#3 Mini-Tuesday Election Results – Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii – Discussion Thread

10:00pm We anticipate the need for more than one Mini-Tuesday election results thread. Hence, we will number them (as above) depending on the volume of inbound data.


♦ Michigan Donald TRUMP WINS√

♦ Mississippi Donald TRUMP WINS√

♦ Idaho ♦ *Hawaii

….all have Republican Primary voting contests today (*caucus).

gop race mini tuesday

◊ CNN Election Center – Link To Results HERE

◊ Politico Link To Results HERE

Local Mississippi Results Link

  • Michigan – Primary, Polls Close 8:00pm EST – 59 delegates (If 50% winner takes most, if not proportional w/ minimum 15% threshold for any delegates) √ Team Trump Wins 
  • Mississippi – Primary, Polls Close 8:00pm EST – 40 delegates (12 district, 28 at large delegates) At Large delegates proportionally distributed based on state result. District delegates 50% takes all, if not winner gets 2, second place gets one. 15% threshold. √ Team Trump Wins
  • Idaho – Primary, Polls Close 10pm EST – 32 delegates (If 50% winner takes most, if not proportional w/ minimum 20% threshold for any delegates)
  • Hawaii – Caucus, 19 delegates proportional.

Remember Mississippi 2014?

shameful seven 12010_01-19-can-you-hear-us-now

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820 Responses to #3 Mini-Tuesday Election Results – Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii – Discussion Thread

  1. Trumped says:

    Trump will win Idaho I say. Check out ada county. (Boise) Early 500 people lead with 1% in.


  2. scslayer says:

    Friggin’ Idahoians!!!

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  3. Martin says:

    Come on, Idaho. Screw Cruz.

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  4. sammyhains says:

    Mississippi gives Trump his 6th of 8 majorities needed for Rule 40.

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  5. NHVoter says:


  6. Idaho wants to be a part of Canada it seems

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  7. TheFenian says:

    Sheesh these spud numbers are all over the place.

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  8. Athena the Warrior says:

    Trump is so close in Mississippi to the 50% threshold. Right now with 95% in he’s at 47.4% a 2.6% margin.

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  9. scslayer says:

    Bernie WINS Michigan!

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  10. This one will be really nice to pick up, it would totally blow Cruz’s cool.


  11. clash108 says:

    Ada county coming in, Trump with early 11 point lead. If he continues to do well here, I think he’ll win.

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  12. Doug says:

    Oh well headed to bed looks like no one will get over 50 in idaho and cruz and trump will split delegates. Night guys!

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  13. WSB says:

    I may just be an idiot, but MSNBC is slathering over the Dem call for Michigan. Sanders is up over Clinton. Based on what might be happening there, could Trump win that state with X-Sanders voters in a general?

    Sanders just won Michigan.

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  14. scslayer says:


    cruz 14,862

    trump 12,055

    rubio 7,021

    kasich 2,721


  15. scott says:

    For once I would like to see the late breaking vote go trumps way.

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