Illegal Immigrants without proof of citizenship should be allowed to vote and must show that proof like a birth certificate. This was a staged riot and I’m sure it won’t be the last one. The Status Quo is scared and afraid they will lose their grip on America and it’s policy making. Trump all the way.

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    • aichawallaby says:

      “No Illegal Immigrants without proof of citizenship should be allowed to vote and must show that proof like a birth certificate.”

      That includes Ted Cruz 😉

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    • Regina says:

      Calvin, BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!! This country is 3/4 down the cliff. If we do not get Trump all will be over.The likes of Romney, MCcain, Rubio, Cruz are total losers. I forgot Glenn Beck the
      ego maniacal fool. Leviine, Rush etc…
      They do not understand that we the people do not give a damn that the candidate is a conservative or evangelical, loads of liars and fruitcakes amongst them.
      We need a man who will do only that what is good for this country. THAT MAN IS TRUMP Spread the word, we will write Trump in on our November ballot !!!!!!!!
      If we get the Democrat Socialists or the far right so called Republicans we may as well proceed to a revolution or a new party called: THE NO B.S AMERICAN PARTY.



  6. James says:

    I fulled planned on voting for Cruz up until last night. Mr. Trump will now have my vote.

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  7. These are the Koch Brothers, George Soros and Bernie’s Paid Protest Prostitutes (the PPP) from Acorn and Move On who rant for rent and sell their ire for hire. Where is Bernie’s apology for what his paid protesters from Move on are doing? These protests are the idea cooked up when all of those private jets met on the island to talk about overthrowing Trump and stealing the election.

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    • ECM says:

      That’s what makes this extra-galling–that Cruz surely knew this was a Rent-A-Mob(TM), and still went there by trying to have it both ways, rather than full-throated condemnation of the rioters.

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  8. Cruz is revealing himself to be the establishment monkey that he is. These canned comments reminded me of some of Obama’s oilier moments when he stood in front of the cameras and delivered these measured, bullshit homilies. Cruz can forget about me supporting him, now or in the future. Trump 2016.


  9. Cherianne2016 says:

    Haven’t watched Megyn Kelly’s show since the first Republican debate and never will again. Now, I won’t listen to another word out of Ted Cruz’s mouth, used to like him too but the more he talks, the more he repulses me.

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    • Pat 51 says:

      Megyn Kelly’s coverage of this is about the same as Chuck Todd’s was on the Trump affair. Maybe she should get a job on NBC.


  10. julie roberts says:

    Every day Ted Cruz proves what a liar He is. A lie is an intention to deceive, Cruz constantly misquotes Trump, twists Trump’s words, and straight out lies about Trumps intentions. I am very disappointed in Cruz, partly because He has run on a platform of so-called honesty, and claims Christianity. And, I agree that all of the candidates missed the opportunity to emphasize the Left attempts to silence anyone who disagrees with them. To them, tolerance is a one way street. With Obama and Clinton stoking the flame. They are the ones who should SHUT UP!

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    • Cruz blamed the protesters. Watch the video. Nevertheless, Trump did encourage violence against hecklers and we have seen violence by his supporters. It should be condemned, not encouraged. Criticizing Cruz is simply an effort to deflect criticism from Trump but it won’t work. Americans are turning away.


      • Have you been to a Trump rally, I have and not one damn Trump supporter was violent even when the Black Panthers were standing outside the door and inside the building. NOT one person got violent, NOT ONE!! Trump’s events are private events in which he pays for. What would you do if someone walked into your home and started shouting racial slurs at you, your children, or your wife, would you not remove them from YOUR property. These events are private period, if they choose to protest they can do it OUTSIDE instead of going inside inciting riots. These PAID protesters had no intention of this being anymore than what it was a FULL ON RIOT, NOT a PROTEST but a RIOT!!! Ted Cruz is a lying scumbag who tells you that he is an OUTSIDE while hiring INSIDERS to do his bidding (ei BUSHES) By the way how does it feel to be on an INSIDER’S TEAM?! Watch the DAMN video and SHUT UP!!!!

