A Disconcerting Tripwire – What Carly Fiorina Endorsing Ted Cruz Really Means…


Trying to explain the significance of the last few days, in relationship to the Ted Cruz candidacy, requires the intellectually honest observer to recognize and/or accept the increasingly likely probability: we have been facing a manufactured “false dilemma” longer than most may be willing to accept.

“False Dilemma” – the fallacy of false choice, or the fallacy of the false alternative, is a type of informal fallacy involving a situation in which only limited alternatives are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional option.

In essence, presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been presented, by those who gain leverage in the presentation, as an option – to the previous “establishment candidates“.

Under this assumption, the intent of the option (Cruz) is to block the observer (electorate / us) from considering any additional alternative which remains outside the control of the presenting entity (the DC power brokers, GOPe, Wall Street donor class).

In order to recognize the fallacy of false choice, the audience must engage the new  information while reevaluating their prior assumption, positions and options.

carly cropcruz and heidi

That said, Team Cruz has shown new evidence of being much further aligned with the GOPe than most political observers, and high-information voters, might be willing to accept.

Here’s why:

Adding the entire financial team of Jeb Bush which includes: Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX, Boyden Gray of Washington, DC, Charles Foster of Houston, TX, Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC, Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX, and Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. shows that Ted Cruz is much further in alignment with the Bush clan than most previously recognized. 

In addition, by Ted Cruz adding Neil Bush  Cruz is signifying an ideological alignment that is 180° divergent than most of the supporters of Ted Cruz would be aware of.  These alignments point to a direct acceptance that much of the story-line behind Cruz’s candidacy was false.

As a direct consequence, the fallacy of false choice within the option of Ted Cruz from the outset gains sunlight.

However, this new reality is challenging for many people to accept.  To those who cannot bring themselves to accept this paradigm shift, further evidence surfaces today with the endorsement of consummate insider, Carly Fiorina, who said:

“Last Tuesday we had a primary, and I walked into the ballot box,” [Fiorina] told a crowd of Cruz supporters. “I saw my name on the ballot, and it was kind of a thrill, but I checked the box for Ted Cruz.” (link)

That “last Tuesday” reference highlights Fiorina’s home residence (as we previously shared) in Virginia, not California as many people mistakenly think.   Fiorina has been the consummate “inside the beltway” politico, even though she was never in an elected position as a politician.

Fiorina worked for the John McCain campaign in 2008 as a surrogate.  She again worked in 2012 as an official campaign spokesperson for Mitt Romney.  Indeed, in the beginning of her own presidential bid last year, Carly Fiorina stated she was urged to run in 2016 due to a conversation with Mitt Romney.

So, we re-engage the intellectual honesty with a reminder of Carly Fiorina, and now find ourselves answering a nagging previous question.

Why did the Wall Street funders of the Ted Cruz campaign fund the origin of the Carly Fiorina campaign in 2015?

fiorina 1

$500,000 transferred from KtP1 (Keep The Promise) which is Ted Cruz’s Super-PAC, to CfA (Carly for America) Ms. Fiorina’s Super-PAC, in June of 2015.

What clarifies now, with this new information, is how the fallacy of false choice was being presented to us by the Wall Street financial team, the Globalists, last year.  Remember, even the FEC wanted know what they were doing (LINK).

Cutting through the intent here and getting to the substance of truth is really not too difficult, but you won’t find many outlets (new media or old) willing to go there. However, as you are aware for us the Truth Has No Agenda, and Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant.

We begin by watching this video of Carly Fiorina appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the discussion of a Muslim candidate eligible as U.S. President:

Just sticking with raw data, and trying to avoid injecting opinion, now consider this:


Thank you for those nice words, Mr. Chairman.

It’s an honor for me to be here this morning. This is the perfect place to host a meeting on the future of the Middle East. The leadership of Arab-Americans in this community – and in the state of Michigan – has been nothing short of dazzling, and I want to thank you for hosting us here this week.

A great deal of time will be spent at the conference this week focusing on the problems of the Arab world. I want to kick things off here today instead by asking you to imagine the possibilities…to imagine what the Gulf region would be like if Arab countries were at the forefront of the global economy…to imagine what the world would be like if Arab nations were the world’s leading force for enlightenment and inclusion…to imagine what the future would be like for a Middle East rooted not in conflict, but anchored in partnership.

