The Debate Issue The Wall Street Funded RNC/GOPe Refuse To Allow…

For those who missed last nights Democrat debate, there was a very substantive back-and-forth between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton regarding the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership deal (TPP).

Bernie Sanders has been a long-time opponent to TPP, and Hillary Clinton only recently opposing it.  Some would say: predictably due to the poll-tested opposition amid the party.

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As Bernie pointed out Hillary’s ‘come-to-Jesus-moment’ on the issue, he also brought a secondary and semi-related subject into the foray by discussing the Import/Export bank authorization (part of the Omnibus financial deal).

Sanders voted (in the minority position) against the Import/Export bank reauthorization as a matter of principle.  Readers will note that Senator Ted Cruz, and a majority of ‘conservatives’ also don’t like the crony capitalism within the I/E bank.

Ted Cruz’s opposition to the I/E reauthorization was/is so strong, it was the basis for him claiming a complete reversal of advocacy for the TPP deal.

Senator Mitch McConnell purchased the votes for the TPP deal (in June) by promising several Democrats he would reauthorize the I/E bank funding in the Omnibus (December) spending bill.  This McConnell quid-pro-quo arrangement was “The Lie” that Ted Cruz pointed out on the Senate floor.

Just to be clear, Senator Ted Cruz was for TPP (his own bill) until McConnell added I/E reauthorization promises; at which time Cruz was no longer in favor of TPP.

Senator Ted Cruz supported TPP, but opposed funding the Import Export bank.

During last night’s debate, moderator Anderson Cooper pointed out Bernie Sanders opposition to the I/E was equivalent to the same position as Ted Cruz.  This prompted Sanders to say the Republicans are not always wrong, and Democrats are not always right.

(Please watch 48 second video)

Here’s where last night’s Democrat debate highlights the corruption from Wall Street.

In theory the purpose of the Import Export bank is solid.   Various countries we compete against on trade and manufacturing receive subsidies from their government(s).

Examples: The Vietnamese government may not charge a manufacturer for their energy use; or the Chinese Government may actually build a manufacturing plant for a corporation to use; or a combination of both – or other similar subsidies.  The Mexican government does much the same as China or Vietnam.

This puts U.S. manufacturers at a disadvantage on the cost of their operations.  Under capitalistic markets the U.S. company is putting out all the money to build their own manufacturing infrastructure or plant.

In the U.S. the manufacturing company also has to factor in the cost of energy, transportation and other similar costs to get a product to market, which in foreign nations may actually be paid for (subsidized) by a governmental planning authority.

The purpose of the I/E bank was to offset this disadvantage.  A central banking authority specifically intended to help defer U.S. industry capital costs with long-term very low interest loans allowing the manufacturer to compete against foreign government subsidy.   In theory this was the reasoning behind the I/E Bank process.

However, the system -as currently structured- is fraught with corruption and crony-capitalism.  Large corporations contribute to political entities (officials) for favorable terms on loans, and/or legislation specific to their enterprise, which may or may not ever be paid back.

Hence, the “conservative” argument has become the I/E is funding profitable corporations with taxpayer monies.  The extraordinary profits which result as an outcome of these terms are then paid back to the politicians (via campaign contributions) to keep the entire scheme in operation.

Subsequently, the Ted Cruz and popular “conservative” position has evolved to defunding the I/E bank completely, because the crony-capitalism is nothing more than lining the pockets of Wall Street corporate entities and the politicians who facilitate it.

This part is key – Wall Street ultimately benefits from I/E transactions via the company profit statement and more favorable profit driven stock evaluation.

Bernie Sanders, who opposes the I/E for the same reason, wants to see the I/E bank modified back to the original intent of loans to small manufacturers (currently less than 20% of I/E beneficiaries), and uses his vote to try and leverage the original intent.  Sanders opposes the “corruption” inside the process, not the I/E bank itself.  Actually a solid blue-collar, pro-U.S. jobs position.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  The TPP deal is terrible for U.S. manufacturing jobs because it puts the U.S. company at a strong disadvantage to all of the above nations who benefit from low costs of good sold.  Labor, energy, little environmental regulation, and government subsidy all benefit the Pacific Rim manufacturers.  In addition, the central planning of the government, via currency manipulation (devaluation), keeps the exported prices of their goods artificially low.

Corporations in these type of manufacturing nations simply have a ridiculously low inherent cost in the manufactured product.   It’s just cheaper to make it there, and ship it here, than to be manufactured here and sold in the U.S.   This is the essential problem.

cruz McConnellWhen Ted Cruz supported TPP he supported this overall system.

However, remember he reversed his support based on the I/E reauthorization; and ONLY because of the I/E reauthorization.

If the I/E was not authorized, he would have presumably still supported TPP.  Heck, he even created “Fast Track” (Trade Promotion Authority ‘TPA’) to facilitate the passage of TPP.

But Cruz did change his mind, according to him because of the I/E bank (McConnell Lie). If McConnell never reauthorized the I/E bank, Cruz would have continued supporting the TPP.

This position of Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz is very important to digest because at first the two issues might seem disconnected, yet they are not.

Here’s also what Ted Cruz supporters don’t seem to grasp, because apparently he’s really good at obfuscating the logic.  If TPP passes, and the I/E had not been reauthorized, WHICH WAS/IS THE POSITION OF SENATOR CRUZ, think about what that actually means in real terms.

TPP gives the pacific rim manufacturing companies significant, almost unlimited, access to the U.S. market.  While simultaneously, the I/E bank defunding impedes U.S. manufacturers from cost-offsets in their own business models.  That’s a direct double smash in the face of the U.S. manufacturing industry, and U.S. worker.   Two devastating simultaneous blows that are unrecoverable.