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      • keebler AC says:

        You’re a disgrace from Tx defending Lying Ted.

        You KNOW HE LIES.

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      • Karazine says:

        Obviously, you are deaf, dumb and blind. Democratic riots are totally “in” these days….from the whitehouse (no capitalization these days) on down to the thugs on the streets – all the same.


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  13. The first thing Cruz says on the video is that the protesters are responsible. Why is this so-called conservative site misrepresenting Cruz?


    • J. Hartman says:

      Cruz said one quick perfunctory sentence acknowledging reluctantly that the rioters were responsible for their own actions, but then, with a resounding “but” that wiped out the first boilerplate sentence, he launched into a lengthy passionate sermon-style speech against Trump saying that it was the candidate at the top of the Trump campaign who is ultimately responsible for the violence of protesters. Cruz was being politically correct, and probably earned the approval of leftists for his statements on this, and it’s clear how he would handle matters in the future if elected president — in a completely self-serving manner, whatever is politically convenient for him at the time. It shows his character very clearly.

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  14. neilmdunn says:

    This link succinctly summarizes Trump’s responsibility for the Chicago fiasco.


  15. Calie Stephens says:

    Brietbart has lost it. Andrew would not be happy with their support of Trump. I’d bet that he would be on the side of the side of the only constitutional conservative in the race, Ted Cruz.


    • You’re insane. Andrew Breitbart would support the real conservative, not some illegitimate Canadian who works for the NWO.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Ted is a repulsive liar and disgrace. Fortunately, he is NOT NATURAL BORN AMERICAN. He’s only part, and it wasn’t even the good kind.

      YOU KNOW that Ted is a liar and YOU KNOW what Ted was attempting to do. Lying Ted tried to affiliate him with KKK.

      You are a equivalently a disgrace voting for a sell-out to globalists who isn’t even 100% American. No, he is not. You wish to vote for him because he says he is Christian but you overlook his lies. You will pay as a Christian for your misdeeds.


  16. faith says:

    No doubt there are some people pissed off at Trump, that does not give license for what happened last night. Yes there are clashes and protesters at his rally’s, you will get that when you put 10k people anywhere. But this was insane. First the protesters are soley responsible for their actions, period. Trump did not organize this, nor ask for them to be there. They had this planned and on Facebook and moveon for days before this happened. Those people who have assaulted others at the rally’s are equally responsible for their actions. #Trump and local police made the decision for the safety of those attending. These individuals interfered with not only Trump’s freedom of speech, but every individual who attended that rally to hear Trump had their rights to peaceful assembly violated. If I were Trump, I would file lawsuit against the BLM group for the cost of the arena, my travel expenses and time. IMO this is a domestic terrorist organization, using the ruse of protest to interfere with the political process, which is a civil rights violation also.

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  17. This cements in my mind the fact that we have a one party system. They all hate Trump because he is not in the club. I WAS a Cruz supporter (Want my money back) but not now. Cruz, in perfect left wing hate America fashion blamed the victim instead of being a man and standing beside some one being WRONGLY attacked.
    I never ever thought that I would say this, how ever if Cruz is the nominee I will not vote for him. For that matter I’ll not be voting for Rubio or Kasich either. I’ll just not vote. HRC and the Neo-Stalinists can have it. Because, I mean really, at this point what difference would it make. HRC/Cruz/Rubio/Kasich/Obama all the same.
    I pray for Trump. Viva the Revolution!

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  18. BILL says:

    Chicago Swat Teams should have gone in and arrested every protester. If that was not enough, the National Guard should have moved in and the people who were responsible for the protesters being there (They didn’t assemble on their own) should be arrested, tried and then hung for treason against America! FED UP! TRUMP 2016!