Two years ago, less than two weeks after the tragedy of September 11th, I gave a speech in Minnesota in which I said it didn’t take much to imagine that kind of world because we have seen that world before. All it takes is for us to think back to another time, to a civilization that was once considered the greatest in the world.

It was a civilization that was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts. Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins. One of its languages became the universal language of the world, the bridge between the peoples of a hundred lands.

And this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its writers created thousands of stories. Its poets wrote of love, when others before them were too steeped in fear to think of such things. When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive.

While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, as I said to the audience that day in Minnesota, the civilization I’m talking about, of course, was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent – rulers who challenged our notions of self and truth; who contributed to our notions of tolerance and civic leadership; whose leadership led to 800 years of invention and prosperity.

As we meet to think about the civilization that exists on that same land today, I ask you to imagine for a moment what a leader like Suleiman would say if he could somehow be here today, and see what the world has become.

I think he would be pleased at how much the world has learned from the example of the open, cooperative society that enlightened the world all those years ago. The Islamic example has helped create a world where democracy and transparency and rule of law are empowering people and taking them to new heights. (read more)

Please read the entire speech and pay close attention to the closing paragraphs.

What you will note is an almost eerie similarity to current Secretary of State John Kerry vis-a-vis the “Jobs for Jihad” program he, and his globalist co-horts, have been advocating for the past three years.

Read everything written by Fiorina and then reference/remember the words used by State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf – they are almost identical.

carly megyn

Next example – look at the following reception by Professor Al-Hassani, the Chairman of FSTC, at the conference “La Deuda Olvidada de Occidente he is responding to the speech of Carly Fiorina and the intended audience in the Mid-East:

[…] In this presentation focus will be on the other manner by which history is distorted: that is, the suppression of centuries of contribution to modern civilisation by the Muslim world. This negligence is apparent in academia, in the media and in the educational curriculum and associated history books, especially those aimed at the general public. The focus on this issue is to alert communities as to the particular significance of the Muslim civilisation and its historical role in giving birth to much of modern science and technology.

The following words by a famous lady well describes this situation and the debt that world history owes to the civilisation created by Muslims. They were pronounced by Mrs. Carleton S. Fiorina, chairman, president, and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Company (1999-2005) in a discourse on 29 September 2003:

[…] When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive.

When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past civilizations, this civilization kept the knowledge alive, and passed it on to others. While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, the civilization I’m talking about was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent.

Although we are often unaware of our indebtedness to this other civilization, its gifts are very much a part of our heritage. (read more)

Professor Al-Hassani was rejoicing that Carly Fiorina was asserting without Islam there would be no U.S.A., no America, no exceptionalism. This is the exact approach of the U.S. State Department, Charles Rivkin Project, we originally exposed in 2012.

The Rivkin Project was/is a U.S. State Department program with a specific goal to remove national pride and identity in favor of a more global worldview of a collective society, a “multi-cultural” society. Again, these are not interpretations of her words, these are Fiorinas’ own words.

And yes, there are those who are now beginning to connect the dots to President Obama’s first foreign policy speech and travel. Where was it delivered? Cairo Egypt.

Does it make sense now how Fiorina came to be in contact with all those “world leaders” she brags about meeting?

If you need to finally stamp out any reservations or doubt you might have about this agenda; consider Carly Fiorina is also closely linked to the Clinton Global Initiative – SEE HERE ( <—scroll down the page) – providing leadership and mentorship within the Bill and Hillary CGI.

Troubled? You should be. Her globalist ideology is thinly veiled, and in my opinion what has unnerved many of the electorate who did not buy what she was selling.  Despite claims to the contrary, the U.S. voter is intelligent and have an innate sense when they are being misled:

♦ Carly Fiorina on Immigration: Pass the DREAM Act. For other undocumented immigrants, a direct path to citizenship is unfair. While running for the U.S. Senate in California in 2010, Fiorina said she supports the DREAM Act, which would give legal status to people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

♦ Carly Fiorina on Climate change: It is real and man made. But government has limited ability to address it. Speaking in New Hampshire in February, Fiorina said there is scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by humans.