So again, think about this carefully as you engage understanding.  Senator Ted Cruz’s position was to assist foreign manufacturers to gain access to our markets, and simultaneously hand-cuff any new capital investment in our own manufacturing base.

Ask yourself who does this help?

This approach directly helps financial entities who are invested overseas.

Who are those entities?

cruz goldman sachs


Make sense now?

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148 Responses to The Debate Issue The Wall Street Funded RNC/GOPe Refuse To Allow…

  1. JRD says:

    Once again, thanks sundance.

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  2. racerxx says:

    Yep, The Squid (GS)

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    • Eris says:

      Biggest donor to the 2012 Romney Presidential Campaign (see

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    • Rainer says:

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      • Ono says:

        I think that most people believe that Goldman Sachs is a clothing line or department store.

        They are clueless that Goldman Sachs is a member Bank of the federal Reserve. They are clueless that the federal reserve is an International corporation. They believe that the fed is part of the treasury department. They don’t understand that the IRS is the collection agency for the fed. The IRS collects our taxes to pay for the interest on our National dept to the fed. Our IRS tax dollars do not build bridges, or pave highways. Our income tax dollars pay interest on money our politicians borrow in order to give themselves raises, on money that they hand back to their special interest groups in the form of non competitive bidding for contracts, on money they spend on airfare to foreign countries with the wife and kids..

        Now who is Goldman Sachs? Look at the other member banks of the fed and who controls them .Rothschild…

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        • Mick says:

          You are correct, Ono. Ignorance is on of the biggest foes that we face!

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        • p'odwats says:

          If memory serves there was a vote on some aspect of the Federal Reserve in the senate a few weeks ago and Rand Paul openly tweeted that he was sorry that Ted Cruz wasn’t there for the vote. I believe this was around the time of the Iowa caucus or South Carolina primary. After reading this spot on article by Sundance it’s all making sense now. We have a Trojan Horse in our ranks and it’s name is Cruz.

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        • “Goldman Sachs is a member Bank of the federal Reserve”

          The precise term is that GS is a “Primary Dealer”, currently out of a total of 22 Primary dealers.

          The fact that Ted’s wife Heidi is a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs (on leave) is quite newsworthy. Huge potential conflict of interest for Ted. I don’t think it has come up in any debate.Debates have been consumed with examining if Donald Trump knows David Duke.

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  3. ezpz says:

    If the RNC debates prohibit this line of questioning, wouldn’t it be prudent AND very effective for Trump to point out that both Rubio AND Cruz have supported this shaft to America? He could get high campaign dividends by shouting this from the mountaintops, aka his rallies. Also, I believe he needs to hammer this point on Twitter and fb.

    I know, I know…I’m no adviser, let Trump be Trump and all that good stuff, with which I agree, BUT this one issue alone could kill two campaigns with one stone. Heck, THREE if you count Kasich!

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    • ezpz says:

      To add — with Michigan and Ohio primaries coming up, blanketing the airwaves and cyberspace with the fact that Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich all want to screw America via TPP could cinch the nomination for Trump.

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      • duchess01 says:

        You Betcha, ezpz! Topple three bobbleheads with one pop!

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      • Tparty says:

        I have been following this TPA/TPP quite closley and spreading the word everywhere I can. This radio interview quite clearly affirms Ted supports his own bill.

        Notice how Ted slips and calls it a ‘treaty’ even though he just said prior it was legislation.

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        • Mick says:

          I’ll have to take your word for it, Tparty. Listening/watching this vile monster speak makes me come to close to vomiting. I’ll pass.


        • pawatcher says:

          The next “partnership” to watch is the T-TIP- Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This little doozy will get US in the EU. The TPP will get US into a union of Pacific countries- We will truly be globally governed.
          Hoping England will Brexit the EU and the dominoes will fall, crashing the EU. But, with the one world order, CFR, they may still make the deal to keep the EU viable and prevent Brexit.
          We need to stay a sovereign nation with trade deals that are only about trade not governance.

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        • ezpz says:

          Thank you, TParty. I don’t believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.

          Ugh, and that just made be think of what he ate in front of a national tv audience!


        • yep, that’s lyin’ ted alright. he sure loves him some circular rhetoric, “thinking” he can circumvent the “average” American mind. not ours. this cretin needs to be removed from our system, period. he supports all this garbage as he wants to use it himself, and of course, he has been told to. i’m grateful to Jeff Sessions for telling us about this when it happened, back in June of 2015, and for endorsing TRUMP!

          btw, this was worth listening to, as the interviewer killed it!


    • KitKat says:

      current story on Drudge: Ohio lost 112,500 jobs to trade with TPP countries…

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    • Bahb says:

      But how can we expect the average person to understand the gravity of this issue. We have Sundance teasing apart the tangled webs for us, but try transporting that info to others.


  4. longiron2 says:

    One of the things with TPP and I.E. Deal is the voters do not care, do NOT understand it and it is not being talked about. Kind of like Obamacare until it is implemented no one will see how bad it is! Not saying the voter is not all that smart BUT they are more interested in how big TRUMP hands are or how much RUBIO sweats or what CRUZ is lying about now. In 11 debates RUBIO and CRUZ thus far has never been asked about TPP or their voting record on it. As Sundance pointed out CRUZ voted for it and changed because I.E. Bank got tied into it, otherwise he was good with it. THIS needs to be talked about but thus far not much said about it and how bad a deal this is for the US.

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  5. ezpz says:

    This is what I meant on another thread when I suggested that there are some strong similarities between Sanders and Trump.

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  6. Sam says:

    It makes perfect sense. The Cruzbots will never accept it though. They’ve bought Cruz’s story and won’t hear anything against him.