  19. harry says:

    Cruz castraTED himself last night on the malt mouth megyn show… Cruz, Lubrio and kaysick , in essence, ended their political ASSpirations last night. They danced with devil, lit the gas coming out of their OWN asses, and got BERNED!!!

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  20. Victoria says:

    The “Canadian” is a Dominionist, a branch that believes Jesus Christ will come to take him up when WW III starts. He’s a very dangerous man because he’ll do nothing to stop the aggressive invasions of conquest in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon…. and putting the blame on Trump shows what a pathological liar he is. This violence is clearly organized and funded by Obama democrats and George Soros’ MoveOn- organization. Trump’s rallies have been peaceful. It’s now so obvious the powers that be are at a loss to stop the PEOPLE’S CHOICE. The more trouble they cause, the more transparent they become and from what I’m hearing, more people are switching to Trump.


  21. Deadbeat says:

    Here is a link to an interview with Roger Stone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nljPgZwExZY
    According to Stone, these protestors are false flag operations headed up by agents associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign. When you hear what Stone has to say, it makes absolute sense.

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  22. dford says:

    Cruz needs to go back to Canada and join with their new prime minister who is more liberal than Hillary and Obama. He’s not even legally allowed to hold the president’s office or vice president. The Dems are drooling for the chance to have his campaign nullified in the courts. Then what does the Republican party do? The election would be lost.


  23. Patriot1 says:

    Seems a lot of people are leaving the Cruz camp after they watched him blame the protesters violence on Trump. Cruz had the opportunity of a lifetime to take the high road and defend the 1st amendment “right to assemble” and “Freedom of speech” but he went where his heart truly is, his own selfish interests.

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  24. Jim Bryan says:

    The GOP has jumped the shark and went occupy Trump!

    I think I heard Ted will be chanting “hands up, don’t shoot”!

    Definitely NOT ready for prime time. Stay in the Senate!

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  25. I hope Mr. Trump gets in before this country goes down. Mr. Obama should have been impeached. I had been right on Mr.Obama. Among others.


  26. Trump left them perfectly free NOT to riot. But they rioted of their own free individual wills. So they are at fault, not he.



  28. Free Speech for All says:

    Cruz disqualified himself by blaming Trump for what happened in Chicago and I used to support Cruz and I won’t anymore now. These protestors are interrupting the events and it was a professionally staged attack. If they want to protest stay across the street and be peaceful about it, but going in and disrupting is not right. The biggest lie is that Trump is whipping people up into a frenzy. The democrats are doing that by falsely accusing him of racism to get their base going. The media should be calling them out on that. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are done now because they went along with the liberal medial and advanced a lie thinking it will help them politically. It wont. That I can tell you!!!!


  29. Kathy S. Kelly says:

    I am so proud to read all these comments defending Trump!!! My family was beginning to wonder if we were the only ones who realized what was going on. The GOP can’t control Trump and they can’t handle that. As for Cruz, it is difficult to watch him for any length of time. He reminds me of Robert Mitchum’s character in the movie “Night of the Hunter.” Just slimy and filled with self-love and unconvincing Christianity!!
    We are voting Trump in 2016!!!


    • Laura Cagle says:

      Kathy Kelly, you go girl!!!!! You have said the “truth” of the rally perfectly. Let me tell you how determined I am to vote for Trump…….if I had to crawl to my voting precinct I would if that was the only way I could vote for President Trump.

      Romney, Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Bill Ayres, George Soros, or anybody else CANNOT and WILL NOT dissuade me from my choice. There is absolutely nothing they can say, any lie they can tell, or no matter how violent they protest……., and, for sure nothing lying Ted Cruz says, will keep me from voting for President Trump. I’m voting for a man of character and integrity….a real man with a big set of balls to back up anything he says….and back up America. I’m 76 yrs old and I can readily recognize big balls when I see them. lol


  30. Steve Martel says:

    Just one more good reason to vote for Trump. Ted Cruz is just another lying slippery lawyer. Liberals sending out thugs to disrupt free speech and Cruz defending it.