♦ Carly Fiorina on Education: Supports Common Core – Set national standards but give local districts maximum control. No Child Left Behind was positive. In a position paper while running for the U.S. Senate in California, Fiorina strongly advocated for metric-based accountability in schools. She praised No Child Left Behind as setting high standards and Race to the Top for using “internationally bench-marked” measures.

Carly Fiorina never hired after HP Job: […] Here are the facts: In the five years that Fiorina was at Hewlett-Packard, the company lost over half its value. It’s true that many tech companies had trouble during this period of the Internet bubble collapse, some falling in value as much as 27 percent; but HP under Fiorina fell 55 percent. During those years, stocks in companies like Apple and Dell rose. Google went public, and Facebook was launched. The S&P 500 yardstick on major U.S. firms showed only a 7 percent drop. Plenty good was happening in U.S. industry and in technology.

It was Fiorina’s failed leadership that brought her company down. After an unsuccessful attempt to catch up to IBM’s growth in IT services by buying PricewaterhouseCooper’s consulting business (PwC, ironically, ended up going to IBM instead), she abruptly abandoned the strategic goal of expanding IT services and consulting and moved into heavy metal.

At a time that devices had become a low margin commodity business, Fiorina bought for $25 billion the dying Compaq computer company, which was composed of other failed businesses. Unsurprisingly, the Compaq deal never generated the profits Fiorina hoped for, and HP’s stock price fell by half. The only stock pop under Fiorina’s reign was the 7 percent jump the moment she was fired following a unanimous board vote. After the firing, HP shuttered or sold virtually all Fiorina had bought. (read more)

Against this substantive backdrop, and considering all possible alternative explanations, a reasonable person can only conclude Ted Cruz was a “false choice” all along.

carly fiorina 2Romney side

Just a Reminder, this is an insurgency. – The modern enemy of Wall Street is Main Street vulgarians. The enemy of the RNC/GOPe is not Democrats, it’s Grassroots Conservatives, more vulgarians.

The Republican Party, and the Republican media apparatus, view us as their enemy. We are the enemy they need to protect themselves from:

In 2014, the RNC approved selection rules that govern how each state’s delegates are portioned out from the primaries. Under one of the changes, states holding their primaries between March 1 and March 14 will have their delegates doled out proportionately with election results, a change that will likely stymie a movement candidate.

States that have primaries on or after March 15 will be winner-take-all states.

That’s important because another RNC rule change requires that a candidate must win a majority of delegates in eight or more states before his or her name may be presented for nomination at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

With 18 GOP presidential candidates, for now, it will be that much harder for any candidate to win a majority in any state, let alone eight. (Article July 2015)

GOP-versus-Tea-PartyNow, ask yourself, why would the RNC want to “stymie a movement candidate“? Who exactly does that benefit? Obviously, the “non-movement” candidate, ie “the turtle“.

Isn’t the entire reason for campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina etc. to make a movement/momentum?

In addition Rule #40 changed in 2014 from previously five needed state wins, to a newer threshold of eight (8):

Officially, it’s Rule 40 in the RNC handbook and it states that any candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states” before their name is presented for nomination at the national convention. (article March 2014)

Again, ask yourself who does this benefit? A candidate can win seven states outright, and still not have their name presented for nomination?

These rules were made/affirmed in 2014 – Who or what exactly was the GOP concerned about blocking in 2016 that would necessitate such rules? When combined with other rule changes you can clearly identify a consolidation of power within the RNC apparatus intentionally constructed to stop the candidate of the GRASSROOTS from achieving victory.

It’s all part of their GOPe Roadmap.