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    • Doug says:

      regardless of cruzs reasons for doing it, the logic of Sundances article is very sound. Cruz is just wrong here because hes for the TPP and then against any domestic attempt to level the advantages that the very deal he supports gives our competitors.

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    • Americafirst16 says:

      Q: What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli ?
      A: Cruz don’t eat broccoli…
      Q: How do you make Ted Cruz dance ?
      A: Put a little boogie in him.

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    • ZZZ says:

      It is very disturbing…I mean that…it is hard to understand.


  7. EternalHope says:

    EXTREMELY interesting.

    I assume Trump already knows about this. If not, then I really hope someone on his staff reads and understands this research by Sundance. It is VERY important.

    I suspect Trump is trying to knock Rubio out next.

    Once that is done, this could become a MAJOR issue.

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    • ezpz says:

      He could “knock out” both Rubio AND Cruz – Kasich, too – by simply stating again and again that he (Trump) is the only one who is pro America because he opposes TPP, which would put the final coffin in this country as we’ve known it.

      All the remaining other three candidates support the anti America TPP bill.

      Very simple. Very effective.

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      • ezpz says:

        *final nail (in the coffin)

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      • ZZZ says:

        IF they would let him talk at the debates.
        What happened to – “The gentleman has 3 minutes to reply”

        These debates are the most foolish waste of time – I really think they are being done this way on purpose – Bread and Circuses – so these important issues can not be discussed.

        It’s like a Punch and Judy show for the dumbed down masses.

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        • ezpz says:

          Agree, ZZZ, they are indeed a waste of time and an insult to our collective intelligence.

          RNC, DNC — same thing, just one letter is different.
          They would rather have Hillary than Trump.

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        • Jett Black says:

          Trump needs to punch through the bag they try to put him in–when they ask a stupid question or ask him to respond to some idiotic middle-school-yard smear by one of the single-cell organisms on the stage with him, he needs to have a quick, clear response that brings solid points about TPP, H1B visas, and illegal immigration/amnesty efforts into the spotlight. He and we need to stop playing their game and start winning the real game–because it’s not really a game. It’s more like a war.

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          • ezpz says:

            Agree, Jett Black


          • Tparty says:

            Donald needs totake a breath bbefore he responds at the debate. He falls right into the mockingbird media trap.

            “Donald do you support waterboarding?

            “No, there is no talking to these people and no reason to detain them. We will destroy them!!”


        • Jenny R. says:

          Take out 4 at once then: the debates focused on the size of my hands…but nobody is talking about how Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich all wanted to turn the rest of the country into one big Detroit.
          They want to focus on the mean things I say, but will not say a word about all the mean things these fellows have done to working Americans and their families.
          Now, who are the really vulgar ones here?

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    • Spaz says:

      Trump has Senator Jeff Sessions as his National Security advisor, and he is very well-versed on TPP. And TPP would certainly fall under “national security threats” – isn’t it a shame that our so-called president as well as many of our senators are national security threats as well for supporting this monster? A pox on them all.

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  8. thurmrob says:

    Thanks, I had forgot about that. Just shows he is Jeb! the third.

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    • trumplove says:

      He’s a cuban! What makes anyone think he is not loyal to his fathers sick agenda? How sick can this crap get? Raphael groomed his son to be US Pres form the time he was four. And Levin supports this? It’s madness! I can’t take it anymore!

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      • John Galt says:

        “He’s a cuban!”

        So is Rubio, which is interesting in view of the large Cuban population of Miami-Dade.

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      • Eskie Mom says:

        He IS loyal to his father’s agenda! 100% committed. Ted Cruz has been told that he is the ”anointed” king ever since he was 4 years old (according to his father). They believe that Ted will implement the takeover of the Seven Mountains- business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, the family, and religion.

        We’re talking Iran/ Saudi (Wahhabist) or Soviet Union style totalitarian control.

        Please read this (new link. Pretty brief)

        Beyond Salvation Is OCCUPATION (emphasis mine)

        People. Need. To Know. What’s Going On Here.

        WHO is going to tell them?

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  9. mimbler says:

    The republican debates have been worthless as to actually informing the voters of the candidates actual and previous positions on important topics.

    Apparently, that isn’t what the RNC desires,

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  10. itswoot says:

    The Titanic hit the iceberg because it was going too fast for the conditions, and its rudder was too small for the size of the ship. The same kind of decisions that led to the Titanic tragedy are also at work in these trade agreements, among other factors.

    Too few lifeboats as well.

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    • hbm says:

      Except that the Captains know exactly what they are doing and the destruction of US national sovereignty won’t be accidental: it’s the goal.

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    • Ono says:

      The Titanic didn’t have GPS. The TPP will destroy what Nafta was unable to do. Nafta and the EPA pollution restrictions have taken almost all manufacturing out of California. Business in Southern Ca have moved to Tijuana where labor is cheap, no health insurance or workers comp dues, no pollution standards or fines, and does anyone really believe that the Air and water is any cleaner these days?

      Look up in the sky and see all the crap coming out of all those jets day in and day out. FYI those aren’t ice crystals, and they certainly aren’t clouds


  11. Sentient says:

    During the next debate, since the moderators won’t ask about TPP, Trump should hijack a completely different question. When they ask about something else – Muslim ban, has he disavowed the KKK enough, is trump Hitler, etc. he should say, “Since you guys never ask this, I’m going to answer a completely different question: Should we enact the Trans Pacific Partnership? NO. It limits our sovereignty and requires the free movement of labor. Ted and Paul Ryan argued for Trade Promotion Authority so that TPP could pass more easily. His only stated reason for opposing TPP later was because it included the funding for the Export-Import Bank. If McConnell hadn’t included funding for Ex-Im, Ted would have continued supporting TPP. I agree that Ex-Im is bad – GE doesn’t need the help – but unlike Ted, I strenuously oppose TPP with or without funding for Ex-Im.” And of course, I still disavow David Duke.