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  31. JackMD says:

    Wow, talk about a rabid foaming at the mouth radical America hating leftist web site, where every liberal fascist America hating useful idiot parasite troll is out of the wood work. lol

    But it doesn’t surprise me, coming from the party and people of Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, the KKK- Racism, hate, Intolerance, Bigotry, aka Democrat Party, whom uses “Projectionism”- accusing others of what they themselves were and are guilty of- a fascist propaganda tactic perfected by Hitler against the Jews, not to mention the relentless “revisionism” propaganda that destroys the truth to deflect from the Democrat party and people past, to indoctrinate people into believing lies.

    Fascistic Authoritarian Socialist Marxist Leninist Stalinist Collectivist Leftist Statists-aka Democrats, their leadership- Obama and Hillary, their rank and file indoctrinated brain-dead liberal drone useful idiots- that’s you.. are all about power and control, using race and class warfare, racial identity grievance politics, balkanization, propaganda lies, etc, to divide the country into social chaos. This is what they feed on, thus politically gain their power from.

    The Real Democrat Left: Liberal Fascism-Intolerance, Hate, and Lies.

    “Harvard Paper Crimson Writer Student Sandra Korn: “Free Speech Threatens Liberalism and Must Be Destroyed”


    Alan Dershowitz on College Protests: “Fog Of Fascism Is Descending,” “These Students Are Book-Burners”
    “These are the same people who claim they are seeking diversity. The last thing these students want is real diversity, diversity of ideas. They may want superficial diversity, diversity of gender, diversity of color, but they do not want diversity of ideas.”

    “By expressing my opinion, I am “harassing students.” This is becoming a very serious problem not only in American universities, but around the world. It is having a terrible impact on the education of students.”

    “It is the worst kind of hypocrisy. It is free speech for me, but not for thee.”

    Democrat Socialism
    1 – any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and
    distribution of goods.
    2 – a system of society or group living in which there is no private property. b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.
    3 – a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.

    The opposite of the aforementioned authoritarian socialist marxist statist leftist Democrats is Conservative Constitutional Republicanism-Limited Govt Of, By, and For We the People, Individual Sovereignty, Freedom and Liberty, Adhering to the Rule of Constitutional Law, Blind Equal Justice, Free Market Capitalism, it’s the heart and soul of this Nation, and the enemy of this Constitutional Republic Nation is the Democrat party-it’s leadership rank and file brownshirts.

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
    ~Winston Churchill~

    The choice is clear, the truth is incontrovertible.

    A Fool and his or her Liberty, are soon parted.


  32. Honeey Soe says:

    I’ve already voted for Trump because I’d already had a hint of how Cruz lies. I already knew him to be a huge roadblock in Washington. I knew he’d get nothing more done for Americans than most of the rest of the establishment cronies. But I do not consider my work done yet. I have volunteered for Trump’s campaign, you can make phone calls from him if nothing else. I will continue to support Trump by spreading the word to any and all who will listen. And God willing I will be voting for a Trump/Carson ticket come November whether I have to write it in or not.


  33. Its obvious that both parties are doing whatever it takes to keep trump from being president, just like McCain deliberately let Obama win, as well as Romney, I new that 8yrs ago, its been the plan all along, destroy this country at all cost


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  37. I’m an Australian observer of your Presidential campaign.Mob-violence seems to be accepted by your Rich Media-Run Establishment. Political Correctness gone Crazy is an attempt to get rid of” Free Speech .” You are heading towards A Police State , regardless of whether it comes from the so-called Left or Right.


  38. Sharon says:

    When Ted professes to be a Christian he doesn’t mention that he practices Dominion Theology. Very dangerous man.


  39. Cruz is a scared man, He knows Trump is tromping his ass in the poles and Trump will be our next president. Like any other corrupt politician he is using deceit and lies to try and mask his true I identity. Cruz is such a liar, he would be a twin with all the other corrupt people in our government. Go Trump Go. God knows we need you desperately.


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