♦ Reference and Resources – (links to internal MSM references are contained within prior outlines): RNC Rule Changes RNC Rule Battles

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476 Responses to A Disconcerting Tripwire – What Carly Fiorina Endorsing Ted Cruz Really Means…

  1. Eggss says:

    I think Trump is the man for our time, but Cruz’s Fiorina endorsement is just a small data point. This guilt by association can be played the same against Trump with Christy. I find Cruz’s TPP endorsement as long as the Ex/Im Bank was cancelled a far more damning position to him as a candidate. Fiorina may just be playing part of the splitter strategy – following Romney’s orders to get on anyone’s team other than Trump. I would expect her to stab Cruz in the back as soon as convenient, just as Cruz would stab her in the back. Scoundrels together. I find the “conservative” con the most off-putting by Cruz and the most likely reason to believe he was a false choice – http://blog.dilbert.com/post/140631008436/the-conservative-con-master-persuader-series. The most persuasive tactic is to help people to stop identifying under the GOPe “conservative” banner.

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  2. Tparty says:

    It’s time we and the rest of America realize that Ted Cruz has been groomed by elements of the CFR since His Harvard days. He might have started out with good intentions but there is no doubt he has been co-opted and used as a tool to infiltrate the Tparty movement.

    Understand, ‘they’ start planning these things years in advance.

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  3. kpm58 says:

    I had wondered why there were two from Texas.


  4. NHVoter says:

    New Trump ad

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  5. Jenny R. says:

    In other words just how much of a outsider can you be if all the establishment folks (and on both sides) are lining up/falling all over themselves to lend you a hand?

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    • chesam1 says:

      Teddy is now being exposed for the controlled opposition he is and has been all along. Just like Rubio used the Tea Party to get elected and then immediately joined those like Chuck the Schmuck Schumer and the rest of the gang of eight. Sleazy, slimeball posers. Using the conservatives to get elected and then following their overlords orders.

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      • thurmrob says:

        A lot of the disinformation plan by the establishment to set Cruz up was started around 2014 and I have been wondering about Mark Levin. It dawned on me that Conservative Review started at the same time and soon after Breitbart started attaching their scores every time a candidate was mentioned. Speaking of Psyops, it goes a long way to enforcing that Cruz was a nearly 100% conservative and others were less than so. Then CR make Levin the editor just when Cruz starts to struggle. That also smells fishy.

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        • What is your take on Glenn Beck? Just curious.


        • faxxmaxx says:

          I’d like an opinion on the Glenn Beck love-in. I have my suspicions that Beck is a pawn of the establishment but Id like your take since you seem to have a bead on Levin. Thanks.


          • thurmrob says:

            Sorry about getting back to you. I only blog for while having my morning coffee:)
            Beck started me on this road when he was at Fox and I hate to say it but after the DC rally he seems to have developed a messiah complex and this is not the same Glenn Beck that was into exposing the NWO. Their is something wrong here and it could have many roots as in health, medication and his own huge desire to remain relevant. Sadly, he is not the man he was.


  6. I have been wondering over the last few days about Sen Cruz and his non-establishment claims. It seems odd that I keep reading about the GOP establishment encouraging Sen Rubio to team up with Sen Cruz to defeat Mr Trump. Very odd. Isn’t Sen Cruz supposed to be Mr non-establishment? Didn’t he call Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor? Don’t all the other senators supposedly hate him personally because he’s so non-establishment? If that’s the case then how is it that the GOP establishment has now thrown it’s weight behind Sen Cruz. Could it be that Sen Cruz isn’t really the non-establishment candidate that he purports to be? I was originally a fan of Sen Cruz specifically because he referred to politicians of both parties as the Washington Cartel. But, it would seem that he is part of that cartel and has been cleverly hiding his participation.

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    • rinokiller says:


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    • cozette says:

      They hate Ted for his personality and phoney grandstanding not because of policy differences. He was picked by the elites and groomed to be the phoney outsider candidate to keep that part of the GOPe tent satisfied and engaged during the election. They weren’t expecting a real outsider to show up.

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      • He’s the least palatable candidate for the GOPe; they preferred Jeb and Marco but they wouldn’t sell. So they’re stuck with the pseudo-outsider.

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      • BobW462 says:

        Correct. But, Cruz was groomed as a splitter, not a potential winner. He, and the GOPe, know that he is INELIGIBLE to serve. Same for Rubio.

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        • Only if they pull that string. And by doing it at the right time…..