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    • LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

      That’s exactly what needs to be done. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t done it already.

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    • John Galt says:

      Both Trump and now Cruz advocate for a tax on imports, which is inherently anti-TPP. The fact that Cruz is a pathological liar is of course a problem.

      “And my tax plan, which is a very, very detailed plan on the website, is what’s called border adjustable. We get rid of all the taxes. We get rid of the corporate income tax and the death tax and the ObamaCare taxes and the payroll tax. And we replace it with a 16% business flat tax that is border adjustable, which means all exports are entirely tax-free and all imports pay the 16% business flat tax. That’s a 32% differential.”

      TPP provisions regarding tariffs:

      View story at


      • JT says:

        Mr Galt
        Rafayel’s sales tax is really 19% (as you may probably know)’

        He calcs it thus – $1.00 x 19% = $1.19. The $0.19 is 16% of $1.19.

        In 1974 social security was increased for an 11% COLA. The agency I worked at (not SSA but bound by the 11% increase in paying benefits at that rate) used special calcs thus: $1.00 divided by 11 = 9.9099%. So instead of increasing their benefit by adding a true 11% they went with a 9% rate.

        In Cook County (or as many refer it “crook” ) Illinois, there is a 12.5% sales tax already.

        A federal sales tax at that level in addition to all the various state income and sales taxes in effect will become a unreasonable burden.

        As bad as the current income tax is you are still able to adjust it to reduce its full effect.

        A federal sales tax will not be able to avoid.

        The burden will be upon those with fixed incomes such as retirees and veterans. Also the truly poor.

        I’m not familiar enough with the thought behind a federal sales tax that some authors have promoted except.

        I do recall that when Reagan was in office, the US Treasury did a study to determine what percentage amount a flat income tax would be if all deductions were eliminated. It was about 6% if I recall right.

        (Carter’s people also thought up a doozy. You own your home. What would it rent for? Your income tax would then include that mythical amount added to your gross before deductions.)

        Each of the three witches in MacBeth now control one of the three branches of our gov’t.

        (My own ideal income tax would be restricted to a levy against non wage items. Never happen but I can dream.)


  12. Spencer's Mom says:

    Thanks – Sundance. Great explanation!

    Now the only request that i have for Mr. Trump – and his staff – is that they boil down the content of what Sundance explained above into about 2 or 3 sentences – such that the “COMMON PERSON” who is going to be voting – will understand WHAT THIS MEANS.

    Most of the people who vote – even if college educated and/or with advanced degrees – probably can’t understand this line of thought. So it’s going to have to be presented to them in a VERY SIMPLE WAY – and then offer TRUMP’S ALTERNATIVES for comparison.

    HUGE OVERSIMPLIFICATION is going to be necessary, i think.

    That’s probably why Mr. Trump says “Make America Great Again” – because anything else make people’s eyeballs glaze over. He may WISH to say more – but it probably won’t work.

    So TRIED and TRUE campaign practices might have to suffice for now – with slogans, rallies, repeating a few basic ideas in a VERY SIMPLE WAY.

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    • Deb says:

      Yes, like this:

      The trade deal Cruz votes for makes it easier for manufacturing jobs to go overseas. We need those jobs to stay here, in America, and I will also be making sure we add a heck of a lot more new ones.

      We also need to make it easier for small businesses to do business and get the loans they need to stay in business and add more jobs. Cruz and Rubio have helped the big banks, not small businesses that are the lifeblood of this country.

      Im sure that this is part of the plan, and they have a strategy. But this issue would really bring OH and MI and maybe into WI securely into Trump’s corner to the level where voter fraud would be ineffective.

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    • joshua says:

      this is why Ross Perot used his little chart presentations
      this is why Rove uses his white board
      this is why Glen Beck used his greenboard presentations (still too complex, but you could follow the pooathway logic)
      MOST AMERICAN ADULTS do not LEARN from verbal discussions of complex issues…we learn from pictures that tell an easily followed pathway to a conclusion….too many words cause us to tune out……that is why Kasick can never get a point made, and why Jeb could never make a point…and why Carson just gave up and did the quiet knowing smile treatment…..when these candidates have to make a serious point in ONE MINUTE…the MSM KNOW it is impossible……look at MSM TV Ads…..they have 15 to 30 seconds to get you attention and to sink the hook in you…..politicians are in love with their own voices.

      I would have the rules of debate set that anyone talking OVER another candidate while in the time available should be disqualified from the next round of questions.

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    • singtune says:

      I Agree~! Plus with the So-Called Debate Format & the FACT that No real Questions of Import are asked of the Candidates, yes it Needs to be OVER SIMPLIFIED~! TRUMP will probably have to Bring it up at the outset, in an Opening Statement or when responding to a question, that is somehow related~! {The 2 Cubans Always Deflect their Answers in various LONG WINDED ways & Kasich will just talk about Kasich. }

      In other words~~No SUBSTANCE will come from “Anyone but TRUMP” & it does have to be SHORT & SWEET with CONTENT~!


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  13. Sentient says:

    Trump: “You asked the question you wanted. I’m giving the answer I want to give. If you don’t like it, too bad.”

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  14. Renee Blythe says:

    You should post this on Facebook. So millions are looking for answers there. This is my favorite information sight….Thanks!