          They are serving a layer cake of interlocking shenanigans. Many ways to skarhew us.

          Liked by 2 people

        • thurmrob says:

          I think the long game has been to have Cruz win and pick Jeb as a healing gesture only to have a judge rule Cruz not qualified to run. I started out as Cruz/Trump until I quit reading the theatre and started actually looking at the candidate. I noticed that for an anti candidate he was supported by the establishment clandestinely and he started to have a smell much like Obama. Sealing your records from the public should be a disqualifier from running for the highest office in the land.

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    • chesam1 says:

      What we are witnessing with Cruz is called controlled opposition. Make Cruz seem like an outsider and a man of the people when all along he’s just a mole for his overlords. His wife Heidi works for Goldman Sachs. That told me all I needed to know about him.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    OMG, I just heard Bernie say he could do bedda’ than TRUMP one on one. 🙂

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  8. rinokiller says:

    Thanks FiaRINO for confirming what we have thought all this time in connection to CanaTED!

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  9. Tparty says:

    This means to me that a mutual deal for VP was made before Ted announced. Too much tying them together. (Does anyone know if Carly is a Dominionist? )

    With her as the VP the GOPe can use her for leverage in changing rule 40 to ‘accommodate’ the first woman VP. As someone posted earlier that the language indicates a potential VP candidate has to to conforn, which seems strange.

    Any thoughts

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  10. Tparty says:

    Sundance, you and i have a Vulcan mind meld on this topic.

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  11. Tparty says:

    Answered my own question about Fiorina Dominionism.

    Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins. 

    “…to imagine what the Gulf region would be like if Arab countries were at the forefront of the global economy…”

    “…to imagine what the future would be like for a Middle East rooted not in conflict, but anchored in partnership.”

    And then her pitch to the Muslim Money Masters to join the team and “write a new chapter” in the Muslim Dominion.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Tparty says:

      As we work together, let us remember the example of Muhammad. When the Prophet Muhammad was still a young man, a stone fell from the Ka’ba. In response, the tribes of Mecca quarreled over which one would have the honor of returning it to its place. Rather than choosing one tribe over another, the young Muhammad solved the problem by placing the stone on a cloth so each tribe could hold a corner of the cloth, and all the tribes could lift it together.”


    • Jenny R. says:

      Well, that’s been one of the goals of Chrislam (which many Christian leaders support, which Beck supports, as do many higher ups in the LDS — ordinary Mormons are like ordinary Christians here: they know nothing; they are getting programmed to accept this — had any events where you were “invited” to share in muslim religious holidays? build bridges by worshipping together? not go and observe and ask questions, no, get involved is key)…they want to have a Unitarian hybrid religion…one that could take over the world (and the “right’ people will be in charge naturally).
      Think the Fabian Society meets the Bahai at a tent revival for Globalists and Uniparty apparatchiks to hatche a plan to take over the world.

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  12. flight2q says:

    Fiorina endorsement shows that Cruz’s is the candidacy of rot and decay. But we already knew that.

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  13. highdezertgator says:

    Teddy the Canadian Busheee Crime Family Puppet
    from http://lettersfromthegulag.blogspot.com/ (The Orthodox Christian Philosopher)
    “What does it mean, that Neil Bush, the brother of the LOSER Jeb! Bush, and George W Bush, son of George Herbert NAZI Walker Bush, joined TED CRUZ’S Campaign Team? ? ? ? ?

    Well, beside the fact that it proves that Ted is, as I have been telling you, a puppet of the Bush Crime Family, it also means that Ted’s claim to be against Common Core is JUST ONE MORE LIE. You don’t have a founder and pillar of Common Core controlling your finances and be against Common Core, you just don’t.

    “Bush 41 signed the Agenda 21 treaty with the United Nations calling for our Education to follow under the Karl Marx based Sustainable America. (the only place Sustainability is defined is in UN documents. The book, Our Common Future coined the term.)

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    • Ono says:

      Ted says he’s going to abolish the IRS! Ted will not bite the hand that feeds him. The IRS is the Federal Reserves collection agency. Goldman Sachs is a member bank of the Federal Reserve along with Rothschild (see link below). Goldman Sachs is financing Liar Ted. Goldman Sachs employs his wife. Ted owes Goldman Sachs a half million, and he plans to get rid of their cash cow (IRS) haha


      Ted Cruz is a habitual liar. He will say whatever you want to hear, but he will never do what he says. He will just lie and change the subject. Just like Barry, George Jr, Clinton and Pappy Bush.

      Trump ’16

      Liked by 7 people

    • Prothonotary Warbler says:

      Remember that “leaked” video from a private Jeb campaign event, when W said he really doesn’t like Ted Cruz?

      Why, I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps W was not being entirely honest in that moment.

      Liked by 2 people

    • singtune says:

      “highdezertgator”~~ Personally I do not see CRUZ as a PUPPET, but as an INSIDER~~ INVOLVED in the Demise of this Country~! {Also, I am in the FIRM belief that Ted is NOT “Natural Born” & may not even be Naturalized.}

      I do See RUBIO & OBAMA as Super PUPPET’S that always have their STRINGS Pulled by the Global Elite Puppet Master’s~!

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  14. Gail Combs says:

    Do not forget many of us have been suddenly banned from various sites so we can not comment and counter the disinformation put out.

    I really think that many of the ‘Cruzbots’ are Disinformation Analysts Commenting On Your Favorite Websites To Emotionalize and Antagonize
    “Ever wonder why those same obnoxious, arrogant and infrequent users just happen to appear on the heels of very controversial posts like clock-work? They monitor, wait and then pounce of the same topics to emotionalize and antagonize legitimate users on social networking and thousands of other websites. Whether it be vaccines, GMO, organic foods or any other topic geared towards natural health or contradicting mainstream opinion, these “online trolls” are now being exposed as part of sophisticated, larger operation on behalf of multi-national food corporations, pharmaceutical cartels, big agribusiness and chemical companies…..”

    And Sockpuppets
    Government propaganda, automated bots, and Internet trolls – The battle to control public opinion and manipulate social media (Lots and lots of links)
    “Rampant Disinformation

    NATO has announced that it is launching an “information war” against Russia. The UK publicly announced a battalion of keyboard warriors to spread disinformation.

    It’s well-documented that the West has long used false propaganda to sway public opinion. Western military and intelligence services manipulate social media to counter criticism of Western policies.

    Such manipulation includes flooding social media with comments supporting the government and large corporations, using armies of sock puppets, i.e. fake social media identities. See this, this, this, this and this.

    In 2013, the American Congress repealed the formal ban against the deployment of propaganda against U.S. citizens living on American soil. So there’s even less to constrain propaganda than before…..”

    This is why it is impossible to change the mind of a Cruzbot. Their job is to put disinformation out to fool the public. They already know Cruz is a sleazewad.

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    • George True says:

      If you think it is bad now, just wait until the primaries are over. The Dems will go all out to destroy the Republican nominee, no matter who it is. And one of their weapons will be the Cyber Warriors for Obama cadre that were active in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. This is a nationwide cadre of individuals, hired by the Obama campaign, and paid a halfway decent hourly wage (Using some of the illegal and untraceable overseas contributions). They were paid to monitor many different conservative websites, and to disrupt the comment threads as much as possible. Part of the purpose was to discourage and demoralize by a combination of harassment and gaslighting. I saw this happen big time at The American Spectator, American Thinker, Hot Air, Lucianne, and others.

      Their aim is to derail and disrupt the exchange of ideas, and in so doing cause the readers and commenters to give up in dusgust and frustration. Also to sow the seeds of doubt, doubt about your cause, your candidate, your worldview. I guarantee, whatever theyu may call themselves, they are gearing up even now to gaslight and astro turf relentlessly from now till the election. Unfortunately, most conservative websites have gone to an automated and unmonitored comment system such as Discus, where the only way to defeat them is to simply not feed the trolls. Once you take the bait, they will take you and the other commenters down the rabbit hole. Here at CTH, I believe the comments are moderated at least to a degree, where if someone is an obvious troll, they and their comments will be removed.