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  15. yy4u says:

    I tuned in some of the Dem debate while channel surfing last night and was surprised by the respectful tone of the moderators and the fact that unlike the Fox Trio, they were subdued, in the shadows and had their backs to the cameras. The few questions I heard them ask were subdued, respectful and substantive, quite different than the Fox questions which basically were “Mr. Rubio, Mr. Trump called you little, what do you say to him?” “Mr. Cruz, Mr. Trump says you are a liar? Are you?” “Mr. Trump, why are you such an a$$h….?” “Mr. Kasich, is Mr. Trump a member of the KKK?” Those few minutes I watched did more to convince me how sorry Fox is than it did enlighten me about the Democrats. I was and am shocked that I watched Fox for all these years and never picked up on the fact they are totally unprofessional and seedy — especially Megynecology and Chuckie doll (Bret Baier). Brit Hume for all I disagree with him was a class act and professional — he’s establishment and a shill but at least he knows how to dress and behave. Baier and Kelly are cheap and seedy. Chris Wallace looks like a shyster lawyer.

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    • Deb says:

      This is not coincidental. It makes the Democrats look like the “reasonable” party vs. the crazy train the Republicans were set up to be.

      It’s why NPR uses such subdued, quiet voices. It is too make what they are saying sound so sane, rational, reasonable while the low tones and slow tempo put your critical thinking to sleep. It literally lulls people’s brains to sleep.

      This works well until the crisis everyday Amercans are facing becomes too serious for them to stay asleep. Eventually they are forced to wake up, and then the liberal media doesn’t sound comforting, it sounds diabolical.

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  16. No one says:

    One interesting thing from the Democratic debate was Clinton’s rejection of fracking. This is a big big deal. Ohio, big parts of Pennsylvania, and lots of Colorado have seen fracking be their blue-collar economic engine. There are key swing states that Trump already has a chance at-if people look and see what fracking bans would do to their economy he has an even better chance. I hope people start hitting Hillary hard on this to define her before she weasels out of it.

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  17. Someone tell it to Trump. He’s the one with the voice and platform and everything at stake.


  18. I hate globalists.

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  19. Spencer's Mom says:

    Yes i think some of the people above have hinted at this: during the upcoming debate, Mr. Trump needs to work some of these SELLING POINTS FOR VOTING FOR TRUMP into his answers.

    He also needs to point out HOW HIS PLANS differ from CRUZ and RUBIO past voting records.


    If they ask about the size of his hands, Mr. Trump needs to answer like this, “The American Public doesn’t care about the size of my hands – but they DO care how i differ from Mr. Cruz with respect to INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS!…etc.”

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  20. Katherine McCoun says:

    I, too, hope that Mr. Trump will use this debate to get the truth of his positions out to a national audience. People watch for the drama but he can give them truth! Those putting on the debates (RNC, GOPe, MSM, Big Business/donors/PACs) have their agendas. Mr. Trump can have his own agenda for coming, for taking part and being on a national platform.

    Cruz avoided questions, in part because answering them would have damaged him, and used the time to attack Mr. Trump with a large national audience from the stage which lends credibility.

    Mr. Trump can refuse the entrapment questions, can rise above the obvious invitations to get down in the dirt, and can educate the public on what his positions are in a positive, above the down ‘n dirty way. So many more people (and his numbers are already YUGE – esp. for someone who is fighting the RNC/MSM/GOPe and is a True outsider!) would vote Trump if they actually knew his Common Core and Dept. of Ed position, his ideas on the 2nd amendment, his plans for fixing healthcare, his Strong position on reducing the size, scope and intrusive scope of fed government and the Why behind his trade stance.

    Getting the truth out on Cruz’s record would also be helpful but Cruz will just bold faced lie on national TV and deny whatever Trump says so staying on what his platform is v. what Cruz is lying about might be better. I wish more people would go to the and look at Trump’s platform for themselves! Sending people to this site or forwarding links to the journalism in fact based articles like these is also a strong action for Mr. Trump!

    Now, I realize I am chiming in with the other backseat drivers and coaches from the couch that have been so active here the last several days. I am sure Mr. Trump and his staff are working hard and have a solid plan. They have already come this far! The most important thing is for us to do what we can and support Mr. Trump in all the ways that we already do and also get involved directly with the volunteer, grassroots effort of Mr. Trump’s campaign. Its easy and important to do as we see day after day via Sundance’s articles how critical this election really is to our country’s future!

    Liked by 3 people

    • singtune says:

      Yes Katherine, i chimed in today also~but like you I KNOW that TRUMP is the BUILDER & he does have a PLAN~! He has been trying to Get the TPP information in, here & there,, but the MEDIA has had the super Advantage so far. After this week, when TRUMP has the ADVANTAGE, he will be able to get More Facts in,~~ while Dispatching CRUZ/RUBIO, once & for all~!

      {Now you & I can get back to the phone calls. LOL} We went to early Voting today, here in Florida, so 2 more Votes for Trump~!

      I Also Agree that we ALL need to do what “WE CAN “~~to Support TRUMP!

      Liked by 2 people

  21. Paul Killinger says:

    Not to mention the average urban (high cost areas) wage in Mexico is a little over $4 A DAY! This means our trade deals like NAFTA must be radically restructured if the US is ever going to survive.

    And Donald Trump is our ONLY Presidential candidate who even comprehends what this means, and is willing to bring the subject up and FIX IT, whatever it takes!

    So without over dramatizing our plight, unless Mr Trump becomes our next President, WHAT KIND OF FUTURE DOES OUR COUNTRY HAVE? Sadly, the answer is NONE!

    TRUMP 2016 !!!

    Liked by 7 people

  22. Trumped says:

    Just what his wife worked for at the CFR. Globalists in it to increase their power over the people.