      Liked by 3 people

    • singtune says:

      Gail ~~~I really Agree with you on this Topic! I find I can often fend OFF Cruzbots quite easily, because I do NOT get Emotional with them nor fall into their “”Word Traps~! But, I am 78 realize the Goals of the NWO & it’s efforts to Divide the People of this Country.

      For Personal Reasons I found out about the FOOD Situation, because I was able to finally get Rid of 13 Big Pharma Medication’s for Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue & related Aches & Pains, by Changing WHAT i ATE. I Studied this for about 4 Years & became WELL by Stopping All “GMO’S”~~Processed Foods + Meats/Chicken filled with Antibiotics & Hormones. I then went almost All Organic, in the other Foods we eat. I will be 79 this summer & i am Without PAIN & on NO DRUGS!

      So Yes, I learned even More about the TOTAL NWO Plan by , finding out what has happened to the the US Food Supply & why Congress is trying to Get NO LABELING on our Food. I spent , so far a total of 18 1/2 Years learning ALL of the things about the NWO Global Agenda that you Obviously have been learning too~!

      It was So WONDERFUL to find the “CTH” & see SUNDANCE’S Research after all these years of basically going it alone. Really appreciate what You also bring to the Treehouse, to Share with us at this site.

      Liked by 5 people

    • If you are right – and I think you are, because I was suspicious of Cruzbot sockpuppetry – then we must NOT waste time on engaging prominent Cruzbots to change their minds or loosen gaslit followers. Best to “divert the curious passerby” to Trump.

      Liked by 1 person

    • entagor says:

      Still surprised how fast I got banned at BB. BB gets thousands of comments, so fast there is little time to read my few comments. I suspect a blacklist. Heck, FB and search engines have metadata to identify effective voices.

      Liked by 2 people

    • faxxmaxx says:

      I know this is an old thread but have to agree with you on the Cruzbots issue. The Right Scoop is in the bag for Cruz so much so that any decention isn’t tolerated. 100% of their comments are pro Cruz and attack any and all who point out his failings. Of course I was banned.


  15. Tparty says:

    Who or what exactly was the GOP concerned about blocking in 2016 that would necessitate such rules?

    “When combined with other rule changes you can clearly identify a consolidation of power within the RNC apparatus intentionally constructed to stop the candidate of the GRASSROOTS from achieving victory.”

    My guess is that the security state has had Donald in the eye of Sauron for quite some time … enough time to determine his desire to become President.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Tparty says:

    If Trump fails… it’s a time for choosing the red pill or the blue pill.

    Give them Hell before we do.


  17. sahm2016 says:

    There are so many things that never made sense to me because I was stuck in the Left vs Right paradigm. I was puzzled why there was no real GOP pushback when the NASA administrator was saying Muslim outreach was one of tasks. The NASA guy sounds just like Fiorina and Harf.

    “This kind of thinking in regard to the Mulsim world has been promoted by President Obama and his adminstration since it first came into power. One of the more notorious of the administration’s outreach attempts was the failed NASA-Muslim outreach initiative.

    In July of 2010, NASA chief Charles Bolden said in an interview with Al-Jazeera,

    “When I became the NASA administrator, (President Obama) charged me with three things. One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.”

    Liked by 6 people

    • WSB says:

      My jaw dropped when I saw that interview. And I realized right then and there that we were at a more dangerous level than I ever thought we would be in. Even after doing a lot of research on Obama in 2007.

      Liked by 3 people

    • entagor says:

      You have good instincts.
      The emperors new clothes. Our politicians acted like nothing out of the ordinary – but these same guys would be weeping if someone changed the brand of steak sauce at their favorite restaurant

      Liked by 3 people

  18. bleep21k says:

    Fake News…

    OLD! But just as telling…“But will Hughes [Karen Hughes – Bush Administration circa 2005] solely try to spread the word of U.S. accomplishments — or will she express humility over some of its failures? There was a brief hint of the latter, when she said: “America has often struggled to live up to our own ideals and we have much to learn about becoming better citizens of the world.”


    History, will teach us nothing…

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Remember that one time..when iCarly was “surging”?

    Liked by 3 people

  20. roberto says:

    And Trump carried, by sig margin, the country’s largest Arab American city Dearborn Michigan. I’m not worried by Carly or Neil. All snakes must slither and this is how I recognise the establishment. They leave ‘S’ tracks.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Bandit says:

    Excellent article! God bless your hard work. Thank you for standing for American Patriots in this country! Trump 2016!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. GiGizMe says:

    Bernie and Clinton just gave Trump a big fat kiss on the lips… 😗😂😂😂😉😉 All those out of work autoworkers, unemployed trade union workers, African Americans and many unemployed/underemployed American citizens just got kicked in the gut by Bernie and Clinton. Clinton has taken an extreme left position on illegal immigration and enforcement (further left than even Obama). Bernie followed Clinton to the left adding that he will not deport any illegals who have no criminal record; and he is willing to use, along with Clinton, more executive orders to further Obamas existing policy. Clinton claims the border is enforced.
    Thank you very much. 😉😉😅😂😘


  23. RM says:

    Sundance, You keep knocking it out of the park. I emailed your article all over the place. I only wish that you could get a wider audience, your articles are that important.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. asnowrose says:

    Reblogged this on Flurry of Thoughts.


  25. Vicki OMeara says:

    S, you may have already read this. It is really mind-boggling. Remember the movie, THE TROJAN HORSE? This seems to point to Cruz being such….remmember the conversation we were having last week about people being so deceived about the Anti-Christ, and I said this is what I see happening with people following so hard after Cruz???? I am not saying he is the anti-christ. Rather, that it is a picture of how deception works.

    I love you,



  26. Marshall Buffins says:

    Ted! is looking more and more like Jeb! With all of his ties to the Bush Family, it’s clear Cruz is just another GOPe puppet.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. TrumpFanGirl says:

    Heads I win, Tails you lose.


  28. Robert Pilchman says:

    Donald Trump JUNIOR – “Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz will say ‘whatever’ just to get elected http://rawstory.com/2016/01/carly- …” — https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/707927514904203265 ;

    https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/707968115515256832 : “Can’t make this stuff up @WayneDupreeShow @loudobbsnews! WOW! $500K for an endorsement🤔politics at its FINEST! ” “Earlier donation from Cruz SuperPAC pays off! Fiorina endorses Cruz for GOP nominee http://newsninja2012.com/earlier-donation-from-cruz-superpac-pays-off-fiorina-endorses-cruz-for-gop-nominee/ …” (— https://twitter.com/WayneDupreeShow/status/707967008474861568 )


  29. Reblogged this on WatchmanMomma and commented:

    Here is the truth about Cruz’ deep ties to the GOPe, written with such completeness that I’m just reblogging it for you… Must read.

    “Just a Reminder, this is an insurgency. – The modern enemy of Wall Street is Main Street vulgarians. The enemy of the RNC/GOPe is not Democrats, it’s Grassroots Conservatives, more vulgarians.”


  30. Tparty says:

    Delayed post … delayed thought.

    After reviewing the available sources on the Bush split with the Cruz camp, rise of theTparty/Occupy, toilet bowl ratings for congress its apparent that the borg was expecting a tripwire of general unrest with .gov corruption and ineptness.

    Those of you with a basic understanding of spycraft might have heard the term ‘controlled opposition’ before and it’s very important in pulling the curtain back to see the wizard. History is repleat with examples both famous and infamous. It’s an infiltration tool used by those who wish to rule others and one which we should all be aware of. Whenever the problem/reaction/solution it creates social and cultural resistance particularly in this information age. This tool can be used for good or evil and those terms are defined by which side of the fence you sit, but is always used to control, deflect, depress, demoralize or in this case lead that group which resists based on true knowledge. The borg selects these candidates carefully based on the required ideology and the personality type required but they are all willingly controlled and used for a specific purpose. Some famous examples are Castro, Lennin, Mao …. and most of our Presidents.


  31. Brian Clifford says:

    I came to a similar conclusion. I would vote for any republican. But the one that works best for the American people, all of us, no matter what we THINK, is Donald Trump.


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  33. Pingback: Ted Cruz, Kasich, BUSH AND GEORGE SOROS – Partners In GLOBALISM | Truth Uncensored

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