    Bernie can see whats wrong just not how to solve it. Thats why Trump is symphatetic towards Bernie himself sans his politcial positions, as he does a similar thing as Trump.. pushing against the anti american/anti people establishment.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. winky says:

    Perhaps Trump should have a news conference and state that he will boycott the debate unless Cruz and Rubio are asked about their legal status to run for president, about TPP, about Rubio gang of eight, about Cruz wife working for Goldman Sachs, About Cruz support of NAU…etc…perhaps he can a firestorm of negative media coverage for both Cruz and Rubio

    Liked by 4 people

  24. george says:

    I don’t think miss is the right word


  25. Honest Abbey says:

    Bernie Sanders, who opposes the I/E for the same reason, wants to see the I/E bank modified back to the original intent of loans to small manufacturers (currently less than 20% of I/E beneficiaries), and uses his vote to try and leverage the original intent.

    I could swear that last night Bernie said he wants to see the I/E Bank modified, bringing it back to loaning 20% to small businesses, which was the original intent.

    Right now it seems to be less than 20%, but if 20% was the intention, and is the goal, is THAT really beneficial to America?

    If I’m wrong about what I think I heard last night, someone please correct me.


  26. IMO says:

    Insider Exposes NWO Playbook To Stop Trump!

    Committee to Restore America’s Greatness

    Roger Stone on Twitter: “@DHarchelroad try here – main site :

    Get involved or donate.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bahb says:

      I’m curious why Trump, with all his billions, would depend on Roger Stones’ fundraising to tackle Voter Fraud. The tackle should have started in Iowa when Rubio’s numbers made a huge leap overnight.


  27. jackmcg says:

    Things like this are why Trump will landslide Hillary.

    He will get around half of Bernie’s voters…

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Swampfox says:

    Is Cruz for real? He’s like a Republican president Hollywood would create: a bible thumpin’, booger eating creep. Something just isn’t right about him.

    I’m currently reading “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Year” by Russ Baker. The author claims it is common for CIA operative to “resign” while still working for the agency. That makes me wonder about Cruz’s campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, a “former” CIA undercover operative.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Pinkie says:

    Fair trade is the crossover issue that gets Democrats to vote for Trump, especially if Hillary is the nominee. That is why she’s backtracking. Voters may not understand the TPP or the ImEx Bank but they understand “bad trade deal” and “Ted/Hillary was for it.” Trump needs to own this issue.

    In my opinion, the “hands” debate helped to croak Marco and hurt Trump too – it just hurt Marco more because it was so phoney and out of character for him and his supporters are less committed.

    It probably helped Cruz that he stayed above it somewhat. Trump was masterful at his Super Saturday presser when he explained that it’s just in his nature to hit back and that he’ll do the same thing for the American people. People understand that about Trump.

    That said, Trump has already got the folks that are fighting mad. – he needs to dial it back a bit close the deal with the rest. In the next debate Trump needs to be the Trump of his one on one interviews and town halls.

    I loved “go ahead swing away — swing for the fences.” from the Super Tuesday debate. That is the perfect response to desperate attacks.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. saywhat64 says:

    Another big issue the GOPe will avoid is how the drug companies are ripping off all the little people in the USA for 100’s of billions every year. Trump’s new health plan is phenomenal and he should be out explaining how all the parts work and why is the best replacement for obamacare. He should especially highlight how his plan is different than all the other candidates.


  31. achrysanthemum says:

    I agree with the sentiments here that Trump needs to pivot. Think it’s generally a bad sign when supporters all start saying the same thing.

    I know Cruz isn’t popular here, but I’m honestly tempted to switch to him. I won’t for a variety of reasons, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others like me right now. Trump and Cruz are both anti-establishment candidates so Trump could definitely bleed support to Cruz.


    • Howie says:


      Liked by 5 people

    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      Nice try, Cruzbot

      Liked by 2 people

    • rajabear1 says:

      You obviously have not even come close to vetting cruz. He is the furthest thing from anti-establishment.
      Mr Trump and lyin’ cruz are complete opposite. Well, except for all Mr Trump’s policies that me too ted keeps switching to after his focus groups say they like like Mr Trump’s policies better.
      At least he’s got Lindsay Gramm along with the GOPe in his corner now. Whew! Bet anti-establishment cruz is relieved now.

      Liked by 4 people

    • HAHAHAHAHA yeah right troll.

      OMG these disinfo people honestly don’t seem to realize how obvious they are. Or maybe they aren’t used to dealing with such a high caliber of commenter since the people on this site seem to be much smarter and more aware.

      Liked by 2 people

    • singtune says:

      You have Got to be Kidding? Cruz is the ULTIMATE “INSIDER”~! A GLOBALIST~!

      Our Country will be GONE in a HEARTBEAT with ANY of the other Candidates~! CRUZ is for the”North American Union” & a “CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION” that will OBLITERATE our own Constitution~!

      Liked by 3 people

    • Spencer's Mom says:

      Achrysanthemum – i think that you didn’t word your comment to come out the way you meant it.

      i think that what you meant to say, that if you were an average low-info voter, you might be tempted to vote for Cruz – because of all the negatives you are hearing about Trump from the media blitz, negative ads, etc.

      You are not telling us that you actually buy the Cruz schtick – it’s just that Cruz’s team is doing such a BIG SELL for Cruz and you aren’t hearing much good stuff coming from the Trump camp, that it could tempt some less-informed folks to vote for Cruz.

      At least i think that’s what you are saying..?

      I have to agree with the others, though – Mr Trump didn’t just “fall off the turning truck” yesterday – let’s hope that TEAM TRUMP has a VERY GOOD REASON for keeping their powder dry for so long…!

      If they don’t have a good strategy, then i have to question their decisions – and i hate to think what could happen!

      I just have to think, though, that TEAM TRUMP is smarter than we are and that they know what they are doing.


    • Eskie Mom says:

      wow. Would you vote for ISIS, too?


    • Michelle says:

      Unfortunately Cruz won’t be able to implement any of of the things that would benefit our country (nor do I think he understands what needs to be done). I used to think that he was just a politer version of Trump but he isn’t. If you vote for Cruz, Rubio, Kasich (or Hillary for that matter), and if one of them win the nomination/general) you can kiss your future and your kid’s future goodbye. That’s how much is at stake here. It goes beyond even the issues currently on the table.

      Liked by 2 people

    • rashamon says:

      How do you spell I-N-E-L-I-G-I-B-L-E? Ineligible.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jenny R. says:

      Do some research before you say that Cruz is anti-establishment, please.


    • Bahb says:

      Cruz is the only one besides DJT who says he will build a wall. But i sure wouldn’t call Cruz anti-establishment. Just the sound of his voice and picturing him at the podium addressing the nation turns my stomach.


  32. Summer says:

    Great summary! 👏🏻 Trump rarely mentions TPP, and it surprises me, given the fact he talks about trade so much. He is a great communicator, certainly he should be able to explain this in simple terms. And if the media starts reporting on it, it might become as big a slogan as the “Build That Wall” and “Knock the Hell out of ISIS.” Trump should definitely go for it. Enough of big hands already.

    Liked by 2 people


    under U S Territories in the drop downs

    Of some note on Porto Rico and Rubio the winner there:

    53 properties on the FDIC sales site, the only place in U S Territories where the FDIC has forclosures for sale. In fact the top two prices are the Bank buildings of the failed bank there.

    The Pres. of the bank assassinated at a traffic light on the way home from work.

    Bank was the fraud real estate bank there and huge deposits from Mexican drug cartels.
    In fact the place is run by the Mexican mob/drug cartels now total.

    If we bail them out we will be bailing out Mexican Drug Lord’s.

    Now why did Rubio win there is a real good question.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Howie says:

    Don’t miss the Bush Lumbaough $1.98 RADIO SHOW!

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Robert Pilchman says:


    FRAUD – A PLEA TO HELP DONALD TRUMP … ( ) “Still Report #686 – Beth on Vote Fraud” ;


    Liked by 1 person

  36. beaupre03 says:

    This really tears down the main Cruz “constitutional conservative” selling point. You can technically follow the Constitution and still screw over the American people. That’s why we need Trump.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. tz says:

    Some profanity, but I couldn’t stop laughing
    Ted Cruz, Please Help Us, We Have No Idea How to Stop Donald Trump

    What bombshell could anyone be holding onto at this point? What, conceivably, could be left out there? More shady business dealings? Even more racism? This is a man who boasted that he could kill innocent people in the middle of New York and not lose voters. He’s right! He would probably gain voters. What the media loathes about Trump is what endears him to voters. Oh, we’re going to reveal to the world that he’s a boor, a horror, a bully? When you see us making fun of Donald Trump’s orange face or misspelled tweets, what you’re really seeing is our deep, rapidly rising levels of dread. We mock Trump’s complexion and dumbassery because we’ve never felt more impotent in our lives, so powerless to stop such a manifestly bad, bulletproof man. We are sublimating our own sense of terror and irrelevance via blogs. We will be spinning our wheels like this until Trump either self-destructs or wins the election. We’ll be spinning our wheels because we don’t have any bombshells. Donald Trump has neutralized the very concept of the bombshell.

    We are desperate and scared, Ted Cruz, and we wish, we would beg you for some scandalous hidden scoop about Donald Trump. Do you have one? It’s entirely possible that opposition researchers and the like might be holding on to some big shameful Trump story for some time they consider opportune—but as for the media, we’re on empty. Fumes. The gun is not loaded. We had to sell the trigger. So, about a bombshell: Please email it to me. I’ll publish it today, Ted. That’s my promise to you, Ted Cruz: give me a bombshell (or even an old grenade, something, any kind of explosive device, any ordnance will do, PLEASE man) and I will let loose ASAP. I will pull the trigger on anything, Ted. We all will, any of us at any outlet. Pick your favorite. Please. Help.


    • ZZZ says:

      That is a disturbing website…my goodness…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jenny R. says:

        They are lefties…establishment lefties. As has been noted by many: Cackles supporters have started really carrying Booger’s water. There is probably a reason for this.
        Actually, this would be a good thing for Trump to mock: Cackles and the “party of rich old white guys” have decided they love each other after all!
        Maybe she and Ted can hold a tent revival meeting — he can talk about how God is calling people and she can use her “ain’t buh nooo meahuns tarred” accent, have Glenn Beck passing the donation plate and Bill play the saxophone.


  38. The latest from Lame Cherry on the voter fraud. She has by far the best, most detailed information on this scandal that I have found.

    Be sure to read thoroughly and then pass along. Donald Trump has already won this election in reality. However, that reality is not being reflected in the “official” numbers due to unprecedented levels of fraud. Here is a link to the earlier articles as well:


  39. tz says:

    Also Stephan Molyneaux (some profanity) takes out John Oliver’s anti-Trump nonsense


  40. Ted Cruz is a sleaze and cannot be trusted in any high office

    Liked by 1 person

  41. daz says:

    Now this is one big cluster f**k .I suggest we dump all these establishmeant overlords and their puppets in a rocket and send them off the planet.

    No I mean seriously they betrayed this country they dont deserve to waste our time in a farce of a election.They needed removed yesterday.


  42. timmihendrix says:

    This 20 year old debate is worth watching. Funny how “conservative” Al Gore was on trade.


  43. Man, I love all you guys. I do. But I so strongly disagree about Trump I might just have to stay off here until everything shakes out. Its taken over the whole site. No disrespect…I just lean a little too far Libertarian 😉


    • Gail Combs says:

      The choice is US sovereign nation or US as a vassal state of the global government.

      If you vote for any one but Trump you vote that the USA as a sovereign nation should cease to exist.

      For the USA the EU equivalent is The Sovereignty-Busting Trans-Pacific Partnership


      This treaty literally strips the USA of sovereignty and allows totalitarian rule by Corporations and bureaucrats with a bit of help from NGOs to add a veneer of ‘democracy.’

      ” ….TPP Parties aim to have these disputes resolved through impartial, unbiased panels. … Panels will consider requests from non-governmental entities located in the territory of any disputing Party to provide written views regarding the dispute to panels during dispute settlement proceedings.

      Panels will be composed of three international trade and subject matter experts independent of the disputing Parties, with procedures available to ensure that a panel can be composed even if a Party fails to appoint a panelist within a set period of time. These panelists will be subject to a code of conduct to ensure the integrity of the dispute settlement mechanism.

      To maximize compliance, the Dispute Settlement chapter allows for the use of trade retaliation (e.g., suspension of benefits), if a Party found not to have complied with its obligations fails to bring itself into compliance with its obligations. Before use of trade retaliation, a Party found in violation can negotiate or arbitrate a reasonable period of time in which to remedy the breach….”

      The Groniad says this about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement:
      ” Leading arbitration lawyer, George Kahale (chairman of Curtis, Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosie LLP, an international law firm) says there are critical loopholes in the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s investment chapter that leave Australia wide open:

      “….an MFN clause is tantamount to a classic wipeout move. It would enable foreign corporations from TPP states to make a claim against Australia based on the ISDS provisions in any other trade deal Australia has signed, no matter which country it was signed with. That means it does not matter how carefully the TPP is drafted: foreign investors can cherrypick another treaty Australia has signed, and sue the Australian government based on the provisions included in that treaty…..”

      From The Hill by former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris

      The TPP, generally supported by pro-free-trade Republicans but opposed by labor-union Democrats, reportedly contains a barely noticed provision that allows for the free migration of labor among the signatory nations. Patterned after similar provisions in the treaties establishing the European Union, it would override national immigration restrictions in the name of facilitating the free flow of labor.

      The draft treaty, now under discussion among 12 Pacific Rim nations, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Vietnam and Japan, makes provision for needed labor to move across national boundaries without restraint. While much of the commentary on the deal has been focused on high-skill, white-collar migration, it could easily be interpreted as allowing farm workers and others to flow back and forth without legal regulation…..

      Curtis Ellis, executive director of the American Jobs Alliance, calls the trade deal “a Trojan horse for Obama’s immigration agenda” on The Hill’s Contributor’s blog. He notes that “one corporate trade association says bluntly that ‘The TPP should remove restrictions on nationality or residency requirements for the selection of personnel.’ ”…”


  44. bullnuke says:

    Trump should wait and see how the questions during the debate are asked and what substance they offer. If it looks like another attack I would recommend he refuse to answer the gotcha questions and demand a debate on the one subject that has been ignored through eleven debates. Either start debating the TPP or walk out. That could force the media narrative about TPP but I doubt it. The news would be Trump walked away.


    • keebler AC says:

      Trump could tell people again Ted is lying, hence the name “Lying Ted” and give America his website or one specially created to combat the lies about eminem domain, Trump University, KKK, etcetera 🙂 Shut ’em up and direct mods to ask and talk about policies like Common Core, TPP, Ted’s VAT tax, Little Marco’s political favors in Florida.

      Emphasize that Super Pacs are funded by elitist Hedge Funds in the $billion range to usurp the middle-class Main Street USA control of the country’s money – henceforth TURN OFF THE TV ADS or KNOW THAT TV ADS AGAINST TRUMP ARE LIES.

      I’m of the opinion now that the debates do serve a function for Trump. He destroyed Little Marco which was necessary. Now he can focus on the lies from TV ads. A debate will give him a huge audience in the necessary states where he can refute all those TV ads in fell swoop. He’ll have to repeat it several times in the debate. Then we the people follow up to reinforce it. Whack the negative debate mod soundbites down like pesky flies which opens the doors to conversation with people.

      Ask them why do you suppose so many people are converting to Trump – after they research and discover the real person not the 2D caricature created by the media class through lies and false gossip.


  45. keebler AC says:

    Bernie is learning from Trump too.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    This process of international trade has been corrupted by the politicians which is what politicians always do. Here is the bottom line in return for imported cheap goods we export our jobs. But since those that lose their jobs can go on assistance the politicians don’t care as it gives them a voting base to keep them in power or they lose their assistance. Red the following short paper on my blog …


  47. AMD_Afficionado says:

    This Import/Export Bank concept just stinks in general. We give taxpayer-funded loans to our businesses to offset the Chinese (et al) giving taxpayer-funded freebies to theirs?

    The Uniparty’s plan was to fight socialism with socialism? I like Trump’s plan of tariffs far more, especially since they’re a tool in the Constitution, not extra-constitutional socialism like ExIm; Davey Crockett is spinning in his grave over ExIm.


  48. politijim says:

    Minor issue Sundance. You keep using PolitiStick as a quoted source of news on your articles. I have yet to find one that doesn’t have HTML code in the middle of paragraphs like this one

    Not sure who Politistick is but I do get a lot of pushback on TCT articles with this sourcing they don’t deem credible. Just some feedback…


  49. dianawing says:

    MuslimBrotherhood order McCain types/dnc to perform=bad/good cop!McCain can prevent Libya/Syria crisis through expose dnc plot after bush spared libya but chooses silence/use ISIS to give themselves entitlements.terrorism bundle big city


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